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Thread: Hiding Out

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    Rachel Bardou & Jasmine Sinclair

    Rachel had no doubt that her husband would do everything he could to help Horace. While Jasmine stayed close to Chase, in case he needed help, Rachel talked to Clara. While it was hard to trust any strangers, especially after what happened four years ago, Rachel felt they could trust the bobcat. As she listened to Clara's story, Rachel felt they could trust the bobcats. They didn't mean them or the rest of their group any harm.

    "I'm sorry about what happened to your family, Clara."

    The Vampire's heart went out to her new friend as she told her story. It was hard enough to know what happened to all their friends and her son, but she couldn't imagine what Clara and her brother had went through. Finding their family gone....Why did humans try to destroy the things they feared? She didn't understand it and she had been human once.

    "You and Horace are welcome to stay with our group. At least, until he feels better."

    She didn't have the medical knowledge her husband did, but she knew enough to know that Horace wasn't going to be able to be moved for a little while. He'd need a safe place to recover.

    Jasmine looked up at Rachel and Clara when she heard the Vampire's offer to the bobcat. Since the attack, they hadn't let anyone join them but...Jasmine had a feeling the two bobcats would be okay.

    "Yes, you are welcome to stay with our families. And I'm sorry for what to you. We were once part of a much larger group. A community, that was like a big extended family. We have no idea what happened to the rest of them."

    She had no idea what had happened to one of her daughters.

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    Eden McComb

    Eden smiled when Zora said that if Rebecka had been with their group, she would have not have been given an option. And laughed when she said Davia would have been worse.

    "I heard some horror stories about her."

    From what Eden knew about that Vampire was there were very people in the world that could tolerate her. Davia's attitude tended to rub people the wrong way.

    "At least I'll be in good hands with Sasha."

    As long as Sasha and her mate didn't mind teaching her some self defense classes. She had a feeling her friends were right, Sasha wouldn't mind at all. Maybe she'd be able to playfully kick Toby's ass someday if she did take them. That would be worth it alone if she knock her boyfriend off his feet when she saw him again. At least...she hoped she'd see him again someday.

    Eden nodded her head when Roxanna said they should check out of the screams. At least it sounded like a happy scream. She kept a hold of Zora's hand as they ran down the corridor to check it out. Phyrre found them before they reached the rest of the group.

    Eden adored Phyrre very much. Her nature, it was infectious. Her cuddles had helped Eden often when she felt sad and lonely the last four years. She laughed when the little fae jumped into all their arms. She gave Phyrre a gentle hug and smiled when she heard her purr.

    "Who are you new friends?"

    Eden asked, seeing the three fae children who are followed Phyree. She replied to 'Ohia'ai.

    "My name is Eden, what's yours?"

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    Chase Bardou & Bruno Sinclair

    Oksana nodded her head to Bruno.

    "That is good."

    They had been hiding for so long, it would be nice to make new friends. As long as they didn't mean them any harm. From the sound of it, the siblings wouldn't.

    "We should prepare him a room to recover."

    The cabin they had found was a nice one. It was very large, no doubt owned by a millionaire at one point. Probably its old owner hadn't used all the rooms. Which was fine, it worked well for the Bardou and Sinclair families. Although the kids did bunk together. Bruno nodded his head.

    "I agree. Toby, why don't you get one ready."

    Toby said he would, there was a mud room they could use for Horace. Toby put his plate in the sink and went to do what his father told him to do. They kept spare things in the mudroom. There should be a decent enough mattress they could use for their patient in there too.

    While Toby did that and Bruno headed back outside with Chase's bag, Oksana made sure the children finished their dinner.

    As Chase examined Horace, he listened to what Clara said. Like his wife, he felt they could trust them. Besides, Horace wouldn't be able to travel for at least a few days.

    "I think so."

    Chase thanked Bruno for bringing his bag. He had Jasmine help him wrap the bobcat's ribs. He had a few broken ones.

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    ​Karina Kazlar

    Karina had been watching closely from inside the cabin, she sensed no danger from either being. But the young hybrid was over come with curiosity, were these creatures who had DNA manipulation like herself? Her senses filled her and her brain rapidly began processing all the information. No, they were like the lycans, except they transformed into bobcats. Yes, that was the word she'd heard and she remembered seeing a picture of such a creature, only this had been just the animal itself. Her fascination began to draw her outside when the possibility of danger no longer existed.

    Just outside the cabin door, Karina's third eyelid flashed across both eyes as she stared in wonderment. She allowed her senses to process and analyze everything they took in. The breeze shifted slightly and the senses picked up something else, something very familiar to her. Karina's eyes grew as she became more alert. If it hadn't been for the forecast of a thunderstorm today, the wind may have never shifted and given her the ability to detect the scent she now locked onto.

    "Asif." She whispered to herself.

    Like a vapor, Karina vanished from the cabin porch and took off down the trail from the cover of the trees. She would not reveal herself until she knew it was completely safe. For as fast as the young female was moving one would have expected the sounds of an army moving through the woods, but the girl made not a peep. It was not long before she came up behind Asif cautiously following the trail. Over come with joy, so rare for the young hybrid, she silently stepped out from behind the trees just be hind Asif.

