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    Alexis continued to observe Oreina as Asha answered her questions.

    “No mother, but I did send out a distress call when you fell. No one has answered; I have felt nothing as if they are all gone.”

    Alexis queried, but then her attention was drawn back to Oreina when she spoke to Asha. There was a slight pause before her response.

    “Lately, yes, but mother has always had an aggressive side to her. She just has not always shown it.”

    She did not need time to answer Oreina’s last response.

    “No, it was with love that she made me. It was the first I had ever experienced. I…I have not actually seen this side of her before.”

    “Hello, I’m standing right here.” Alexis replied to the conversation taking place about her.

    “It was not meant as an insult mother.”
    Asha began.

    Alexis growled under her throat, she felt it and knew it to be true, but inside she felt as if she were about to burst. Alexis could not pinpoint the reason why, but she had a suspicion of what the cause was, but the truth eluded her for the moment.

    “I know.” Alexis responded through gritted teeth.

    Alexis eye’s never left Oriena, and a sudden flash from memory came to her in an overwhelming sense of familiarity when the wings grew from the other goddesses back. Alexis nearly fell over, having to stumble and catch her balance but her emotions are out of control and she was inundated with this unknown anger. Where was this coming from, why did this feel so wrong?

    The touch of the feather along her head drew out an exasperated growl.


    In that moment, Alexis was caught between anger and awe. Which would have the stronger hold on her? Then the words “Race you” registered in her brain and that feeling to run until her heart burst flooded every cell in her body. Alexis’ eyes dilated, her breathing became rapid, her nostrils flared and her muscles began to flex and tense. Her entire being vibrated and something strange began to take place within her as she began to chase after Oreina on foot.

    She heard the words in her head as she repeated the “Hey,” but that wasn’t what came out of her mouth. It was a loud roar, and as Alexis began to open her senses, she realized she was suddenly running on all fours, orange fur and black strips in her current vision. The momentary focus on her feet and not on Oreina brought the now young again goddess nose first into the dirt as she plowed into the ground, flipping her massive body over itself.

    She shook her head and regained her feet. “WTF,” went through her mind and she suddenly remembered Asha’s words about being a shifter. Where it had come from, likely the innocence and playfulness of youth that Oreina had sensed in her sister, but Alexis laughed. Her sights set back on the fantastical aerial movements of the goddess above her, Alexis took chase. Every muscle coiled and ready for action as she tried to catch her sister, teasingly swooping low to the ground to ruffle her furry head or tap her with a wing.

    Finally, as with most patient cats, Alexis got her moment and leapt into the air just as Oreina had swooped low to tag her again with a wing. The two tumbled to the ground in a roll right before the cabin with Oriena landing on top of Alexis. Somewhere in the roll, the young goddess transformed back into her humanoid looking self, overcome with a fit of laughter.

    "I want to try the flying, I have to try the flying!" Alexis responded between laughter and great big gulps of air.

    Oreina would see the exuberant sparkle of young enthusiasm in her sister's eyes.
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    Oreina had to admit she was a little worried at first that she hadn’t done anything but surprise and annoy Alexis – that is, until she heard the roar below her. She was very glad to have looked down just in time to see a tiger faceplant and do a somersault. Something almost like a laugh barked out of her throat. Laughter…was a work in progress.

    Alexis seemed to be enjoying the chase, so she kept up the acrobatics. When she was tackled out of the air, Oreina realized that perhaps she shouldn’t have gone so easy on the tigress. The initial landing knocked the wind out of her, but she still managed not to wind up on the bottom of the pile. Alexis was laughing uncontrollably – and all Oreina could do was grin somewhat maniacally at her. She tipped sideways off the other goddess and lay on her back on the grass.

    “Oh, you will. Don’t worry, I’ll get you up there.”

    It felt so odd just laying on the ground and enjoying the clouds in the sky next to a giggling girl she knew was her sister. It was almost like getting the chance to grow up having a sibling. Oreina rubbed the rib that lay over her heart. The organ had twinged when she’d thought that. Was that something she felt like she’d missed out on? Maybe it was Asha’s talk of desire that brought this forgotten wish to the surface.

    Suddenly slightly uncomfortable with the selfishness of her own thoughts, Oreina returned to the subject at hand. She turned her head without lifting it off the grass so she could see Alexis’ face. Another smile. She couldn’t help it – Alexis just seemed so happy for that moment. If it weren’t for the other signs, Oreina might have just assumed that this was what the goddess looked like when she wasn’t carrying the worries and concerns of the universe on her shoulders. How could she help Alexis remember who she was without placing that incredible weight back on her? Ignorance is bliss, after all.

