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    Mariel and Pino

    "She can't be that hard to find," Mariel said. "She has no reason to try to hide from us--"

    Her words were cut short as soon as they opened the door, because their trajectory took them directly into the path of Pino and Kalona.

    Pino looked them over briefly as if he had forgotten Mariel was with them, then lazily flicked a spell at the child, freezing her in place as though she were a block of ice. The girl was clearly unharmed, but was unable to move. He would deal with her later. For now, his priority was to recruit to Kalona to his side.

    "There," Pino told Kalona. "I am as good as my word. Your daughter and the others are there, unharmed. Now, will you agree to enter my employment? Say the word, and reconciliation will be yours."

    His fingers began to crackle with faint sparks as he prepared to cast the spell he had promised that would make Kalona's daughter cooperate with being 'reconciled.' After all, how could a loving father say no?
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