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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Chase Bardou

    "You're welcome."

    Chase replied to Clara, hoping he his best would help Horace. While he and Jasmine tended to Horace, Oksana told Clara.

    "You are fine. He is in good hands."

    Oksana said, she fully trusted Chase's medical abilities. Although she saw the bobcat's face and hoped that the others would ease Clara's fears about her. Rafe smiled back at Clara. He liked the idea of making new friends.

    "That's cool. I'm a Hybird."

    He said, misprouncing Hybrid. Chase was finished and smiled at his son.

    "Rafe, you're a Hybrid. Remember? Part Vampire, part Lycan."

    Rafe nodded his head and told Clara.

    "Yeah...I'm what Daddy said."

    When Jasmine asked what else they could do for Horace, Chase told her.

    "Just let him rest for now."

    Chase had did all he could right now for Horace. All they could do was check on him and let his body heal.

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    A lump rose in Asif's throat and for a moment, he could barely breathe. He had been so desperate for so long that the sudden onset of relief was something he was unprepared for. To be safe among friends was the most wonderful thing he could imagine. It might not last for long - surely with the new baby coming they would quickly wear out their welcome - but even a brief respite was cause for joy.

    "Thank you," he said. "I am so grateful that you would welcome us. Lina and the girls will be too. It has been... a difficult few years. We will be thrilled to be with friends again. With family, really."

    That's what they had been in their community. A family. Things might be very different now, but at least that hadn't changed.

    He nodded with interest when Bruno explained about the bobcats, but wasn't really surprised. Back in the old days, their community had met several types of immortals they had not previously known existed, so Asif had figured there were more out there somewhere. It warmed his heart that his friends were still welcoming those in need, even after all that had happened.
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    Horace and Clara

    Clara nodded at Rachel's explanation that Oksana was a friendly human. She smiled tentatively, suppressing the urge to bite her lips nervously. She didn't know what to say...

    But when Rafe and Chase said Rafe was a hybrid, she smiled. "One of my uncles is a lycan. His kids are hybrids, too." Then Clara did bite lips to keep from adding that his kids never seemed to know when to bark, and when to meow. It was a running joke within the family, but would strangers understand?

    Clara smiled in relief when Chase said they should let Horace rest. It sounded like he would be okay eventually. She was so relieved, she didn't mind leaving the room. She was sure her brother would rest better without the nervous fidgeting she knew she'd do if she stayed.

    Outside, she still didn't know what to say to all these new people. Then something just popped out. "I hope... well, I hope you don't mind cat hair."

    Clara covered her mouth, not quite believing what had just come out of it.
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    Bruno Sinclair

    Bruno could not see anyone in his group objecting to Asif, his family, and Father Marek joining them. Instead, he thought they would all be happy. It was good to make new friends and see old ones once again. Especially when they had been on their own for so long.

    "You're very welcome. And I think everyone else will agree too."

    The last four years had been hard and to be back with more people that were basically family would be good for everyone's morale.

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    Toby Sinclair

    Rafe found Clara very fascinating. When their community had been attacked, he had been very young. Almost a year old. He didn't remember how diverse their home had been. To meet someone so different then people he had spent the last four years with was very interesting to the little boy.

    "Do they bark or meow?"

    Rafe asked and his older brother, Piao added.

    "Or do they do both?"

    Piao, a seven year old Lycan, wanted to know as well. Curious about Clara's relatives. Everyone left the room to let Horace rest and when Clara asked if they minded cat hair, a meow could be heard. It was Rocky, a black and white cat. Rocky jumped up on the back of chair and looked at Clara with curiosity. A new person and one who smelled feline. How interesting to the domestic cat. Toby smiled at him and picked Rocky up, scratching him behind his ear.

    "Don't worry, Clara. We don't mind. This is Rocky."

    Rocky wasn't actually his cat. He had been Eden's, Toby's girlfriend. When the community had been attacked, he hadn't been able to find Eden. But he had found her cat and rescued him. He hadn't been able to find his girlfriend and hoped that she was safe. He hoped she was with her aunt and uncle. Rocky had been with him ever since. Rocky seemed to like them but Toby thought Rocky missed Eden too.

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    ​Karina Kazlar

    “We should go get them.” Karina replied.

    “It is still not safe out here alone, they send drone’s sometimes. We’ve seen them pass overhead, watching, looking.”

