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    (Thanks, Sojourn. I was doing what felt right, but based on feelings trained on another forum... or rather, on an old Usenet Newsgroup, which preceded web-based forums, but worked similarly. The point being, instints trained elsewhere may or may not be right here. I'm glad to hear I'm doing okay so far. )
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    ((Out of character: There really aren't rules to follow for these sort of things. There are mostly personal preferences.

    When I first started RPing this way (fifteen years ago?), I had no idea what I was doing. I had no concept of what my character was, or what I should have been doing. I simply posted what came natural (for me that meant ridiculous nonsense), and I figured it all out as I wrote.))

    An orange man drags himself out from under the stage where the DJ and dance floor are located.

    The orange man is George Jefferson Cloney.

    He is wearing sunglasses and a uniform stolen from a cruise ship captain. This plundered uniform is marred by the stress and dirt of having a stage, DJ, and dance floor placed on top of the spot Cloney had passed out many moons ago.

    How an orange man in uniform came to be lying unconscious, on the ground, for such a long time is a tale better left untold, mostly because no one wants to think up such a ridiculous story.

    Anyway, now that he is awake and freed from the confines of the stage, Cloney staggers his way into the bathroom. He has been asleep for many, many, many months, and some biological processes can only be ignored and contained for so long.

    Soon Cloney, a little lighter than before, staggers his way out of the bathroom and makes his way towards the party. First he takes a quick swig from his trusty flask, and then he carefully looks over his hosts and fellow guests.

    "Ahoy," Cloney slowly offers. A wiggling puzzlement plays over his features.

    "I gotta admit that I'm not sure which universe or continuity this is. If I'm married and/or related to anyone here I apologize for most of the birthday presents I have not been bringing you. Though, to be fair, I tend to give gift certificates for the Mayonnaise Festival, which sounds made-up, so it's probably for the best."

    With those awkwardly slurred words given to the others, Cloney focuses on a plate of finger food. He's relieved to discover that there's less finger in the food than he would have guessed, and begins eating.
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    Anne watches the orange man's appearance with some interest as she picks up a burger from Optimus's grill, and adds the pickle relish, lettuce, and just a touch of ketchup that she likes on hamburgers.

    "Thank you, this is great."

    Annd grins at Optimus, then turns to the new arrival.

    "Hello, I'm Anne. I think we met a fair while back, since I arrived about four and half years ago, and you look kind of familiar. So welcome back."

    She smiles warmly, and sets her burger down for a moment to extend her hand.
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    In a flash of orange light and the smell of Dorito's Sprouse001, his clones and Angelina (Minity's Angel) teleport down to the Summer Block Party.

