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Thread: Hiding Out

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    ​Sasha Volkova & Evan Scott

    Evan absently scratched at the side of his face, as he addressed Hild-Brand’s question.

    “Millie Kazlar was the official leader of the fae in our old home. Whenever we encountered a new type of fae, she was the resident expert, filling much of the leadership in on what to expect, the culture and any information she knew. This is rather unfamiliar territory for my mate and I. The world is too fragile at the moment to be making new enemies or offending someone in our ignorance to their ways and culture.”

    Evan looked at his mate.

    “Sasha and I would like to know about your people, their customs, anything that might help us be better prepared when your leaders meet with us. Diplomacy is all well and good, but it can be hindered by the ignorance of the unknown. If you could help prepare Sasha and I as to what to expect, and anything else that you can think of so that we can start this new relationship on the right foot, so to speak.”

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    Zora Yeats, Roxanna Volkova & Phyrre Kazlar

    There was a shared looked between Zora and Roxanna, a connection that the two had shared. Although Zora hadn’t gone through the horrible circumstances that Roxanna had, they both had not discovered what it truly meant to have a family and be loved until they had been turned. As awful as the circumstances had been, a wonderful thing had come out of it. For many, it had been just the opposite.

    “I’m sorry Eden.” Zora replied.

    “Roxanna and I couldn’t imagine what it had been like. You had a family, someone who loved you. Your family was taken from you, Roxanna and I found ours out of our horrible experience. The whole, begin turned experience has been so different for everyone. Some of us, it’s been a blessing, and for others it’s been a curse.”

    The girls shared a laugh as they walked toward the where the kids were all hugging each other. It reminded Zora so much of her family, that she felt the sharp pangs that Eden had felt about her mother. It had all started with Tim, Helen and Millie, and they had extended it to all the new family members that had entered their lives. Several years without them, it still felt like the night they’d all been separated from each other. If it wasn’t for Evan, Sasha, Roxanna, Eden and her niece Phyrre, she was certain she wouldn’t have made it through.

    “All right squirt!” Roxanna said to Phyrre.

    “Are you and your hug buddies ready? Time to get washed up for supper and find out where you all are sleeping tonight.”

    Phyrre looked up from the hug ball and smiled a big toothy grin.

    “Hugs?!” Looking askingly toward the three young women.

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    There wasn't really anything Shazia could think of to do for Horace. He had already been well tended by hands more knowledgeable than her own. Excusing herself from the other young women for a moment, she sought out the doctor.

    "Hello again, Chase," she said. "I wondered if I might ask a favor? It's a lot to ask, and I understand if you need to say no, but I was wondering... well, I've always wanted to go to medical school."

    Chase likely already knew that. Shazia had known since arriving at the community several years ago that her goal was to become a doctor too, and she had made no secret of it. Since then, though, circumstances had gotten in the way.

    "Obviously that is not an option right now. Not with how things are between us and the humans. It would be far too dangerous to show myself in a public classroom. So I wondered... if maybe I could do a sort of informal internship with you, and learn from you? I promise I would be attentive, and as helpful as I can."

    She was anxious as she waited for his response, and tried not to get her hopes up too much.
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    Rachel Bardou

    Given the state of current events, it was important to be cautious with money. The governments of the world couldn't always agree on everything, but one thing most seemed to agree on was that immortals should not exist. It was important to not bring unwanted attention to oneself to stay alive in this new world order. Rachel smiled at Lina.

    "A new baby is a blessing. Something wonderful in this...chaotic world. Congratulations."

    Rachel truly believed all children were a blessing. Although she and Chase had chose not to have more children. At least, not right now. Not while they were in hiding from the humans and one of their sons was missing. She hugged Lina.

    "Of course you will have the baby here. This place isn't huge, but it's been relatively safe for us. It'll be good place for your family too."

    Rachel could not imagine throwing Lina and her family out in the cold. To have a baby in the woods...They might immortals but they weren't animals.
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    Eden McComb

    Eden knew that Zora and Roxanna understood. While their histories might have been different...they knew what it was like to lose the ones you love. Eden had been more fortunate in a way...She had had her family longer before she lost them. While she missed her mother dearly, she had wonderful memories of her. Those memories made her smile more then cry most days. Although, there were times she wished she could just her her mother's voice one more time. When she was forced to be in Nathan's Coven...She had would have given anything to just hear her mom tell she loved her. To hug her and tell her that it was. That monsters weren't real, like when she had been five and scared of monsters being under her bed. She knew she would miss her mother forever. She gave her friends a smile.

    "Thank you, I'm sorry too. I can't imagine what it felt like after waiting so long to find family, to lose them."

    She couldn't imagine what it had been like for Roxanna and Zora. To grow up without someone to love you. No matter how bad of day she had been having, she had always know her mother had loved her unconditionally. And even after her mother's death, Eden had still been loved. She knew her uncle loved her just as much.

    "But, I'd still go through it again. Because I wouldn't want to not have those memories or have you both in my life."

