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    To all that greet him Cloney has a cheerful "Hello" and a smile. Anne's comment on Cloney looking familiar receives some thought from Cloney.

    "I think you're right," Cloney replies to Anne. "Every time I look into a mirror I find that I do look very familiar. I usually put on a hat, and that fixes it."

    Cloney pulls a top hat out of thin air and places it on his head.

    Soon the party is flooded by every flavor of Sprouse imaginable. And maybe a few that are unimaginable. Cloney does his best to navigate his way through the chaos. He tries to stay within some kind of staggering orbit around the food. He ducks and dodges his way through the Sprouses, all the while picking up food items and piling them onto a plate.

    Cloney notices the angel that travels with the Sprouses. It reminds the orange man of the time he spent working as a foot stool for a throne of fire. Cloney wonders if he ever got paid for that job. He thinks about whether or not he should have had invoices printed up.

    With a shrug Cloney dismisses thoughts of past occupations.

    The orange man now turns his attention to Optimus Prime. He slaps a hand onto the other man's shoulder in a friendly, yet clumsy, manner.

    "Hey, Lou," Cloney says to Optimus. "I couldn't help but notice your wine cellar is triple locked. If you're having trouble with wine bandits, I could help you out with that.

    "Here's the plan, Lou. I'll disguise myself as a wine bandit, so I can infiltrate their criminal organization. Y'know, Miami Vice style. And then I'll bring them down from the inside."

    Cloney pulls Optimus in closer, so he can confidentially whisper to him, "Now, the thing about going undercover is that you have to get a taste for what it's like on the other side. Y'know? In order to impersonate a wine bandit, I'll have to become one. So how about you give me the keys to those locks, and I'll get started on drinkin' my way into the role."

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    Defective Sprouse010: Hey, wait a sec. Jacen unspiked the punch. I saw the comment post. he went under the table to fix it.
    Drinking Sprouse011: What? that little weasel.
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    *Original Sprouse001 continues on with Anne about the Flying Monkeys*
    Original Sprouse001: Lets see, where to begin. It wasn't long after we returned from Oz. After killing the Wicked Witch of the West we acquired the guards and Flying Monkeys. They were already aggressive but with a little bit of Negation power, we made them more aggressive and hostile. They love a good fight.
    Western Sprouse013: We were on Pentax 4 when all Charon broke loose with the Gremlins and Negation Bugs. One of the Monkeys overheard the battle and they teleported down. Soon, it was an epic 3 way battle. Gremlins vs. Bugs vs. Flying Monkeys. The battle lasted for months. Billions died, cities wiped out, continents leveled.
    Evil Sprouse002: Glorious battle. almost complete annihilation of the planet. Oceans turned red.
    Original Sprouse001: Yeah, we pretty much destroyed the planet and everything on it. But on a good note, all the Monkeys, Gremlins, and Bugs became great friends after that. Though they do love to fight for fun sometimes.

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    "Thanks for the explanation about the flying monkeys. Getting them from Oz does makes sense. You can get a lot of interesting things from Oz."

    She smiles at Original Sprouse, Western Sprouse, and Evil Sprouse. Then she turns to Defective Sprouse and Drinking Sprouse.

    "Could you leave one punch unspiked? Alcohol makes me dizzy too much before it makes me drunk to be any fun. I could help you set up a tub of mull in compensation. I remember a couple of friends' description of when they made it with some of their friends. Set up the tub, add the spices, and add any type of alcohol that comes along. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but it made quite an impression on my friends."

    Anne grinned hopefully.

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    Original Sprouse001: Oz was left in destruction and chaos when we left. Emerald City was destroyed, Munchkins wiped out, Talking trees cut into firewood. We did take the Wicked Witches soldiers and flying monkeys.
    Drinking Sprouse011: What? did she say leave some of the punch non-alcoholic?
    Sprouse the Jack-a-lope: What did she say? Non-alcoholic? That tears it. I tried to be nice. I did. (pulls out a Multi-special phase induced rail rifle)
    Defective Sprouse010: Whoa, whoa, whoa. (Grabs the rifle from Sprouse the Jack-a-lope) Come on, man. Don't shoot her because of that. Calm down, little buddy. The Sprouse-God will make it alright.
    Drinking Sprouse011: Whoa. yeah, easy there. apparently she one of those non-drinkers that cant handle their liquor.
    Sprouse the Jack-a-lope: Ok, ok. i'm a little calmer. (glares at Anne)

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    Hey, if you want to push me around in a wheelchair for several hours because I've had far too much alcohol to walk, while getting to hear me complain a LOT because I've had far too little alcohol to enjoy the situation, I suppose you can spike all the punch. But I thought it would be more fun if you didn't have to fuss with a wheelchair for me. Because if all I have to drink has alcohol in it, I will end up confined to a wheelchair in disgustingly short order. {wry smile}

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    *Sprouse001 tries to ease the situation*
    Original Sprouse001: Alright now, Jack-a-lope, easy now. Go on and shoot some Gremlins to calm down. (Sprouse-a-lope walks off and starts shooting Gremlins) Sorry Anne, you know how we are. Most of us are bloodthirsty Negation psychos just over the edge.
    Wrestling Sprouse012: WHOOOO!!! I tell what we outta do. We get a steel cage match going. The Jack-a-lope vs. Anne in a no-holds-barred, anything goes, Chicago street fight.
    Sprousette: Don't mind the silly little rabbit with antlers. He's...uh....harmless....sorta.
    Angelina (Minity's Angel): He has a thing for carrots. Just feed him one and he'll love you forever.
    Laughing Sprouse015: Heh heh. *looks at the situation* HAHAHAHA!!!! HEHEHEHE!!!

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    Mortal Kombat Sprouse020 stands near Sojourn trying to come up with a good pick up line. All he can think of is dark ideas. He's not to good at this. So here goes.
    Mortal Kombat020: *Trying to be romantic in a bleak way* So Sojourn. Shall I steal Optimus Prime's soul and take you as my own?

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    "Thanks for explaining. I'm new enough around here, I'm still learning about the clones."

    Anne smiles at Sprouse 001. Then she turns to Sprousette, looking thoughtful. Then she smiles again.

    "How about carrot juice? I have an idea."
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    Original Sprouse001: The Clones have a mind of their own. They look like me but totally different. Like Racing Sprouse003 over there. All he wants to do is race. Highly competitive and winning is everything. Sprouse009 over there is totally in love with Minity. He even has a shrine to her. No idea where she is. Now, Defective Sprouse010 is very different. He says we are on someone's laptop and there is a Sprouse-God typing stuff out. He also can read other peoples comments and posts. But we're all Negation Generals and have an army at our command. Charon's will be done.

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