    Karina didn’t mean to sound so ominous, she was sure Asif was quite aware of the dangerous in the world for their kind. Training, it had been drilled into her since she was a child. Always alert, always be ready for the unexpected, always have a plan for the worst case scenario.

    As if she suddenly became aware of the topic of room, Karina added.

    “They can stay in my room, I have room.”

    Asif would of course know that she meant the girls. Although it didn't appear outwardly, Karina was excited about having the girls there. She missed Dawn, and hoped that she was safe somewhere with their parents, Darya and the baby.

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    Zora Yeats, Roxanna Volkova & Phyrre Kazlar

    The girls all seemed to look at each other with the knowledge that they knew exactly what the kids were feeling. They’d all been separated from family, there wasn’t one among them that wasn’t missing a member or two, and some even their whole entire family.

    Roxanna took Zora’s hand and pulled her up when the young lycan went to stand. Despite having almost lost the use of her legs, she had recovered remarkably. She would deal with the occasional spasm, shooting pain or weakness.

    “I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been separated from your parents. All three of us have too.”
    Zora replied with empathy.

    “At least you have your aunt and uncle that is assuredly a blessing.” Zora continued.

    “And if you need a few more aunts and uncles, there are several here that I’m sure would volunteer. As a matter of fact, I can hear them now.” Roxanna chuckled.

    “OHANA!” Phyrre mistakenly cried out with joy when Eden mentioned Ohio.

    The girls laughed.

    “No squirt, Ohio.” Roxanna corrected.

    “Maybe someday Eden can take us there and show us around. I’ve never been out of Hungary until the last four years. It could be fun.”

    The girls turned their eyes to the adults when Evan made introductions.

    “It’s nice to meet you.” Zora replied.

    “Yeah, nice to meet you.” Roxanna added.

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    ​Sasha Volkova & Evan Scott

    Evan and Sasha let the girls all take their turns to respond to Hild-brand and Mokihana. It was Sasha who spoke up about the “adoption,” talk that seemed to suddenly be present in their conversation.

    “I think it’s difficult for some of us not to include someone into the family. Sometimes it is an instantaneous feeling, other times, it happens over time. But once you’re family, once you’re a friend or ally, it is easy to see you as part of the family.”

    Without too much of a warning, Phyrre leapt up into Zora’s arms, bringing a smile to the young lycan’s face. Sasha, sensing some uneasiness turned to its source, Eden.

    “Is everything okay Eden?”

    Moving the group forward, Evan would let Eden answer Sasha’s question as they moved toward their meeting room.

    “You girls are welcome to follow us.” He added.

    Turning his attention back to their guests, Evan continued their conversation from before.

    “Allies are hard to come by now, families have been scattered and those that once shared our vision have had a change of heart. Sasha and I only hope to take care of those in our care, keep us all alive if possible, and reunite some of the younger kids and adults with family. If there is a desire to unify, we can discuss combining the tunnels if your people so choose Hild-brand. You will have the added protection of vampire, lycan, hybrid and human alike from our group.”

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    Asif and Lina

    "You are both most kind," Asif said sincerely. "I am truly grateful."

    He led them through the woods to their campsite. There was no need to announce themselves; there were enough Lycans present to hear them coming and recognize the familiar scents. As he expected, as soon as they got to the clearing, Lina was maneuvering her wheelchair to get a closer look - not the easiest process in their current location, though fortunately they were on quite level ground here.

    "Karina! Bruno!" Lina said with a grin. "It's wonderful to see you! Surprising, but wonderful!"

    Hearing their voices, the girls approached from various areas of the campsite, then they were joined by Father Marek too. Samira decided it was time for hugs all around, which the other girls enthusiastically agreed with.

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    Clara smiled at the young lycans.

    "We use dot joke that they didn't know whether to bark or meow. That was because when they were learning to change, they'd sometimes produce some odd mixes. But they kept at it, and learned until they could turn into exactly what they want to be, so they can choose whether they want to bark, meow, or talk."

    At least she hoped they were safe, and could still do it. She and her brother hadn't visited that branch of the family since the world changed, so she didn't know how they fared. They wanted to, but there were just too many busy roads to cross to get there, as well as human communities to avoid. They didn't feel they could risk it by themselves.

    Clara smiled at Rocky when the cat jumped up on the chair, and bent down to touch noses with him in the feline fashion, or as close as she could come to it in human form. Then she straightened up again, and smiled at Toby.

    "I'm glad you don't mind cat hair. We tend to get a lot of it. We're a bit bigger than this fine fellow, after all."

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