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    Penelope Blum

    Like Alexia, Penelope felt a bond with her. But she had no idea it was because they shared a father. She just figured it was because neither understood the appeal of a giant wedding. If she got married, Penelope would be happy with just a simple wedding. As long as she was marrying the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, it didn't matter how much she'd spend on centerpieces.

    "Oh, I agree. Not that I tell them that. My mom would hate me trying to discourage them to spend lots of money on fresh flowers."

    She said with a wink and added.

    "Deal. Hope you survive the day."

    She said with a smile and Helena texted Alexia's phone, wanting to know if she got the flowers yet.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Alexia smiled at Penelope when she agreed to meet up. That would definitely be fun. A girl like her needed all the friends she could get, and a big part of her would like to know Penelope better. She had always been nice to Alexia. And they shared something in common - neither of them had a present father figure. Penelope still had a mother she could count on, though. As for Alexia, all she had was Helena, and well... there was nothing motherly about the woman's feelings regarding her. Sometimes she wondered why Helena even kept her around. Maybe, she thought, it had something to do with hoping her father would come back? It was weird, she thought. Helena should have gotten over it and found a new man after all this time.

    Shrugging it off, Alexia decided to focus on the present and future. The past couldn't be changed anyway.

    Shooting a final smile to Penelope, she shook her head. "Don't worry, I will live a very long time if only to annoy Mommy Dearest", she joked. "Say hi to your mom for me", she added, before rushing off to the sidewalk.

    Yes, just got them. I'm putting them in the car and then going to Walmart.

    She felt like adding a 'chill', but she knew how well this would go down. Taking a deep breath, Alexia placed the flowers carefully in the car and drove to Walmart. Lucky for her, it wasn't far and she knew the place like the palm of her hand. It took her about ten minutes to pick everything up and go through self check-out. As she walked back to the car, Alexia texted Helena again. Got everything. I'm on my way.

    After a long sigh, she put her car on drive and made her way to the venue. After admiring the place for a minute, Alexia took the flowers off the car and went to search for Helena. Something about how the place looked - a discount ancient temple - was bothering her, but she tried not to focus on it. She had to help Helena set up and leave, as soon as possible.

    When she finally found Helena, Alexia sighed in relief. "I've got everything. Can we please start setting up? I want out of this place, it's creeping me out".

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    Penelope Blum

    Penelope thought it would be fun to hang out with Alexia. She had always liked her and it would be nice to know her without Helena near by. Helena disliked her and her mother a lot, not that Penelope knew the reason why. Her mother would say it was best to to think too hard about it. Some people were just miserable.

    "I will and have a good day."

    She said, waving Alexia bye and getting back to work.

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    Helena Carlisle


    Was all the reply that Alexia got from Helena. Helena wasn't one for showing gratitude. Although Alexia didn't have to do really anything for her now, she was an adult, Helena still expected her to. After all, she had kept the girl even after her father had run off to the next woman who caught his eye. Helena had no obligation to her and she liked to remind her of that. It was about time that Alexia got the flowers, no doubt talking her head off to Denise and Penelope. Helena didn't like them but she didn't discourage any client from using them. After all, they did do good work and Helena wasn't going to upset clients by telling them no.

    About time. I need them.

    Helena replied when Alexia said she was finally on her way.

    "What's your problem? I know you don't like weddings but I thought a temple like this would be more your taste then a church."

    Helena said, not sure what her stepdaughter's problem was with the wedding venue.

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    Harrison O'Brien

    Upon hearing how angry Harrison was, with just cause, his staff made an effort to avoid him. Only approaching him when necessary. His temper was something of legend at the funeral home. He didn't always show it, but when he did, everyone agreed they never wanted to be on his bad side. Mrs Yeager, though, wasn't subjected to his anger. When she came to get her father's watch, she saw the nice, charming side of him. She even gave Harrison a hug for finding the watch. Harrison left out the part of Douglas stealing it and lied. Telling her that it had been misplaced and apologizing for it. She replied she was just happy that it had been found.

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    Alexia Carlisle


    Alexia took a deep breath when Helena said she thought a temple would be more to her taste than a church. "It's not", she replied curtly. "Not like you ever cared about my taste", Alexia carried on, taking another deep breath. "Look, can we just do this so I can get the hell out of here?", she nearly hissed, which was completely out of character for her usual bored demeanor when it came to weddings.

    Right now, though, Alexia felt in a way she had never felt before. She felt like she was about to punch her stepmother or go into a panic attack, and neither prospect felt pleasant.

    Deciding Helena was the last person she could rely on for help, Alexia shook her head and picked up her phone, shooting her uncle a quick text. She hated to be a bother, but this was serious, and to be honest, she couldn't care less about Helena's reaction right now.

    'Hey, uncle. I hate to bother you, but I need you to pick me up from somewhere. As quickly as possible. I'll explain it all later, but I need to get out of here. Can you? It's kind of an emergency', she sent, before turning her attention back to Helena and forcing herself to focus. "What do you need me to do?", she asked, taking a look around again before focusing back on her stepmother. Getting busy would probably help her cope with whatever this thing was until she could get the hell out of this rip-off Greek temple.

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    Helena Carlisle

    Anger flashed in Helena's eyes at Alexia's attitude. She was used to her bored and uninterested in weddings but this...It was pissing the woman off. It was so out of character for her stepdaughter. She grabbed Alexia's arm, tempted to put enough pressure on her to leave bruises.

    "I don't know what the hell your problem is today but it knock it off. I will not have you ruining this wedding just because you are PMSing."

    She let go of her arm and gave her a list of decorating instructions.

    "Do that and get the hell out of my sight. You can be such an ungrateful little bitch."

    Helena grumbled at Alexia, putting on a very happy and fake smile when the bride and her mother appeared. She set Alexia off on her task while she talked to her clients.

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    Harrison O'Brien

    After Harrison had returned the watch, he knew he would have to have a meeting with his employees make sure they all knew he would never, ever tolerate stealing again. He was working on meeting notes when he got his niece's text. He picked up the phone and texted back.

    Sure. Where are you at?

    He wasn't sure what was wrong and wasn't going to ask in text. He was sure it had something to do with Helena, it usually did.

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    Alexia Carlisle

    Helena's touch at her arm sparked something inside Alexia. This was so unfair. It wasn't her fault that her father had bailed on Helena and left her behind. And she had no idea who her mother was, which was really strange. All she wanted was to have a normal family, and the closest she could get to that was uncle Harris, a bachelor who lived with his dog and ran a funeral home. Not that it was a problem, and she was sure she'd be happier living with her uncle and helping him with his business than living with Helena.

    When the woman let go of her arm, Alexia felt the years of being treated like crap rising to the surface. As soon as she found her voice, she straightened out her back at the woman's orders.

    Helena could go to hell, because she was about to lose her indentured servant. After smiling brightly at the bride and her mother, Alexia stepped away and ripped a page off her notepad.


    I'm done. You have constantly been disrespectful, rude, unfair and cruel to me. You're on your own now, I'll have my personal items out of your house when you get there.

    Go to hell.

    Yours truly,


    Once she had placed the note where she was sure Helena would see it, Alexia marched outside and rested her back against her car, texting her uncle with the address. I'll need help getting my stuff out of her house before she gets back. Do you think you can help me with that?, she sent after the address. While it was legally and technically her house, since it had belonged to her father, Alexia couldn't care less about that. All she wanted was to get out of the house and stay somewhere until she could cool down and make up her mind about what she was going to do in the future.

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