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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael was more in love with Mercedes by the minute. The minute he had seen her, he had been lovestruck. She was so beautiful and sweet. She had not even looked down on him, and he was completely dirty after working at the garden and planting a flower bed. Still, she had been nice to him, and treated him like he mattered. After Julianne's demands, indifference and habit of never being happy about anything, Mercedes was a breath of fresh air. Now that he had her for himself, Michael felt like he had everything. All they needed now was to have their children, but he knew that would happen in time.

    Seeing Mercedes's smile made Michael smile back at her.

    "It won't. We'll always be this happy, for the rest of our days", Michael murmured, not knowing how right he was - and not in the way he thought.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Julianne had to try really hard not to laugh at Nathaniel sometimes. He was just incredibly gullible, and thought he was so smart. He was partially lucky she was smart, since he would get his revenge. He wasn't that lucky in the sense that he was going to take the fall, and not be able to defend himself. Julianne smiled while she undressed the man.

    "I would do anything for you", she purred at his words about her being a good girl.

    Julianne loved playing the lovestruck girl. It was easier to make men believe her this way. Michael had believed her, up until that bitch had shown up and taken him away. She didn't want him back, though. All she wanted now was revenge, on both of them.

    "Tell me everything I should do, Nate. You're the boss", the woman whispered, before doing exactly as she was told, until she noticed she had fully pleased the man. Once she was done, Julianne smiled, keeping her adoring expression. "Are you satisfied with me?".

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes had not thought the type of love between her and Michael was even possible. She felt like she was in a fairy tale. In a dream. If she was, she never wanted to wake up. He was so different from Nathaniel. Caring and sweet. A hard worker and not full of himself. He treated her the way a man should treat a woman. She felt like a better person being with him. A stronger person. He had given her the strength to finally break up with Nathaniel, who she had dated off and on for a few years. Her relationship with Nathaniel had been vastly different. Nathaniel was very controlling and demanding. Any time they broke up, it was his choice. Because he had seen a cuter girl. That he was bored of her but he expected her to wait for him. And she had, which was stupid in hindsight. She had truly believed at the time that Nathaniel was the best thing she'd ever have.

    That was until Michael entered her life and she realized she deserved better. She had much better now. She still remembered how angry Nathaniel was when she broke up with him. She told him it was over and they were never getting back together. It had made her feel strong, telling him where to shove it.

    Life was much better now. For the first time since she was old enough to date, she truly felt happy. She finally knew what love was supposed to be. She had it and she didn't want to ever let it go.

    "You're very right. People will hate us for being so happy."

    Mercedes replied back to her husband with a smile.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    If Nathaniel had known what Julianne really thought of him, he would have been very angry. He was very controlling and a narcissist. He thought he was God's gift to women. And he was also a sexist. He thought that women were beneath him. He had been raised by the old thinking of what a woman's place was. Men were the superior gender. Women were there to produce babies and please men. Other then his friends, who held similar thoughts, most people who knew Nathaniel couldn't stand him. He was an asshole and they felt sympathy for Mercedes for putting up with him as long as she had.

    The people who didn't like him, were happy when she finally got enough courage to kick his ass to the curb and marry a better man. But Nathaniel didn't care what those people thought. He thought they were idiots. After all, how could he do any wrong?

    "I know you would."

    Nathaniel replied with a stupid grin, falling for her love-struck girl act. He also very happy she was willing to do anything and everything he wanted. Julianne was a good girl, knowing her place.

    When they were finished, he nodded his head.

    "Very satisfied. Michael was an idiot letting a firecracker like you go."

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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael smiled again when Mercedes said people would hate them for being so happy. "Well, that's gonna be on them", he replied, leaning in for another kiss. He just couldn't get enough of his new and beautiful wife. She was even more beautiful on the inside than she was on the outside, and that meant the world to him.

    "Maybe we should give the world even more of a reason to hate us", he suggested, nibbling on Mercedes's neck while a hand started slipping under her blouse suggestively. It was pretty clear what he was thinking of.

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    Juliane Wallis

    Julianne showed another adoring smile when Nathaniel had been an idiot letting her go. Oh, yes, he had been. Just like Nathaniel was an idiot for believing she was in love with him and would do whatever he wanted. Poor moron would never know what hit him.

    Still, it would be fun to be with him while it lasted.

    "Well, look on the bright side", she replied to him. "If he hadn't let me go, I would never have met the best man I have ever had in my life", Julianne continued. She knew adulation was the way to keep Nathaniel happy, and, for now, she needed him to be happy.

    "Tell me what you want me to do now", Julianne requested humbly. "Do you want me to get you a drink?". Enjoy it while it lasts, her mind added behind her adoring expression.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes nodded her head to Michael.

    "You're right. Who cares what they think?"

    As long as she and Michael had good lives, that's all that matter to her. Knowing Nathaniel, he'd never be happy. He was a pretty miserable person in general. Let him hate her. She just felt sorry for the next girl who would date him. She grinned when he suggested they give the world a reason to hate them.

    "Hmm....I like that idea."

    She said, adjusting herself to allow him easier access.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    There was a fire in Julianne that made her far more fun to him then Mercedes had been. Although Nathaniel had no idea how intelligent his new 'friend' was or what she planned to do with him. His ego was too large to realize he was going to be the fall guy in her plans. Instead, he was fine with believing that the gorgeous redhead was falling in love with him. How could she not? After all, look at him. He was handsome and rich. Women generally threw themselves at him. Which he enjoyed.

    "So very true. I plan to give you the best time of your entire life on this cruise."

    It would be a time to definitely remember. Especially for the newlyweds. If they survived it. Which, if things went to plan, they wouldn't. He nodded his head at her suggestion.

    "A drink sounds good. Then, perhaps we should take a little tour of the ship."

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    Michael Callaghan


    Michael smiled when Mercedes said he was right. It was funny how good his wife made him feel. Before her, he had always felt inadequate. Julianne was smart, and, more than that, she was always putting him down. Sure, he wasn’t as smart as she was, but there was no need for that, Michael had always thought to himself.

    “Not us, that’s for sure”, he replied to Mercedes, pushing his ex firmly away from his mind. That was his past, and should remain there. Mercedes was his future. Her and the future children they would certainly have. Michael had always wanted a big family, and he hoped Mercedes would be on board.

    Sighing happily when Mercedes said she liked the idea of them giving the world a reason to hate them, Michael devoted the next minutes to slowly undressing his beautiful wife. He devoted himself fully to giving her the attention she deserved, and enjoyed every second.

    When he wrapped her in his arms, satisfied and happy after some intense lovemaking, Michael kissed Mercedes’s hair and squeezed her gently. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make our first baby during this trip?”, he murmured, feeling too happy to even think about anyone other than his lovely wife right now.

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    Julianne Wallis


    Julianne showed another adoring smile to Nathaniel when he said he planned to give her the best time of her entire life. “I’m sure you will”, she replied in that lovestruck intonation. “I will make sure your time here is to die for”, she added with a wink.

    While Julianne didn’t plan on killing Nathaniel herself, she was pretty sure this cruise would be deadly for him too. At least if she played her cards right. And dead men can’t tell tales.

    “I would love to. We must make sure to reserve a table as close to the happy couple as we can”, she replied, giving Nathaniel a kiss before getting up, stretching like a satisfied cat. “I’ll be right back”, she murmured, before leaving and coming back with a drink for Nathaniel.

    “There you go. Made sure to make our dinner reservations. We must look our best for that. I’m sure they will be so happy to dine right next to us”.

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