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    Maleficent, Diaval, & Stefan

    Sleeping Beauty

    Three years later

    Neither Mallie or Henry thought the war would last this long. King Henry was sure that the Moors would fall quickly. He had never expected how long Mallie would fight him. And fight him she did. She studied the dark magic book. Embraced the magic and she defeated the men that would try to take her home. Many brave men tried to lead the king's army into the Moors and they all failed.

    Although it wasn't all victory for the Fairy Queen. Just like the humans lost many in the war, she did too. She lost many friends. She had lost Ayana. The fairy numbers were dwindling. Mallie sometimes wondered if this was a fool's choice but Diaval would remind her if she surrendered then all her friends would have died in vain. She could not let that happen. So, she continued to fight. And King Henry kept sending more men.

    The humans failed for three years. Until he came, Stefan. Stefan wasn't like the others. He had been born a peasant. He was still poor. But he did not think that would always be his place in life. He believed he was destined for greater things in life. His ambition matched the king's. If he had arrived earlier, Henry would have turned him away. He thought a lord or even a prince from another land should lead his army. He would have never thought a peasant could do what a person of a higher class didn't. But after three years of war, he was willing to give Stefan a chance. For the king, it was a wise one.

    Unlike the ones before him, Stefan fought dirty. And he did not care how many, humans or fairies, had to die so he could win this war. He would stop at nothing but total victory. He was by far the worst of all the humans King Henry had sent. There was no honor in him. Stefan was burning one of the fairy's homes when Mallie flew down to him. She could hear the children yelling for help. Diaval went in the back way to rescue the kids, while Mallie went to confront the human.

    "Last chance, your Majesty. Surrender or I'll burn all the Moors!"

    Stefan yelled at her, using the term 'your Majesty' as a slur. Mallie glared at Stefan. Holding a sword that Diaval had crafted for her. She had slayed many of King Henry's men with the weapon.

    "You will fail like the rest. I will send you home to your mother in box!"

    "You can try...."

    Stefan replied with a sneer as he drew out his own sword.

    "....But you'll be the one who fails!"

    Stefan yelled, charging at Mallie. They fought each other, clashing swords. They were pretty evenly matched and just as equally determined. Neither wanted to surrender. Stefan kicked Mallie in the gut to put distance between them. She went crashing into a wall and lost her sword. Her head began to spin and Stefan knew it was his chance. He ran his sword through her gut.

    "Queen Mallie, the great defender of the Moors. Your time as Queen has come to an end."

    He stabbed her again as Mallie tried to summon magic to harm him. She screamed in pain. She was able to create a small black fireball and burned Stefan's arm. It only angered him more. He threw Mallie onto the ground, her face hit the dirt. He put his foot on her back. He wasn't content with just killing the Fairy Queen. He wanted to make her suffer first.

    "First, I'll take your wings."

    He said, cutting them off with his sword, causing Mallie to scream in agony. Stefan had an evil grin on his face as he flipped Mallie onto her back.

    "Next, I'll take your-"


    Diaval yelled, grabbing Stefan and throwing him off of Mallie before he could kill her. Diaval and Stefan fought on the ground for a few minutes, but the adrenaline Stefan had from the battle hadn't worn off. He quickly got the upper hand on the former blacksmith.


    He said, plunging his sword into Diaval's chest.


    Mallie screamed as it was Diaval's turn to yell out in pain. She threw a black fireball at Stefan's back. He screamed out but before he could attack Mallie again, she used what little magic she had left to throw him into a nearby house. The attack knocked Stefan out. Although Mallie didn't capitalize on her actions, her concerns were for her beloved. He was bleeding out onto the forest floor.


    Mallie said, with tears in her eyes. Even if she hadn't just battled Stefan, she didn't think she had enough magic to heal these wounds. Diaval looked up at her and reached for her hand, which she gave him.

    "Mallie....Never....forget I....love you...."

    "I love you too..."

    Mallie said, trying not to cry. She lowered her head against his chest. She couldn't lose him. She had lost so many thanks to King Henry and his war. No, she wouldn't lose him.

    "You can't die. I can't lose you too."

    She said, with determination in her voice. Years later she would not remember the spell she used. This day was so terrible and the memories were difficult. The spell was ancient and had been in the book her mother had kept hidden. That's all she remembered. Especially since the book of dark magic was lost along with the Moors. Even in the years that passed, she never found another spell like it.

    "You can't leave me, Diaval. I cannot live with out you. I need you with me. Always. I won't let you die."

    She said and casted a spell that turned her beloved into a black raven. That spell saved his life. Even though her beloved's soul was trapped in a raven's body. The spell had used the rest of her magic for that day. He cawed at her and she smiled.