    But bliss can get you into a whole lot of trouble.

    “I’m going to help you figure things out. You may not remember right now, but I was in a very similar state not that long ago and you helped pull me through. I get the frustration. I get the anger. I’ve been there. I’m not going to tell you not to be frustrated, though. When you’re frustrated, you know you’ve been working hard and that’s a good thing.”

    “But I will tell you not to be so hard on yourself. The more you snatch at memories the faster they slide through your fingers. They come when you least expect it. If you do the work to prepare your mind, you’ll find that the memories will stick on their own.”

    She was quiet for a moment. What was the first thing Alexis did when she showed up, amnesiac, half-starved and limping?

    “Hey. How about some breakfast? I am pretty sure your stomach will remember you have a thing for sausage and eggs.”
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    The sky darkens too a near pitch black with lighting and thunder raging in the darkness.
    High in the sky an eerie light appears glowing in the darkness, with each passing second the
    eerie light grows and grows till it tears it's self apart creating a gaping hole in the sky.
    Through the gaping hole a pristine and angelic world appears eerily similar the the current
    planet with which the gaping tear appears above. In a flash of blinding light across the sky
    the Portal closes as an object is flung down to the planet. the Object crashes head long at
    unheard of speed going from high in the sky from the portal to impacting the water of the
    lake in mere seconds..... The impact with the water caused a fountain of water too shoot up
    into the air higher then the trees causing droplets to rain down everywhere and a rainbow to
    appear in the sky. After a few moments a yellow glow is seen ascending from the bottom
    of the lake as it crest the surface of the water a male figure with glowing golden yellow hair
    appears. The male is clad in black pants and a shirt with shiny chest armor, gloves and boots.
    This male floats over too the land, upon reaching the land the males hair turns black
    and the glowing fades as the male lands on the ground catching himself.... The male raises too
    one knee well holding his head where he lingers.

    "Wow you where not kidding, that was one
    wild ride.... But the landing leave a little too be desired.... And on top of that I don't know
    how much this little trip has cost me.... I... I don't doubt you, but I hope it's really as
    bad as you told me...."

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    Alexis lay right beside Oreina, staring at the same sky, the same clouds and in that moment of tranquility she felt nothing but bliss. Everything that had been troubling her mind was quiet, forgotten for the moment, there was just…this moment. Her tone was almost dreamy like when she spoke.

    “Oreina, what’s it like? Up there, being up there I mean.”

    The young goddess felt the tug of war in her heart rage for staying in this moment of bliss and soaring through the skies on the wings of birds. It wasn’t until the shift in Oreina’s mood that she turned her head to regard the other goddess. Was that sadness, or longing, what was this emotion that radiated off the other female? Then it was gone, buried she knew instinctively for whatever reasons Alexis wasn’t aware of, and likely was none of her business.

    She turned back toward the sky, the bliss had mutated into concern, but it hadn’t left, it had transformed yet again into a contemplative state. The smile returned, there was still too much of the moment trapped within her cells, carrying her along for a ride of momentary happiness.

    Alexis turned again at the sound of Oreina’s voice. The genuine desire of her words and was that a love that she felt. Her empathy had over taken every thought and nerve at the moment, like she was looking through the eyes of someone else’s’ body. This was indeed a strange sensation. How could she have been so angry and nasty to this person? It was so blatantly obvious Oreina had a love and devotion to Alexis. Isn’t this what being a sister meant, is this what you’re supposed to feel for another that you call friend, sister?

    Oreina would see the play of emotions on this younger version of her friends face. This was perhaps another glimpse at the younger version of her before the older had learned to school her emotions with care and grace. Alexis could explain it, but she suddenly felt a huge lump in her throat and she found it difficult to swallow as she stared at Oreina. Most of the other female’s words were lost on Alexis because her brain had fixated on one thing. Oreina had been through something similar.

    “What happened?” She nearly whispered.

    But the other woman moved onto another topic before an answer could be given. Food, was she even hungry? She had to think for a moment, how silly that seemed. Shouldn’t one know if they need food? With her brain still stuck on Oreina’s loss of memories the only thing that brought her out of the awkward staring was the sudden change in whether and the load cracking boom of something screeching towards Asha’s surface.

