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    Mortin had his back turned when the being crashed landed on the floor. Mortin
    has sensed something or someone coming, but there was little evil or danger so he'd
    continued what he was doing.... Mortin caught a glimpse of the being forming into a
    female form and kept his back to her. Mortin was in the process of reaching for his
    gourde when Oreina mentioned it so he tossed it in her direction. When Mortin heard
    the woman's comments, in his head he questioned how well this would end up.... He'd
    never met Scion the None, which means his other half had and that opened up a whole
    set of other questions.... But those where better left for another time.... Especially
    with this other one that he could sense.... Something was off and Mortin couldn't be
    sure if this other one he could sense would end up here or not.... But Mortin knew there
    was something familiar about this one.... Which didn't entirely make him that comfortable.....
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    Scion the None.jpg

    Scion the None noticed Mortin moving around and staring at her a bit. Only then did she realize her sudden transformation from light into human form rendered her as naked as when she first came into living. A sense of modesty she couldn't really understand took over. She had the notion of being a female creature and what it meant to deal with others-- with other Gods at least. Had she been one of ther kind, was something that escaped her at the moment, but she still knew a little about what was expected of her.

    She moved her hands in a way that seemed a bit too familiar and made a sign in the air that shone as if leaving a trail of white solid light. It didn't take long for those floating sparks to move around her and become some sort of luminous gown. It could have been a bit too much for her current situation, but it wasn't as she had entirely grasped who she was or what was expected of her. But still, all she wanted was to be at ease.
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    Empathy, Alexis knew nothing of the word any more than she could put a finger to the fact that she could feel things that didn’t seem to be coming from her. Amnesia it gave one an opportunity to see things from an unbiased point of view, fresh and new. She didn’t speak about it, but she felt that there was uncertainty, perhaps sadness in Oreina. It would be a topic that maybe they could speak of after they dealt with this new person.

    There was a momentary feeling that perhaps she should open the door, look up at the skies or look around for the next unexpected event. This was definitely turning out to be quite the day. She wasn’t even sure she had a word or even an exact feeling for it. And even as she watched the interaction with this Scion and the rest of those in the room, a sense of urgency pressed in the back of her mind. It called to her like the soft sounds of a song, bidding her forward.

    Alexis said out loud, as if testing the name.

    She looked first at Oreina and then at Mortin, the two seemed to know this female standing before them. There was a moment, a slight feeling that she felt she was supposed to know this woman too.

    “Well, maybe it’s something in the water. I do hope this amnesia isn’t contagious. Oreina you may have to separate us from everyone if this continues.”

    It was not said in jest, but in honesty of someone who knew practically nothing. How she spoke, how she understood, there must be parts of her that remembered. The rest, she would just have to muddle through and from the strange looks and Asha’s own confusion at her behavior things would not be boring.

    “I’ve got a better idea, how about we see to Scion’s wounds and all of us sit down to breakfast. I have a feeling we’re going to need it.”

    Alexis helped Oriena guide Scion to a seat along counter before going to the cupboard to place another dish, cup and utensils before her. Little things, like knowing the speech, reading, understanding, and knowing where things were in this house were unconsciously second nature. The bigger things, like family, her husband, others in her life and events of her life were simply not there. She bit her tongue as a sharp prick of pain pulsed through her head. Another headache, how lovely.

    “Scion, I don’t suppose you have any memories that you can share? Something to help us all piece together this large and ever growing and confusing puzzle?”

    It was not in her words, or her actions, but Alexis was growing frustrated. Oreina would likely sense it in her sister.
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    "Thank you so much for taking care of my wounds," Scion the None said a little embarrassed of taking advantage of people she barely recalled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis View Post
    “Scion, I don’t suppose you have any memories that you can share? Something to help us all piece together this large and ever growing and confusing puzzle?”
    The new arrival looked into Alexis eyes wondering about everything she knew she was missing but was unable to point out. A deep sense of loss strangled her breathing, but she still couldn’t figure a thing. She had a sense of knowing the people around her, but were they ever that close? Some familiarity was in the air, yet she had no feelings for them. None at all. Just a sense of strangeness. Ghosts in her mind with blurring faces and fading pasts.