    "Once you're healed, I'll-"

    Her plan was to turn him back. She never meant for him to be stuck like this. Stefan had other plans. She heard humans calling for Stefan and she heard him coming too. She couldn't fight anymore. She was too weak, she was in too much pain. Diaval cawed again. They needed to leave. Live to fight another die.

    "But, Diaval..."

    She said, knowing he wanted her to leave. She couldn't surrender. The Moors were her home, she-She would die if she stayed. While she had killed some in Stefan's army, he had brought many. They would out number her. She would have to live to fight another day.

    "You're right, my love."

    She said in defeat and painfully got to her feet. Body hurt all over and she was bleeding out from many wounds. Diaval led a way to safety for the fallen fairy.
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    Sleeping Beauty

    Stefan heard his fellow soldiers calling for him. He got to his feet when his comrades found him.

    "Stefan? Are you okay?"

    One asked and Stefan nodded his head.

    "Yes, I'm more then okay."

    He said with a smile. He was smiling because he saw Mallie's wings. Another man asked.

    "You killed her?"

    "Of course I did! How else do you think I got these?!"

    Stefan replied, grabbing the wings. Although Mallie's body was no where to be found.

    "I don't see her body..."

    The man continued and Stefan punched him in the jaw.

    "She probably crawled off to die under a toadstool."

    There was no way she or that human traitor could have survived what he had done to them. They were dead or would be very soon. He rolled his shoulders and said.

    "We'll make sure she is dead. Burn the Moors. All of it."

    He commanded and the men did as he commanded. After all, with the defeat of Mallie, Stefan would be their next king. They burned all the woods and any fairies that were left in them soon died.

    Mallie was the only survivor of her people. She and Diaval escaped the forest just in time. She watched with angry tears in her eyes as Stefan destroyed her home. Even though she was weak and in pain, she swore then she would make him pay for what he had done. Even it took her the rest of her life. She would never forget this day.

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    Stefan & King Henry

    Sleeping Beauty

    The Moors were burned to the ground and Stefan was certain Mallie had died with them. He took Mallie's wings as a trophy and proof for King Henry. He was hailed a hero when he returned to Perrault. Stefan, the peasant, had did what all before him had failed to do. He had defeated the Evil Fairy Queen. Evil was how Mallie had became viewed during the war. She hadn't lied when she told Stefan she had sent many humans home to their mothers in a box. People would tell awful stories about her.

    Henry was very pleased with Stefan and wanted to see him right away when he came to the castle. Stefan bowed to his king and presented him Mallie's wings.

    "For you, my Majesty. Proof that the Evil Fairy Queen is dead."

    "My boy! We shall hang these above the throne!"

    Henry exclaimed in joy and embraced Stefan as a long lost son.

    "A grand celebration shall be held in your honor. Stefan, Conquerer of the Moors. Slayer of the Evil Fairy Queen! Come, you must meet Leah. She will love you."

    Princess Leah would have very little choice. Her father had promised her hand to the man who defeated Mallie and took the Moors. And King Henry was going to make good on his word. Stefan grinned at King Henry.

    "And I'm sure I'll love Princess Leah."

    Stefan definitely would love her. After all, marrying her would make him the next king. Life was looking up for the former peasant.

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    Isobel and Willard

    Two Years Ago

    Isobel tried her best to be a good queen, and Azure prospered under her rule. She put a strong emphasis on education, and made sure all of Azure's children had the opportunity to learn. She made alliances, negotiated an end to some petty territorial disputes, and opened trade - giving many people a chance to do better for themselves economically. The crown made significant contributions to the arts and sciences, and culture flourished.

    It could have been idyllic... but not everyone was happy. The nobles and aristocrats, those who had formerly been on top, were not content with the increasing upward mobility of people they saw as beneath them. As opportunities became more equal, the money that the rich had been able to make shamelessly off the backs of the poor began to dry up. That could not be tolerated.

    And so the rumors started. Carefully curated rumors, planted by influential people and trickled down to the lowest commoner. The queen is evil, they said. Snow White will come back someday and save us from her tyranny.

    Isobel interred Blanche's heart in the royal family crypt, allowing her a final resting place by her father. There was no funeral - that would have seemed beyond hypocritical - but the remains were treated respectfully. Isobel then wrote letters of apology to any family she could find belonging to the missing serving girls, along with some gold. While she knew the money couldn't make up for what they had lost, and she told them so in the notes she sent, at least if their financial burden was eased a bit they would be able to grieve in peace.

    Despite the mixed sentiments about her reign - both the circumstances of how it came to be and her unwillingness to favor the elites - Isobel thought things were going relatively smoothly, and that with time, the kingdom could make lasting progress.

    At least everything seemed to be going well, until news arrived from the Gnorr River Valley about a series of peasant girls who had gone missing under mysterious circumstances. It was a coincidence, Isobel told herself. But she couldn't be sure. It was just too similar to what had happened before.

