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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes loved Michael's smile. She was sure they would have a long and happy life together. Filled with love, good times, and she hoped some kids. She'd love to get pregnant on the cruise. To become pregnant with her new husband's child would make this a perfect year for her. Not that she would spoil any of their children rotten. She knew Michael would want to make sure any future children they had were hard workers and good people. Which was fine with her, it would be easy to spoil her children but she wanted to raise her kids the way she was raised. As a decent person. She didn't want any of possible children to grow to be like Nathaniel.

    "You are more then welcome to do so. While you do that, I'll shout to the world you are my husband."

    Mercedes replied to Michael with a smile and returned his kisses. She laughed when he picked her up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

    "Why, Mister Callaghan, I think that's a perfect idea."

    Mercedes replied to him.
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    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel groaned happily when Julianne kissed him. She was a beautiful woman and he enjoyed her company. Of course, he was good looking enough and confident enough that he was never lacking in female company. Julianne just happened to be far smarter then the women he usually had to warm his bed. She was certainly far more devious then Mercedes was.

    Mercedes....that bitch would pay for dumping him. Especially for the damn gardener. Hell, if she had dumped him for a richer man, he'd still been angry, but it would have made more sense to his mind. She had married someone so much poorer then both of them. It was crazy to him.

    When Julianne suggested they try out their bed, he squeezed her hand.

    "Sounds like a good plan, my dear."

    He was definitely find with some pleasure before they got down to business.

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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael's eyes lit up when Mercedes said she would shout to the world that he was her husband. He had feared that his wife would be ashamed of him. He knew that, socially, he had been below her his entire life. He didn't know most of the social graces people of Mercedes's circle had learned from as early as they could speak. All he knew was how to be a good person and work hard. Lucky for him, that had been enough for Mercedes, and her family had embraced him as well.

    Now that he was learning to get past his awkward feelings about his new wife, Michael was starting to feel relieved. He was happy that Mercedes would allow him to keep to his lifestyle and work with his hands. The difference was, that, now, he would start working for their own home, instead of for someone else for a paycheck.

    When Mercedes approved of the idea of them 'checking out' their cabin, Michael killed her yet again and carried her to the luxurious cabin they had rented for their trip.

    Once inside, Michael pushed the door closed with his foot and placed Mercedes gently on their bed, leaning in to kiss her. "I love you, Mercedes", he murmured softly, running his fingers through his wife's hair.

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    Juliane Wallis

    Juliane smiled when Nathaniel said them going to their cabin sounded like a good plan. Little did he know how many good plans she had. He would know in time, though. The first thing she needed was for him not to know anything, at least up until they finished both of their ex-lovers off.

    Once they had them dealt with, she would have to deal with Nathaniel, and make sure he wouldn't be able to tell anyone she had been involved in the murders - or wouldn't be believed if he talked at all.

    For now, though, all she wanted was to keep Nathaniel happy.

    "Come on. I'll give you the attention you deserve", she replied to the man's words, taking a hold of his hand and leading him to their shared cabin.

    As soon as they got inside, the redhead locked the door and smiled. "Tell me what to do. You're the boss", she whispered, wanting to give Nathaniel's ego a boost - not that it needed one, but it was still an easy way to keep her partner in crime happy.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes meant what she told Michael. She did want to shout to the world he was her husband. She could care less about their social standings. Money wasn't everything. She had dated a man, who socially was in her league, but Nathaniel had been a terrible person. Michael could have been a beggar on the streets and she'd still love him. He made her very happy. And he was a good person, an honest, hardworking person. That made him much better then a lot of people she knew.

    She laughed when he picked her up and carried her to their cabin. When he placed her on the bed, she reached up and put her arms around his neck. Pulling Michael's face down hers.

    "I love you too, Michael. Always and forever."

    She replied, kissing him.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel had no idea how dangerous his alliance with Julianne was. Not just for Mercedes and Michael, but also for himself. She was gorgeous woman and gorgeous women could be very dangerous for a man's health. But she was also good at stroking his ego and letting him think he was in charge. Just the way he preferred it.

    "That's music to my ears, gorgeous."

    He told Julianne, happily following her into the cabin. He laid back on the bed and told her.

    "Show me, with your hands and mouth, how much happier you are you be in this cabin with me and not Michael."

    He told her with a smirk as he started to take his clothes off.

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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael couldn’t be happier with the choice of a wife he had made. Mercedes was beautiful, smart, sweet and down to earth. For him, she was just perfect. When he wrapped his arms around his wife, he felt like the luckiest man alive. And he knew she didn’t care an inch about the fact that he had come from a humble background. It seemed as though she was fine, and even happy, with that. Something Julianne had never been.

    Feeling Mercedes’s arms around his neck, Michael smiled, his eyes lighting up. That woman was just perfect, he thought, not for the first time.

    After a long kiss, he laid on their bed and pulled Mercedes gently, letting her head rest on his chest and caressing her hair for a moment. “You know…”, he started, his voice gentle as usual, “...being here is all well and good, but our honeymoon will last a lot longer than our time here - how do you feel about the rest of our days?”, Michael suggested, not being able to remember another time in his life when he had been this happy.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Julianne had a hard time keeping a straight face around Nathaniel sometimes. He was incredibly gullible if he thought she was falling for him. Still, he was useful. He was a man, he was strong, angry, and the perfect fall guy. Heck, she might even manipulate him into committing both murders himself and keep her hands clean. Sure, killing the little bitch would be fun, but staying out of trouble might be a wiser plan. She would have to think about it.

    When Nathaniel told her to show him with her hands and mouth how much happier she was to be in this cabin with him than she would have been with Michael, Julianne gave him a mischievous smile.

    “Your wish is my command”, she murmured, before helping Nathaniel off his clothes - keeping her own on except for her shoes - and giving him the full treatment with her hands and mouth, as he had told her to.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes felt that Michael had been the perfect choice in a husband. He was handsome but he was also kind and smart. She felt they complimented each other perfectly and that they would have a good life together. Just like he felt he was the luckiest man alive, she felt like she was the luckiest woman. She felt like she was living a fairy tale. That Michael was her Prince Charming.If this was all a dream, she never wanted to wake up from it.

    Mercedes happily cuddled with her new husband. She smiled against his chest.

    "I think every day I spend with you will be wonderful. Like our honeymoon will never end."

    She was so happy, she couldn't imagine that not lasting for many more years to come.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel was an idiot. He had no idea how Julianne was just stringing him along. Using him for her own means. He thought he was in charge. He was eventually going to be in for a rude awakening. But he was a man who tended to think more with the brain in his pants, then in his head. He was far too cocky to believe anything else.

    "Good girl."

    He said with a grin, happily helping her undress him. Very happy with her treatment of him. Yes, he was definitely going to enjoy her company on this cruise while they got their revenge on the newlyweds.

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