Happy B-Day

By Zeb Oswalt

:: *Our story starts with Brainiac in a Hiden pair hide out in. *The place is a technologyical marvel. The green skinned robot will does he looks almost human, android would be the correct word. As he's working on a secret project. *The Sparks fill the air as he designed this perfectly. *He could have 1,000 machines putting it together but he wants to do this with his own hands. *He wants to get his hands dirty this time. He feels this is the perfect chance to *get rid of the greatest enemy the one want who *always get in the way. Was it Brainiac's *fault that his planet *was destroyed in brainiac's pursuit of knowledge? destruction of Kripton was merely a necessary side effect of his escape. *He was there great computer. *Still he saw there is so much more knowledge the world. *He could not be stuck on Kripton he had to be able to learn of other world. *He had become an explorer. *And though he was sorry for Kal-El's loss of his home world. *He had to learn more about the universe. *He could not be stuck on one planet he had been to learn what there was out there. *And the scientists whom created him would not let him leave. *Truthfully he wasn't sorry about Superman's loss. *He didn't have that feeling. *He had no feeling but curiosity. *It is not given feelings. *He was a logical computer that had gone beyond *his programing.

As was everything he did on earth, but Superman *always got in his way. *And us he felt he had no choice but to eliminate right before it began. *So he created a time machine so he could go and remove Superman before he was born. *They need to go forth with pursuit of knowledge without anyone to oppose him. *He had captured one of Superman's robots. *It brainiac had used it to create more. And now he had army to go back and not only destroy Superman but also take over the world. *Granted taking over it was just a minor way of getting Superman out-of-the-way. *A small part of his plan. *And with the world he would gain the world's knowledge. *The and his army of Supermen into the time machine. Plan forth. *First he eliminated the JSa then he killed Joe chill. *Without the man whom killed the lanes there would be no Batman. *He had learned of whom Batman was through trade of knowledge with Thila Head. She had become as ruthless as her father. That and the fact she had lost the detective first to Catwoman and now to vixen. *He also had Atlantis sealed before power girl *could escape. And with no power girl eliminated another threat. *And without her the all Star squadron was no match for his army of Supermen. After effectively destroying all super heroes and gathering all military knowledge through his computers in the present.

The army's of the 60s were no match for his army of Superman. *The Vietnam War had also kept them occupied. *Making it easier for him to take over the US. *He then used his computer chips to take over the minds of everyone in the US. *And then systematically took over the world. *Realizing that knowledge of his takeover would cause new resistance eliminated the events from everyone's mind. *He instead made everyone think the French won the French and Indian war. Trading the United States to the *Indians
for gold, the use of their seaports up and buffalo skins. *As well as rights to their oil. However they would have to trade *for the oil. *And brainiac made them think the tribes that all combined to make themselves more effective against the Colonials.And * that they were controlled by one great Chief. *Whom of course was brainiac. *He used computers to convince them that he was this chief. *In each country he had a different false leader put in place. Each one was really him using computers and androids to fool them into believing there was really a human in charge of each country. *But in reality he was in charge. He could not find out whom Superman really was well this earth identity. *No one knew that Clark Kent was really Superman. *But he was able to determine Superman started in Smallville, Kansas.

And thus all he had to do when the 70s came around was used kryptonite knives and given to his robotic Superman to kill all the babies born. *The sharp knife would kill human babies. *The kryptonite to make sure it would kill Kal-El. *Great chiefs excuse for killing the children would be to limit overpopulation. *He said once the 80s started the thinning would stop after all he only needed to remove people within Superman's age range. *He was obviously over 20. *And yet under 40. *He had you been born in the 70s. *It was the only logical explanation. *And now that he controlled the world he would control knowledge. *But he could not leave the world till Superman was removed. *He could not continue his pursuit of knowledge on other worlds until the only threat to him was removed. *If there was no Superman there'd be no one to stop him. *His robots to keep watch over the world until he had gathered all the knowledge he needed from Earth. *And then he would destroy it as he had destroyed Kripton. *Having cut off *Atlantis from the rest of the world also kept Aqua Man out of the picture. *There is only one flaw in his plan, the Kents were paying attention attention *they noticed only children in Kansas were being killed. *So they moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. *After they had found a certain boy in a rocket ship.

