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    Rachel Bardou

    Rachel is 34 years old and a Vampire. She was born a human. Her parents, until they died in a car accident when she was a teenager, were doctors. She had planned to go to the university in New Zealand to be a doctor as well. And that's where she met her husband, Chase Bardou, and Nathan Betancourt. Until the night Nathan's twin, Ethan, tried to attack her for a meal, she didn't realize that Immortals were real. Chase killed Ethan to save her and revealed himself as a Lycan. Already having feelings for him, it didn't bother her. She continued to pursue a relationship with him.

    They married after they graduated, with Rachel changing her major from medicine to writing. They eventually came to Budapest, because Chase wanted to see if he could "cure" himself. He accepted he couldn't and the community became their new home.

    Rachel remained human until Nathan Betancourt attacked her while she was pregnant with her son, Rafe. Nathan had never forgiven her or Chase for what happened to Ethan and, even a decade later, still wanted revenge. Nathan's attack turned her into a Vampire and almost killed her and her unborn child. Her son was born premature had to be turned to a Hybrid, using a blood transfusion from a Hybrid, to save his life as well. Both survived and the community eventually killed Nathan.

    Along with their biological son, Rachel and Chase also adopted three other children:

    Ming, a Chinese Vampire.
    Piao, a Chinese Lycan. He is the biological half brother of Ming.
    Levi, a human child, who is currently missing.

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    Jasmine Sinclair

    Jasmine is 51 years old and a Vampire. She was turned by Nathan Betancourt when she was 36. Jasmine was born a human and did not have a good upbringing. Her mother, Rosa, a drug addicted prostitute. Jasmine never knew her father and assumes it was one her mother's clients. Not that her mother knew who he was either. After finally being removed from Rosa's care when she was 8 years old, Jasmine entered the foster care system. She was viewed as a defiant child and was abused by some of the foster parents. She was moved from home to home, never staying in one place very long. When she was 16, she ran away.

    As much as Jasmine hated it, to survive, she turned tricks. Like her mother had. She eventually met her ex husband, Micha. She married him 21 and thought she would happy. She tried to be a perfect wife to him but she picked the wrong man to start a new life with. He had his own demons and would beat her after nights of heavy drinking. She put up with, until the night he almost killed her. Falling into old habits, Jasmine returned to the streets and eventually ended up in Las Vegas. There she met, Nathan Betancourt. He had been planning to kill her, but he decided to turn her instead. Making her the first member of his new Coven.

    She became one of his most loyal members. Believing that Nathan had saved her, she did whatever he ordered. No matter who wrong she morally thought it was. She became cold and heartless, like him. She was viewed as the top female of his Coven, one of his generals. She served him loyally for almost 10 years. That all changed when they came to Budapest and Nathan found out that old enemies of his lived there.

    He sent Jasmine to infiltrate the community. And she tried but her cold resolve started to break. The people were truly kind to her and she became to question her loyalty to Nathan. Especially, when he planned to kill a child who had been born to one of his enemies. At the circus, where Nathan's grand scheme was supposed to play out, she betrayed him. Letting the girl's father know where her boss had taken the kid.

    Eventually, she helped the community take down Nathan's Coven and joined it herself. Although it took time for her to truly earn their trust and respect.

    Jasmine eventually married Bruno, another member of Nathan's Coven. He had been her best friend for a long time and in the community and away from Nathan, they finally admitted how deep their feelings ran for each other.

    She has four adopted children with Bruno:

    Toby, a Lycan. He is Bruno's biological son and Jasmine adopted him.
    Ruthie, a Vampire. Ruthie is Toby's half sister, they share the same biological mother.
    Callie, a Lycan. Callie is the younger of Toby's half sisters, sharing the same biological mother.
    Suzume, a Lycan. She and Bruno adopted her.

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    Eden McComb

    Eden is 21 years old and a Vampire. She was born a human. She was raised by a single mother, named Evie, her mother died of ovarian cancer when Eden was in high school. Her uncle, AJ, was given custody of her. Her father had ran off on her mother when Eden was just five months old and signed off his parental rights. Eden was extremely close with her mother and has always been close with AJ as well. Although he is her only uncle, he would be her favorite if she more then one. AJ has always been the only father figure in her life.

    Until her mother's death, she was pretty social in high school, with lots of different friends. After Evie died, she began to close herself off. Things, like clothes and makeup, didn't matter as much to her. She did befriend Toby during the time. He understood what she was going through, his father (who had believed was his biological father) had also died. They bonded, although Eden didn't realize at first how big of a crush he had one her.

    It wasn't until after Toby was kicked out by his biological mom and new step dad, did she realize how much she liked him too. Although they didn't see each other again until before became immortals. Eden and her uncle went on a summer vacation to Europe. Having a fun time, until they met Nathan Betancourt. He had been seriously injured in the fight with the community, but he had escaped. Trying to do the right thing, she and AJ tried to help him.

