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    Isobel and Willard

    "Just let her go, Willard," Isobel said wearily. "You know it's me Blanche wants. As long as you have me, she'll forget about Carrie."

    "True," Willard agreed. "But it's not the queen I'm concerned about. I need a means of securing your cooperation. Nothing can make me trust you. Except the fact that you know she's being held hostage, and she'll die painfully if you make a wrong move."

    Isobel knew that Willard wasn't going to budge on that. She had absolutely no leverage with him, and couldn't think of any method to get any. She would need to find a way to get rid of him instead. That would be difficult, but probably not impossible.

    If only she knew how Maleficent and Kalona were faring... but she would need to rescue herself before she had any hope of rescuing them from whatever peril they might be in.

    They had gotten here through a mirror, Isobel thought. The room had cracked like a mirror to separate them. She could manipulate mirrors. Maybe she could get them all back in the same place, at least. Rather than focusing on the whole room, Isobel focused on just the wall beside her. She enchanted it like a mirror, used her mind to push it aside... and suddenly, Diaval's path would no longer be blocked. He would be able to see where Isobel and Carrie were being held.

    Willard told Isobel conversationally, "Your friend Maleficent is probably already dead."

    "Oh, I doubt it," Isobel said, trying to keep her tone breezy to mask the fear the casual statement inspired. "She's quite tough. But why would you say so?"

    "Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora are here to kill her. And to help me capture you."

    "Capture me? Why?" Isobel was baffled. "My fate wouldn't concern them in any way."

    "They know you're trash," Willard told her. "Everyone knows it. They didn't even hesitate to agree you should die. They promised instantly to help me."

    "Well, you must have been just delighted to realize they were monsters like you, then," Isobel said disdainfully, but this situation was getting worse and worse. She highly doubted Maleficent was dead - her new friend could clearly hold her own - but they were all in peril, and their list of enemies was greatly outnumbering their allies.
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    Maleficent, Prince Phillip, & Princess Aurora

    Until Isobel manipulated the mirror, Diaval had no idea where Isobel and Carrie were. The room was an endless sea of people, who all seemed to be puppets in a show. He had a feeling the only reason he and Maleficent had found Phillip and Aurora when they did was because Lord Pino had wanted them to. However, Isobel's trick worked and he could see them. The prince was right, the huntsman had them.

    Diaval quickly flew back to his beloved and cawed at her. Gesturing with his raven head for the unlikely trio to follow him. Maleficent nodded her head and told the royals.

    "Diaval found them. Let's go."

    "How do you know what he says?"

    Aurora asked Maleficent curiously. She noticed that Maleficent had a connection to raven. He was more then just a pet to her. Maleficent, at first, was just going to be stubborn and tell the princess it was none of her damn business. But then she remembered she had brokered a deal to help Isobel and Carrie. That deal involved her answering Princess Aurora's questions in return for their help.

    "Because he's everything to me."

    Maleficent replied and could see another question coming and pointed her finger at Aurora.

    "And we don't have time for me to get into more details. Diaval is another long story. One that will have to wait."

    Aurora wanted to know but she nodded her head. Phillip said.

    "Let's catch up with them, before Diaval loses them in the crowd."

    He didn't even want to think through the consequences for Ulstead and Perrault for stopping Willard from taking Azure's Evil Queen. If Queen Blanche's treatment of her stepmother at the wedding reception was any hint of her true nature...Things would not go well. But, Phillip could not stand by and do nothing. No matter what Isobel's crimes were, she hadn't deserved that treatment or whatever was waiting for her back in Azure. Maleficent nodded her head.

    "Right. Lead the way, Diaval."

    Diaval cawed and led the way. As she followed her beloved raven, it was Maleficent's turn to ask a question.

    "Why do you care what happens to Isobel? I'm sure the stories about her are almost as bad as the ones about me."

    Not that Maleficent believed them. She didn't know all that had went down between Isobel and Blanche, but she had seen Isobel in the mirror. Isobel hadn't deserved that treatment, no matter what else she had done. Phillip replied.