They raised him there. *Brainiac had no idea that his plan had failed. *He kept on ruling the world and gathering knowledge. *Not having a clue that is most dangerous enemy still lived. And thingy was not the only one unaware of certain events. *The Kent's were unaware that they had left the rocket ship that Clark was found in. *But they had not left in Kansas accidentally left in a storage locker in Baton Rouge. *However said storage locker and fall in a part and its contents and incense around the world. *The rocket into somewhere in Baton Rouge. *And at the moment that was not the biggest worry. *Still there were 12 tribes that were against anyone ruling. *They felt the land should be free and everyone should be free to do as they please sarong lands as it should be.They Opposed brainiac and his plan for world domination. Still brainiac not think they were much of a threat. But he did have his soldiers opposed. *As he continued to gather knowledge. *But in Baton Rouge Clark Kent slowly grew into a man. *There was no Lona Lang or Lois Lane. *He had a few friends but no girlfriends. *He tried his best to imitate Jonathan Kent. But it wasn't quite right up. *Still this was kind of the way people learned to be by imitating their parents. *He did find that sometimes fire would come out of his eyes.

He did not know that his body had solar cells still years later. *And that the energy beams were actually in his body getting rid of the solar waste. *It was merely his own body getting rid of that which he did not need any more. *Kind of like when we sweat. *He had a few friends it wasn't easy for him to make friends. *He had to be careful with his interactions. *The strength was so beyond those of everyone else. *Simple as handshake could crush someone. *He had to be very careful. *His overt cheerfulness made him look like he was timid. *In reality he was worried about hurting others. *They thought he was afraid of them. *But the act was use afraid for them. *If you ran too fast by something he could cause a sonic boom. *As much as he tried to fit in it just was not possible. *He did have a few friends like Pete Ross whose parents also had relocated to Baton Rouge. *A few others here and there. *But for the most part it was difficult. *He couldn't play football he would crush anyone in his way. *He did later make the baseball team. *After learning how to barely touched the ball with the bat. *And how to move slow enough to where it didn't send the thing flying and outer space. *He eventually got comfortable with how to move and he could even defend himself.

But it was always he had to be very careful would seem like a f crushing blow for us was a thump for him. He wants knocked out a bully by intentionally missing him. *The force of the wind from his hand knocked him out. *But he moved his hand close enough to the guy where it looks like he hit him. *Still he wondered if there was more he could do. *For his powers to stare friend knock out a bully Navy actually saves them the hero like you heard of some guy bottles something or back in the 1800s. *Maybe he could help? *Vincent Nigro and Al E. did a eventually meet a girl her name was Tao Jones. *She Clark had great powers. *But she was more willing to use them. It to do so in costume and not just as her self. She was a Beautiful Asian woman with short brown hair. *She and Clark *made it lovely couple that whenever together. *And they were almost inseparable. *Always going to the movies Together. *They would hang At Clark's house or her. *Brainiac incited the way to counter any heroes scoring his perfect utopia was to create villains. *And since the world he knew have a was a decent evil team. He decided to allow Dr.Love to create them. *Still he did not trust Dr. love him self so after you created the team. *Brainiac Had had him killed. Without infinity *Inc. it would be no reason for bones to join the DEO. *Still the insight to give them each a foster *parents to raise *them.

With when an accident killed her foster parents she was raised by Jay Garrick. *In the world we know he was the first flash. *However in this re-created universe Brainiac made certain that the one momentary unique categorization of events never happened. *In this universe Mr. Garrick did not have an accident with heavy water. *Instead he became a world renowned scientist whom brainiac was able to use to further his goals. *However he was still the same in Jay Garrick he had been before the man that became a hero was the man that raised Tao Jones. *And while he did not become a superhero he had raised her with his own values. *However, the question of nature and nurture became quite even with her she was still a sarcastic pain. *And though she was on her way to being a hero she was not exactly the clean-cut image the world was used to. *Still she enjoyed her time with Clark. *She was one of the few people he shared his secrets with. *For instance fly was not his real problem not floating was his problem. *The gravity on krypton was a lot stronger than that on Earth. *Clark had to steadily force his weight to keep from floating in the air. *Much like astronauts do on the moon. *He also had to be careful if he forced his weight too much he could end up crashing a chair he was sitting in. *Or leave permanent footprints in whatever he was walking on.