    It was one of the biggest mistakes of their lives. He turned them both and forced him into his Coven. Using their love for each other against them. Nathan would threaten Eden to make AJ do what he wanted. And he would repeatedly rape Eden, telling her if she ever told her uncle, he'd kill AJ. Fearing that the only person she had left would die, she did what Nathan said. They lived with Nathan until he tried to use her lure the community into a trap.

    The community saved them from Nathan and then killed him. She and AJ were taken to the community, where they could heal and start new lives.

    Her uncle found love with one of Nathan's former girls. And Eden reconnected with Toby. Admitting her feelings were as strong for him, as they were for her. Although both said they'd wait until they were a lot older before they did anything then just date.

    When the community was attacked by the humans, Eden was separated from her loved ones. Sasha Volkova saved her and she has been with that group since. Becoming good friends with Roxanna and Zora.

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    Ming Bardou

    Ming is the adopted daughter of Chase and Rachel and their oldest child. She will turn 17 years old soon.

    Ming was born in China. She lived a happy life for almost 9 years until her biological father died and her mother remarried. She married a businessman who moved the family to Guangzhou which was more strict of the one child per family law. Ming's mother got pregnant and her stepfather didn't allow her to get an abortion right away. Instead he waited to decide what do with the baby until the gender could be determined. When they learned the baby was a boy, he sold Ming off to a prostitution ring to keep the son he always wanted. Ming was moved around a lot until she finally ended up on the ship that came to Budapest. She was turned into a Vampire members of Viktor's old Coven.

    The community rescued her and the other girls and she was adopted by Chase and Rachel. Eventually her mother also passed away and her stepfather remarried. He decided then to dump her half brother, Piao, into an orphanage, so he could have a new baby with his new wife. Chase and Rachel decided to also adopt her brother. Although Ming still deals with the trauma she went through, she never blamed Piao for what happened to her. Knowing it wasn't his fault that she ended up as a child prostitute.

    Ming loves her family very much and loves being a big sister. While she had some scars and has to take medicine because of the things done to her in the past, she had grown up to be a very confident young lady.

    She has three younger brothers:

    Levi, a human that her parents adopted.
    Piao, her biological half brother. They share the same biological mother.
    Rafe, her adopted parents biological son.

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    Ruthie Sinclair

    Ruthie is one of Jasmine and Bruno's adopted daughters. She is 15 years old and a Vampire. She is the older of Toby's half sisters. Born to the man that Toby thought was his father, until he met Bruno. Ruthie is the shyer of the two girls.

    She lived a happy life with her brother and younger sister until her father, Walter, passed away. Her mother remained a horrible man named Pete. He kicked her brother out of the house and things went downhill from there. One night, after heavy drinking, Pete and her mother got into a terrible fight. He pushed Lucille and accidentally killed her. Ruthie saw him burying her mother's body. He began to sexually abuse her to keep her quiet. Threatening to the same to her sister Callie if she told anyone.

    Afraid of Pete and wanting to protect her little sister, Ruthie did what Pete said. The night her brother came with her new parents to rescue them from Pete, he had tried to suffocate her. Leaving her for dead. Jasmine found her and turned her into a Vampire to save her life.

    Jasmine and Bruno adopted her and gave her a new home with the community. Reuniting her with her brother, Toby. Eventually her parents also adopted a girl named Suzume.

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    Callie Sinclair

    Callie is the youngest of Jasmine and Bruno's children. She is 13 years old and a Lycan. She is more outgoing then her sister and is her mother's "official taste tester". Like Ruthie, her father was Walter. And they lived a happy life until Walter died and Lucille married Pete. She missed Toby very much but Pete told them they were not allowed to speak
    his name.

    Before their mother was killed, Jasmine and Bruno had tried to reach out to Lucille, hoping she and Pete would let Toby have relationship with his sisters. Pete refused and threw the number away. What he didn't know was that Callie had overheard the conversation and she wrote down the number. Saving it. Once Lucille died, things got worse for her and Ruthie. He began to abuse them both, but at 8, he viewed her "too young" to sexually abuse. But he would still hit her.

    After the last horrible go with Pete, Callie called her brother, begging Toby to come save them. Which the community did. Pete was killed and Callie and Ruthie were adopted by their brother's new parents.

    Callie remained human until a Lycan Pack, led by Gaston, kidnapped her with some other kids. Gaston had wanted to create child soldiers to fight the humans that were just starting to learn about them. She was rescued by the community and her parents, though, before she had to fight any battles for the Lycan. Her parents also adopted her other older sister, Suzume.
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    Chase Bardou

    Chase is a 38 years old Lycan. He was born a Lycan and was raised by a Pack in New Zealand. His Pack kept to themselves and Chase didn't interact much with anyone outside his Pack until he was finally able to convince his father and uncle to allow him to go University to study medicine. It was there he met his wife, Rachel. It was also there that he became long time enemies with a Vampire named Nathan Betancourt, who hated Chase for killing his twin brother. He and Rachel married after they graduated.