    It happened so suddenly, that thought wasn’t even a consideration as she reacted to being doused by the expulsion of water from the lake. Soaked to the skin, she sat straight up and it was obvious that Alexis was too shocked to even know which emotion would react first. Instead it was the sound of Asha’s voice to the stranger.

    “Hello Mortin Steel. I apologize; I have no control over the entry when I do not know what wards mother has placed around me. I was unsure if anyone had heard my plea. You can see for yourself, mother is right in front of you with Oreina.”

    The water logged young goddess stood looking at the hulking man god before her, speechless perhaps for the first time in her life.

    “Is this what you were trying to tell me moments ago Asha?”
    Alexis asked, knowing full well it was foolish, because she already knew the answer.

    Exasperated, Alexis sat down on the ground. The beginnings of a new headache started to gnaw away at her mind, as Alexis waited for the man to speak she turned to Oreina and not realizing whispered telepathically.

    "Um, do you know him?"

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    Alexis’ breathing was slowing down and she could tell that the goddess was struggling with her emotions…well, perhaps also some of Oreina’s. She herself wasn’t an empath, but she had the natural ability many animals have of mirroring emotion. In this case, she could see her longing reverberating off of Alexis and felt a little guilty before remembering to bury that emotion too. Alexis really didn’t need any extra emotions to deal with.

    She smiled as it started to sink in for Alexis that Oreina was going to be here for the long haul. But something made her hold back when the now younger woman asked what had happened to bring about Oreina’s amnesia. How could she explain what had happened without totally overwhelming her with seemingly new information? Breakfast had seemed a suitable distraction at first…but perhaps she should have just told her the story up front.

    She didn’t know what to do, really, despite having experienced memory loss. Alexis was a different person than she and who was to say that their recovery would be in any way similar? Oreina’s smile turned a little more lop-sided that usual. They were both just going to have to figure it out as they went along.

    Even though Asha had said she’d put out a call for aid, that wasn’t the first thing that Mortin’s arrival brought to mind. The whine associated with high velocity travel made her flatten her ears against her head for protection. She was on her feet and snarling into the sudden torrent of water, commanding her sword into her open hand. A flash of green flew past Alexis, as the sword did its master’s bidding and split into two pieces even as Oreina moved into a guarding stance between Alexis and the new arrival.

    He didn’t look too familiar until he stopped glowing – and Asha confirmed her identification. Her shoulders sagged in relief and the two blades became one, the inherent humming of UE ceasing as Oreina loosened her stance. She looked over her shoulder at Alexis and the strange bark came out of her throat again.

    ~Yes. His name is Mortin – fortunately, the more Dexter ‘side’ of him. Oh, and you may want to pick your chin up off the ground. You’re a married woman.~

    Oreina let out another funny bark before giving Mortin a one-handed wave. While she was used to telepathic communication with others by now, she wasn’t certain that Alexis knew that she’d just done so. A little belatedly, Oreina remembered that she wasn’t going to dump too much on Alexis’ shoulders – and she’d just dropped the bomb about being married. Oh well…Alexis knew she had children, now she just had a better idea of where most of them came from. She shrugged and spoke to Mortin.

    “Hey there Steel. Nice of you to come – did we catch you in the middle of something?”

    She added the last bit in reference to his comment about the trip ‘costing’ him something. Hopefully it was nothing dire…they sort of had their hands full at the moment.

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    Mortin was about to say something when he wrapped his right arm around his stomach
    and his left had hit the ground stopping him from falling completely to the ground as
    blood spilled from his mouth... pushing himself backward so he landed his butt, still
    with his right arm wrapped around his midsection he reach with his left behind him but
    found nothing... Coughing Mortin did his best to talk through the blood dipping from his

    "Asha.... My... Gourde..."

    Seconds after Mortin finished the ground next too his left side shifted and rippled
    as the gourde slide up from the ground. Mortin grabbed it with his left hand and took
    a couple of drinks. before wiping his mouth an most of the blood away with his right
    arm before capping the gourde... then Mortin held it up and shook it hearing it was half
    empty he frowned slightly.

    "I need to find that Planet with the big fountain Oreina too us too at some
    point so I can get more....

    Mortin muttered to himself before look down at the ground.

    "No worries Asha, I should have expected a harder impact given where
    I came from. My Asha heard you, but she couldn't respond to you for some reason."

    as things settled in he realize two woman where standing near too him and one had take
    a defensive poster at first, Mortin had started to react when he noticed it was Oreina or
    at least a version of her.... At the same time he saw the younger woman behind her....
    she was pretty, but there was something oddly familiar too her even though her appearance
    was not....

