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    Sabella Yeats

    Sabella is a four year old Lycan and the daughter of Aspen. Her biological father was a horrible Lycan named Gaston, who had kidnapped her mother and held her captive. Sabella is very loved by her mother, however. The young girl has no idea who her birth father is and just assumes that some kids just don't have dads. She is pretty happy traveling around Europe with her mother and grandfather, Fritz. She doesn't remember a life where they didn't move around constantly or her grandmother and Uncle Krikor. She thinks it's fun to travel, even if she hasn't interacted with many people. Aspen and Fritz don't let her because she is so young and innocent. They're worried she might accidentally tell the wrong person they are immortals.

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    Duncan Sandoval

    Duncan is a 4 year old Lycan. He is the adopted son of Paloma and her husband, Dipak. Paloma met Duncan's birth mother, Amira, when they were both held prisoner in an old Soviet prison by a crazy Vampire named, Elektra. Elektra wanted to create Hybrids to battle humans. She wanted to rise the Hybrids from birth by breeding Vampires and Lycans together. Amira deceived Elektra into think the baby she carried was a Hybrid, so she wouldn't force Amira to have an abortion. She knew he was Lycan because she had been raped by a Lycan from a rival Pack. Her family had disowned her and she met a Vampire named Duncan, who tried to help her. She and the elder Duncan had been captured by Elektra. Duncan claimed to be the baby's father and he was killed when he refused to mate with other Lycans to give Elektra Hybrid babies.

    Amira gave birth in the prison but died soon after his birth when Elektra's Vampire guards tried to take him. She had been killed by a stray bullet. Before she died, she named her baby Duncan after her late friend and begged Paloma to take care of him. Paloma swore she would. She and the newborn Duncan were rescued by the community, where she and Dipak officially adopted him. When he was still a baby, the community they lived in was attacked and he and his mother were separated from the rest of their family.

    Duncan knows he has two mothers and that his aunt Jacinta and father love him very much. Although he has no memories of Dipak and Jacinta. He believes that he'll be reunited with them both soon and can't wait for that.

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