    Original Sprouse001: Hey everybody. We're here and we brought Altwaals Grill of Power.
    Evil Sprouse002: BRING ME FOOD!!!
    Racing Sprouse003: YEEEHOOO!!! only thang better than racing is eating some good food.
    4 Horseman Sprouse004: Perhaps I can find some worthy horseman here.
    Pilot Sprouse005: Yeah baby. if you want to we can fire up the engine on the Dorito 1 and cook the burgers faster.
    Engineer Sprouse006: Hey you, guy grilling the burgers. I could hooked up some redneck engineering on that grill
    James Bond Sprouse007: Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.
    Negation Bug Handler Sprouse008: I need a place for the Bugs to go. How about the neighbors yard. Go on boys, have fun. (the bugs head to the neighbors house on the right)
    In Love With Minity Sprouse009: Hey, is Minity here?
    Defective Sprouse010: man, I tell you what? The Sprouse good is back. He also forgot how many Sprouse's he has to type out.
    Drinking Sprouse011: Oh it time to spike the punch. someone cover for me
    Wrestling Sprouse012: WHOOO!!!
    Western Sprouse013: (Sits down in a chair with a beer) Yup.
    Sprouse014 the Jack-a-lope: Alright now. Go for it Sprouse011.
    Laughing Sprouse015: Heh! Hahahaha!!!
    Gansta Sprouse016: Ah yeah!!! got some ham hocks up in this joint
    Pirate Sprouse017: ARRHHH!!!!
    Sprousette: Whoo!! Hey Sojourn. whats up, girl? (Turning her around so she doesn't see Drinking Sprouse spike the punch
    News Reporter Sprouse019: This Just in: There is a Summer Block Party going on. Currently the Sprouse's have just landed and joining the party, the Negation Bugs has literally eaten the yard and house next door and are heading to the next house. Oh Lord Charon, look at the pool. More on the party later on.
    Mortal Kombat Sprouse020: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Hello Sojourn.
    Gremlin Sprouse021: I see a pool of water. be back in a bit. (Jumps into the pool and hundreds of Gremlin Sprouse's pop out and head to the neighbors house on the left)
    Surfer Dude Sprouse022: Dude. Like, there's no ocean here.
    Run-on Sentence Sprouse023: alrighti'mhungryandreadytoeatsomegoodfoodandwhatev erelseyougot.
    Angelina (One of Minity's angel's): Joins Sprousette with Sojourn and blocks drinking Sprouse
    Speed Kills. Drive a Ford and live forever.
    #1 Fan of LAW and Jenny's Baby Meter.
    God Of Dorito's and Fluffing
    Possum...The Other White meat
    Negation Nation
    This is Ford country. on a quite night you can hear a Chevy rust.
    Great Big Globs Of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts.
    all GODS creatures have a place......right next to the potatos and gravy.
    <a href="http://monster.namedecoder.com">
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    Wrestling Sprouse012 steps out into a spotlight and mic that somehow appeared. He looks around with 1 eyebrow raised and says: Finally!!! After 7 long years!!! Finally back on the message boards. Finally back on board the Dorito 1 me and the Sprouse's say this after a long time away: Finally the Sprouse's have come back the Crossgen Message Boards. Its seems like yesterday, just yesterday that we wererunning amonk all over the place causing chaos, eating all the food in the orphanage, and just hijacking threads everywhere. Look at Optimus Prime over there. finally grew up. Sojourn, still pretty as ever. The orange man himself, QC1. Whats up big guy. We're gonna hang out a while. fire up Altwaal's grill, we also have Altwaal's propane tank and charcoal. If you smell!!!! What the Sprouse is cooking!
    Drinking Sprouse011: Hey man, have something cold.
    Western Sprouse013: What in tarnation? (pulls out his rifle with a scope and looks at the neighbors house to the left) those dang Gremlins are in the house eating everthang.
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    Anne looks around at the clones, appearing rather puzzled at first. Then she shrugs, and smiles.

    "Welcome to the party!"

    She waves at them in general, smiling broadly. These clones are much less organized than the dancing barbarians and dancing Klingons who used to crash parties she was at, but somehow they still remind her of them... even if she doesn't think she spots a single tutu in the whole bunch.
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    Defective Sprouse010: Less organized? You ain't see nothing yet, Anne.
    *Racing Sprouse003 and Engineer Sprouse006 fire up Altwaal's Grill of Power and a flame shoots high into the atmosphere as the flame is lit. they throw some steaks, ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and chicken wings onto the grill. Sprouse006's puts on special blend of herbs and spices on the food. Western Sprouse013 walks up and takes a shotgun shell apart and spreads the gunpowder on the ribs and wings.* BOOOM!!!
    Racing Sprouse003: Yahooo!!! Just like marinating a steak in racing fuel.
    Sprouse006: A hot dog just ain't a hot dog until you slather it up with some radioactive sludge and toss it on the grill. The fire burns out most of the bad stuff but you may glow for a few weeks.
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    Anne just smiles and nods to Sprouse006. She was glad she'd gotten her hamburger from Optimus, but of course she was far too polite to say as much where the Sprouses could overhear.

    "What was that you said about gremlins earlier?" Anne asked Western Sprouse013.
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    *Engineer Sprouse006 looks at Anne as she gazes at the Steaks* Sprouse006: Don't be shy, Anne. Here, have a plate. I promise you will like it. *Gets a plate and throws on some Wings, steak and a small rib.*

    Western Sprouse013: The Gremlins? Ah, there nothing ta worry about right now. (Brings up his gun and looks through the scope) If it get too much outta hand, ol' Sprouse014 The Jack-A-Lope will handle'em. He's a bloodthirsty lil critter. Plus, they may runinto the Negation Bugs.
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    "Thank you, but I don't have enough hands to juggle two plates."

    Anne smiles politely at Engineer Sprouse 006, lifting her plate in one hand, while making the cane in her other hand move a little, too. Turning to Western Sprouse 013, Anne looks curious.

    "I vaguely remember a Jack-A-Lope, but what a Negation Bug? I don't think I remember those."
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