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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Phyrre Kazlar

    Phyrre had asked her Aunt Sasha if she could go play. It was a request that Sasha would never think to tell the young fae no, even with how she would sometimes find herself in all kinds of mischief. She knew that Phyrre would not go far from any family member. It wasn’t the first time that the hybrid was grateful for how all the mother’s in their family had talked about their children and taken care of them on more than one occasion. She knew enough about Phyrre from Millie and from experience that Phyrre’s tribe had been family oriented, living their entire existence within that one little family group.

    So when Phyrre had asked, Sasha and Evan had hugged the little fae and let her go. Curiosity was something that never seemed to fade in this young fae, and when she exited the doors, she began roaming through all the rooms carved along the tunnels. You never knew when someone needed cuddles or fixing, and Phyrre would never hesitate to offer either one to anyone. She was in the room that she shared with Sasha and Evan’s kids looking at a family portrait of the Kazlar’s that Sasha had. Phyrre was occupying her time naming her family.

    “Mamma, papa, sissy Raina, Sissy Ezster, Sissy Tasha, Bubby Simon, ....”

    Suddenly the little fae stopped and looked toward the door of the room. A scent, one that wasn’t the same as Millie’s but enough to stir a longing in the young fae’s heart. Phyrre squealed in delight and grabbed the portrait and bolted down the hall in leaps and bounds.

    “MAMMA!”She squealed again in delight as she rushed down the tunnel’s hall.

    What she found caused the little red fae to stop dead in her tracks. This wasn’t her momma, or any of her family. She tilted her head to look at the strange fae in front of her. Much smaller in stature, she gave them a warm smile, her sharp canine teeth prominent in her wide toothy grin.

    “Not Phyrre’s momma.” She stated, looking around to see if maybe Millie was behind them.

    She looked questioning at the new group, not understanding what was happening. Usually her family members introduced her to new family, but no one had introduced these five.

    “Phyrre’s new family?
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    ​Karina Kazlar

    Karina had been listening to the adult talking, you wouldn’t be able to tell as her attention always seemed to be elsewhere. Quiet by nature, Karina had seemed to draw back into her shell when she had been separated from her own family. She knew these people, not as well in the beginning, but in the last four years she had quickly picked up all the little nuances of their behaviors, attitudes and mannerisms.

    “It would not be safe.” Karina responded to Bruno and Chases conversation.

    It was not in her to deliberately be rude, nor did she have a desire. Karina was simply more analytical.

    “Tactically it is safer for Chase to go, lycan’s are more easily passed off as human.”

    She studied the two immortal males for a moment.

    “I will go too, it will increase our chances should anything happen.”

    She hadn’t said as much, but it was a good excuse to look for clues from her parents. She was trained to be a tool, a weapon for the military and decoding messages was just one thing the young woman had been trained on. She had been looking for anything from her mother and especially her dad, Dmitri. Dawn and Darya would be safe, her parents would keep them safe. It was not a hope, but fact.

    Karina pulled out a handful of money and showed it to Chase.

    “Would this be enough for a book?”

    Karina was still collecting pictures of places she wanted to visit and anything that had to do with ballet. As long as she had these reminders, she was connected to her family no matter where they were.
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    Hild-brand, Mokihana, and family

    "Auntie Moki, where are we?"

    Mokihana jumped, then whirled around. There behind her were her two nephews, with her niece just behind her, and her husband in the rear. The kids looked curious, while her husband looked guilty.

    "I'm sorry. The kids insisted on coming. I couldn't hold three back at once, so we had to come." Hild-brand said, spreading his hands in exasperation.

    "I wish they been more reasonable, but I understand." Mokihana sighed. Before she could continue, she heard something behind her. She whirled, to see a bright red Fae girl, about the size of her niece and nephews.

    “Not Phyrre’s momma.” She stated, looking around to see if maybe Millie was behind them.