    "Before I crashed against your home I was just light. I didn’t had a sense of who I was or what I wanted. I was drawn to this place, to your home. There was something in this world that attracted me. But it wasn’t a conscious decision for me to come, it was a pull I just couldn’t resist--"

    She looked for a moment into the window that broke as she arrived.

    "I didn’t have a sense of self until I became this woman-- And now I just can’t shake all these emotions that don’t seem to be attached to actual memories." She sighed. "But I do know this was my shape long time ago. Other than that, I have a notion of love and loss. Of life and death. But anything more than that-- I just don’t know--"

    She touched her face as if trying to recognize her own flesh. Wounds were still fresh, but they didn’t hurt. The emptiness inside, though, was something else--

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    Mortin has gone off too get a broom and pan to clean up the glass.
    returning he was please Scion was clothed an seated instead of laying
    on the floor.... Mortin Chuckled as he cleaned up the mess.

    "Amnesia isn't a disease, it's physical.... and very

    Mortin stood after cleaning up the mess as he did so he turned too
    look at Scion and point too Oriena with his free hand...

    "Oriena is probably the only one who knows anything about
    you at this point Scion the None, At some point you may get memory's of a
    man that looks like me... But that's about where the similarity ends....
    And if you have had dealings with him... I feel sorry for you...."

    Mortin threw the glass into the garbage and put the broom an pan away before
    returning too cook. He felt a little bad for handing it all off to Oriena, But
    at this point the truth is quite important people... Mortin caught him self
    checking out Alexis again... He still hasn't quite used too the new look...
    It was also making him wonder about how he had previously perceived or thought of her...

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    "Here, take a sip of this, Scion. It will heal your wounds - well, the ones you can see, at least."

    Oreina offered Mortin's gourde to Scion. The water inside glowed a soft lavender, but otherwise seemed to be normal water. As she leaned against the table, arms folded over her chest, she had the vague feeling that she was making the newcomer uncomfortable. Oreina took a seat, tilting it back to balance on its back legs as she watched Scion, Alexis and Mortin. How fortunate that he came - his gourde and his sense of duty were coming in handy. She tried not to allow herself too much hope as Alexis successfully navigated her own kitchen to prepare space for Scion.

    "Honestly, Scion, I don't know you all that well to be filling you in on who you are...or were. I know that you are associated with Meteoro - Alexis' father - and that you were...gentle in spirit." At this, Oreina smiled. "In that respect, I don't think you've lost as much of who you are as you think you have."

    Food began arriving on the table, interrupting her train of thought and bringing her chair back to a more appropriate level for partaking in a meal. "Alexis is right - we're all going to need the energy this food will provide. Not that it's going to take me much convincing to partake. Mortin, I think you've missed your calling." Oreina closed her eyes as her nose sucked in every scent it could. Of course, it went in his favour that he'd made bacon...
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    Scion heard Mortin’s words and observed him as he cleaned the crystal mess she left behind on her arrival. She would have helped him, but she still didn’t feel strong enough. He seemed like a good man, but he was troubled. She could tell right away there was a sense of sadness within him, a sense of loss.

    "If I ever remember you", she said to Mortin, "I’m certain those will be the memories of a kind man. I can see it in you. I hope you can find your path… And for all that matters, I really hope we can all do the same…"

    Amnesia seemed to be a common thing among those in the room. It couldn’t be a coincidence that they were all drawn to the same spot. Could it be that their experiences were similar to her own?

    Scion drank the glowing water from Mortin’s gourde as it was offered by Oreina. As the liquid flowed in her mouth, a soft light covered her skin and flared when it touched her wounds, mending them, healing them, and leaving behind a soft fragrance that made her think of the most exquisite lavender flourished fields.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oreina View Post
    "Honestly, Scion, I don't know you all that well to be filling you in on who you are...or were. I know that you are associated with Meteoro - Alexis' father - and that you were...gentle in spirit." At this, Oreina smiled. "In that respect, I don't think you've lost as much of who you are as you think you have.”
    At the mention of Meteoro’s name, a chill crawled over her skin. She couldn’t place him, but it made her feel in danger. Still, she let it fade. If he was Alexis’ father, then she could be related with her as well. Hopefully their relationship was good. That would explain why she was in this place to begin with.