    "They are bad but....I think there's more to her story then what Azure says. Like there's more to yours too."

    He truly did believe that. After all, he and Aurora had made a deal with Maleficent. They had made a deal with the Mistress of Evil, who would have thought? Certainly anyone who believed the stories about Maleficent as gospel would never believe that the evil Maleficent would ever make a deal with someone. Or care about anyone besides herself. And yet, she had done both. Even though she had cursed Aurora as an infant and had tried to kill Phillip, she was willing to work with them. For now, to help a friend. Maleficent nodded her head and hoped they weren't too late to help Isobel and Carrie.

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    Isobel and Willard

    "Why do you hate me so much?" Isobel asked.

    "You killed the king," Willard said, repeating the usual line. "And you tried to kill the queen."

    "Of course I did," Isobel replied impatiently. "But you know the king's death was an accident, and why I decided Blanche was too dangerous to live. Neither seemed to bother you at the time. Why now?"

    "You're responsible for my stepdaughter's death!" Willard accused... and instantly knew he had made a mistake, because Isobel was visibly shaken by this news. It wasn't smart to put her in a position where she appeared to care more than he did about his own family - even if it was just his wife's daughter.

    "What happened?"

    Willard shook his head. "It's not important--" he began.

    Isobel interrupted him, her voice raised for the first time. "No, tell me! What the hell happened? Is it Dinah?" It had to be, Isobel thought. Isobel had inadvertently put Dinah directly in Blanche's path, while the younger sibling was unlikely to have gained Blanche's notice. "Is she still alive? Damn it, tell me!"

    "She's alive for now," Willard was discomfited by Isobel's reaction and eager to change the subject. "She committed treason against the crown. Don't worry about it."

    "Willard, don't be an idiot," Isobel said, her voice cold. "You have a massive amount of leverage right now. You don't have to let this happen. You have me. So make a deal. Tell Blanche you won't hand me over to her unless she lets Dinah go. She'll accept that offer. You can save Dinah. I'll help you..."

    Willard shrugged. "Maybe I don't want to," he said. "Who am I to stand in the way of the queen's justice?"

    Isobel had been so focused on the unwelcome news about Dinah's fate that she only belatedly noticed they were being approached. Her heart briefly filled with hope and relief when she saw Maleficent... then sank again when she realized who was with her. Maleficent was now with two young people who could only be Phillip and Aurora, and seemingly entirely by choice? And Phillip and Aurora wanted Isobel dead.

    Of course, Isobel thought. Of course this was how it would turn out. She knew what they must think of her, bruised and bleeding, bound to a chair by her enemy - weak. Useless. And what was useless was discarded, just like always.

    With this twist of fate, Isobel decided the situation was simply no longer survivable for her. It was just a question of math now, and the odds against her were too long. That didn't mean the situation was hopeless, though. At least not for the people who mattered. She had one bargaining chip left. Herself. And given how much Blanche hated her, that bargaining chip could prove significant.

    Willard grinned at Phillip and Aurora. "I see you've found your quarry too," he said. "A successful night for all of us. Can you keep an eye on my prisoner for a moment? I need to check on the other one... and I could use a glass of champagne. Don't worry; she won't try to escape. I have something she needs, something she wants to keep in one piece."

    He walked away, confident that he could do so without risk to his plan. After all, good people like the prince and princess wouldn't side with an evil queen.

    Isobel was too ashamed to meet Maleficent's eyes, so her gaze was slightly averted, but her voice was clear. "I want to make a deal."

    Now the icy, confident mask was fully in place Ė like she was a queen again. Isobel wished Willard hadnít hit her, since she knew the bruises would somewhat take away from the effect, but there was nothing to be done about that. She couldnít even wipe the blood from her face. But that didnít mean she couldnít still bargain.

