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    Fairy Tale/Legend Stories

    Fairy Tale/Legend Stories

    Fractured Fairy Tales is an RP based on the concept of flipping the hero and villain roles in traditional stories to shake them up and make them unique. Because of how folklore spreads, though, many of even the most well-known tales have multiple different versions that can diverge quite a lot. We can't always assume that the story I know is exactly the same one you do, even if we call it by the same name.

    That being the case, please use this thread to give us your own brief retelling of the original fairy tale or legend you are basing your characters on. This can be a matter of a few sentences if you wish and only needs to include the bare facts - no need to worry much about style - just so your fellow players know which version of the story you are using and which events are "canon" for your tale.

    Kawelo, Roving Chief
    Sleeping Beauty
    Snow White
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    Snow White

    There was a fair maiden, Snow White, the daughter of a king. Her stepmother the queen asked her enchanted mirror, "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" One day, the answer changed. No longer was the stepmother the fairest in the kingdom. Now, the mirror told her that the fairest was Snow White.

    The queen sent her huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart, but the huntsman took pity on the girl and brought back the heart of an animal to the queen instead. Snow White took up residence in a cottage with seven dwarves.

    Time passed, and once again the queen asked her mirror who was the fairest. The mirror again replied that the fairest was Snow White. The queen then made several attempts to kill Snow White, first with an enchanted corset and a poisoned comb, and finally with a magic apple.

    Snow White fell into a deep coma and was placed in a glass coffin by the dwarves. A prince was passing by and asked if he could have the apparently dead Snow White, and the dwarves said he could. (Yes, this is extremely weird. It is in the story. Seriously.) As the prince attempted to move the coffin, the piece of apple was dislodged from Snow White's throat and she woke up.

    Snow White and the prince fell in love, of course. The queen - as punishment for her crimes - was forced to dance in red hot iron slippers at Snow White's wedding.

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    Sleeping Beauty

    Once upon a time, the human kingdom of Perrault and the fairy kingdom of the Moors lived in peace. That was until King Henry came to power. He was a selfish king and wanted to leave a great legacy. He believed the best way to cement it was to conquer the Moors and expand Perrault's rule.

    King Henry was an old king, though. He could not lead army anymore. And he only had one child, a daughter named Leah. So, he sent word through out his kingdom that any strong young man that could lead an army and take the Moors would be given Leah's hand in marriage and become the next king.

    Many a young man tried to answer King Henry's call to arms but all failed. While the fairies were generally kind of heart, they did not take well to being attacked. They defended their home. The greatest defender of the Moors was its Queen, Maleficent.

    That was until Stefan came. He was a born a peasant but believed he was destined for greatness. He took the king's army and did what no others could before him. He conquered the Moors and cut off Maleficent's wings. He would have killed the Fairy Queen if not for her beloved, Diaval. Diaval almost died saving her life and Maleficent used dark magic to turn him into a raven so he would not die and could be with her always.

    With the defeat of Maleficent, King Henry made good on his promise. His daughter Leah married Stefan and Stefan was crowned king when King Henry passed on.

    King Stefan and Queen Leah lived a happy life and Leah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, that they named Aurora. The king and queen threw a grand celebration for their only child.

    People from all over came to celebrate the princess. It was a joyous occasion, until Maleficent came. She cursed Princess Aurora. Saying that on her sixteenth birthday the princess would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep coma. Only true love's kiss would awake her.

    Angry at the curse, King Stefan ordered all the spinning wheels in the kingdom to be burned and he tried to keep his daughter locked away. But it did not work. Maleficent tricked the princess and she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel.

    There was another twist to the curse that King Stefan and Queen Leah did not know and Maleficent kept from them. Not only would Princess Aurora fall into a coma but so would the whole Kingdom of Perrault. It became the Sleeping Kingdom and Maleficent used her dark magic to keep Aurora's true love away.

