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    Mercedes Callaghan

    "Damn right."

    Mercedes told Michael with a smile. She understood all too well about his past. Julianne had put him down, just like Nathaniel had always put her down. Neither had been in healthy relationships. Meeting each other had gave them both the courage to move on. And Mercedes was glad she had. As long as she had Michael, she truly didn't care how much money they had. They could be dirt poor and she felt she'd still be happy. Money could not buy love. Something she knew her ex did not understand.

    Mercedes cuddled close to Michael and told him.

    "That would be wonderful."

    She said with a smile when he mentioned making a baby on the trip. She then leaned up and kissed him.

    "And even if we don't, I'll have lots of fun trying."

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    Nathaniel Williams

    "I have no doubt you will."

    Nathaniel replied to Julianne with a grin. He believed his time with the redhead would prove fun, in more ways then one. Not that he was smart enough to realize that she had plans for him too. He figured they'd get revenge on their exes and have lots of sex in the meantime.

    When she suggested they get a table next to the newlyweds, he grinned.

    "I love how your mind thinks. That will surely piss them both off."

    He could just Mercedes' face. How it would be priceless and he was sure her spineless husband would do very little. When she returned with a drink, Nathaniel gave Julianne a kiss.

    "Thanks, love."

    Not that he loved her, he was far too selfish to love someone. He used love in terms as someone used 'dear' or 'honey'. Just as a nickname. He laughed.

    "I'm sure they'll be thrilled."

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    Michael Callaghan

    Michael smiled back at Mercedes. He was just too happy with her, and, at this point, he couldn’t really remember a moment in his life when he had been happier. He had a beautiful and compassionate woman in his arms now, and she seemed to be happy with him simply being who he was. As he was happy with her being the wonderful woman she was.

    When Mercedes cuddled close to him, Michael sighed. “So it would”, he agreed when she said making a baby on the trip would be wonderful.

    Michael laughed softly when Mercedes said they would have fun trying even if they didn’t make a baby.

    Kissing her neck after kissing Mercedes, he sighed happily and moved the kisses to her cheeks and stealing a few pecks on her lips. “Don’t tempt me. Otherwise I might want a second attempt”, he joked.

    With a yawn, Michael kissed the top of Mercedes’s head. “Would you like me to get you anything, baby?”, he asked gently, squeezing her gently in his arms.

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    Julianne Wallis

    Julianne smiled when Nathaniel said he liked how her mind thought. She was sure that would last for a while, but he would surely stop liking her thought process so much when it turned against him. Of course, he wouldn’t really have the time to process her mischievous plans. Everything would be too fast for him to even have a chance to think about that. Not that thinking was Nathaniel’s forte, after all. Which made him the perfect partner in crime.

    “I bet it will. We need to look as great as we can. After all, this is a special occasion”. Julianne was happy to keep Nathaniel happy. It would be easy to use him if he was happy and sure that she was in love with him.

    When the time came, she had a plan to make him look guilty, but of course, she wouldn’t share it with him, at all. Surprises were fun, after all, and she needed the element of surprise to make this plan come together.

    “I think we should find a way for a little… alone time with our beloved exes after dinner - what do you say?”, she suggested, her eyes taking a devilish expression.

    Truth was she didn’t plan on meeting Michael at all. What she did plan was to make sure Nathaniel would be seen harassing Mercedes, while she would find a way to run interference and keep Michael away from his wife without actually having an altercation with him. She wasn’t sure how she was going to accomplish that yet. But somehow, she would.

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    Mercedes Callaghan

    Mercedes loved Michael and right now, everything felt perfect. Their wedding had been wonderful and now they were on an amazing cruise. She couldn't imagine life getting any better then it was right now. At least, not until they had a baby. She wanted to give Michael a baby. To have a household of kids with him.

    She snuggled against her husband and giggled.

    "But they say practice makes perfect."

    When he asked if she wanted anything, she replied.

    "Well, I am a little hungry. A sandwich would be nice. After all, I did use up a lot of energy."

    She told him with wink.

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    Nathaniel Williams

    The idea that a woman could be smarter then him, didn't cross Nathaniel's mind. After all, he was a man and men were superior to women in every way. He assumed all women knew that and thought it was adorable when they came up with 'ideas'. For now, he assumed that Julianne's plans aligned with his own. To make Mercedes and Michael pay for what they had done to them. And how he wanted to make them pay. How dare Mercedes dump him? He did the dumping not the other way around. And for all people to dump him for the hired help! Lord, it pissed him off to no end.

    "Baby, you always look great."

    Nathaniel told her. She was gorgeous, but he also knew many gorgeous women. Julianne was easy on the eyes but he wouldn't say she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Life was too short for him to just have one woman to keep his bed warm at night. When she suggested that they be alone with their exes, he nodded his head.

    "Yes, I agree. I think Mercedes will need me to remind her of what she lost."

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    Michael Callaghan


    Michael couldn't think of anything more that he wanted right now. He had married a beautiful and loving woman who had never been bothered by the fact that he was just a working class man and would always be - money wouldn't change that -, her family had accepted him, and now they were having a lovely honeymoon and thinking about a future together. Life was just perfect right now.

    When Mercedes giggled, Michael let out a long sigh. He was head over heels in love with this woman, and she was basically everything he had ever wanted. "Well, then, we must practice a lot, because I want everything about our marriage to be perfect", he replied to her words.

    Mercedes's comment about using up a lot of energy made Michael blush a little, but he laughed and kissed her lips. "Okay, I'll get you the best sandwich you have ever eaten", he joked, taking a moment to clean up and get dressed before leaving their cabin for something to spoil his beautiful bride with.

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    Julianne Wallis


    Julianne actually loved the fact that Nathaniel was so arrogant. His high than warranted regard for himself was exactly what she needed to make sure this whole mess would end up being considered his fault. If to make sure this would happen she needed to play the dumb bimbo, it was a role she was willing to play for now. It was actually a pretty fun role to play for a while, and well, Nathaniel was decent enough in bed to sweeten this deal for her.

    When he said she always looked great, Julianne looked at him with that gaze of profound adoration she knew made men feel like kings - and the kind of look men like Nathaniel believed to be sincere, since they were God's gift to women.

    "Thank you, honey", she murmured humbly, doing her best not to smirk. Men were so predictable and kind of stupid. It was interesting when they thought they were smart, though.

    "She'll regret losing you as soon as she sees what an idiot her new husband is. Her loss is my gain, though", Julianne added with a wink, before stretching and getting back on the bed, staring at the ceiling. She knew her next question was a stupid one, and that was exactly why she was asking it. The dumber he considered her, the easier this whole thing would be.

    "You do like me better than you liked her, don't you?"

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