    "Thank you so much, Oreina. For some reason it is reassuring to know that I was a gentle creature… I don’t feel exactly that way about myself, but still…

    “I find it odd calling myself a woman. When I try to figure out my own thoughts, I see myself as so much more than human, but in a way, also much less…

    “It troubles me to realize that I’ve been detached from humanity for so long. It feels as if my connection with the living was so frail that it could fade at any moment. And… and… I’ll go silent now. I need to think and I don’t want to overwhelm you with my confusion.”

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    Mortin placed a few more plates of food on too the table before
    turning to look a Scion the None.

    "I don't know if I'd call myself a kind man...
    Especially after all I've done..."

    Mortin paused to think of his past and the horror's he'd

    "I value Honor and respect though... That's why I'm here.
    I'm the only one here without amnesia or memory issues... I've spent the
    last good many years living on Planet Tigers getting too know Alexis and
    trying too atone my sins..."

    Mortin turned too look at Alexis and bowed, before turning back to Scion.

    "I am grateful for that even after I told her the whole
    truth about my past she allowed me to stay and even entrusted me with responsibility's
    from time to time.... I'm here now because Asha said she was in trouble.... I may seem
    like a 'kind' person to you Scion, But there is another just like me... in nearly all
    aspects accept he is the complete opposite of me. think of him like a twin brother

    Mortin took a chair and sat down... Alexis's father.... For the life of him,
    Mortin didn't remember in any of their lengthy or short conversations of her family
    other then William that they talked about... And that was just mostly where he was
    or when he'd be back... Alexis's children... He'd meet them on several occasions,
    Alexis had deemed him worthy enough to be trusted with meeting the most importing
    people in her life.... Mortin had thought that special, and now he would do anything
    and everything in his power to help Alexis find her children.

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    There was so much sadness in Mortin’s story. Scion was curious as to what could he have committed that put so much weight in his soul. She had to know but didn’t want to be rude, not right now that she was barely getting to know him-- Or getting to know him for the second time.

    She didn’t remember much, just a few flashes and some faces without names, but of one thing she was certain: A moment ago she was dead and now she was alive, and she intented to hold dearly into her newly regained life.

    “We’ve all been different people than those we are now, but our pasts shouldn’t define who we want to be in the future, Mortin.” She wanted to touch his arm, but held back. She didn’t want to scare him away. “I’m just grateful to have run into you. I know deep inside that we were destined to meet here. This is no coincidence. I heard what you said, I'm not ignoring it, but I see so much more in you--”

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    Scion’s words brought an unexplained smile to Alexis’ face. She could not deny the feeling of comfort, of being home as she moved about the kitchen. The only being in the room she was faintly familiar with was still a huge mystery to her, a puzzle waiting for her to solve. And yet, shouldn’t she be concerned that she herself had no recollection of anything? How did she know how to talk, to understand or even process the knowledge that was hidden from her in this amnesia?

    “I have a feeling that Asha has that effect on anyone who comes to visit.”

    The food was prepared, the dining area set with dishes and silverware, and enough places were prepared for the current guests in the cabin. Alexis found herself listening to the others speak. When Oreina commented about the bacon, she felt her skin prickle with excitement and her eye’s dilate as the smell of meat filled her senses.

    The sudden craving for food dulled the conversation to the back of her mind as she served everyone food. As soon as her quests were taken care of, she sat down to eat. The first thing to touch her lips was the bacon and Alexis unconsciously gave out a satisfied moan. Quickly she ate every piece of bacon on her plate and then proceeded to lick the juices off her fingers. It wasn’t until she looked up from her plate that she realized the room had gone quiet.

    Alexis blushed, perhaps the deepest scarlet that anyone had ever seen from the goddess. Quickly she cleared her throat and spoke up to direct attention elsewhere.

    “Oreina and I were discussing the loss of the rest of my family. Apparently…”
    she looked to Oreina for conformation.

    “..the First have gone missing as well as my children. Logically, searching the area for clues that might help with the loss of memories and possibly point to some answers would prudent?”

    “Scion and Mortin, you are both welcome to come with us. Perhaps Scion, you can regain some of your own memories along the way?”

    Alexis again looked toward Oreina for her thoughts, more so than the feelings she could feel within the room.

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