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    “I will go with you,” Scion said to Alexis without hesitation. “I know there’s more to the emptiness inside of me than just solitude and a deep sense of abandonment. There’s so much more and I want to find out. I know I was whole at one point and I want to go back to that moment in my life. I’m not giving up, not after-- not after--” Words were on the tip of her tongue, but they didn’t come out with the clarity she would have expected. Words like ”not after being the faultiest leader House Sinister ever had,” “not after having been born as an unnatural clone,” “not after marrying the wrong God,” “not after giving up my life…” Her breath came up empty, without the right words she needed to complete her unconscious thoughts.

    Still, deep inside she knew who she was, and who she wanted to be. She was so much more than the simple reflection of a different sun. For so long she was the moon to other people’s suns, but at last she shone with her own light. She knew she did, and she wanted to become that person and be whole again. For too long she allowed other people’s bright define her and she knew she had moved past that time, she only needed to find herself anew and-- and this was the path she needed to take.

    She took Alexis’ hand into her own.

    “I will go with you and I can promise you I’ll be the fiercest ally you could ever have by your side.”

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    Mortin shook his head a Scion's comment about the past defining
    the future. as he created an energy ball in his hand, slowly making
    it grow and shrink as he spoke.

    "I suppose it's all how people define things in their
    own perspective... Until I met Alexis and her Twin my past defined me...
    and probably still would, If I let my past define me then I'd have just killed
    you all, Blown up Asha and moved on to the next victim.... Your right there
    is much more in me, so much that I don't even know all of it... But only
    because of Alexis and her Twin."

    As Mortin finished speaking he shrunk the energy ball one last time
    before absorbing it. before turning his head to address Alexis.

    "No disrespect Alexis, But you don't have a choice in
    the matter. You couldn't get rid of me if you tried. We'll find your
    children, William and what happened to the first.... Thought to be honest
    what we find of any of it may not be as happy as you maybe hoping for....
    The other prospect also, is that what ever has affected, taken of befallen
    the First... may so befall all of you... I know it's not something you
    want to think about. But it's a possibility...."

    Mortin took a sip of water as he finished speaking.

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    Oreina couldn't help but allow the small smile to break over her face, even though the topic at hand was so serious. How like the "old days" - rousing a party of like-minded souls to run off and save the universe. Well, this time they were starting a little smaller - Alexis' family. Sometimes you had to start small to get a hold of the bigger picture. At least they had two staunch allies to go along with them. She and Alexis had been fighting on their own for quite some time. It would be good to have the company. Her smile turned into more a smirk as Mortin stated the worst-case scenario.

    "If only we could be so lucky." she said dryly. "In all seriousness, though, we have no idea what happened to them, so in doing whatever we are doing we may very well fall into the same trap. And if there's a possibility that it IS a trap...I'd rather run in than wait for the jaws to close on me."

    She pushed away from the table as though to get up, but remained where she was. Where to start? That always seemed to be the question.

    "I no longer have the El Cazador talisman - I think the red clone took it when he dropped me off at the lab - so I can't just "wish" us to our targets, unfortunately." She stated this mostly for Mortin's sake, as she didn't think he knew the loss of the talisman, and also to remind Alexis in case she remembered the talisman...and not the other bit.

    "Mortin and Scion were both drawn here by Asha...perhaps Asha can provide us with some direction?"
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    Alexis still wasn’t aware of her empathic abilities, and despite the things that filtered through her senses she had not truly felt the effects. Perhaps it was the food and the fact that it tasted so wonderful, or the company, or the simple fact she had become relaxed in this moment and unbeknownst to the young goddess was taking everything in without distractions? Whatever the cause, she was struck by the None’s sincerity, by the sudden contact of her taking her hand.

    A flash of emotions roiled through Alexis that had her feeling so many different emotions at once, she felt as if she’d just explode. And with those flashes of emotions came flashes of beings she did not known, but felt she should. It jolted her to the core

    “Thank you.” She whispered almost in audibly.