    She looked questioning at the new group, not understanding what was happening. Usually her family members introduced her to new family, but no one had introduced these five.

    “Phyrre’s new family?
    Mokihana knelt, since her 4'9" towered over the little Fae, "No, I'm not your mama, but I'd like to meet her."

    "Who are you with?" Hild-brand said, coming forward from behind, "I hope you aren't alone, and we'd like to meet any family you have."

    When Mokihana looked questioningly at her husband, he just smiled and said "She looks too far from grown to be on her own."
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    Phyrre Kazlar

    Phyrre tilted her head again as Mokihanna spoke to her. She chanced on more quick glance to make sure that Millie wasn't going to emerge from the hole the other fae had just come from.

    "Phyrre's momma not here?"

    There was a brief sigh before she looked at the children that where standing there. She looked to the larger male with curiosity.

    "Phyrre is with Phyrre." The little red fae responded. She paused long enough that it seemed like maybe she really was alone before she suddenly spoke back up.

    "Phyrre's Aunt Sasha and Uncle Evan are with Phyrre. Phyrre's cousin Rox'ona and Zoora too." She replied with a smile of satisfaction.

    "Phyrre's other family too."

    Phyrre looked over the group, as if looking for something.

    "Phyrre fix?"
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    Toby Sinclair

    It was middle school when Toby first noticed Eden McComb. The age that boys and girls started to figure out who they liked for just friends and who they thought were attractive and hoped to have more from. She didn't notice him at first. They had hung out with a different group of friends back then, but he had noticed her. They had history class together, one of many to come. That first day of school that year was when it all changed. When he realized how pretty she was. She was talking and laughing with a friend before the class started, while he sat in another desk and watched her. His friend, Bryce, slapped him in the back. It broke him out of his gaze as he glared at his friend.


    'Dude, you're staring at her. It's totally creepy!'

    'I'm not staring...It's just....Eden....She's so pretty.'

    'She is so out of your league.'

    Bryce whispered back and Toby admitted that was probably true.

    'Maybe but...'

    "...She's my dream girl."

    Toby said, as he broke out of the memory. Eden had been his dream girl then and she still was. Even if he didn't know if she was still alive. He hadn't seen her since their home was attacked. He hoped she was safe. Another year, he thought as he crossed off the date on his calendar. Then he'd know. He'd know if Eden was gone. If his missing sister was gone....Toby didn't know what became of Bryce. He assumed his old school friend was alive and well. Not that he could ever find out. Especially considering Bryce was human and he was a Lycan. That probably wouldn't go over well. He could smell that dinner was almost done and the idea of food appealed greatly to him.

    He heard his mother calling for Callie, his youngest sister. Was that a good sign to get ready for dinner. And for the supply run his father wanted to go on. He adjusted his prosthetic leg and headed out of his room.

    He could hear his father and Uncle Chase talking. And he heard that Karina had joined them. Karina might look his age but she was actually a few years younger him. She was smart, though, and a good fighter. Toby would always trust her in a fight. Even if she was quiet. Although he had learned her nuances over the years they'd been together.. And he felt bad for that she didn't have her parents or sisters with her. He missed Suzume a lot, but he couldn't imagine not having any of his family with him. That had to be hard to deal with.

    He went to join the group and said to his father.

    "I think Karina going is a good idea. That'll be three capable-"

    An female voice, with a heavy Russian accent spoke up.

    "Make that four. I going too."

    Toby turned and saw Oksana. She was a feisty old lady, at about eighty years old. She moved slow and relied heavily on her cane. She had been a member of the family of humans that had worked for the Volkov family for years. She had been helping Ruthie on a project about Russia when the attack happened. The group had saved her and she had been with them ever since. She had became a surrogate grandmother to the kids. A role she seemed to enjoy. Although she did like also helping whenever she could.

    "Nana Oksana, you don't have to go-"

    Oskana gave Toby a look.

