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    Yes, the suspense is nice.
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    I went ahead and posted because I thought advancing the quest a little would give everyone more to respond to.

    So here's the deal with that mirror:

    The mirror shows an aspect of each character's hidden selves that they try to conceal, a part that is important in making them who they are and causing how they tick. Obviously what this looks like for each of them is defined by their player.

    Isobel saw herself on the day of the wedding because she was so incredibly traumatized by it, and most of her fears, insecurities, and motivations are affected by that day, though she tries to hide how much emotional pain it still causes her.

    Carrie, on the other hand, just saw her normal self because she doesn't ever really make an attempt to hide her true nature - she just is who she is, so there was nothing for the mirror to unmask regarding how people see her. (Which is not to say she is without other secrets, however. We will discover that she has some. )

    Anyone who steps up to the mirror can see and be seen by anyone else who is also looking. They will all have to face it before they can pass.

    On a different but also mirror-related note, there is a reason that Blanche was suddenly able to find Isobel. Carrie's cottage is heavily warded against intrusion by enemies - including magical intrusion - and Isobel hasn't left the boundaries of Carrie's land since she was rescued. Once she left the magically protected area by coming to Castle Riordan, Blanche's mirror was finally able to locate her.
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    I love the idea of the mirror. I'll definitely show how Maleficent looked when Stefan defeated her to take the Moors. That's what made her who she is and that's a side of her that she wouldn't want the others to see.

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    I'm going to have to think over that mirror. I wonder if the scene I decided not to show in the prologue would be a good choice? {lost in thought}

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    I figured we should let people react to what just happened before continuing the adventure.

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    Good idea. I'm glad folks don't seem to mind that my mirror piece was a conversation, instead of just images, but that's what made sense to me for it to show. There really aren't any iconic images or moments that stand out visually -- it's all who says what when that matters. {Smile}

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    I liked your idea, Anne.

    And, MK, I think Isobel and Maleficent will end up becoming good friends.

    I'm also going to work on a post with Phillip. He's definitely going to question somethings people have said about Maleficent.

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    I agree that Isobel and Maleficent will be friends. They have a lot in common!

    I really enjoy what everyone has done with this scene.

    By the way, at some point Willard will be tracking them down. Aren't we overjoyed?
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    Yes they do. And I agree that everyone did a great job with the scene. This story is lots of fun.

    Boo for Willard. Can Maleficent just turn him into a toad?

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