    So once again, she stood before the mirror.

    "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

    "You, my queen, are fair. It is true. But Snow White is a thousand times fairer than you."

    Isobel stormed to the huntsman's lodge.

    "Willard!" she shouted. "You lied to me! Princess Blanche is alive!"

    To his marginal credit, Willard didn't try to deny it. "I felt bad for the poor kid," Willard said with a shrug.

    "She is a murderer!" Isobel was red-faced with anger.

    "Honestly, majesty, I find that pretty hard to believe," Willard replied, his own voice rising. "She was so sweet. So innocent. She can't have done those things."

    Isobel was torn between rage, and the realization that from his perspective, it would have looked the way Blanche intended it to look.

    "Whose heart is buried beside the king?" Isobel asked wearily.

    "The princess said it was the heart of a deer."

    "I doubt it was a deer," she told him flatly. More than likely, the heart of one of Snow White's victims was in her family crypt - though they would likely never know, since deer hearts bore such an eerie resemblance to the human one.

    Isobel left the lodge; she had nothing more to say to Willard. He had betrayed her trust, and she would not ask him for help again. No, this time it had to be done right. This time she had to do it herself.
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    Isobel and Blanche

    Isobel pondered for a few days exactly how she was going to make her move. Though she feared the delay would cost more lives, it was better that than to fail. If Isobel died in the attempt and Blanche won, there would be no one to stem the tide of death.

    She was not confident that she would prevail over Blanche in a direct physical confrontation. They were both young, strong women, but while Isobel had some magic at her disposal, Blanche potentially had a great deal more. Isobel would have to use subterfuge to ensure the necessary outcome, she decided.

    The idea came to her when she remembered Blanche's habits when they lived together in the palace - it seemed like a lifetime ago. Blanche had never been able to resist a peddler or tradesperson selling their wares. It went beyond greed into an almost magpie-like compulsion to purchase some trinket from any seller who came along.

    So Isobel disguised herself as a peasant peddler, and knocked on the door of the cottage where Blanche was staying. Apparently with seven men? Isobel didn't ask; she didn't want to know.

    After some faux 'negotiating,' Isobel managed to talk Blanche into purchasing the item she had intended all along - a corset that Isobel had enchanted to choke the life out of the girl. It was cruel, Isobel knew, but magic was the only way.

    It didn't work. The seven dwarves returned home and freed Blanche from the corset, and her life was saved.

    Isobel stewed. She tried to think of another ruse. There was no way Blanche would fall for the peddler trick a second time. The days were ticking away, though, so Isobel decided to give it a try - and shockingly, it worked again. Blanche purchased a poisoned comb from the woman who she didn't recognize as her stepmother, and combed her hair with it. Once again, though, her dwarven friends came to her rescue.

    Realizing that apparently she could repeat the same trick an infinite number of times and Blanche would never stop falling for it, Isobel returned yet again as a different peddler carrying a basket of fruit.

    This time, there were no dwarves to save her. Blanche choked on a bite of the enchanted apple and collapsed forward. Isobel caught her and eased her to the floor, brushing her stepdaughter's beautiful hair away from her face and gently kissing her forehead.

    "I'm sorry," Isobel said. "I didn't want it to end this way. I wanted to love you. But I had to make sure you would never hurt anyone ever again."

    Then she turned and left the cottage.

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    Isobel, Blanche, and Aden

    Two Months Ago

    The rumors started out strange, and got even stranger.

    The seven dwarves, grieving heavily for their Snow White, had placed Blanche in a glass coffin to preserve her beauty, where they mourned her daily.

    A passing prince had taken a shine to the corpse and had asked the dwarves to give it to them. Isobel could not imagine any purpose for such a thing that was not completely unseemly, but she hoped she was wrong. For some reason, despite their fanatical devotion, the dwarves had agreed.

    When the coffin was being moved, it had slipped and fallen to the ground. The piece of enchanted apple had dislodged from Snow White's throat.

    She was alive.

    She was awake.

    They were coming.


    Isobel was not surprised when the door of her chamber burst open. She was not shocked that the guards had let them in. Blanche had always had a strange hold over people... especially men.

    Her lack of surprise did not mean she went quietly. She fought back, but they subdued her, and she was dragged to the dungeon and put in chains.

    For days, she sat in darkness. Then someone came with a lamp.

    "Hello, stepmother," Blanche said with a smile. She regarded Isobel - filthy, shackled, and wearing only a rough shift - and her grin widened.

    "Blanche, please..."

    "I told you. I warned you the day I met you that I would destroy you. But you didn't listen."

    Isobel stared at her, trying to comprehend. "What did you want from me? How exactly did I wrong you?"