    "I know I do not have to go, Toby. But I will go. I am human and the safest one to do shopping. No one thinks twice about little old lady. Besides, you almost as tall as a beanstalk. But your father looks like the giant at the top of it."

    Toby was quite tall, about six and half tall. Although his father was taller. If they had still been human, they would have still stood out in a crowd.

    "You and Karina can be good grandchildren, taking your Nana out to shop. Bruno, you wait in car when we get to town."

    Oksana said what she felt needed to be said. She would hear no argument from any of them. It was much safer for her to go shopping for things, then any immortal. She then turned and took her seat at the table to wait for dinner to be served. Toby shook his head with a smile. When Oksana had her set her mind on something, there was no talking her out of it.
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    Chase Bardou & Bruno Sinclair

    Chase and Bruno turned to Karina, who joined them. She was the most quiet of the group, but that was okay. All the adults had agreed they would protect her just as if she was their own. Just like they hoped others from the community would do the same for their own missing children. If Levi and Suzume was still alive, that was. Although, Bruno had learned that if Karina had a mission in mind, it was best to let her do it. And she could certainly handle her own.

    "Perhaps not, Karina. But Chase is a doctor and our group needs his skills."

    Not that Bruno thought that Chase needed coddled and protected. It was far from that. The Vampire knew that the Lycan could more then handle himself in a fight. He just felt better if Chase stayed back and helped Rachel and Jasmine protect their group. That way he knew the kids and his wife would be safe.

    When Karina said she'd come and Toby, who just joined them, agreed it was a good idea, Bruno nodded his head.


    Chase took the money Karina handed him and was about to count it, when Oksana made her opinion known. Bruno knew there was no arguing with the Russian woman. That old lady was very set in her ways and if she made mind up, there was no way to change it.

    "Looks like you got a group of four now, giant."

    Chase told Bruno, teasing him a little from Oksana's comment. Bruno smirked.

    "That it does."

    Although he did have to admit, Oksana was right. She was pretty unassuming. Probably no one would think twice about an old nana and her grandchildren going shopping. Chase turned his attention back to Karina and told her, as he handed her money back to her.

    "It looks like you do. What type of book are you going to look for?"

    He asked her. He knew she was collecting pictures of place she wanted to go. And things to do with ballet. Chase figured it was her way of staying connected to her family.
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    Eden McComb

    Zora was right, Eden could definitely use some time with her and Roxanna. Being with her friends helped her not feel so alone. Which she did sometimes. It was hard not knowing what happened to the people you loved. But she knew both young women knew exactly how she felt. They had each other but they were missing their families too.

    It didn't take them long to find her. Eden gave the couple a smile back.

    "Hey, girls."

    She replied and nodded her head to Zora.

    "Yeah, I'd like that."

    The young Vampire was starting to feel hungry anyway. It was nicer to have a meal with friends.
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    Rachel Bardou & Jasmine Sinclair

    "A little more, Mom, and it'll be perfect."

    Callie told her mother as she tasted the stew. Jasmine didn't want to over power anything she made with spices or salt. So, her food would taste rather bland until Callie came in. Jasmine did as her daughter instructed and asked.

    "How about now?"


    Callie said with a thumbs up after another taste. Rachel smiled, she had finished dicing the last of the vegetables.

    "Great, tell the others dinner is almost ready then."

    Rachel said and Callie nodded her head.

    "Okay....Dinner is almost ready, everyone!"

    Callie said loudly, before she had even exited the room. The two Vampires laughed and it wasn't too long before dinner was served. Obviously, there was blood for those who could only consume that. And there was a venison stew with vegetables for those who could still enjoy solid food. Although there was more meat in the stew then a human would put in one. After all, the Lycans in their group benefited more from the protein in meat. Although, vegetables had good nutrients for them too. Plus, Jasmine was sure that Oksana would complain very loudly if all she had to eat was meat. Thankfully the human woman never complained about her cooking. She seemed to enjoy it.