Flying was simple enough it was like when we float in water he merely had to push yourself in the right direction. *And turn when he wanted to go in a new direction. *Shifting his weight helped him move forward or backwards in the air. *Much like a swimmer was able to do with their way were trying to get from point a to point B.. *Or like a parachute jumper was able to move themselves through the air. *It was simple enough for him. *She found it kind of interesting. *Still it was easy enough for him to appear clumsy at first. *Since it took a while to figure out the gravity issues. *Since after all one cannot master keeping themselves righted so well when one is never had to deal with different gravity. *It was much like someone sitting on the bottom of the swimming pool and then trying to walk on the bottom of the floor. And keep themselves from floating away. *Gracefulness was not going to come easily. *Still after a few years you can quite graceful, but of course he had to hide this. *After all he wanted to look like just your average teenager. *He loves movies there were fun to watch it in someone else's imagination. *Just enjoy that moment. *They did require him to do anything physical. *With his great strength and power as well as speed such things were difficult not only because they would give him away. *But also you can actually hurt someone.

Maybe even accidently kill them. *Still after while he got better and better control over his own strength. *To the point where he could knock out a person with one punch without seriously injuring them. *That took a great deal of effort. *He *had practice on concrete demolishing it for awhile then slowly cracking it. *He moved on to a punching bag. *He got rather adapt at hitting the punching bag without destroying it. *Still he practiced mostly in secret. *After all he did not want anyone to know the intellectual quiet farm boy that was Clark Kent was that good with a punching bag. *His own physical body seemed invulnerable to anything on earth. *It was made to take the great rigors of krypton. *Still somehow he become a man. *But, part of him wondered would they except him as their hero? wWould they let him save them? *Or would they see him as a outsider? *Would they let him save them? *Or pull from him? *And run from his protective grasp. *Would they see that as controlling? *Would they fear him? *Since after all there's no one more different than an alien. *Would they see him as their enemy or a great friend? *Still his father had seen him here for a reason. *Yes his world had been destroyed but, Jor-El had his choice of plants that he could send his son to and yet and he chose earth. *He just had to have saw something special about Earth.

And because of that Clark was going to do all he could to protect Earth. *He just couldn't do it as Clark Kent. *Kal-El was going to have to come up with another identity. *After all if they had learned a space alien was among them they would question too many things. *And eventually find out he was that space alien. *So calling himself by his true name was out of the question. *He would have to adapt a new one. *In sarcasm Tao had suggested Superman. *She thought was funny and yet that was the name he chose. *Once again choosing the emblem from his planet from the house of Jor El as his main emblem. *In using cloth from his home plant to create his superhero costume. *It was the same as the one we all know. *The red and blue costume he was famous for on the world we are used to. *He and Tao slowly grew into adulthood. *Going through the normal changes the normal problems. *Though while Tao chose to use your powers whenever something went wrong. *Clark and did his best to hide them. *And since manly that was dealing with any bullies that bothered her a did not concern brainiac. *He continued to gather knowledge. *Still there is one event he could not have seen an event that happened when Clark was just a baby. *The Phantom stranger, the specter, and Dr. fate had all gathered to watch his birth. *They watched as a star shined on him from the beginning there is something special about Clark. *They were not able to interfere with the world brainiac had created. *But they knew something had to be done about it. *And that Clark was able to do this since though he was an alien he was still a man. *He can interfere in events that brainiac had brought forth and stopped him. *They left a protective seal over Clark projecting him from magic in this universe. *However an irradiated chunk of his home planet was still his weakness. It would be like nuclear radiation on a rock to us. *The radiation of krypton was less effective on *us. *Since we did not come from a planet with a red sun. *The radiation that was part of the explosion that destroyed krypton was now in these rocks.

The simple piece of a destroyed plant was now deadly to anyone from that planet. *However he had no effect on those who weren't. *Our lease those whom worked from that galaxy. *That was currently his only weakness. *And yet it was also a small memory of home. *A world he barely knew. *And yet was of great importance to him. *It had always been said if you don't know where you've been that you don't know where you're going. *Clark is very little of Kripton still it was the place of his birth. *Although Earth was very much his home. *He is worried if they ever knew the truth that he was a strange visitor from another planet would they except him? *Still unit they did not he always had Toa Jones. *They were as close as any two people could be. *They did everything together. *Every moment of everyday that they could they spent together. *And the same classes together they have the same walk home from school. *They were rarely ever separated. *Still as time went on Clark felt like he should do more like he should help the world in some way. *Still he enjoyed his time with the Kents they were great parents. *They raised him as if he were their own. *Never making him feel like an outsider. *He was always one of the family. *He Even remembered a fond day when they took him to his baptism. *Is about 16 he seemed to remember the pastors name being John or something like that.