    "Wait, Hold Up Just a Minute! Your telling me Asha, That the young woman
    behind Oreina is Alexis? No Bloody way!"

    Mortin turned his head back to Oreina and Alexis when Oriena spoke too him, He knew
    it was the one he'd met...

    "No, As pseudo guardian when Alexis is away. I don't leave Asha....
    How ever she told me that this was important and that I was needed her... I.. I sacrificed
    most of the ability's and powers I'd gained well expanding my mind on Planet Tigers....
    Over time I should get it back... But that's not the big issue right now.... What's
    going on? I rip a hole to travel between universes cause Asha says this Asha called out
    needing help and Alexis is in trouble.... Only too get here and fin you.... Actually right
    now that's a good thing I think... And a younger woman who Asha says is Alexis? Which I'm
    not ever sure is possible... Oh an mostly likely I pulled him with me..."

    Mortin was not sure if Qriena would know who he was talking about or that they where
    joined as they where once one in the same....

    "Um.. Where's William?"

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    If Alexis hadn't been so wrapped up in being soaked, she might have initially bristled a little bit at Oreina trying to protect her, but when she looked up at the other goddess she gave her a sheepish grin. One for being soaked to the bone and slightly embarrassed, and two gratitude for Oreina's protective nature. The war inside of her was leaving her own mind full of mental conflict over the changing tides of her emotions. Alexis was about to say thank you when she noted that Oreina thought she was ogling this Mortin Steel being.

    "What!" "What do you mean...."

    That's when it hit her, she hadn't given thought to a husband or mate. Surely that should have been the second thought when she found out about her children. A frustrated growl escaped her throat as she finally stood up on her feet and watched Oreina and this Mortin Steel.

    "So you do know him." Alexis said out loud while shaking her head.

    "Wait, Oreina just told you his name! What is wrong with me?!" Alexis thought to herself.

    She turned her attention back to this Mortin person. Mentally shaking her head as he chatted away with himself and Asha. She crossed her arms over her chest when her name was brought up.

    "Yes, evi-bloody-dently." She ground out under her breath.

    This, amnesia was getting very frustrating, very fast. Especially considering everyone else knew all about you, except for you. She cast a side glance over to Oreina and flushed a little with embarrassment. This was becoming an annoying habit as well. Here she was whining like a little child when Oreina had gone through the same exact thing.

    When she turned back toward Mortin, she was trying to make heads or tails about all the words coming out of his mouth. For the moment, it was all gibberish to her and he might as well be speaking baby speak.

    "Well obviously it's possible or I wouldn't be standing here in front of you like this." Alexis replied to Mortin.

    She looked over at Oreina for some guidance.

    "What to you mean you pulled him with you, what are you talking about?"

    Then the name William came out of Mortin's mouth and Alexis felt an odd tug at her heart and a chill run up her spine.

    "William?..." She looked over at Oreina again. Suddenly feeling as if she needed to sit down again and not get up for awhile.

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    Oreina could tell that Alexis was struggling to take it all in. She was going to have a lot of days like this – days where it seemed like new information was constantly bombarding her, knocking her senseless. Perhaps it’d been a bit much to tease her so. Still, she had a feeling the young goddess wouldn’t expect anything less. Oreina filled in the gaps so Mortin could catch his breath.

    “The ‘he’ Mortin was talking about pulling with him is his other half. Mortin was at war with himself quite literally and ended up splitting into two complete beings. What I meant by the more ‘Dexter” side of him is that this Mortin is the kind of guy we want around. His…other half…for lack of a better term is the kind of guy we kick off the planet arse-first.”

    Her brow lowered into a pensive stance as she looked back up at Mortin. “I suppose we’ll have to deal with him when the time comes.”

    Her attention moved back to Alexis. This was going to be hard – mostly because Oreina feared putting her own bias into Alexis’ head. She had never quite forgiven William for not being there when Alexis was kidnapped by the Dark Being. She also hadn’t quite forgiven him for being absent when Alexis actually did take a break from saving the universe – those few times that happened. Still, he was a good man, and as far as she knew, he was faithful to Alexis. While Oreina had somewhat of a chip on her shoulder concerning William, she didn’t need to pass that off to his wife who obviously loved him regardless of what opinions Oreina might have.