    "Help me get rid of Willard, and Iíll be your prisoner instead. Iíll tell any story you want about how you courageously defeated the evil queen in battle. Your reputation for heroic bravery will only grow, Prince, and when you present me to Queen Blanche in chains, youíll have the opportunity for an alliance with Azure that will benefit your own people. You'll get all the credit and all the glory for yourselves. And donít worry Ė the queen has plenty of other torturers, so even with Willard gone, youíll still get to witness my suitably gruesome death. In exchange for my cooperation and the necessary theatrics, you must demand that Queen Blanche spare the lives of my friend Carrie and a servant girl named Dinah. Blanche will do it, and will think she came out on top. She hates me more than she cares about either of them, I promise. Can we come to an accord?"

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    Maleficent, Prince Phillip, & Princess Aurora

    The trio followed Diaval to Willard and Carrie. They agreed that it would be best to make it look like Maleficent was their prisoner. Since Maleficent knew who the enemies were at the ball, there was no more needed for deception with the staff. She took off the glass globe and showed the royals it was truly a spear. Despite her doubts, she decided to put some faith into their agreement, and handed Aurora the spear. She then put her arms behind her back, like she had tied up with a rope from the drapes. It was loosely tied and Maleficent would easily be able to slip out of it, but Willard didn't need to know that.

    As the group approached, all three heard about Dinah. Another innocent it seemed to be trapped in the Queen of Azure's games. Maleficent thought that this Queen Blanche was very cruel. And this huntsman was an ass. Willard said Dinah was his stepdaughter but clearly did not care much about her. It angered her to see what he had done to Isobel. If she had more power left, she'd make him regret touching Azure's former queen. Phillip whispered to Aurora.

    "If we help her, there's no going back. Queen Blanche will surely bring her wrath to both our kingdoms for this."

    Her, being Isobel, who Queen Blanche wanted dead. If Phillip and Aurora, heirs to other kingdoms helped Blanche's enemy, then he could see Queen Blanche getting revenge on both Ulstead and Perrault. It could start a war. He wanted to make sure his fiancee knew what they were getting into. There would be no turning back. He wanted to make sure she was truly on board with this. Because it wasn't just them that could suffer, but both their kingdoms. Aurora, who did understand how dangerous this was, replied.

    "I know....but helping her is still the right thing to do. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing."

    It was a saying she had seen inscribed in Perrsault's castle. It had been a favorite quote of her great-grandfather, King Richard. The good king Perrault had had. It had always stuck out in her mind, once she was old enough to understand what it had meant. She knew her mother, Queen Leah, believed it. She had thought her father did too....But, she had a feeling her views on her father would change once Maleficent could share her side of the story. This was a decision she knew her father would never make. King Stefan would have handed Isobel over to Blanche himself. There was no doubt of that. He wouldn't see the point of making an enemy out of Azure over Isobel. She wouldn't matter to him. Of course, her father would also have tried to kill Maleficent on sight, not make a deal with her. But yet, this was the right thing to do. And looking at Isobel, she felt guilty for agreeing so quickly with Willard before. Whatever she had done, you didn't treat your enemy like this. They had to help her. Even if she wouldn't believe they would.

    Phillip smiled at Aurora, proud of her but also knowing the fall out of what they were going to do was surely going to have some serious consequences. Maleficent was surprised herself, it was definitely something she knew King Stefan would never do. Perhaps, Princess Aurora would be a much better ruler then her father was someday. She already had more honor then her father.

    "You're right, it does."

    He said and he put on his facade that he had done with Willard earlier.

    "She wasn't hard to find. She's not as powerful as she thinks she is."

    Phillip said with a sneer at Maleficent, who raised her chin up at him in defiance.

    "Free my hands, little prince, and I'll show you how truly powerful I am."

    Aurora held the spear up, pointing it at Maleficent's neck.

    "No, I think we'll leave them on. Being a prisoner suits you."

    Maleficent glared at the princess, while Diaval flew above everyone. Keeping an eye on the sleeping Carrie. Prince Phillip then nodded his head to Willard.