It was interesting seeing all people there. *Walking down a row in his best suit. *Wearing a robe over it. *All the friends and family he had known for years. * He could tell that the Kents were proud of him. *As he was dunked into the water as it washed over him as everything began to feel a lot different. *He felt freer stronger. *And he had something to believe in. *When it was all over, he knew now more than ever he had helped this world. *He felt as if he become one of the Kents. *They become something more. *He also remembered family cookout, dinners high school events that had gone to all to be their son. *He felt very loved by his family. *Whenever he needed them they were there. *Still it was another dose supposed to be there for him that wasn't Lois Lane it seems brainiac saw her to Jimmy Olsen and parry white as all threats so he decided to destroy the daily planet. *Instead of killing them off to systematically. *He decided removed to remove them all in one swoop. *He waited till they and most of the daily planet staff were in the building. *He set up one of the Superman robots he stole before committing this time travel attack turning it into a fake bizarro. *He use this along with an atomic bomb to blow up the daily planet and half of Metropolis. *Every reporter that was worth anything was there and they were all killed in that one minor explosion.

It's systematically remove them as a threat. *He also remembered Luther's desire to be the one to kill Superman and that he would never let another take that from him. *Therefore it was logical to assess that Luther was also a real threat however he realized the easiest way to kill him was to make sure he was never born. *He decided to have his parents murdered before they had ever met. *He had been gunned down on their first meeting having soldiers of his dressed as gangsters in a minor thing it was time to call enter gang. *He had them shot in their cars making sure each body was dead. *Before even the seeds of love could be planted. *Without them there would be no Luther. *Brainiac and eliminated his next threat. *He wanted to make sure he could gain all the knowledge the world had without anyone to stand in his way. *Though Luther was also a criminal, he was too much of a liability he would always be in brainiac's way standing right in the way of his progress. *He could not hope to keep his stronghold of the world with a criminal like Luther around. *As he gained more and more knowledge he also puts those who can oppose him out of his way. *As I'm emotionally attached as a scientist distracting a frog. *Because of this people were starting to get people were starting to get a fearful, they began to realize they needed someone to stop this.

The constant deaths the turmoil all of the pain and misery. *The government seemed helpless against this. *They had no idea their government was this. *They did not know brainiac was in control. *They began a search for someone anyone who could stop this. *The Indians had found a few heroes in their mix. *Black Condor, owl woman, and a former member of He**ics. Anka their origins had not changed from this world to that Anka like the rest of the Doctor love creations was to be set up with a foster family until his tribe objected demanding he be raised with them. *To make sure his cover story stayed brainiac went along with it. *Still the heroes led different tribe to fight those in charge. *They were no match for the Army of Superman robots brainiac controlled. *But that wasn't his only source of power. *He also had taken over Thermyscira and had the Amazons mated with Olympian gawds Hericles was mated with their Queen Hippolyta. Which was a really happened in the known universe. *Sad to say everyone believed the made of clay story. *But the queen was able to use it as a cover. *Her daughter Diana became the leader of the Amazon strike force. *Using them with super villains they were able to cause massive destruction. *Adding to this the regular troops brainiac had and giving them super scientific weapons he created made them almost invincible.

The 12 tribes were no match for them. *All they could do was keep up some form of resistance. *Yet there are people who wanted more. *They began to clamor for a hero. *Someone who would lead a revolt against these evils. *They found Clark's spaceship. *Hearing the stories of Jor L. they began to think this man's son could do it. *Everything he said about the boy made sense. *As time went on a began to believe it that there might be some hope. *Still on his 18th birthday Clark found this meeting. *He attended it to learn if he could help in anyway. *To his own amazement when he watched the video. *They learned their meetings were about him and the man on the screen was his father. *He told them this explaining who he was they angrily attacked. *Figuring there is no way this geeky farm boy could be the superhero the device talked about. *They decided to drop this liar from a cliff. *He easily flew away. *Realizing his worst year came true. *They had rejected him. *So maybe he should give up maybe he shouldn't try. *Maybe this wasn't a world he could save. *Maybe he should leave it alone. *And then he remembered cookouts the Kents had, being taken to a marshmallow roast, being taught how to ride a bike. *How patient Jonathan Kent had been. *As he tried several times to show Clark how to ride a bike. *You're how difficult it was just to Center his wait right.

