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    Summer Block Party!

    Summer Block Party!

    Welcome the Quarrels and Quills Summer Block Party!

    What better way to bring in the new season and celebrate Q & Q's 13th Anniversary then with a party?

    So, what's the rules? Well, there aren't very many. The biggest one is to have fun. And the other to keep any antics PG-13 friendly.

    Other than that, any thing goes. Let your imaginations run wild and free.

    So, let's all have some fun and let's bring in the summer (or winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere) in style!


    Sojourn looked over the finishing touches for the party. Soon it would start. Hopefully it would be a good time for everyone that came.

    "Let's see..."

    She said to herself as she walked around. Making sure everything was ready for the guests.

    "Drinks are in the cooler, plates and snacks are out on the tables. Hubby is getting the grill started up. Games are out for the kids and the kids at heart. There's always plenty of those."

    She said with a smile. She looked and saw the pool was ready and the DJ tent was set up. With room near it for anyone who wanted to dance. There would be plenty of food, music, and fun to go around. She looked over at her husband, Optimus Prime, with a smile.

    "Well, my dear, it looks we're all set."
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    I hope the food tables have room for things folks have brought. It doesn't feel right to attend a party without bringing food. Not even a virtual party where the food as be virtual, too. { hold out another bowl of fruit salad }
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    "That it does, love."

    Optimus Prime told his wife with a grin. He gave her a kiss and got to work on the grill. Making some burgers and hot dogs. Everything looked great for the party. He hoped everyone would have some fun. When Anne came, he waved to her as he flipped a burger.

    "Hey, Anne! Of course we left some room for people to bring some food."

    He had enjoyed her fruit salad before and was glad she brought some more to share.

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    "Hopefully everyone will have fun."

    Sojourn replied with a smile to Optimus and returned his kiss. She let him get to work cooking and went to greet their first guest. She gave Anne a smile.

    "Thanks for coming, Anne, and thank you for bringing it. It was delicious the last time I had some."

    Sojourn took Anne's fruit salad and placed in on a table.

    "Would you like something to drink?"

    She asked her friend.
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    "Thanks Sojourn. Do have any punch that hasn't been spiked? I've never gotten along with alcohol, but I do love a good punch."

    Anne grinned broadly. Yet she was keeping half an eye on the grill, too, to make sure she didn't miss the hamburgers while they were fresh.
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    "You're welcome and right this way. We have spiked and non spiked punch."

    Sojourn told Anne with a wink, guiding her to the table that had drinks that were non-alcoholic.
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    A small fiery circle bursts open just above the Barbecue.
    A small shape falls out the other side behind the Barbecue.

    "Ouch, Still haven't gotten the hang of that..."

    Young Jacen stands up Looks at Optimus.

    "Hey Optimus, What'cha doing?."
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    Optimus flipped the burgers and told Anne with a smile.

    "I'll have one ready for you soon."

    He promised his friend and turned his attention to the newest arrival. He knew who the young man was, although he looked a little younger then Optimus remembered the last time.

    "Hello, Jacen. I'm making some burgers. Would you like one?"
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    Young Jacen smiled eagerly at Optimus.

    "Would I, Yes please.... a little on the burnt side
    please, Charcoal adds more flavor."

    Young Jacen Turned to head off then turned his head to Look
    back at Optimus.

    "I get to come to these fun party's cause
    the big guy doesn't feel comfortable at them & doesn't want to
    cause issues when it supposed to be fun!......
    Works for me!"

    Young Jacen runs off to Sojorun.

    "HEY SIS! Where's the Kool-aid?"

    Young Jacen stats yelling a Sojourn before he reaches her, when
    He does he stares up at her smiling.
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    Jr. crawls out from one of the tables and looks around. "Ooooooh, PARTY!" Jr. runs
    to the nearest table an starts loading a plate full of food."
    "Some of that, extra of that. whoa, non of that stuff..."
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