    “I believe you.”

    But her senses did not have the opportunity to recover, because Mortin drew her attention away from the None. The pull was still there and as she turned to look at Mortin, she hesitated and looked at the None for a few seconds more. The second mention of the word twin snapped her attention now fully to Mortin.

    “Did you say twin?!” The younger Alexis arched and eyebrow and looked from Mortin and then to Oreina.

    Mortin’s momentary comments about destruction flew over her head as her mind now had something else to ponder.

    “Twin?” She repeated more to herself.

    A multitude of questions popped into her head, before she was once again assaulted by the genuine sincerity of Mortin’s words. It nearly chocked her up, feeling the friendship and dedication from beings she could not remember. How could she have garnered such a humble thing as friendship and loyalty from these beings?

    “Thank you Mortin.” She replied. The evident emotion wavered in her voice as she spoke.

    She let her feelings marinate a bit, dissecting and examining what they did to her inwardly. She found it distracting as Oreina spoke, so she shut off the emotions and focused on the other woman and what she had to say.

    The mention of the El Cazador Talisman did not mean anything to her, but it was yet another “item” she felt she should have known about. Her face pinched ever so slightly between her brows as she felt the urge of frustration push momentarily to the front. At the mention of Asha however, Alexis suddenly let the emotion go and concentrated on the Planet.

    “Asha?” Alexis asked questioningly.

    There was a feeling of great sadness and shame that suddenly surged from the planet’s core. If Asha had a humanoid body, Alexis would have sworn she had hung her head in shame.

    “I know where to find William.” There was a pause.

    “I just had not had the time to tell mother.” Another pause.

    “There are also some clues here as to where the others might have gone. But I cannot read the scratching’s that other beings use to know what might have been said.”

    There was a longer pause.

    “I can show you all if you are ready.”

    Silently, almost on instinct not on knowledge, Alexis reached out to Asha.

    “Why are you ashamed…and so sad?”

    “I do not wish to cause you pain mother, It will be easier to show you all when you are ready.”

    “Alright.” Alexis replied gently, feeling as if the planet needed more comfort than she.
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    Alexis’ gratefulness was so powerful that Scion the None could almost touch it with her bare hands. The connection she had with the planet they were standing on was also impressive. She had a notion of other sentient worlds, but she just couldn’t place them. Could it be that she had one of her own? Once again her memories were playing against her…

    Oreina’s determination and strength was empowering. She wanted to get involved, fix their situation, stop being victims and take over whatever had been playing with her, with us… Scion liked her. There was so much she could learn just by being around her.

    Scion was also moved by the loyalty she felt in Mortin’s words. His was a tortured soul. He was doing his best to do things right, but deep down he was so afraid of his shortcomings that he kept on building a wall around him. Not that she was any different, she just used different tools to stay distant… Maybe her forgetfulness was not entirely something to regret.

    “It’s time,” Scion said to this strange group that seemed to have been formed by a weird command of destiny. “If Asha knows where to find this William, let’s go meet him. I know I will find my own answers as I stay around you.”

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    Asha's emotions had an immediate effect on Oreina. Though she wasn't a true empath, she did have a connection to the planet, and the shame and sadness emanating from its core was almost debilitating. Why hadn't she noticed earlier? She'd been on Asha's surface for quite some time before today and the planet hadn't said anything. Of course, it made sense that Asha would want to communicate with Alexis on sensitive matters before talking to anyone else...it's just that she didn't expect to not have noticed the planet's turmoil. Perhaps she needed to remember how to pay attention to others instead after having spent so much time re-ordering herself.

    "I am so sorry I didn't notice your pain, Asha." Oreina offered the apology in a whisper, as she took to her feet. She knew whatever the planet was going to show them couldn't be good and fell in beside Alexis as Asha led them out of the cabin.

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