    "Sure, not a problem."

    He told him, glad that Willard apparently trusted him enough to leave them alone with Isobel.

    "Take all the time you need."

    He added as the huntsman walked away. When Willard mentioned champagne, Maleficent asked Aurora quietly.

    "How many came with him?"

    "There were six others."

    Aurora said and Maleficent freed her hands and began to cast a spell.

    "What are you doing?"

    Aurora asked as she lowered the spear, she curious to see Maleficent work.

    "Just spiking their drinks. It won't kill them, but it will incapacitate them for a little while."

    Give them a chance to escape. Get Isobel and Carrie to safety. And then, hopefully, figure out what Pino had done with Kalona. She was worried about him as well. Although, Maleficent knew he was more then capable of protecting himself, she was starting to consider the Master at Arms a friend as well. If Maleficent had more energy with her, she'd be able to cast a stronger spell. Like the one she had cast at the party Aurora's parents had thrown for the day of her birth. But when Maleficent had turned into a dragon, it had taken a lot of her energy. And she had not rested since arriving in this castle. Perhaps, that dragon test had been put there in purpose. To weaken her. Well, she still had some magic, she could definitely make it harder for Willard and his soldiers to catch up to them for a little while.

    When Isobel wanted to make a deal, Phillip shook his head.

    "No, there will be no deals with Queen Blanche."

    Sure, it would probably start a war between his kingdom, Perrault, and Azure, but he would not make a deal with the true Evil Queen of Azure. Someday he and Aurora would rule both kingdoms together and he didn't want either of their kingdoms to consider someone like that an ally. Perrault and Ulstead did not need 'friends' like that.

    "We can work together to get rid Willard, help Carrie and Dinah, without selling our souls to her."

    Phillip said as he bent down to free Isobel of her shackles.

    After casting her spell on the drinks, Maleficent told Isobel.

    "I know it might be hard to believe, but these two aren't here to kill me or you. We have come to an agreement."
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    Isobel's heart sank when Phillip said he wouldn't make a deal with Blanche. Were these people so devoid of compassion that they wouldn't show an ounce of it even when she had explained how it was in their best interest to do so? What in the world was she going to do now?

    There was still one desperate course of action left. She began to enchant the chair she sat in, starting the process of turning the spindles into spikes... aimed at her own body, ready to pierce her flesh. After all, Blanche wouldn't be satisfied unless she took Isobel's life. If Isobel threatened to take it herself before the queen had the chance, surely that would be enough to...

    She suddenly realized Phillip hadn't finished talking. That he was offering to help her, bending over her not to harm her but to release her from her bonds. Isobel didn't quite understand what was happening. Why was he doing this? What did she have to offer now?

    Apparently they were saving her, though. Apparently Maleficent was still her friend. She briefly but fiercely hugged Maleficent, an unusual gesture for Isobel but one that seemed appropriate in this moment of relief and renewed hope.

    "Thank you," she told all three of them. "I don't know how I can ever repay you, but I'll try. Now we have to get Carrie..."

    That would prove significantly less difficult than it otherwise might have been, thanks to Maleficent's spell. The knights guarding the forest witch were now slouched over in a drugged sleep. The other 'guests' merely watched but didn't intervene, neither helping nor hindering the four of them.

    Isobel was struggling to walk after Willard had reinjured her foot by grinding his boot into it, and every step brought immense pain, but she was determined. She tried to wake Carrie, but couldn't. Her alarm increased as she shook Carrie's shoulder and called her name, but got no response. Carrie lay as still as the dead, scarcely even drawing breath. Panic rose in Isobel.

    "There has to be something we can do!" she said, casting about wildly in her mind, desperate for a solution. "This is a curse, and there has to be something to break it. Some kind of magic? Maybe in the grimoire, if we just get it...?"

    Of course, that would play straight into Pino's hands, but Isobel would have made a deal with the devil himself if it meant protecting Carrie.

