Surprisingly, it felt good to Maleficent to talk to Aurora and Phillip. To finally let her side of the story be known. It was like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. She knew it hurt Aurora to hear her father was not the hero she had grown up believing he was but she could see that the princess had taken after her mother. She had a sense of honor, like Phillip did, and Maleficent believed her when Aurora said that Stefan did not deserve to be Perrault's king. Perrault would be a problem for another day. Today, they would have to go with Azure and free that girl from Queen Blanche. A task that would probably not be easy.

Maleficent smirked at Pino as everyone said their goodbyes to him.

"I'm pretty hard to kill. Take care of yourself, Pino, and be nice to your father."

She told him and followed Isobel through the portal with Aurora and Phillip.