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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Toby Sinclair

    "I think you should."

    Toby replied to Shazia. He knew Chase pretty well, the fellow Lycan had saved his life. And since their families had been able to escape together, Toby had gotten to know the doctor even better. He was a good man and Toby was sure he'd not only appreciate Shazia's help but be happy to teach her. However, it would sound better coming from her if she asked.

    Chase, meanwhile, went to go check on Horace while the others went to helping their friends get settled into the cabin. It would feel a little smaller now, but that was okay. It was good to be reunited. Asif and Lina would probably notice that Rachel had been homeschooling the kids. When they went on supply runs, Bruno would try to bring back new school materials from time to time.

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    Clara smiled at Shazia and Toby. "That sounds good to me. Come on. We'll take your things in, Shazia, and then I can show you where they put Horace before we get his things and mine." She walked up to the door, and held it open for the others before entering herself. "So, do we know where everyone is sleeping, or do we put the things somewhere for now, and figure that out later?"

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    Toby Sinclair

    Toby, who followed Clara and Shazia inside, told Clara.

    "I think they are going to be discussing that soon."

    Talking about his own parents, the Bardous, and the Zaidis. All the new people in the house would involve some rearranging of living arrangements. But it was okay, they would figure it out.

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    Rachel Bardou

    Toby was right, they did have living arrangements to figure out. Rachel suggested to Asif and Lina.

    "We could move Piao and Rafe into Toby's room. That would free up that room for you."

    At the time there had been enough rooms that Toby could have his own room, but that would need to change now.

    "And we can figure out how to arrange all the girls together."

    Ruthie and Callie shared a room, they always had. So coming here had been no different. Ming shared another room with Karina. They could get bunk beds so Shazia, Samira, Charu, and Taara would be able to share with the other girls. How the girls all wanted it to work would be up to them. The plan was already for Clara share the room they had put Horace in. There was just Father Marek.

    "And for you, Father, we could set something up in the den."

    The cabin had a den that they could convert into a room for him.

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    ​Sasha Volkova & Evan Scott

    “Sitting mats?” Sasha pondered out loud at Mokihana’s suggestion.

    “It would be a wonderful idea.” The hybrid added.

    “We know it’s not much.” Sasha said, picking up the concern from their guests.

    “But under the circumstances, our kind are still hunted and material objects are not something we should allow any of us to become attached too.”

    “Luckily, many of us here are accustom to tough times and living in sparse conditions.” Evan replied.

    “Which reminds me.” Evan began turning to Hild-Brand.

    “It would be wise of us to make sure that there is no way that the humans can track down your people Hild-Brand. With human technology and persistence, it would not be prudent to think ourselves secure here forever and Sasha and I do not desire to drag anyone else into this war. We will need to cover any evidence that could lead anyone back to you and your people, including the tunnels.”

    It was a grim statement Evan realized, but a realistic one they all needed to keep in mind.

    “We can discuss this more over dinner and with your people when they arrive.”

    When they moved into the next room, Evan and Sasha laughed with delight their guest’s response to the children’s drawings.

    “We would have it no other way.” Sasha added.

    “This is much more delightful to look at than things bought in a store.”

    It was also a glaring reminder of the separation that had happened between families and friends. Mikhail’s pictures should be up there along the walls, Annelie and Ash should be laughing and talking on their beds, being girls. The sharp pain in Sasha’s heart never dulled when she looked at the walls or the start reminder of their children’s absence in their lives. She and Evan had already been working with the other adults, trying to discreetly look into the where about of their families and friends. When the 5-year mark was up, Sasha wasn’t so sure she’d be able to sit in one place and wait for evidence, she would be out looking for them all.

    “We will let the children decide.” Sasha agreed as she pulled herself from darker thoughts.

    “Evan and I are never far from them, if they need anything we are right there in the next room.”

    Once they’d finished looking at the small humble living quarters, they’d walked to where they had bathrooms and washrooms. It was more reminiscent of the old gym in Budapest, but it served its purposes. The adults made their way back to a more communal area, a place where they could sit and talk until dinner time.
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    Zora Yeats, Roxanna Volkova & Phyrre Kazlar

    “Movie and chat.” Roxanna mused.

    “Hmmm…maybe that’s not such a good idea?” She said teasingly as she mock scrutinized the other two young women.

    Zora shook her head and gave Eden an apologetic look.

    “What?!” Roxanna laughed as she squeezed Zora’s hand.

    Roxanna absently scratched at the back of her neck with her free hand when the topic of food came up. She couldn’t honestly say she remembered what she had. She had been out working for food, pulling tricks if she was honest with herself. She wasn’t in the brothel anymore and not being able to read and having no other skills she’d resorted to being her own boss on whom she slept with for money.