    Thrones surrounded the castle walls and Maleficent had many terrible beasts guarding the castle. Many a brave man tried to scale the castle walls and find the Sleeping Beauty. Believing if they woke her, then surely the king and queen would give them Aurora's hand in marriage for saving the kingdom. One by one they would fall. Eventually the castle was not only surrounded by thrones, but also the bones of Princess Aurora's would be saviors.

    That was until Prince Phillip of Ulstead came. Until his mother, Queen Mary, slipped up and told him he was actually betrothed to Aurora since her birth, Phillip knew nothing of the princess. His mother had been trying to protect him. She had heard the tales of Maleficent and did not want her son to go up against the Mistress of Evil. Especially since her husband, King William, had passed away. Queen Mary had feared her son would not survive and she could not bare the thought of losing her only child.

    Prince Phillip was a brave prince, though. Upon learning that Aurora was his intended, he took his father's sword and told his mother he was going to rescue his princess. He scaled the Perrault's walls and faced off with Maleficent. He was believed to have slayed her when she used her dark magic to turn into a dragon.

    With the defeat of Maleficent, Phillip found the Sleeping Beauty and awoke her with true love's kiss. Their kiss broke Maleficent's spell. The Kingdom of Perrault woke up and the people rejoiced. They had been saved!

    Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora married, of course, uniting the Kingdoms of Perrault and Ulstead under one crown.
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    Kawelo, Roving Chief

    A baby was born to the King of Kaua'i. A son was greeted with much rejoicing... and a kahuna gave a prophecy: this baby would grow up to be great man with strong sons... and a great sorrow.

    The baby had grown into a young lad when his father's kingdom was attacked. He wasn't old enough to go off to battle, so Kawelo was spirited away to O'ahu when his father was killed in battle, and the invading army took over the kingdom.

    On O'ahu, Kawelo found his two uncles, who began to teach him what they knew about warfare, and about life. While studying, he met two other young lads, whom he liked well enough to adopt on the spot. They studied under his uncles until they were young men, and Kawelo's uncles told them that they had no more to teach them. But Kawelo didn't feel ready to go up against his father's usurper, and he was determined to do just that. So he sought out the greatest arms-master on all of O'ahu, and asked him to teach himself and his sons what he could. The man reluctantly agreed. He taught the young men with the help of his son and his beautiful daughter, pairing Kawelo and his sons with himself and his own children.

    While sparring, Kawelo fell in love with the arms-master's daughter. His final test was to throw spears straight at her. The first time he tried, he couldn't, throwing the spears down on the ground rather than at the maiden. But the arms-master made it clear Kawelo had to attack his daughter to pass. So Kawelo practiced for days afterwards, then tried again, threw four spears perfectly aimed at the young lady...

    ...who dodged each one neatly.

    Delighted that the woman had survived, Kawelo asked her hand in marriage.

    Her father the arms-master flat-out refused to allow the match.

    His daughter, tho, accepted over her father's objections. Yes, she was trained as a warrior, but she also wanted to be wife and mother.

    Incensed, the Armsmaster disowned the pair on the spot.

    Undeterred, they married, and went off to Kaua'i with Kawelo's sons, his uncles, and other men willing to fight for Kawelo's cause. Kawelo won back his father's kingdom after fighting the usurper's army, and killing his giant of a champion, despite the king seeming to know where Kawelo and his men would attack.

    They were ready to celebrate their victory when Kawelo's uncle's came to him with an announcement. The enemy had known their moves because there had been a traitor in their midst who had told him. The traitor had been found and caught...

    ...It was his favorite son, the one almost as good a warrior as Kawelo. Kawelo could not believe it, but the evidence was clear. With great regret he knew what he had to do. He had to declare his son a traitor, and execute him himself. He did, throwing the warclub away and wailing his grief as soon as the killing stroke was done.

    His wife came forward to remind him that he still had her, and his other son, who'd been as faithful as his brother hadn't.
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