“I will go with you,” Scion said to Alexis without hesitation. “I know there’s more to the emptiness inside of me than just solitude and a deep sense of abandonment. There’s so much more and I want to find out. I know I was whole at one point and I want to go back to that moment in my life. I’m not giving up, not after-- not after--” Words were on the tip of her tongue, but they didn’t come out with the clarity she would have expected. Words like ”not after being the faultiest leader House Sinister ever had,” “not after having been born as an unnatural clone,” “not after marrying the wrong God,” “not after giving up my life…” Her breath came up empty, without the right words she needed to complete her unconscious thoughts.

Still, deep inside she knew who she was, and who she wanted to be. She was so much more than the simple reflection of a different sun. For so long she was the moon to other people’s suns, but at last she shone with her own light. She knew she did, and she wanted to become that person and be whole again. For too long she allowed other people’s bright define her and she knew she had moved past that time, she only needed to find herself anew and-- and this was the path she needed to take.

She took Alexis’ hand into her own.

“I will go with you and I can promise you I’ll be the fiercest ally you could ever have by your side.”