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    "Thank you, Sojourn, I'd like that."

    Anne smiled warmly, following her to the punch table.

    "Thanks. I'm sure I'll be back for the burger soon."

    Anne said to Optimus with a smile.

    She smiled and nodded to Young Jacen and Cloney Jr. when she noticed them.

    "I'm Anne. I guess I'm newer here."

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    ~A few orange sparks wink into existence near the pool, spiralling outwards into a blue-green portal. The whirling colours move slowly around the centre point, arms of light dispersing and reforming as the portal itself holds in place. Seconds later, its creator arrives, somewhat breathless. In truth, she'd almost not stepped through at all. It had been so long since she'd seen any of them...and she knew only too well what to expect from a gathering. Still, her heart had moved in her when she'd received the invitation. They weren't dead. They hadn't forgotten about her. And they were going to have a very good time.~

    ~Oreina's familiar half-cocked smile broached her face in an instant when she saw Sojourn and Optimus.~

    "Hey, been awhile! I thought I'd come see everything before it gets razed to the ground."

    ~She laughed, but really, total annihilation was the expected outcome of the festivities. Shaking her head, Oreina offered her hostess a hug before ruffling her fingers through young Jacen's hair. She could almost feel time displacing as she did so.~

    "Hey kiddo. Better grab that burger before the Dragons show up - they'll give you charcoal all right."

    ~Cloney Jr. was already loading up his plate - QC#2 wasn't in sight yet - perhaps the punch would still be safe. Her eyes brushed past the muttering clone to the someone she didn't know. Oreina was a bit surprised for a moment, then had a good laugh at herself - did she really think that life was so stagnant that she'd never meet anyone new? Her half-smile dropped into a more casual place and she greeted Anne formally with a slight bow and hands raised in the sign of the sun.~

    "Hello Anne. I am Oreina - and I mightaswell be new here. I've been out of touch for a long while - but who can resist a party?"
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    Anne turned, and found a newcomer greeting her. She frowned, puzzled for a moment, then grinned broadly.

    "You may not recognize me, Oreina, but I haven't forgotten the praying mantis that so often visited SouthernDave's/Daveosaurus's LiveJournal back in the day. Maybe you'd recognize me more easily if I used Dorothy from Oz as my avatar - or a white kitty, or even my initials, AEB - but I got very attached to this little back and white fellow when he joined our household a few months after we lost the white one... could it really be eleven years ago already?"

    Still smiling, Anne extended a hand invitingly.

    "So, shall we check out those burgers while they're still edible?"
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    "You're welcome, Anne."

    Sojourn told her friend with a smile. Which turned bigger when Jacen greeted her.

    "Hey, little brother!"

    She gave Jacen a hug and told him.

    "I'll get you some."

    She turned to get her brother a glass of Kool-Aid when she saw Cloney Jr. grabbing lots of food. Granted she and her husband had brought plenty, but she wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to eat.

    "Don't eat all the food. It's for everyone."

    She turned back to Jacen after she filled the glass for him and handed it to him.

    "Here you go."

    She told him and grinned when she saw the newest arrival. Someone she hadn't seen in a long time.

    "Oriena! It's great to see you. Thank you for coming. How have you been?"

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    "You got it, kid."

    Optimus told Jacen with a smile when he asked for his burger to be a little burnt. He nodded his head when Young Jacen said why he was here and not the older version of himself.

    "I'm sure it does. You get to have all the fun."

    Optimus told him with a wink and watched him run off to Sojourn. While he manned the grill, his wife was playing the part of the hostess. A part he thought she did great at. He flipped the two burgers he had on the grill and told Anne.

    "You're welcome, Anne. It'll be ready soon."

    As he cooked the burgers, he shook his head with a smile as he saw Cloney Jr hit the food table.

    "Like father, like son."

    He said to himself and wondered what kind of crazy antics might come with that arrival. He was surprised when he saw a portal open and who came through.

    "Oriena! How are you? Long time no see."

    He was very happy to see an old friend though. That was the goal of this party. To bring lots of people, even friends they hadn't seen in quite a while, together.

    "Would you like a burger?"

    He asked her.

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    ::Oriena chuckled and almost blushed. She took Anne's hand warmly and grinned back.::

    "Wow, it has been a long time. Forgive me for not recognizing you! Let's definitely get a burger - and maybe some punch while we're at it."

    "I've been...well, thanks for asking, Sojourn. Really, all I can recall is that I've been busy, though I'm not too sure what I've been all that busy about if that makes any sense."

    ::Approaching the flaming BBQ, Oreina felt like she should be making some scales to guard her skin from the heat.::

    "Life is good. Sure, let's have some burgers, OP. You've sure got this thing cookin'!"

    ::She found herself giving the pool another sidelong glance. Waiting a half hour after eating was so not going to happen.::

    ((And I did know it was you, Anne! I was just being a little too IC for the party, methinks!))

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    Young Jacen Shook his nodded polity at Anne, but didn't say
    anything.... When Oreina Ruffled his hair Young Jacen
    started to scowl, then smiled.

    "Yay, Thanks Big sis."

    Young Jacen went and sat next to Cloney Jr. where he
    over heard Anne talking about praying mantis, Some Dave
    person, Dorthy and Oz and Kittens....

    "praying mantis, Kittens, Avatars...

    Young Jacen scratched his head.
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    Jr. turned to look at Sojourn And Anne,
    Waving enthusiastically at Anne and with his mouth full of
    food Mumbled/ spoke what sort of sounded like a questioning
    what. Jr. smile grew huge when he saw Oriena as he pounded his
    chest trying to swallow everything down too fast.

    "Ore! They have cookies!"

    Jr. Looked down at Young Jacen.

    "Sounds like Out of Continuity stuff Like
    Pop's powers.... Unless she's one of those RPer's Pop's
    used to ramble about at times When he got sloshed.... Not from our realm but can
    still enter or something like that.... Didn't really listen much..."

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    "A burger and punch sounds great!"

    Anne grinned, and squeezed Oreiana's hand.

    "So what kinds of burger options are there?"

    She asked Optimus.

    (Sorry if Out-of-Character isn't preferred; I'm used to being very lax about that at parties, but each group has its own norms. I'll figure them out... sooner or later. I promise. )

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    (I have to go to work soon, so no time for a IC post, but this party is just for fun. There's no right or wrong way to post in it. It was placed in this forum for the nostalgia factor but anyone can play any type of character they desire. Whether it is a god, dragon (which will come soon), or a character similar to themselves. It can be as in IC or OOC as each person desires. So, you're doing just fine, Anne.)

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