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    Adding a new section

    Adding a new section

    Right now, I'm really wishing for a place to put a book discussion. The Inn just doesn't feel right; especially with the Problems with Spoilers that tend to develop with these things. If they had a special home, we could warn about spoilers there. I thought maybe call it The Library? If you want to give it a fancier name, like the The Inn is really The Inn of the Great Orange One, that's fine, but I would like a library.

    P.S. We could move the What Are you Reading Now? thread from The Inn there, if you don't want a completely empty place to start.
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    I'd suggest using the Theater of the Bards first.

    Add Spoilers in () after the title so people know there are spoilers
    in it.

    The reason I suggest trying it there first is to see if it's something
    people are interested, no offense but there are already a few unused
    sections, better to test it out first then make a whole new section
    just too have it stagnate after a couple threads....
    at least that's my suggestion/ opinion...

    Edit/Added: Also I'm not even sure if that's something SF & OF
    have rights/management over, Might need BB or Jas to add a
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    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Jas and BB gave me and OP admin abilities a few years ago to help run the forum and add forums as needed.

    Perhaps, we could do a sub forum off of the Theatre for the Library to discuss books. And move that other thread there too.

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    I thought Theater of the Bards was really for original creations, not for discussing published works nobody here was involved in creating. But if you think it's the best place to post the discussions, I guess I can try. Or maybe I should use the Inn; it seems to be for general off-topic discussion. We could always set up a library if there was enough interest, I guess. {smile}

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    We could do a sub forum off the Inn if you would prefer. I'm not sure how active it will be, thus why I'm suggesting a sub forum and not it's own.

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    I don't know how a sub-forum would work. I don't think I see any subforums. {thoughtful pause}

    I guess my concern is how easy it would be to see that something has been added to the sub-forum? If the sub-forum shows up as having something new on the main forum page, just under the Inn, fine. If it only shows that it has something new in the Inn, but marks the Inn as having something new if something's added to it, I guess we can try it. If people have to go into an inn that looks like it doesn't have anything new in it to discover that there is something new in the sub-forum, I don't think that's going to work out. Few if any would know when the conversation had been added to. {lop-sided smile}
    Last edited by Anne Elizabeth Baldwin; 07-16-2017 at 09:49 PM. Reason: clarification of what I meant

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    Anne, look at anything in "Role Playing Guild Awaiting Posts"
    if you click on any of them(Adventure, Crime and Mystery, Fantasy,
    Gothic and Supernatural, Mythology, Science Fiction & Superheroes)
    you be taken into the sub for where you can pick any of the SL's in
    that genre, Once you select the SL you want it takes you to all the
    threads within it...
    Also in my opinion the Theater is probably the best place for it....
    cause the theater is
    Quote Originally Posted by Q&Q
    The Theatre of the Bards is open to all creative outlets.
    The inn does mention talking about comics & what not...
    however from your explanation Anne, it sounds like
    you want to do something a bit different/ more in-depth.

    ..... Also is it me or is Theater spelled wrong on the boards?
    & why did it take me till now to see it....

    & as far as me taking part in this... not really sure, I'm not
    a good reader & I tend to stick with Harlequins....
    .....I'm rather biased against my own gender as I prefer the ones where the guy suckers himself...

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    Okay, so they do show up. However, those don't even allow new posts. So would one that is open to new posts show if they had new posts? Call me lazy, but I'd like to be able to spot new posts while scrolling down the Forum Homepage, like I can with the directories we have now. As long as I can do that, we're good.

    I didn't think of this as a creative endeavor. It's certainly not going to approach fan fiction, or even the "in depth articles" that examine fan theories in depth. Not unless somebody else is into that, because I'm not. I just enjoy chatting about books.

    I think "theatre" is a British spelling. It may also be less modern, but it isn't quite fully wrong around Brits. Or if it is, it wasn't 21 years ago when I first came on the internet, because some of my British friends back then listed that among the differences between British English and American English.

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    Aye, Apologies. Those are very old SL that are no longer active, that's
    why they are locked. I should have mention that before. However
    that being said, they can be made active by messaging one of
    the admins.

    Ah, Apologies then. I mush have miss read you initial post.
    Happens from time to time for me.

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    So that leaves one question: would the sub-directory show it has new posts on the main forum page or not?

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