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    Underworld Locations Version 2.0

    Underworld Locations Version 2.0

    I thought it was helpful in Round One of the Underworld story that we had a Locations thread, but that thread had become outdated and a lot of the locations no longer even exist at the current point in the story, so it seemed that it was better to just start a new one than to try to revise the old one.

    Any information in regards to locations can be placed in this thread. That can include pictures, descriptions, info on real places, info on made up places, etc. - basically whatever you need to set the scene that doesn't fit into the RP posts. It can be everything from information on a country to pictures that represent someone's home or office, and anything in between. I'll index it in the first post as it gets posted.

    The one thing I would ask is that to prevent me losing my mind trying to index it , people refrain from any discussion in this thread and just stick to informational posts. Any discussion can, as always, take place in the normal OOC thread.
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