There was an impossible crack of thunder in the otherwise clear blue skies of this lush green planet. A streak of fire crossed the open skies and impacted the earth with a teeth rattling jolt. A shape, at the center of this impact smoked and fire lapped around its form. An eerie silence consumed the area, not a creature stirred, no birds sang, even the wind seemed to be holding its breath. Suddenly, the earth shifted and moved, shaping itself into the form of a hand and transported the flaming form to the edge of the lake, dipping into the water. The lake hissed and crackled as it doused the raging fire upon the form until every single flame had been drowned.

The earthen hand laid the now wet form along the edge of the lake and disappeared as if it had never been there. For long moments, tension hung in the air as if the world itself was waiting in anticipation for something to happen. The form laid deathly still, unbelievably unscathed by the flames and impact upon entry.

A feminine voice inquired.

The voice had no body, the words seemingly drifting on the currents of the air itself.

“Mother.” The voice entreated.

There was a sudden cough and then the sputtering of air as the form on the ground began to take long deep breaths. Still there was no visible movement.

“Mother, wake up, something terrible has happened!”
The ghostly voice implored.

Every so slightly, eyelids began to flutter and the form on the ground moaned. It took several minutes to coax the eyes to remain opened, yet the body had still not moved. The eyes seemed momentarily dulled and lifeless, a pale coating covering the lenses as if death and life were in a struggle to the sudden rebirthing of the being on the ground.

“Please mother, get up!” The voice echoed.

The eyes blinked, and after a few more attempts, they seemed to clear to their natural color. And then the colored changed and began to pulse with a brilliant orange just before the form itself seemed to reanimate itself. First it was the slight movements of fingers, twitching then grasping for the earth, digging their nails in for a firm hold, before other parts of the body began to move.

Eventually, a young woman half sat up as if lounging lady like along the grass. Her eyes took in the sights before her as her head began to rotate along her shoulders taking in the sights around her. They came back to settle on the body of water right next to her. The young woman righted herself and faced the lake, resting on her knees she bent to cup the water in her hands to drink. After she got her fill, she dipped back to the water to splash it upon her face to fully wake her senses.

As the water settled, she caught her reflection in the water. Something was off, the face staring back at her was familiar, but it wasn’t exactly right either. Caught up in the contemplation about her reflection, the young woman startled at an older woman standing behind. She her jerked back from the water to look behind her but found no one. Quickly she turned back to the lake to look into the reflection, only this time it was her face that aged into this woman.

“What is going on?” The young woman whispered.

Her mind raced, how did she get here, and where was here? She quickly turned around taking in her surroundings again, spotting the cabin across the lake. It seems so familiar to her, like coming home, only she had no memories of this place. Come to think about it, she realized she had no memories at all, not even her name. The tiny hairs at the nap of neck prickled, her senses were suddenly alive. And the synapses of nerves carrying information to her brain were alive with crackling energy pouring into her mind like an avalanche.

She looked back into the reflection of water, willing it, scrying the information she needed. Her hand came up and touched the side of her face.

“Who am I?”

She should be terrified, but oddly she felt serenity.

“You are mother.”

She whipped, looking for the owner of the voice who had replied.

“Whose there? Where are you?” The young woman asked.

“Your daughter. I’m here” Came the simple reply.

The voice was everywhere and nowhere at once, but that did not answer the young woman’s question. Perhaps a different approach was needed.

“Okay, if you know me, what is my name and what do you mean by you’re here?”

“You are Alexis, you are mother, and here is right here. You are standing on me.” The voice replied.

So many things happened at once; Alexis rolled the name around in her mind at the same time as knowing that the only thing she stood on….was the ground. So many possibilities bombarded her mind; Alexis knew she should know the answers to her own questions.

“You’re this planet.” Alexis replied.

She had thought just the ground itself, but knew that was not the answer. It was bigger than she had initially thought to respond with. Emotions warred with logic. So many questions, but her head was beginning to throb. The voice, planet Alexis corrected herself, was quiet, as if she knew she was thinking.

“You called me mother that would mean that you believe me to be your creator.” Alexis spoke her thoughts out loud.

“And the face I saw.” She began as she turned back to look at her reflection in the water.

“It’s mine, both of them?”

“Yes.” The planet answered.

“Okay, assuming that you’re correct, and oddly enough I believe you. Something’s happened, I’ve lost my memories, I seem to be younger and I just woke up on the very planet I created.”

Alexis laughed softly. This was a hell of a way to start ones day.

“Something terrible has happened.” The planet repeated.

“You’re children are scattered, some of them lost and in danger. Things have changed, they are no more.”

“Children?!” Alexis started.

Okay, the planet was bad enough, but she has children! And she didn't look like she could be anyone's mother, right? She looked at her youthful face in the reflection of the lake. She looked like she might be 18 years old, not enough to have full grown children. And they had to be full grown, the older face in the mirror looked like a woman who would have older children. Alexis took a breath to keep from letting the slight edge of fear and panic try to creep into her senses.

“Where are they, where are my children?” Alexis inquired with urgency.