    In hindsight, she’d been damn lucky it was Adrijana, and her boy toy Karl. It had sounded good, actually getting to keep the money by turning tricks, being her own boss of her body for a change and being able to live off the money. But it had been a naïve thought process, she really had no idea about the entire world, just the one she had lived in as a child.

    Thinking about her initial response and listening to Eden and Zora, Roxanna realized an important truth. She really didn’t miss it.

    “I don’t miss it.” She replied suddenly.

    “Food I mean.” She added with a shrug.

    She was glad when the topic changed, she could see it still bothered Eden and knowing Zora’s heart she’d feel guilty for having stirred any negative thoughts or emotions. Then she heard something she hadn’t been expecting from Eden and the blush that ensued on her girlfriend’s face and exposed skin caused Roxanna to burst out laughing.

    “Oh…” Zora replied flustered.

    “I don’t think you have to….um…worry about that.”

    She stifled her laughter as best she could. The last thing Roxanna wanted was for Eden or Zora to go back to their reclusive and shy selves, but Roxanna being her had one last thing to add.

    “We do have earplugs if the occasion arises Eden, or I can just sneak her out the door to one of our hiding places.” She added with a wink.

    By this time poor Zora was a color of red Roxanna had never seen on her. Before she could open her mouth again, Zora placed her hand over it.

    “I promise there will be no hanky-panky.” Zora replied with more composure.

    “Sorry Eden, I’m..still learning about interaction with others. You would think I’d know better by now, having Roxanna for a girlfriend.”

    “Hey!” Roxanna protested as she managed to remove her girlfriend’s hand from her mouth.

    Despite the blush, she gave Eden a shy smile.

    “Shall we get the kids?”


    Phyrre wasn’t entirely sure on everything the other kids were saying, but she did get that they needed to ask first. Phyrre was just glad that she might have new friends and she smiled as she ran her small hands through Blue’s fur. The dog was having just as much fun as the rest of the kids, taking turns licking their faces and hands, and seeking as much attention as she could possible get.

    “Phyrre likes Blue and Leinani, and Kalani, and 'Ohia'ai!” She squealed with enthusiasm!

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    Father Marek

    "That will work well for me," Marek said. "Thank you."

    He wasn't particular about where he slept, but the den was cozy and pleasant. He was sure he could be comfortable there. It was good for the family to have a home again, he knew... but it was good for him too.

    The Zaidi girls arranged their small amount of possessions in the bedrooms they would be sharing, then went with Clara so she could check on Horace.
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    Clara and Horace

    "Horace is this way," Clara said, leading him to the room they'd put her brother in. She opened the door and looked in. "He seems to be asleep, but he looks comfortable enough. Want to come in?" She held the door open for her new friends.

    Inside, a young man lay on a pallet, apparently asleep. He shifted a bit when Clara entered, but didn't wake up.

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    Hild-brand and Mokihana

    Mokihana shrugged. "We rarely get attached to individual mats. They wear out and need replacing a little too quickly, especially with the materials I've found around here to work with. Still, they're nicer to sit on than bare floor can be, especially when you have dirt floors." She smiled tentatively.

    Hild-brand looked at his wife a moment. "They've become fairly popular among the folks of my clan, even tho they do wear out and have to be replaced on occasion. Like my wife said, they're nicer to sit on than dirt floors, and easy enough to replace as needed."

    When Evan spoke of protecting his people from outsiders, Hild-brand frowned, deep in thought. When Evan mentioned talking it over with his people when they came, he looked up, and nodded. "I think we'll have to plan this out in some depth. We can't just close the tunnels; my people stand out too much on the surface. We're in more danger closing the tunnels and walking above ground where we can be seen than we are leaving the tunnels open. However, they might be able to be hidden by cunning or spell or something. So yes, we'll have to plan this out. Especially since if you are in danger of being attacked, you might be able to escape down them."

    Both Hildbrand and Mokihana grinned at the mention of things bought in stores.

    "We don't do that kind of shopping, but my husband's people are so... formal about their art." Mokihana said.

    "Yes, it's all very beautiful, but... I don't know. Many of my people adore the art, but I find these easier to relax around day-to-day. I'd rather save fine art for special occasions."

    Mokihana and Hildbrand took note of the location of the sanitary facilities without comment. It looked like they were used to such communal arrangements. When they reached the place to sit, they sat down and looked at each other, then at their hosts.

    "So what do you want to know from us?" Mokihana asked.

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    Leinani, Kalani, and 'Ohia'ai

    Leinani grinned. "And we like Phyrre!" she said.

    "Yes, we do!" Kalani agreed.

    "Oh yes, we do!" 'Ohia'ai agreed.

    Leinani impulsively hugged Phyrre, giggling in delight.

    'Ohia'ai paused a moment, then hugged them both.

    Kalani looked at the three. "Group hug! Group hug!" He cried, and went to hug the rest.

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