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    Meanwhile, Kalona is pretending to cooperate with Pino. Kawelo aren't cooperating, nor are they pretending to. Which should be interesting when they find out what's behind that door.

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    And thus the final confrontation (at least for this chapter) begins!

    Isobel, Kalona, and Maleficent do not have the ability to harm Pino. Any attack they used against him would be harmless. The newcomers would be able to attack him if they so choose, or they could try a different tactic - it's up to you.
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    I felt Kalona needed to commit. He's not doing anything meant to harm Pino, thankfully; just tackling for pinning purposes.

    I'm sorry for the wait; other parts of my life had gotten very distracting. I hope it's better now, but we'll see.

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    In case this wasn't obvious, ultimately Pino is treating the two queens differently than Kalona because he has an issue with women, especially powerful women.

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