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    Change of Photobucket ToS

    Change of Photobucket ToS

    So, thought I'd leave this here for everyone who hosts images on Photobucket.

    Apparently, they've changed their ToS and don't allow hotlinking anymore, unless people want to pay a fee (400/year, if I was informed correctly).

    I'll be removing all of my stuff from there later today, but thought I'd let everyone else who might use it know.
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    Bummer, I use Webs.com & I used to use Uploadit.org.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    I have some on Photobucket, but luckily got some suggestions from another site, so I'll look around and find a good fit. :/

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    Damn, I use them for all my character pics. Time to find some where else, or just upload them here.

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    Same, I guess I'll just upload locally for sites where that's an option. Better than finding another host and then having the same happen again in a while.

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    Yeah, no kidding. That change in TOS does suck for small business owners who use the site but can't afford that cost.

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    It does, for us who only use it for fun it's just a minor hassle to move all of the pictures.

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    Aye, know what you mean. If Webs did that I be busy for a bit....
    I've got 202 files on it....
    Oh, I almost forgot. I also use mega.nz as well for some storage.

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    I guess I need to figure out what to do about that. I think that's where the pictures on my LiveJournal and blog actually are. {rueful smile}

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    Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded my stuff onto my computer and then deleted my account.
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