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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Rachel Bardou

    "You're welcome."

    Rachel told Father Marek with a smile.

    "If anyone is hungry, we have some venison stew and blood, of course.

    There was plenty of venison stew leftover from supper. When Jasmine cooked, she made enough to last for several days. They didn't have the luxury of going to a grocery store a few times or even once a week to feed the Lycans in their group. So Jasmine would make enough that would last for days. Which sometimes drove the kids a little crazy, eating the same thing day after day. Until it was pointed out that Vampires had no option when it came to that.

    "Oh and if you need anything, let Bruno know. He's leading a supply run that will be heading out soon."

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    Eden McComb

    Eden shook her head with a smile as Roxanna mused about the movie and a chat. It was fun to be with Roxanna and Zora. Even if Roxanna could have a dirty mind at times. When Roxanna said she didn't miss food, she replied.

    "I do...I miss my mom's cooking."

    Her mother had been a good cook and she missed the cooking. AJ had tried his best to copy her mother's recipes, but cooking wasn't his strong suit, so many times they were epic failures.

    "Well...more like I miss her."

    She said sadly and was glad for the distraction from thinking about her mother. In way, it was easier, though. Her mother was dead, she knew that. She didn't have wonder where her mother was. Not like she wondered if her uncle was still alive with his family. Or if her boyfriend and all their friends had survived as well.

    When she teased her friends about 'hanky panky', she told Zora, when she saw how flustered she got.

    "I was just teasing, Zora."

    And it was her turn for her face to turn a little red when Roxanna said she did have ear plugs. She laughed, though, and said.

    "Well, I hope I won't have to use them."

    She nodded her head to Zora and said.

    "You'd think so."

    Eden also agreed they should get the kids.

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    When Rachel mentioned shopping, it reminded Lina of something she had meant to tell their friends.

    "Just so you are aware, I have access to the accounts that contain all the community's savings and investments," Lina said.

    Since she was an accountant, Lina had been among those responsible for managing the community's finances. Though the community itself had been scattered, the money was still in various banks and funds, steadily accruing interest and dividends.

    "That may not be as useful as it sounds," she cautioned. "I'm sure all the accounts are being monitored. They won't be expected to remain totally stagnant - even untouched, they would fluctuate up and down a bit with market changes, so we can withdraw small amounts at a time without triggering red flags. Only small amounts, though. A large withdrawal would surely alert them to our presence. It's not much, but it's something."

    It wouldn't by any means be enough to change their standard of living, but it might keep the group afloat if tougher times hit.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Samira and Charu were a bit cautious entering the sickroom, but Shazia had more confidence. This was, after all, what she hoped to do with her life. She might not be a doctor yet, but she would find a way to make it happen someday. In the meantime, she wouldn't allow herself to shy away from illness or injury.

    Shazia approached Horace's bedside and checked his vital signs the way Asif had taught her to do, then took a look at the patient's general condition.

    "Not bad," she said. "Chase did a good job, I think. He seems to be on the mend. Resting is surely the best thing for him now."

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