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    Optimus told the original Sprouse when he helped him get out of the pool. He watched the bar explode and the raining of Sprouses.

    "I think a lot of medical attention will be needed. General Godspital will be very happy."

    He said and nodded his head. He knew how stubborn his wife was. And he had feeling Sprousette was just as stubborn. It had been amusing at first to see Sojourn fight the clone, but now they were at the risk of other people getting hurt.

    "I agree, it's time to break it up."

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    The dragons were enjoying the fight immensely. Swoop was even waving a 'Go Sojourn!' poster. They were eating popcorn out of trash bags and cheering at the explosions and carnage.

    "This so goods!'

    Swoop said and Drags nodded his head.

    "Yes, we makes lots of treasures when we sells video."

    He said, recording the fight as he said it. Thethree dragons laughed, all agreeing that lots of treasure was good. And that they'd get lots of treasure selling a video of a goddess fighting a female clone. Swoop growled when the Pirate Sprouse fell on her head.

    "Watches it!"

    She yelled and Grimlock laughed.

    "Poor, Swoopie, gots a-"

    Suddenly Western Sprouse fell on him. He growled and breathed fire at him while Swoop snickered at her mate. Then the James Bond Sprouse smashed into the grill and Drags yelled.


    For a dragon, treasure and food were of equal importance. To lose the grill, the most important source of food at this party, was horrible. It was terrible. It was something he would not tolerate.

    "You fixes grill. NOW!"

    Drags yelled at him. Grimlock and Swoop both agreed with him.
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