    “William is your husband. He’s Atlantean, like you. He’s also the type to do his best to save the universe… like you.”

    However, it begged the question: if Asha sent a distress call, then why wasn’t William the first to arrive in response?

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    Mortin raised an eyebrow in both that he'd realized he'd been rambling and because
    things appeared worse then he initially belive... He had also better be more care with
    what he said as to no over work Alexis's mind....

    "Yes, I suppose you are correct Alexis..."

    Mortin didn't think explaining that he wasn't from this galaxy or anywhere close too
    this one, as his ship had flown into a hole of some kind and he crashed on a planet..
    where his ship actually was still located....

    "Basically I'm not from here... Oriena calls my other half Sinestro
    and myself Dexter, I don't fully understand these meanings. But I get the basics of it.
    I'm good, He's bad..."

    At that moment Mortin caught a familiar
    sent in the air coming off of Alexis and saw faint traces of blood on her lip an chin.
    As a warrior and his people being a warrior race, Mortin was no stranger too the smell
    of blood...Mortin too two steps closer to Alexis, He pulls a small cloth from his pocket
    and pours a little water from his gourde onto it and offered his Gourde and the cloth
    to Alexis.

    "I don't know if this water has the same effect on your race as me..
    It's from a giant fountain on a world that Oriena took me to..."

    Mortin looks around surveying the area... before turning back to Oriena.

    "Things are not as they seem... I don't like how much effort it
    took too get her.... even crossing over form one Asha too another should not have been
    that much work.... It has me concerned..."

    Mortin paused well looking over Oriena as something didn't seem right...

    "your different too... I am not able too determine how, but something
    is different about you too Oriena...

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    Nothing Oreina or Mortin reveals to Alexis sounds familiar or makes sense. Her mind is blank like a piece of parchment waiting to be filled with words or pictures, and yet there is nothing, not one thing to draw upon from memory. The only thing occupying it this moment is the name William and all thoughts of who this being was, what he meant to her and how he played a part in this life she does not remember.

    Not wanting to be rude, Alexis realized she was not paying attention to any of the other topics being discussed, mainly this hulking giant of a male standing before her. Her mind briefly tried to recapture the information that both Oreina and Mortin himself revealed about the god. She could feel the beginnings of a headache start their deep dull throbbing at her temples.

    “Focus Alexis.” She chastised herself, not for the first time.

    “Dexter, Sinister, what does it mean?”

    She looked at Oreina, her sister likely seeing the hidden frustration beginning to show within her eyes, a look she was trying to so hard to hide.

    “So he…” Alexis turned to Mortin. “You, split into two, like a twin? So there are two of you now?”

    Alexis was startled when Mortin moved closer and offered her his cloth and gourde. Absently she touched her face with the tips of her fingers, only to withdraw them with the evidence of watered down blood. She was a healer, something easily fixed by a mere thought, but it was yet another fact washed away on the blank parchment that was now her mind. She looked at Mortin for a long moment before taking the offered gifts.

    “Thank you.” Alexis replied as she dabbed a bit of the water onto the cloth.

    It was a cool refreshing feeling with a slight tingle when she applied the cloth to the affected areas on her face. Alexis would have felt that feeling a thousand times before, but today it was the first experience and the first memory on a blank mind waiting to be filled. War raged in her mind between manners, priorities and self as to where her focus should be. And as that war raged, the tempo of the beating drums in her temples picked up their beat.

    “So, let me get this straight, there are likely two of you here now? The other one or part of you…”
    Alexis began. “is possibly going to make an appearance.”

    “Foolish or not, right now this is the least of my concerns.” She looked at Oreina.

    “As you said, we’ll deal with that if and when the time comes.”

    Alexis turned her eyes back on Mortin and handed him the gourde and cloth, thanking him again as she did.

    “We were just discussing breakfast, would you please join us.” Alexis replied to Mortin, sounding like the older version of her.

    As Alexis turned and began walking toward the cabin, her thoughts went back to this William. She thought she’d felt a twinge of anger from Oreina when discussing this person, but she let it go for the moment. She needed to try and figure out who she was, what kind of life she had led and despite what she felt from Oreina, she would need to ask questions.

    “Maybe you can fill me in on this William a bit more over food? Maybe it will help me remember something?”

    Alexis blew out a sigh between her lips and mumbled slightly to herself.

    “That’s an awful lot of maybes. At this point, I think I’d much rather try out the flying.”

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