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    No worries Anne, Speaking from experience I understand....
    I used to play soccer & other sports when I was younger,
    in my mid teens I grew over a foot & a half.... total
    messed me up.... at thirty-three this year it still hasn't
    returned fully or as much as I'd hoped. I rarely used
    escalators cause i have difficulty's with them...
    even with my issues I prefer to take the stairs...
    (I'm afraid of heights... so elevators aren't fun... but I'll
    take an elevator over an escalator most days...)

    That's the think about fantasy, anything is possible...
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    {blink} A foot and a half is a lot to grow in a short time. Dad's mentioned that a friend's son had trouble for growing just a few inches in a short time. He had back trouble and everything. A foot and a half must have been very uncomfortable indeed. {Sympathetic smile}

    I certainly understand about the escalators, Jacen. I have trouble with them because of my balance, myself. I have real trouble stepping on and off a moving surface, and that's exactly what you have to do. Like you, I feel elevators are bad enough. Most require me to bring a chair, or track down one I can borrow to sit on while I ride the thing. I feel immense gratitude that the nursing home Dad is in has such a gentle elevator, I can actually ride it as long as I lean my back against the wall for support. Very few places have elevators that gentle, and they all seem to be hospitals or nursing homes.

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    Aye, I call it the year of hell(Aye, I stole if from Voyager....) But it
    was, spent most of that year in bed not really able to more or do
    too much. I ended up with scoliosis & needed an x-ray at least
    once a year to make you it didn't get worse... I was lucky & it fixed
    it's self.... though I've shrunk in the past few years & now have
    arthritis forming in me lower back. My knees are still buggered though...
    the muscles on the insides of my knees didn't stretch when I grew
    causing my knee caps to pull over when I walk. I have very little
    to no cartilage left behind my knee caps now.
    I stand in the corner leaning against both wall for support...
    If there are railings I hold both for support as well. wow, that's a bummer.
    I can't remember the last time I got into a lousy elevator... I think they are
    all pretty much gentle here cause mostly injured, elderly & disability are
    the ones using them unless it's a high rise style building, but even then
    they are slower too.... maybe it's a law here, never actually thought about it much.

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    That really sounds like a terrible year, and a poor recovery, too. No wonder you gave it that nickname. {Sympathetic look}

    I'm not saying that most elevators are junk; it's just that my balance is too bad to use them without a chair to sit in. Only hospitals (and apparently nursing homes) need to keep it as gentle as I need to keep standing while leaning on a wall. It's not just my home town. It's as true in Honolulu, Los Angeles, and San Diego as in Hilo and other parts of the Big Island. So I think it's just that I have a very fussy balance. It's happyw hen it's alittle hard to tell when it starts and stops.

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    It affected my life now, But the it doesn't really mean much too me....
    there are some positives from it, like my pain threshold/ tolerance
    is very high now. I mean last year I had all my teeth removed &
    other then a bit of nausea & higher then normal balance issues
    for till I was able to go home & rest for a couple hour, I was
    fine.... I used normal pain killers (Tylenol & ibuprofen) & I
    only took them to make me wife happy.... I mean there was
    some minor pain & discomfort but it doesn't really bother me.
    I had worse pain when I had teeth cause of how bad they where(week enamel).

    Aye, actually now that I thinking about it. some of the older buildings with older
    elevators have lousy elevators. me Mum worked in an office building that only had an
    small old freight elevator, It was slow but you had too finagle it to get it to line
    up with the floor, some times it came down to far of too high. But then it was
    one of those ones where you have to hold the button for it move when you
    in it. now a days they have these smaller platform elevators popping up
    in places with a lot of stairs but no room for a ramp. it's a small open box
    of plastic & metal that holds a couple people/ a large stroller or a wheelchair.
    they aren't bad & I don't have as much issues riding in one of them.


    they aren't all the same depending on the company or where is is, but those a basically them.
    they are quite common in the underground areas & certain older buildings where a full elevator
    is ether not warranted or not enough space for one.

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    A high pain threshold and tolerance does have it's advantages, doesn't it?

    Oh, those look like some "wheelchair lifts" as we call them. Others look like a platform without sides that rolls up and down right over some stairs. I haven't tried to use either type. Somehow, not having anything that's safe to lean on while trying to ride it really doesn't appeal to me. I either skip, or use the stairs or some other route... but that's my choice.

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    Anne, here's a brief run down on the dragons:

    They talk in "bad" English. Similar to how the Dinobots of Transformers, Generation 1 speak.

    They love to eat.

    They love treasure.

    They love music and have their own band.

    They absolutely hate George Cloney, who they call the "Giant Orange". Because he is all orange and thus in their minds he should taste like an orange.

    They have hunted him for years. All because he stole a pair of sunglasses from a Keep they were guarding.

    Cloney once let them "taste" him. It was licking the bottom of his foot and it tasted like dead fish. Which made them hate him even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragons View Post
    Cloney once let them "taste" him. It was licking the bottom of his foot and it tasted like dead fish. Which made them hate him even more.
    In Cloney's defense, dead fish are considered fashionable footwear in some parts of the multiverse.

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    I really should do some bios on Sprouse001 and his clones.
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    Sprousette is about to spot Optimus Prime. She hasn't met him yet and will think he's extremely hot. ideas?

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