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    It definitely does have the potential to create mayhem - although not right away, because Willard isn't going to be in any hurry to face Blanche after this, so she won't find out immediately.
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    I don't think it'll work well for Willard to admit he failed. But, if you want to create a very evil alliance, King Stefan would be more then willing.

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    I approve heartily of this idea!

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    I thought you would.

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    Maleficent is worried that Isobel will think a lot less of her, since she now knows that she cast that sleeping curse on Aurora. Story time with Maleficent should be interesting.

    Anne: Maleficent didn't forget about Kalona. Isobel and Carrie were just in the more immediate danger.

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    Isobel isn't rushing to judgment on that. She assumes there was a reason.

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    She's right, there was a reason. Granted going after a baby to get to the father wasn't Maleficent's finest moment.

    Diaval will try to get Isobel to kiss Carrie, since he did see the look Carrie gave her. Too bad he can't talk.
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    Well I mean it shouldn't be that hard.

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    I'm not worried about you abandoning Kalona, tho I'll admit I'm a bit concerned about missing all the rescuing before he can get back. But he really didn't like the look in Pino's eye, so he's pushing for a quick reunion. When he pushes, he really does.

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    I think Dinah's rescue will be more of a whole group effort.

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