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    Maleficent, Prince Phillip, & Princess Aurora

    Prince Phillip quickly realized that Isobel had some kind of magic too. He would have freed her sooner from the chains, except he could see her turning them into spikes. Thankfully, she continued to listen to him and stopped before she hurt either him or herself. He was sure it wouldn't make sense but he and Aurora didn't have a lot of time to explain themselves either. At least, Azure's former queen believed what Maleficent told her. It was rather surprising to see that Maleficent had a friend. When he had battled her to free Aurora from her curse, he would never imagined it. But, then again, he had only heard the stories King Stefan had said about her too.

    When Isobel was free, Maleficent was surprised when she gave her a hug. She hadn't expected that and she realized how long it had been since anyone had hugged her. She had not hugged another person since her downfall. It was a brief hug but she liked it. It made her good. It made her feel more like how she used to be, before Stefan attacked the Moors.

    "That's what friends are for."

    Maleficent told Isobel with a smile. She truly did see Isobel as her friend.

    "You're welcome. Let's find your friend and worry about debt repayments later."

    Phillip replied and Princess Aurora nodded her head. Once their host realized what had happened, things would surely get worse. Not only would Queen Blanche want revenge for this but this wasn't the ending Pino wanted for either 'witch' he had brought here. At least Maleficent's spell had taken an effect on the knights guarding Carrie. The 'guests' at the ball were quite creepy, Aurora thought. Watching but not doing anything else. It was so odd. She had never in her life been to a ball like that. And her parents had thrown lots of parties over the years.

    Maleficent bent down to look at Carrie, as did Aurora. Both women recognized the curse. Maleficent thought what an ass Willard was. First he didn't care what happened to his stepdaughter. And he used a version of her spell on Carrie. That was a slap in the face. Her curse had been grand, albeit cruel, since she was punishing an entire kingdom. But still....Any type of sorcerer didn't like seeing someone stealing their work.

    "You can't wake her like that. She's under a sleeping curse."

    Aurora told Isobel. Maleficent looked at the princess in surprise and Aurora shrugged her shoulders.

    "Hey, you put me under one. I recognize one when I see one."

    Maleficent smirked.

    "I suppose you would."

    She turned to Isobel.

    "This curse appears similar to the one I put Aurora under. It's a death like sleep. Nothing, expect true love's kiss, can wake one from it. Although this one is not as powerful as the one I did. When Aurora fell under my curse, her whole kingdom fell to sleep, as well."

    "We'd all still be sleeping, if not for Phillip."

    Aurora added and Maleficent nodded her head.

    "Yes...His kiss did end it."

    For four years, Aurora had been under the curse and then Phillip had decided to challenge Maleficent and scale the castle walls. She wondered if Isobel would think a lot less of her now, finding out what she had done to Aurora in her need to get revenge on King Stefan. She continued.

    "Willard must have used a modified version of it."

    "Do you think true love's kiss could wake her, though?"

    Aurora asked and Maleficent replied.

    "Possibly...I don't see the huntsman being well enough versed in magic to change the cure."

    But she couldn't say for sure if true love's kiss would awaken Carrie. She hadn't cast this curse and she didn't know how much the person who had stolen her idea had changed it. Diaval, who had been in the room with Carrie, cawed. Maleficent thought it was because he wanted them to go. But he was actually cawing because he had seen how Carrie had looked at the former queen before. For once, Maleficent didn't actually get the true meaning of her beloved's caws. Maleficent told them.

    "I'm sure Willard and his knights won't be sleeping long. We need to keep moving. Get Carrie to safety and find Kalona."

    "Who is Kalona?"

    Phillip asked and Maleficent explained.

    "He's an Arms Master from a far away kingdom, called O'ahu. Pino-"

    He didn't deserve to be called 'lord' anymore and the Mistress of Evil decided to not refer to him that anymore.

    "-Gathered him, me, and Isobel to get a grimoire for him that he couldn't get for himself."