    Eden truly meant it. Life was built from experiences, both good and bad. Her uncle told her, after they were rescued from Nathan, that bad ones tested you. See what kind of person you were, how strong you were. He had told her that she was the strongest person he knew, because she survived what they went through. She had thought he was the strongest for the same reason. She hoped someday she'd see him again.

    She followed her friends to go back to the other kids. She smiled seeing them hugging and happy with each other. Welcoming new people into their little group. Just like the old community had always welcomed people, not to be just friends, but as a family.

    "Of course!"

    Eden told Phyrre with a smile and held her arms out to her to receive a hug.
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    "Thank you for your understanding," Lina said. "It is indeed a blessing, even in such a time as this. Needless to say, it was... not a planned thing."

    Lina blushed slightly at this admission, though she realized she probably didn't need to feel any embarrassment. Rachel was a married woman too, and surely understood that pregnancy didn't always occur on a planned timetable. Methods of prevention were never foolproof. She and Asif had been trying to wait to add to their family at a better time, but life had taken an unexpected turn. A turn they might as well be happy about, though.

    "The girls are very excited too. I'm so glad we have extended family to share our joy with again."

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    Rachel Bardou

    "You're welcome and I think the best blessings are the ones that aren't planned."

    None of her own children had been planned. When it came to her adopted children, of course, that was not planned. All her adopted children had been rescued, not children she went to an orphanage or agency to find. And while she wished none of them had ever suffered, them entering their lives when they had did had turned into a blessing. A good thing that came out of something horrible.

    Rachel gave Lina a kind smile, hoping to ease her blushing.

    "Rafe was not planned. In fact, Chase and I...We were in a bad spot of our marriage. Actually, the worst part. We were barely even friends, let alone partners at that time."

    Rachel said, looking down as she thought of how she and Chase had almost broken up during that time. The constant fighting, trying to remember why they had even together anymore. When being away from each other was better then being together. It had been a painful time and the couple had come a long way since then.

    "Chase wanted to cure himself so badly, he couldn't think of anything else. That's why we came to Budapest in the first place, to find a cure. One that didn't exist. But, we gained so much more and once he found out about Rafe, curing himself didn't matter. I got my husband back. I eventually gained three more children and a wonderful extended family, all because of one little boy."

    Rachel said with a smile as she saw Rafe running into the room to get his favorite book to show Taara, his new friend. Rafe had no idea how in his young life how much he had given his parents. He waved hi to his mother and Aunt Lina and left as quickly as he came in the room.

    "I'm glad too. For the kids and for us as well."

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    Chase Bardou

    Chase was making notes of Horace's condition when Shazia found him. He looked up from the desk when she addressed him.

    "Hi, Shazia."

    He told her with a smile and nodded his head.

    "Sure, what is it?"

    He asked and gave her his full attention. He remembered how she had wanted to become a doctor. She had spoke of it before. Before the humans attacked them, going to medical school could have been option for the young woman, but not anymore. His own children couldn't even go to a regular school, let alone any school to learn a profession.

    "I'm sorry that, for now, medical school is not an option. I hope that someday in the future, that will no longer be the case."

    One positive of being immortal was that something that might not be an option for them, didn't always mean that it would stay that way. Immortals were patient. Who knew? Maybe in a few years or centuries from now, Shazia could go.

    "I don't know everything, but I will surely teach you everything I know. As any good doctor will tell you, there is nothing wrong with an open mind and extra set of hands around to help."

    Chase replied with a smile. He got up and found a book he often consulted.

    "I don't have any traditional study books to give you, but I've had this book since I first attended university and met Rachel. It has taught me a lot over the years and I want you to have it."

    He offered, holding the book out to her. The book was well worn from years of being read but was full of very useful information for anyone starting out in their medical career.
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    Lina gave Rachel a sympathetic smile. "Every marriage has its ups and downs," she said, meeting Rachel's eyes. "It's not the perfect bed of roses the children's stories tell us it will be, is it? But it's worth it, I think. It has been for Asif and me, and I'm sure it has been for you and Chase as well. I'm glad Rafe came into your life; it seems he was just what your family needed."

    She was confident that her own new baby would be just what her family needed as well. She had always believed things happened for a reason... even when that belief had been a struggle to maintain. Somehow, everything would turn out for the best, inshallah. In the meantime, there was always work to be done. For now, they could unpack their meager belongings and settle in.

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    Shazia's eyes misted up as she touched the spine of the book, and though she tried to wipe the tears away quickly, she wasn't fast enough to hide the display of emotion completely.

    It wasn't just the book itself. While her family obviously couldn't carry an extensive paper library, light as they had to travel, Shazia did have some medical books on her Kindle, and had been studying them when she had time. It wasn't quite the same as holding a real bound book in her hands, but it was something.

    Even that - the real book - wasn't the reason for the tears, though. Rather, Shazia was overcome by the confidence Chase was showing in her. By giving her the book, he was telling her that he truly believed she could be a doctor someday. Her aunt and uncle had always supported her dream, of course, but somehow having someone outside her immediate family believe it too made it seem more real somehow. More tangible.

    "Thank you," she whispered, barely able to keep her shaky voice under control. "This means a lot to me. I look forward to reading it. I know I have a lot to learn... but I'm eager to get started!"

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