    For a long time, Chase hated what he was and studied medicine in an attempt to "cure" himself. He and Rachel went to Budapest to seek out the Immortal Community to see if he could. They moved in and became friends and family with the other members there. Chase joined their medical clinic. It wasn't until his son, Rafe, was born, that Chase finally accepted what he was. There was nothing he could do to cure the virus he had and his family loved him just the way he was anyway.

    Along with Rafe, his biological son with Rachel, Chase has three other children:

    Ming, his adopted Vampire daughter.
    Piao, his adopted Lycan son.
    Levi, his adopted human son.

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    Bruno Sinclair

    Bruno is a 53 years old Vampire. He was turned when he was 38 years old. Bruno was once a very famous boxer. His large size made him popular. He is over 300 pounds of muscle and about 7 feet tall. With his fame, came many women who were willing to sleep with him. His son, Toby, was the result of a one night stand. He didn't even know he had child until Toby was a teenager. While Bruno had great success as a professional boxer, he also had a large gambling problem. The fortune he had acquired, he quickly lost to his addiction. Which caused him to not only get involved with the mob but also to owe them a lot of money.

    Nathan Betancourt and Jasmine found him bleeding out in an alley from a knife attack. The mob had sent someone to collect on Bruno's debts. Nathan was impressed by Bruno's size and made an exception to his normal, no males in the Coven rules. Given the choice between dying or working for Nathan, Bruno chose to live. Becoming a loyal member of Nathan's Coven for about 7 years.

    During the time, he became cold and tried not to get too close to many people. Many girls in Nathan's Coven didn't last long, usually angering the Coven leader and causing Nathan to kill them. Bruno did get a huge crush on Jasmine but never told her. Nathan often used people's feelings against them. It wasn't until they betrayed Nathan and joined the community, did he and Jasmine admit their feelings were more then friendship. They eventually got married.

    After leaving Nathan, Bruno and Jasmine discovered a teenage Lycan, named Toby, who had escaped a group of Vampires that were forcing him to fight in death matches. The boy had escaped but was shot with a silver nitrate bullet. Bruno and Jas took the kid to the community for help and Bruno learned that Toby was actually his son. A son he didn't know he had, because Lucille had never contacted him after she discovered she was pregnant. While Toby was the result of a meaningless one night stand, Bruno took him in. Not because he had to, but because he wanted to.

    Bruno and Jasmine eventually adopted Toby's younger half sisters, once they learned their home situation was bad. And they also adopted a girl named Suzume, who is currently missing.

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    Toby Sinclair

    Toby is a 22 years old Lycan. He is the biological son of Bruno. He is the result of his mother's one night stand with when Bruno was a famous boxer. He didn't learn the truth about his father until he was a teenager. He was raised with Lucille by a man named Walter Wisebaker. Walter was a good man and raised Toby as his own. He lived a happy life with his parents and little sisters, Ruthie and Callie. He had great dreams of becoming a boxer, like his idol, Bruno. He also went to school with Eden McComb and had a big crush on her, but didn't act on it, since they moved in different social circles. Although they did become friends after her mother died.

    The happiness of Toby's life came to an end when Walter died. Lucille married an awful man named Pete, who kicked Pete out of the house. Left to fend for himself at 16 years old, Toby decided to head off to Philadelphia to become a boxer. He was working the independent scene, when he was tricked by a Vampire named Dashia Markov into fighting for her. It wasn't until after he agreed, did Toby learn that Dashia matches were immortal death matches and Toby was turned into a Lycan.

    He worked in the matches for months, fighting for his life every time he stepped into the ring. His trainer, Bastian, gave his life for Toby. He told Toby to run, which Toby did. Although, Dashia's slave pursed him and Toby was shot him in the leg with a silver nitrate bullet. Bruno and Jasmine rescued him and took him to the community. He lost his leg and discovered Bruno was his biological father.

    After he healed, he came home with his father and new mother. Eventually, his younger sisters had to be rescued from Pete and they were adopted by his parents. He also has an adopted sister named Suzume. He also was eventually reunited with his crush, Eden, after the community rescued her and her uncle from Nathan. They admitted their feelings for each other but agreed to take it slow. Neither teenager was in a rush to get married or have a family of their own.

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    Piao Bardou

    Piao is a 7 years old Lycan. He is the adopted son of Chase and Rachel. He is also the biological half brother of Ming. Although he is too young to know that he is the reason that she was sold off to a child prostitution ring. Piao and Ming's mother died when he was 2 years old and it didn't take his father long to dump him off in an orphanage as well.

    Piao was going to be adopted by Chase and Rachel but he was actually kidnapped by a group of immortals working for Gaston. Gaston, a Lycan leader, wanted to use child soldiers to wage a war with humans. Believing he'd have the upper hand because even humans could not be so heartless as to attack children. He was turned into a Lycan by the group. He was rescued by the community when they took down the rogue group of immortals. He was then adopted by his parents. Where he happily became a part of their family.
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