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    Knome Investigations - Bios

    Knome Investigations - Bios

    Name: Frank Knome (Pronounced "Gnome")
    Sex: Male
    Age: 35
    Height: 5'9" (1.75m)
    Hair: Short brown. Clean shaven.
    Eyes: Hazel

    Frank is of average height and appearance. He is always very neatly dressed and well groomed. He is very particular about his appearance, and the clothing that he wears.

    Frank has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. He has a keen eye for things that are not exactly right. He is known to clean off lint from dark suits, and straighten out items that he notices are slightly off. As a result of this disorder, he is often hard to deal with. He is also very dependant on his friend and partner, Molly Haron.

    Frank was a former police officer from another city. He was a good cop that was trying to speak out against corruption in the police force. That nearly got him and his partner, Molly Haron, killed. Molly didn't always believe him, but still, she trusted him. They went on a bust that turned out to be a trap. Molly was shot in the leg, and Frank was shot in the head.

    Surprisingly, Frank had survived, but not without brain damage. The result of the shot to the head gave him and Extreme case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Also, he was removed from active duty and a permanent stain was put on his record. He was blamed for the whole incident, blamed that he didn't go in there with the proper backup (there was no mention that backup was requested and were supposed to be there).

    Mollys injury pulled her off the streets, so she studied and became a police psychiatrist. She was the one who began helping Frank cope with his OCD.

    Later, Frank and Molly went to Metro City, to avoid the trouble that he had been getting in his old city. He now works as a private investigator, and has made a good name for himself among the community, but he still isn't liked or trusted by the local law enforcement, because of the stain on his record. Molly still helps him as his partner and his nurse.
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    Name: Molly Haron
    Sex: Female
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'6
    Hair: Light brown, about shoulder length
    Eyes: Blue

    Family: A twin brother, Adrian who is a recovering drug addict. He has a wife named Karen, and a baby son named AJ. Molly's parents live in the South but she does not have much contact with them. They disowned her brother and never approved of what she wanted to do with her life.

    Appearance: Molly is about average height and built for a woman. She is more comfortable in jeans and tee shirt than dressing up. She also is worried about wearing clothes that will show off the scars on her leg. She is an attractive woman though.

    Personality: Molly is very loyal to Frank because of their friendship and that he saved her life. Although he does drive her crazy with his quirks, complaints, and demands she could not picture her life with out him in it. She would do anything for him.

    Molly and Frank were good cops. When she joined the police force she was assigned to be Frank Knome's partner. She didn't always believe him when he talked about corruption, not wanting to believe that the police force was like that. She always trused Frank's judgment though and went along with him. Frank's best friend was Justin and Molly dated him before he was killed on the street. After Justin's death, Molly focused on work. Frank and Molly were doing a bust when it all went wrong. Both were almost killed. Frank being shot in the head and causing him to have OCD and Molly getting shot in the leg. Causing her to walk with a limp and having to leave the force. She felt sorry for herself for a time and then decided to help others and become a police psychiatrist. She wanted to help others cope with injuries. Knowing that Frank could never function on his own, Molly became his psychiatrist, although she is more of a nurse to him. She felt she had to help because if he wasn't there with her, she would have died. She went with Frank to Metro City. Although the stain on his record still follows them.

    Then in Metro City they have found corruption again. Tiffany hired them to find out what her brother, John Ibets, wanted to tell her before he was killed. Ibets is linked deeply to Miss Capshaw's law firm and Mr. Monet's bank. Molly also meet Ulfric, whom Frank seems to be jealous of. Molly and Frank went to Mr. Monet's home for answers and Frank was shot in the stomach. Molly is at the hospital trying to remain calm.
    Molly Haron. An ex-cop now a psychiatrist and Frank Knome's assistant. Very loyal.
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    My grandfather was a vampire hunter. After WWII he tracked a very old vampire to a German palace. Instead of killing the vampire, he was captured. Using forgotten magic, the vampaire turn my grandfather into a Weregator along with another human. The vampaire control was complete and my father committed crimes he normaly wouldn't do. The vampaire, working with a mage, attack a caern. The local Sept responded in kind and touch off a two year war that lead to the death of other Weregator slave, and the death of the vampaire. Or so we thought...

    The caern was control by Children of Gaia and they took in my grandfather to their care. They also name him part of the tribe and place him under their protaction. However, he feel in love with a human female and moved to Florida. He lived an simi-active life with the Sept in Daytona Beach and had three children. Since the Garou gene is recessive, that means that your children may not become Garou and so the tribe saw no reason for my grandfather to have three human children. One girl and three boys...

    All three turn as soon as they came of age.

    This was unheard of in recoreded Garou history. It become intense as the tribes wanted to destory them all, since they aren't true Garou and "of the Wyrm". They were also frearful that if the second generaion would breed with alligators, their numbers would grow out of control. The Children of Gaia didn't believe this for a second. They soon struck a deal, that everyone could live with. The new breed of Weregator, simply dubbed Mogol (Mokol with a "g"), was allow to breed with only humans and only could have no more than two children. This was agreed upon and peace was once again, restored.

    The Children of Gaia of Florida has a saying, "One thing that stays the same, is change." My Aunt came with child first. When my couisn was five, my Aunt and my cousin was attack by an all female pack of Black Spiral Dancers. My Aunt was killed, my couisn... Well, he's dead to us now and lost to the Wyrm.

    At age 20, my Uncle was killed by three Get of Fenris pups (barely 17-years old). They had said he smelled of the Wyrm and was an evil Mokol before they were put to death.

    Only my father stay alive long enough to have two children. However, during a mage attack on my caern, left my father scared for life and my mother dead. It was the same Mage who had made the pack with the vampaire who made us.

    My sister is 12 and is thought to be going thourgh the change soon, but I am 20. I have gone throught the change already. I am the fifth of my kind, but I don't think I will be last. I also have discover that the vampire that made my grandfather, is alive and living in Springville...


    I've come to find him, and kill him.
    "Dragon's Fang, a most useful weapon." -Unknown

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