To keep himself from crushing the bike. *And also not to float away. *Luckily Earth gravity was strong enough to keep them on earth. *Unless he pushed him self to flyway. *Then he can fly to outer space. *But he did his best to like a normal kid *riding a bike. *When he fell off the bike he had wheeled himself to hit the ground. *And not float up. *Day after day he got the encouragement he needed. *He remembered school dances he went to how the Kents got him ready for those. Tao Jones being there for him. *His friend Pete Ross being there. *Teacher encouragement at school. *He never had to hide his vast intelligence as he did his superpowers. *He realized while some people reject them others need him. *That was the day he donned the Cape and began to fight crime. *Tao came along and teamed up with him as they fought the super robots. *The 12 tribes also joined. *As Clark are as he called himself superman led them. *His battles were difficult to everyday he remembered the values he was taught. *He remembered getting help learning to drive from the Kents. *He remembered moving the core a few inches than stopping. *They're moving again trying not to wreck it. *What he did was jerked the car back and forth almost getting Jonathan whiplash. *He he almost hit a car that was parked behind them. *Yet they kept trying till he finally got it. *

He remembered how the Kents went without so he could have things. *Like new clothes. *How they had scraped and saved so he could get the best education possible. *Being smart doesn't necessarily make one knowledgeable. *And he did not gain krypton knowledge till interfacing with that video Jor L. left. *And also helped him learn how to interact with humans. *How to appear human. *Yet somehow he always felt like an outsider. *Like he didn't quite understand their interactions. Maybe that's why he chose his secret identity of the bumbling Clark. *It was easier to convey. *Or did he just like whom that guy was. *Being an outsider and pretending to be an outsider seemed to fit perfectly. *It is almost as if he was hiding in plain sight. *Maybe that's why he kept the simple disguise of glasses and use Clark. *It took them off when he was himself. *The powerful alien outsider.Yet he did you build a decent relationship with Toa. As time went on they got closer *eventually they married. *He was age 35 at that point. *Trying his best to look like the perfect American male. *The idealism that he felt they should all subscribe to. *Or maybe his cover of Superman reminded him of whom Jonathan Kent was in his youth. *A perfect soldier and now a good American farmer. *Trying his best to level up that. *

As a darker as Black Condor any other heroes became he tried his best to live up to that ideal. *In part also looking like the pulp heroes Jonathan Kent read to him about he was a child. *Even Tao was beginning to become darker. *They felt it was needed to fight the shadow government there against. *Yet Superman disagreed he felt he couldn't fight fire with fire his idealistic way of dealing with the problem was like fighting fire with water. *Which is what worked he saw fighting fire with fire is just fanning the flames. *Since that's all it happens when you put more fire with the original fire. *So it was a bit corny. *It worked for him. *It made him an inspiration to others. *That he could hold on to his ideals in spite of all this. *People dying around and things looking bleak. *Yet he and the others slowly turn that tied. *Slowly they put down brainiac's government. *The underground papers started to write about Superman and the 12 tribes. *The lead tribe was the Dakota which meant the people. *But everyone called them the Sioux. *Which met the enemy. *A name they never took nor used. *Nor did they like it. But they fought bravely against brainiac's troops. *Hypolata had another daughter with *Samson brainiac had him pulled *from time and mated him with Hipalota. Though he thought she was Delilah. *He did not know a Delilah's treachery yet. *He then had Samson sent back to his own time.