    "Did you find it?"

    Aurora asked and Maleficent nodded her head.

    "We did but we didn't take it. We don't trust him much."

    "That's wise decision."

    Phillip replied, not trusting their host much either.

    "Anyway, Pino purposely separated Kalona from us. Claiming his daughter was here."

    Maleficent continued, wondering if that was true.

    "I see...Well, we should get Carrie somewhere safe and then figure out what could have happened to him."

    Phillip suggested and Maleficent and Aurora did agree. Carrie was under the sleeping curse and they had to get somewhere safe, before Maleficent's spell on Willard and the knights wore off. Phillip picked up Carrie.

    "I'll carry her."

    He offered, knowing he'd was probably the strongest one here that could essentially carry dead weight.
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    "A curse...?" Isobel murmured, and her panic deepened. She had known Carrie wasn't in a natural sleep, but she had imagined it was like poison, with a simple and straightforward antidote.

    She listened to Maleficent's back-and-forth with Aurora, but for the moment her only real concern was what she could glean from it to help Carrie. Whatever Maleficent had done - and why, since Isobel was sure there had been a reason beyond just malice - was in the past. Isobel would be interested in hearing that story someday, but not while the person dearest to her was in such grave danger.

    So it was only true love's kiss that would wake Carrie? Isobel wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. At least there was a solution, a way in which Carrie could be saved... but finding the one person in all the world who was the true love was a daunting task, and Isobel had no idea how to accomplish it.

    "She never talked about having feelings for anyone," Isobel said, half to herself. "Maybe she didn't know she has someone out there, or just didn't want to tell me...?"

    This was all Isobel's own fault, Isobel knew. If Carrie hadn't saved her, the forest witch would never have ended up here, in danger of never waking up. Isobel just wished they could somehow go back to the way they were, living in Carrie's little cottage together. That was the only time in her life that Isobel had been truly happy. She had hoped to spend the rest of her life like that, living in the sun of Carrie's warmth. Now she was at risk of losing her entirely.

    Pull yourself together! Isobel admonished herself. I'll be of no help to Carrie if I fall apart. There has to be an answer. I just have to find it.

    She squeezed Carrie's hand as Phillip picked her up to carry her to safety. Isobel hated the idea of leaving Carrie asleep, but for the time being there didn't seem to be an alternative. Kalona could be in danger too, so they needed to find him as soon as possible. As they passed Willard's sprawled form, Isobel considered killing him for all he had done to her... but couldn't quite bring herself to end the life of a sleeping man. Even though she knew she would come to regret it later, she merely snatched back her poison ring from his pocket and stole the dagger from his belt. Now at least she would be better able to protect herself - it would be easier for her to wield a dagger than a spear, and her ring was certainly familiar.

    "I had a question about the true love," Isobel said to Maleficent, her brain still chewing on this vicious conundrum. "Would someone who loves her be sufficient? Or is it necessary that she should love the person back? What exactly are the parameters of who counts for true love?"
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    Maleficent, Prince Phillip, & Princess Aurora

    Maleficent could tell Isobel was worried, very worried about Carrie. She knew the two women were close, although she didn't realize how deep Carrie's feelings ran for the former queen. She was also surprised, but it was a happy one, that Isobel seemed to not be judging her for what she had done to Aurora. For the first time in a very long time, she had a friend again. Maleficent had been worried she was going to lose her when she found out all the terrible things Maleficent had done, but that didn't seem to be the case. Right now, though, they needed to figure out to wake up Isobel's dearest friend.

    When Isobel mused about the cure, Aurora told her.

    "Or she might not even know the person yet. Phillip and I had never actually met before he woke me."

    Phillip added as he adjusted Carrie in his arms to make it more comfortable on him to carry her.

    "Our parents had betrothed us as kids, but I had never met Aurora before..."

    Before he had decided to challenge Maleficent and her curse. He had no idea if he was Aurora's true love, he had taken on the mission because he couldn't stand by and do nothing. What Maleficent had done was wrong and he had tried to correct that wrong. How ironic was it now that he was working with her? He looked at Maleficent.