    Rachel and Jasmine had the younger kids help set the table. Before Bruno sat down, Rachel handed him a list she had made. She told him quietly as others took their seats to eat.

    "Hey, when you head into town, could you get these things too? Ming's birthday is in a few days."

    Ming, her only daughter, would be seventeen soon. Although she was sure there were many things Ming would want for her birthday but couldn't get, like having Levi back or knowing what happened to her friends, Rachel still wanted it to be special. She always made a special effort whenever it was someone's birthday in their group. Birthdays were a person's special day. And although they had no idea what happened to anyone not with them and humans were still hunting them, Rachel wanted everyone to still have a good birthday. Her daughter deserved a great birthday.
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    Hild-brand, Mokihana, and family

    "So you're Fire? I'm Hild-brand." The gnome thumped his chest with his fist.

    "I'm Mokihana," The Mu said, gesturing towards herself more gracefully. Then she turned, and beckoned to the children behind them.

    "I'm Leinani," the girl menehune said, gesturing towards herself like Aunt Mokihana had. She was older than her brothers, so a bit braver, even if she was a girl.

    The two boys looked at each other.

    "You go first."

    "No, you."

    "You're older."

    "Only by ten minutes."

    "Boys, boys, just step forward and introduce yourself," hild-brand said in his best I'm-trying-to-be-patient-so-don't-make-me-lose-it voice.

    "Yes, uncle," the two boys said contritely. They bowed their heads, then stepped forward.

    "I'm Kalani," the slightly bigger one on the right said."

    "I'm 'Ohia'ai," the one on the left said.

    Mokihana turned back to the little red girl. "Could you take us to your Auntie and Uncle? We'd like to meet them."
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    Horace and Clara

    Two European bobcats crouched side by side in the bushes, staring at the cabin. They just sat there staring for minutes. Finally one put it's paw on the other's shoulders, and gestured with it's head in a very un-cat-like fashion. The other nodded. Then the two turned around, and went back into the forest behind them.

    Maybe a fifth of a mile back, they stopped in a clearing, and turned into a young man and a young woman who looked enough alike, the only question was whether they were cousins, or siblings. They looked at each other.

    "Well, we found a cabin," the young man said finally.

    "Yes, we found a cabin," the young woman sighed.

    "It doesn't smell like humans. Well, not much. Mostly fangs and bark-barks. Mostly Immortals." The young man pressed."

    "I know, but that doesn't meant they're friendly. Those digger-folk we found two years ago weren't," his companion looked down at her hands.

    "No, they certainly weren't," he sighed, and paused pensively before looking up again. "Clara?"

    "Yes, Horace?"

    "What if we checked out the cabin more closely in 'cat-form? They'd be slower to notice two bobcats outside than two humans or half-and-halfs."

    "I don't know. What if we get into trouble?" Clara asked.

    "Then we get ourselves back out again. We have before. Please? These are the first immortals I've smelled in a month!" Horace looked at her pleadingly.

    "Well... I guess so..." Clara looked uncertain, but she hated to deny her brother. He was the only family she had contact with since that purse four years before.

    "Come on!" Horace said eagerly. He turned back into a bobcat, and left the clearing the way they'd come.

    Clara did the same. Soon they were looking at the cabin again. They padded out into the cabin's clearing cautiously, sniffing the wind, the grass, and everything else. They went up to the cabin, sniffing it carefully as they slowly circled it. All was quiet until Horace jumped up onto the woodpile next to the cabin. The wood shifted slightly... then rolled loose under Horace's weight. He yowled in alarm as he went down with it.

    Clara stared as her brother rolled down the wood, then got covered by more wood that followed, until she couldn't see him under all the wood. She was frozen in horror until he meowed pitifully, like a bobcat in great pain. That galvanized her into action: she lunged around the corner and straight to the door they'd passed earlier, then started thumping on the door and yowling loudly. Her earlier fear that the immortals inside was wiped away by her greater fear that her borther needed far more help than she alone could give.
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