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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Ming Bardou

    Ming smiled as her little brother led Taara inside to play.

    "Piao, you can go inside and play too."

    Ming told her younger brother. She knew how much Piao enjoyed people. He was very social and would like to have a new friend to play with.

    "I think they will be fast friends."

    Ming commented, although they would already all been friends if not for the humans' attack on their home. She wondered what had happened to all the other little babies, who weren't so little anymore, that had been born around the time she had joined the community. She smiled at Charu.

    "I always counted you as a friend too. I'm glad we're back together."

    She knew her parents and Aunt Jasmine and Uncle Bruno were happy as well. It was good to make a new friend in Clara but also have old friends back with them too. She was looking forward to catching up with Charu and her family.

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    Shazia and Charu

    Shazia suddenly became self-conscious as she said, "We don't really have much in terms of belongings to carry."

    Each family member carried a backpack with essentials - a few pieces of clothing, toiletries, school books, toys for Taara, some important documents carried by the adults, various religious items of the faiths represented by the Zaidis and Father Marek respectively - and that was really all they had. They had to move often, usually without much notice, and they simply didn't have the ability to own more than they could carry. More belongings would have slowed them down, and that wasn't worth the potential cost of their lives.

    Still, Shazia feared that to Clara, they would appear to be paupers or beggars, admitting that they didn't have any additional luggage that required an extra hand.

    Charu nodded agreement with Ming. "I think they will too," she said. "It's good. Taara gets lonely sometimes. It just isn't the same without other children her age to play with. It'll be better for her to have more than just us to socialize with."
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    "But you've been carrying them for a while, and I've had a break. Let me help you. Horace I had to travel light, too. Tho I could use a little help simply because Horace can't carry his own right now." Clara smiled encouragingly, and offered her hand.

    "Tho it is okay if you want to carry your own things. Let's just go inside. I'd like to check on my brother for a moment, if you don't mind a sickroom. I think I mentioned that he got hurt when we were trying to figure out if this was a safe place. Fortunately, it was, except for the woodpile that fell on Horace."

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    Toby Sinclair

    "You're welcome."

    Toby replied with a smile to Shazia and Clara. He didn't mind watching their backs. Friends had to look out for each other and he was one of the most capable fighters gather thanks to his time spent in immortal death matches. Where the only way to win was to kill your opponent. All for the sick entertainment of the very wealthy. Toby wasn't proud of those days and he tried not think of how many people he had to kill to survive. Immortals, who liked him, he had been slaves to the owners of the fighting circuit. At the least the skills he had learned from that time was put to good use now. Protecting his family and friends.

    When Shazia said they didn't have much, Toby replied.

    "Don't feel bad, Shazia. Until we found this cabin, we didn't travel with much either."

    They had found the abandoned cabin about two years ago and had turned into a home. Before that, they had very little with them. The cabin had been the first place since the community's downfall they had been able to make into a home. A home that everyone who lived in it was more the happy to offer up to friends, both old and new.


    Piao yelled excitedly when Ming told him to go with their brother and Taara to play. He loved to play and make new friends. He and Rafe showed Taara their toys and sat on the floor with her to play.

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    Ming Bardou

    Ming nodded her head in understanding to Charu when she said Taara would get lonely. She was much younger then everyone else in her family. Back when the community still existed, it would not have mattered. She'd have plenty of friends her own age. But after the attack so many had been separated. Ming imagined it would have been lonely for Taara. It was only natural for kids to want to play with people their own age, no matter how loved they were. And Ming had no doubt Taara was very loved.

    "I'm sure. Rafe and Piao are very fortunate they are so close in age."

    Piao was only two years older then Rafe. They were close enough in age to always be each other's playmates. Although, she knew Piao especially had missed other kids. He was very social and had taken greatly to the community when he had been rescued. He would often asked what happened to the other kids he used to play with.

    "Now, hopefully she won't feel as lonely."

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    Shazia and Charu

    Shazia smiled gratefully in acknowledgment when her friends sympathized about their need to travel light. "It has been difficult," she admitted. "But it will be much better now. More like what we had."

    The time she'd spent in their community - all too short though it was - had been the happiest of her life.

    Charu agreed with Ming that this would be more pleasant for Taara. "She'll be much less lonely here. Already she's perking up, having friends to play with. She'll have another adjustment soon, with Aunt Lina having a baby. That will be better here, too. I think it will all work out for the best."

    Shazia and Samira nodded agreement with that.

    "Of course we can go see your brother," Shazia told Clara. "If you need any help with him, let me know. I know some first aid. I'd like to be a doctor someday. I'm far from that now, but I'm learning as much as I can."
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    Clara smiled at Shazia. "I'm looking forward to living settled again, especially once my brother Horace gets better."

    When Shazia offered to help with Horace, Clara let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Oh, could you help with him? Chase is taking care of him, but if he's like the healers I've known, he'll want someone hold this and put that there while he works... and I'm terrible at that sort of stuff, especially when it's someone I'm close to. Horace and I were always close, but we've become even closer recently." She smiled at Shazia, shy but hopeful.

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    Ming Bardou

    "That is good."

    Ming said with a smile. Happy that Taara was perking up. It was good for kids to have friends. Ming remembered what it was like to not have friends. Coming to the community and becoming a part of the Bardou family had been the best thing that ever happened to her. While her time in the community hadn't lasted long enough, it had been wonderful while it had. She grinned when Charu said her aunt was having a baby.

    "That's wonderful! Babies are a blessing."

    She truly believed babies were. Even in horrible situations like this, a baby was something wonderful. Ming noticed that some of the people were starting to head inside.

    "I think us being together will make it all better."

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    Toby Sinclair

    "Yeah, it is."

    Toby told Shazia with a smile. It wasn't exactly like what they had had, but his parents and the Bardous tried their best to make it as close to that as possible. Rachel taught the kids, Chase handed their medical care, Jasmine cooked for them, Bruno ran the supply runs, and Oksana loved to share her wisdom with them. They had tried to form a smaller version of their community in the cabin and they were all more then happy to share it with their friends. When Shazia brought up wanting to be a doctor, Toby said to her.

    "You should talk to Chase. I bet he'd teach you and he'd appreciate your help."

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    Shazia and Charu

    "Oh, I'd love to help!" Shazia said. "And I'd love to learn from Chase. A real doctor could teach me so much! I wouldn't want to be a bother or get in the way, but... well, maybe I could ask him."

    A few years ago, she would never have had the self-confidence to do such a thing. Her belief in herself had been growing, though, nurtured by a family who taught her that her dreams were achievable. It would take some courage to actually talk to Chase, but maybe this was something she could do. Medical school was temporarily out of reach, but she could still start learning.

    Charu agreed that the arrival of a new baby would be a blessing. Especially now that they were here. When they had been on the run, of course they had been happy to welcome a new family member - but there was no denying the challenges involved. Here, at least they had some security and stability.

    "It will be," Charu said. "I can't wait to meet the new little one."

    The girls joined the others when they entered the cabin that would be their new home.

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