    "Asif, uncle Asif?" She replied as he had lovingly become known to most of the younger children.

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    ​Sasha Volkova & Evan Scott

    "My mate and I are truly sorry to hear that." Evan replied.

    "I think we've all lost or been separated from our families during these last four years." He continued.

    "My twin brother and his family, so many others." Sasha added.

    "Their adopted daughter Roxanna is with us, as well as Zora Yeats whose parents we still do not know their location."

    "As you can see, many of us are scattered and we have yet to connect with the large group we once were apart of." Evan concluded.

    They continued to walk at a leisurely pace while listening to Hild-Brand speak about his skills and those of his people. The echoes of the children's laughter and excited chatter drifting their way on occasion.

    "As you can see, our new home could use some help." Evan began.

    "During the separation from the others, we lost many skilled individuals in the rush to get everyone to safety. And I should mention, their are humans here, they have been friends of the Volkov's through many generations. They can be trusted, they are family."

    "Mokihana, we would love to hear about your people as well. Sasha and I are very interested in forming trusted alliances that can benefit both parties, perhaps even having those that desire to blend into the fold of our families. Until we reach that point, if we do, we can at least discuss payment and reach an agreement on building this underground home into something more safe and sturdy. We could use some expertise."
    Evan added with a smile.

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    Zora Yeats & Roxanna Volkova

    Roxanna scratched the back of her neck while they were talking about Davia. She was an official Volkov family member now, and would be despite marrying Antonio. It's not that she or Veronika listened on purpose, but she could remember some times that their parents were discussing that very vampire. Rebecka had kind of been adopted into the family like a big sister since Katherine had been her mentor after she'd been turned. And Rebecka had made friends with Davia, not excusing her bad behavior but seeing her for what she was, someone with insecurities, someone who was selfish just like the rest of them could be.

    Roxanna laughed when Eden mentioned Sasha would take it easy on her.

    "I don't know, perhaps for years ago, but I think she's more concerned we survive than being a big softie. Not that she would be mean and cruel, or hurt anyone. I just think she's more apt to be much more serious with training now. Jeeze, that sounded bad too!" Roxanna said laughing again.

    "I think what Roxanna means Eden, is Sasha will make sure you're well prepared and be an excellent teacher." Zora replied.

    It wasn't long after that, that a certain little red fae came bounding down the hall and leaping from one girl to another giving cuddles. Both Roxanna and Zora laughed before looking with interest towards Phyrre's new friends.

    "I'm Roxanna."
    "Hi, I'm Zora."

    The girls waited for the kids to introduce themselves.

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    Horace and Clara

    Clara smiled when Rachel said She and Horace could stay with them.

    "I'd like that, and I think Horace would, too. Our people have always preferred small communities, like maybe a dozen families. Having only each other... that's just not right, and we couldn't make it feel right."

    She turned when Chase spoke.

    "Oh, I hope so! My brother has to be okay!"

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    For a moment, Asif was startled, and his hand instinctively went to his weapon - a practiced gesture that he was all too tired of. Before he had a chance to draw the small firearm, though, the scent hit his nose. He grinned, and held his arms out to hug her.

    "Karina!" he said, beaming. "It is wonderful to see you! Have you been well? Are any of the others with you?"

    Asif had not expected to come upon someone from the old community, but he was grateful. He was fond of Karina - of all the young ones - and was glad to see she was alive. The sight also gave him hope that Shazia, Samira, and Charu could finally be reunited with one of their friends. He knew life on the run was lonely for them at times, but there had been little he could do about it, and few opportunities for them to make friends. They might not be able to stay here, but surely it would help to reconnect for at least a little while.
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    Leinani, Kalani, and 'Ohia'ai

    'Ohia'ai gulped as he looked at this stranger. He stepped forward, suddenly timid, and said in a very small voice, "I'm 'Ohia'ai."

    "I'm Leinani," said the girl behind him. She felt suddenly shy, but she wouldn't let her little brother face these strangers alone.

    "Kalani," the other boy said with a hint of a challenge in his voice. He didn't know why his brother and sister were acting upset by these newcomers when the last bunch hadn't bothered them, but he wouldn't let anything happen to them. He was the most muscular of the three, tho as menehune they were all stronger than they looked.

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    Hild-brand and Mokihana

    "Well, I'm a Mu from Hawai'i. We aren't as magical as menehune like my niece and nephews, nor as gnomes like my husband, but we aren't under as many strictures, either. We can do many crafts, tho not as quickly as the menehune, nor as finely as the gnomes. If you need a hand, let me know, and I'll see what I can do, but I don't promise perfection. Then again, I'm more reasonable in my rates than some folk."

    Mokihana shot Hild-brand a look. When he raised his eyebrows at her, she shrugged. She was used to being overshadowed by her more magical kindred.

    "My wife is too modest. The Mu are good at so many crafts, it's really quite something to see over time. I'm a tinsmith by trade; I can't even do much with fine metals, but she can weave baskets, make pottery, fix food, weave cloth, make clothes, make furniture... no, her pans aren't as fine as mine, but they're serviceable for cooking with. How much more would you really ask?"

    Hild-brand looked sternly at Mokihana, then smiled. They'd been disagreeing about relative skillfulness since they met. He knew they wouldn't settle it soon.

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