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    OOC Discussion Thread

    OOC Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the Fractured Fairy Tales storyline! This thread can be used for any out of character discussion, planning, coordination, etc.

    From the recruiting thread as a general description of what this storyline is:

    The idea is this: Each player picks a fairy tale as their starting point. The original villain of that tale is now secretly the hero. The reason for that is up to you - maybe they were misunderstood, or were acting in self-defense, or made an honest error in judgment, or maybe what we think we know of them from the original stories is just flat-out lies. Regardless of the reason, the point is that the fairy tales are turned on their head and seen from another perspective. The characters then team up to try to fix what went wrong and/or to rebuild a new life in a hostile world that is convinced of their villainy.
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    I'm thinking to start out, I'm going to post two IC threads - one that will be "present day" and one that will be more of a prologue for events that happened before the RP takes place. That way we can get some character interaction going fairly quickly in "the present" but people will still have time to write as much as they want for their origin stories.

    Thoughts on that?

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    Two threads for those purposes do sound like a good idea, MK. I do like getting to interact with other characters, but in this case, some might need a fair bit of backstory.

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    I've also been pondering a starting scenario, and here's what I've come up with: Our heroes/villains each receive a mysterious letter inviting them to attend a ball, with the promise that if they show up, they will be given the opportunity to right the wrongs that have been done with them.

    Do you guys think something like that could bring the characters together, or does anyone have any better ideas?

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    I'm not quite sure about "right the wrongs that have been done with them," but the ball sounds like an idea. Tho I hope there's magical transportation to the ball available, or we'll have a devil of a time getting mine over by yours, since he's Very Hawaiian.

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    The wording of the invitation could be individual for each person... and yeah definitely magical transportation.

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    Oh good. I'm not sure how my character would manage without magical transportation.

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    The last few days have been busy, so sorry for my delays on my end.

    I like the idea of two threads. Then we can go into our characters backstories but not have it be confusing with the current story. And I also like the idea of the invite.

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    I made the two threads, so you guys can go ahead and start posting whenever you are ready.

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    Do they have too be a full Villain/evil or can they be partly Villain/lightly evil?
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