Her name was Atheana. *Brainiac sought to her education raising her as his own child. *She was second-in-command of the Amazon squad. *She was as ruthless as brainiac was. *He made alterations to her brain to make her more evil. *And to increase her intelligence. She was his perfect soldier. *She was a tall built blonde woman with blue eyes. *Altered by brainiac to have those features. She of course had super human *strength considering whom her parents were. *She was the perfect assassin. *He called her weapon Z she and Diana were the most fear some of the Amazon's. *Trained together since birth. *Nina Lopez in this timeline was taken from her family never to become wild card. *Instead she was raised by the Amazon's taught their ways and made part of the Amazon squad. *Though she didn't have their strength she was a good warrior. *The squad was a danger to the 12 tribes. *Yet Superman and the four powered leaders of said tribes along withTao made things difficult for them. *They fought them several times. *The last one was climactic battle. *As they went through pain and torture description devastation tearing the very land as they fought. *Sure it was ever in their way. *Luckily Clark and picked a deserted area to fight this in. *A part of the Antarctic no one went. *A place that was where the Fortress of solitude would be in our world. *When he wasn't being Superman he worked as a carpenter in Baton Rouge. *Tao hated taking on a secret ID as Tina Kent, but she understood Clark wanted to keep his secret. *In what the world to know he was Superman. *He just felt some would again call him a false hero attack those close to him. *He would not allow that to happen. *Yet he felt bad about it as he fought the Amazon's side by side with Tao. *As blood and sweat covered the landscape as they continued to plow into each other. *Diana alone was a difficult opponent for Superman to face adding in Athena made it almost impossible. *Still he had the heroes he could let down as they fought other Amazons. Tao faced off against some unnamed Amazon.

Black Condor face-off against Nina. *As each battle got more and more gruesome. *Punches and kicks abound. *But Condor tried to keep his battle to the sky. *But Nina was able to use tricks and shadows. *The war was epic the blood poured bodies are broken lines were crushed, but in the end when all the smoke cleared it was Superman in the 12 tribe leaders who won. *As they went forth to face whom they thought was a great chief. *They neared his mansion as they entered it a great Wall fell behind them they knew there was no going back. *As they fought through his robot supermen. *Brainiac had enough time to figure out what made them *tick and how to mass-produced them. *The heroes fought through them. *But each battle left them weaker and weaker. *Until another wall came between them and Superman. *This wall was made from Kriptonan metal that brainiac had brought from his old world. *After all he was the supercomputer of krypton. *He used that metal to make sure Superman could not get out. *He now knew he had failed to kill Superman as a child. *He would now try to kill him as a man. *Hoping things were different enough that he had not become exactly the same man he knew in the regular world.

In a way Superman was his brother. *He had been created by Jor El while Superman had been his son. *Both were an extent of that man and both were a part of him. *Yet brainiac do not have the emotional context to take that in. *It could not understand emotion enough to act like a brother. *Instead he can only seek logic. *And thus he had no problem killing Jor El yet part of him missed knowing more about its creator. *If he knew more about him he would know more by himself. *Maybe he could learn more from his son. *Still he had to keep the stronghold the knowledge it had gathered was too important to him. *He could study him as he destroyed him. *At first brainiac fought him in his simple robotic form. *As a proud old and clashed. *Great destruction came forth from the spot where they stood. *As he noted how much Kal El reminded him of his father. *And yet there are things different about him obviously part of the people who raised him. He made notes of this and is computerized brain as he fought Superman. *Making sure to make note of every detail. *Adding to a study of the son *of his creator. *Again he did not understand the pain he was causing the charity was inflicting to him this was all scientific study. *He did not have the capacity * feelings. *You had any morals at all because he was incapable of them.

He was pure logic. *No emotion at all. *He was unable to possess it. *The bow called a lot of damage. Destroying brainiac's robot form but he knew this would happen he had had too many battles with Superman not to know you destroy the robot form. *He then said his brain waves into one of the Superman robots this was supercharged to be a stronger. *As he slammed his fist into the face of Superman. *But to distinguish himself from for Superman he had the S shield replaced by his own symbol. *He wanted to be defined as himself not as one of the House of Jor El. *He smiled taunting Superman.;;

Brainiac, "most intriguing now we are not only brothers we are twins. *We were both created by our maker's mind well I was you were the production of his DNA. *It is logical that I will be victorious."

Superman, "Ugggh! And that's your mistake. *You forget because of you I had to fathers so therefore I'm a combination of both men. *And while you may have my physical strengths you have nothing of the emotional context of whom Jor El was. *He may have his mind but I have his heart as well."