    "You should take my sword. Our host might not like this change in his plans and my hands are full right now."

    Maleficent was a little shocked at the offer but nodded her head. She took the sword and looked at. It felt so odd to hold it. Especially since this sword had almost killed her. She rubbed her thumb on the design on the hilt. She recognized the design, it was an old fairy design. Someone from the Moors had helped craft this sword. Probably why it had been able to defeat her. She looked down at the sleeping Willard and thought that Isobel was a better person then her. Maleficent could not honestly say if she'd have let him live or not for what he had done. She probably would not let Stefan live if she found him that type situation.

    When Isobel asked her about the true love, Maleficent replied.

    "When I added that stipulation in my curse, it had be consensual love. To love someone and be loved back. Of course, it didn't have to necessary be romantic love. Aurora's mother would have been able to wake her, if I hadn't put the whole kingdom to sleep along with her."

    Maleficent had no doubt Queen Leah's kiss would have woken the princess. She could tell from her observations over the years that Leah did love her daughter. Stefan...He seemed to love her but Maleficent didn't think he was capable of that type of love. He was a selfish man and selfish people didn't love unconditionally. Leah being able to break so it so easily was why she had go all out in the curse. She had put everyone in Perrault under the spell so no one would break it. She just hadn't counted that someday Aurora's true love would come. Even if she hadn't met him yet.

    "Of course, those two are right. They didn't actually know each other when Phillip kissed her. But his kiss only worked, because he is her true love. For Carrie...It could be someone she already knows or some one she doesn't yet."

    Diaval, who perched himself on Maleficent's shoulder, cawed at Isobel and nodded his head to Carrie. Trying to suggest to her to kiss Carrie. He knew Carrie loved Isobel, and Isobel seemed to care deeply about Carrie, it didn't hurt to try.
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    Kalona ignored Pino's talk about his Daughter. He didn't like the sound of it at all - would she have to be rescued from him next? But he'd raised her to be the finest woman warrior of several generations. If any woman could rescue herself, it was his daughter, Koa'iki. No, he concentrated on the talk of the grimoire. Something in Pino's gaze told him it was time to show the hidden stone for the sake of the women. He didn't know what trouble Pino might have left him in, but if he knew he still needed them... they'd probably be better off. All of them.

    "Do not worry. Your grimoire is safe. Why, it is just as safe as it was when you sent us to find it. For find it we certainly did... and we left it right where it was until we could figure out why matched our specific handprints, and what you planned to do with us once we outlived our usefulness to you." Kalona paused to look as straightly at Pino as Pino looked at him. "For we are still useful to you. We have not yet fulfilled your purpose for us. The "witches" as you call the women had better be just as safe as I am right now. Because you cannot get your grimoire from where it is if they come to harm."
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    Kawelo, Koa'iki, and Meki Leaf

    "Of course we'll help you. It's only right." Koa'iki smiled reassuringly at the girl.

    Meanwhile, her husband and son frowned at Mariel's drawing.

    "is there a problem?" Koa'iki asked them.

    "This is quite a stronghold." Kawelo said as he studied the paper.

    "Yes, it certainly is. That's going to be a challenge," Meki Leaf agreed.

    "Let me see," Koa'iki said. The men turned the drawing so she could see it too. "Oh dear. that really is a challenge. I've never seen anything quite like it."

    "Exactly," Kawelo agreed.

    But Meki Leaf turned to look directly at Mariel. "Don't you worry. We aren't giving up. We didn't liberate my father Kawelo's father's kingdom by giving up. Not when that chief's forces outnumbered our, nor when that chief's champion turned out to be the bully of my father's childhood grown to giant size. We saved that kingdom, liberating the subjects, and my grandparents. We'll save your sister." He said reassuringly... At least it was reassuring until he added, not quite inaudibly, "Somehow."
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