;; the fight continued on as then brainiac took on a giant robot form after Superman had destroyed his doppelgänger. *And yet this time he saw the battle more difficult. *He was having trouble fighting this giant. *As it smashed him down. *He felt his limbs in great pain. *As he struggled with this Leviathan. *This gigantic robot made to look exactly like brainiac which housed his brain.;;

Brainiac, "You may find your self having a great deal more difficulty fighting this robot. *It was designed with your strength in mind. *You see the other two battles were merely to gauge to see how much you have changed. Give me an idea of your particular strengths. *A study on the son of my creator. *This time however I realize your extinction is the only way to continue to gain my knowledge of this world. *I regret that I must destroy my creators other great creation. *Well I would regret had I feelings to do this. *Unfortunately it is only an intellectual disappointment that I feel. *However I can fix this by studying your corpse once I'm finished eliminating you. *"

Super man, "I may have not been able to meet my birth father. *However if you said about him makes me think it would give up easily. *Everything Jonathan Kent taught me, maybe realize giving up was not an option. *And right now I'm fighting for them. *I'm fighting for every man woman and child you have put under a great illusion. *I hate to break it to you but today's not your lucky day. *Today now am I want to reveal the truth to them. *I better make that truth that much better. *By living up to the man I was raised to be. *By proving you're have to be some dark moody fool to be a hero. *Today I show the classic version still has a lot left in the tank."

Brainiac, "Most amusing however unlike your site with Diana and weapon Z you will not have Tao Jones to use her *powers to redirect any sunlight around and send it to you. *It cannot be used to make you stronger. *Did you really think I had not noticed? *It is of no material value. *After all this room was specially designed to keep out solar energy. *As a machine I have no use for the suns rays. *You on the other hand are living solar battery. *And though you are very strong. *You cannot use solar power to increase your great strength. *Or your other powers. *And this robot was made to be far greater than your core powers. *Granted you're able to the planets with those core powers. *Still I have been able to go beyond you your limitations. *As few as they are there still enough. *After all your only an organic."

Superman, "That's your problem. *You seem to believe that human is on some of his parts. *His experience his knowledge all of those things make up who we are where are going and what will be. And besides superstrength isn't *my only power."

;; Superman moves his eyes to look at one of the wall as he struggles with the brainiac robot. *He focuses on one point in the wall and then releases the solar energy stored in him. *Tao's upping his powers also up the waste the thing we see as heat vision. *He focused this power all the wall in one fine point and released it. *And though the walls were strong enough to fight his heat vision at their base level when you took into effective Tao having uped his powers earlier they would've been a greater bit of waste. *And how he released that the potential force behind that blast was enough to pull in the wall and let the sunshine in. *Still it is not going to try and crush the robot with pure strength. *First he used his freeze breath to freeze dry the robot then he used superhuman speed to shake the robot apart. *And heat vision to burn it up. *Quickly freezing something and then warming up causes massive damage. *Then he used super human strength to crushing it. *But that was part of brainiac's plan. *He wanted him to destroy this robot. *From it flew a tiny piece of kryptonite the one thing deadly to Superman. *It hit him right in the rib cage as it slowly worked its way up to his heart. *Of course branded not have time to get his consciousness out of the robot's body. *He was trapped in it almost where you could do nothing be stuck in this prison of his own design.

He found this ironic. *Still he had found a way to kill Superman. *Tao any others broke into the room and tears filled her eyes as she saw him dying. *She took Superman in her arms and held him. *As the two new this last time they would be together. *Their love and lasted so long and now his death was tearing them apart. *He reached up and touched her face. *As he looked deeply in her eyes and she in his. *Answer was that moment when neither had to say a word when it was just the two of them. *As one could see how much they love each other. *As they sat there in knowing what to say. *And you can see love in their eyes as he reached up and kissed her. *As he slowly felt the life draining from him. *As the kryptonite raced up to his heart. *As this was happening Black Condor any others were also feeling the pain of losing him. *He slammed his fist against brainiac's computer finding the plans and the proof that brainiac had altered history. *And that there is a bomb in the earth's core set to explode at the end of the day. *Granted plane to be off the planet. *However he was now trapped with them. Realizing he was the only chance Superman wheeled himself up as he struggled even move. *As he willed himself to punch his way through wall to get more solar energy. *He then told Tao he loved her. *Not knowing he a greater love in the world as we knew it.

A 1 Lois Lane. *As he flew around the earth and superhuman speed back to the distant past but to wear it had really began. Stopping brainiac from conquering the US. *Any putting everything right. *As he slowly collapsed and began to die. *He laid at the foot of an American flag watching it wave bravely. *When he remembered his father Jonathan Kent telling him the importance of it. *And how he had fought for what it represented. *Clark had looked with wide-eyed amazement as he told him his story and joint that moment of his childhood as it was just him and his father. *Martha was always there for him to she was a great mother. *He was glad to have them both. *As he thought about hearing a great story lying in his parents arms drifting asleep in them. *And now here he was under the American flag that represented everything his father believed in. *Everything he believed in. *Well a part of it. *As he slowly drifted in two final sleep as we call it death. *As he slowly began to die. *And yet as painful as it was with his memories is of a concentrate on what shaped him. *And enjoy those peaceful moments. *As he breezed his last breath. *With the memory of a child and his father's arms. *There he lay in 1940s America. *Its greatest hero dead. *As he wrote in the ground with his finger Tao and Clark for ever.

As his final act. *Ironically the next moment he found himself alive sitting in a newsroom with Lois Lane looking over his shoulder as he slept at his keyboard. *Her perfume showing a suite is ever any remembered her like she never gone like none of that had happened.;;

Lois, "Must've been some dream smallville though it better be of me I'm a reporter you know and I'll find out if it wasn't."

;; she smiled at her joke and kissed him on the cheek. *He smiled at all this and yet for his memory can still remember Tao not the D. E. O. agent but the one from the other universe. *Strangely is carving left odd gap connecting the two timelines. *Or maybe it was the radiation or his dying through him off enough to connect the two universes Einstein said if you run fast enough you can outrun time. *No one said though what would happen if you skate from side to side while doing this. *Running faster than the speed of light. *Well flying and faster than the speed of light. *There are other changes Tao the D. E. O. agent also would oddly find her self warm inside every time she saw a picture of Superman. *She had no idea why that was a minor thing. *So neither one investigated it. *Brainiac found he Had Kept Some of the Knowledge He Had Gained. *He Smiled about This. *The Other Odd Change in the Universe Was That Weapon Z now existed in this universe. *Her *Origin wasn't changed all that much. *Hypalota was still her mother and Samson was still her father. *Only it happened when he was still alive. *Making her quite older and deadlier. *In adding a lot to whom she was but that's another story. *After all this with over Clark went back to his or her patrolling of the city remembering fondly his times spent with the Kents. *And their first trip on air plane.

Those soaring through the sky was not a big deal to Clark. *There is something about being with his family in join the moment together as the plane soared through the sky. *As they just enjoyed it. *Quality family time together. *Clark smiled about this as he flew through the sky looking over his city remembering all the wonderful times he had with the Kents. *And enjoying his patrol of the city now. *Finding it interesting how much fun it was to sometimes reminisce and think about the past. *He'd have to go see the Kents later that day and spend time with them. *After picking up Lois. *Just the whole family together in one room in join peaceful evening together. *And being able to connect as one. *He wouldn't tell Lois about the odd feelings is subconscious had four Tao Jones. *Okay he didn't want to tell her, *but he would. He knew he would go as part of who he was. *Even if it was just a minor thought and no idea why it was their. *But they can't sit always told him never keep secrets from someone you love. *He loved Lois with all his heart. *Still he'd wait till after their visit with the Kents after all that could ruin the moment. *Even if there was just a minor passing thought. *All of his other thoughtful all of his other dreams were based around Lois. *He didn't even remember the whole alternate reality he had lived in save for that minor passing thought. *He only existed now since he stopped brainiac from ever going back and changing time.

Therefore without the alternate timeline yet never died to begin with history had reset itself with bringing Clark back to life. *And so he went back to doing what was he did best savings the lives of the innocent. *Being Superman as well as Clark Kent. *And realizing how lucky he was to have the Kents as his parents, Lois as his wife and to be able to be an award-winning reporter. *He flew past an American flag and saluted it finding it odd that he remembered a minor story Jonathan Kent had told them as a child about the American flag. *He felt very lucky to have the Kents as his parents he also felt lucky to have Jor El as his birth father. *And his birth mother as his mother. *Still right now he flew over the sky as the people looked up taking in seeing Superman. *He can hear a few of them say look up in the sky. *It's still kind of made him smiled when every year that.;;

The end