    "Nothing," Blanche said sweetly. "I never wanted anything from you. I wanted you gone - and soon you will be. So I thought it would be fun to tell you why I did the things I did. I bathe in their blood, you know. I guess you saw that. You did see my bathtub, after all. It makes me beautiful. It gives me power. You're probably wondering how I figured that out? The first time, it happened by accident. My mother. When I stabbed her, and her blood poured over me... you can't imagine the rush. The strength it gave me. I had just wanted to get my mother out of the way because she was trying to stop my father from spoiling me, but when I felt that, I knew I would never stop."

    Isobel was dumbfounded. And all this time, everyone's reason for pitying Blanche was the 'loss' of her mother...?

    "Oh, I know you can't understand the parent-child bond," Blanche continued conversationally. "You tried with me, but I had no interest in a replacement mother. And you never had a child of your own. Trust me, I saw to that."

    Tears rose in Isobel's eyes. Surely that wasn't possible. Those years of longing for a baby, of feeling like a disappointment to the king...

    "Yes, that was because of me," Blanche told her, pleased with herself. "It was easy enough to add the herbs to your drink every day. I couldn't have a little half-brother or half-sister competing with me for Father's love. And of course, I didn't want to give you the satisfaction."

    "You're a monster," Isobel whispered. "You're pure evil."

    "No, you're evil," Blanche said coldly. "That's what Prince Aden and I have been telling everyone, and they believe us. You're a wicked stepmother. You're an evil queen. That's all they need to hear. You know how they punish evil queens in this little corner of the world?"

    Isobel felt as if her blood had turned to ice in her veins.
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    Isobel and the Snow White Cast

    The Wedding

    The day of Queen Blanche's wedding had arrived. "Snow White's Wedding," everyone in the kingdom was calling it. The afternoon was perfect, the sky a flawless blue with a few faint wisps of cloud, and the sun was cheerfully bright, as if wishing nature's blessings upon the newlyweds. Today, true love would be celebrated. Vows and kisses would be exchanged. The fairest of them all and her Prince Charming would be joined forever in holy matrimony.

    It was also the day that Isobel's sentence of torture would be carried out. Red hot iron shoes would be forced onto her feet, and she would be made to dance for the entertainment of the wedding guests. Then she would be left to the presumably inevitable death from her injuries. She had Prince Aden to thank for the public nature of her punishment.

    For the rest of her life, Isobel's time would be marked as Before or After this day. The wedding would always loom in her memory as the moment when she was truly broken.

    The pleasant warmth of the sunlight seemed to Isobel like a mockery of the horror she was about to face. The softness of the grass beneath her bare feet felt like a chilling prelude.

    The crowd grew silent as she approached, escorted by a party of guards. Everyone was staring. Full of anticipation. Then the jeers started. They laughed at her, mocked her, spit on her.

    Not a single person spoke for her or offered her a word of comfort. Not one soul pitied her. After all she had done for them - all the ways she had tried to provide what was best for them as their queen - none of the assembled citizens raised the slightest objection to her fate.

    Willard stood by with the iron shoes. He wore thick gloves and handled them with tongs. Heaven forbid he should burn his precious hands as he forced the red hot metal against her bare skin.

    Isobel screamed as he crammed the torturous shoes onto her feet. She couldn't help it. Her flesh felt like it was on fire, melting. The delicate bones in her feet strained and snapped as she fought an instinctive but hopeless battle to get away. She screamed and screamed and screamed...

    She could barely hear her own voice over the roar of laughter from the crowd, the applause for her 'dance' of agony.

    It seemed to go on and on. Eventually, her tormentors lost interest and returned to their merrymaking, celebrating the wedding of their new queen. Their old queen, who had been tortured in front of them, was simply discarded.

    Isobel didn't remember deciding where to flee. She wasn't capable of making decisions, as pain-addled and desperate as she was. She just knew she had to get away, to escape the noise, to put as much distance as she could - crawling, dragging herself along, sobbing - between herself and the sounds of revelry...

    She lay face-up in the swamp, staring toward the sky, but she couldn't see any stars...

    ((The next chapter of the tale of Snow White begins: http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthr...l=1#post247097))
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    King Stefan & Queen Leah

    Sleeping Beauty

    Seven years later

    King Henry made good on his promise to Stefan. Three months after meeting for the first time, Stefan and Leah were married in a grand ceremony. King Henry spared no expense. Leah was his only living child and Stefan quickly became the son he had always wished he had. King Henry grew quite fond of Stefan before he passed. Some would whisper that they thought the king loved his son-in-law more then he loved his own daughter. Not that anyone said it to his face. Only a fool would do that.

    Two years after taking the Moors, King Henry passed away and Stefan and Leah were crowned King and Queen of Perrault. Despite the fact Leah had technically been a prize, they were pretty happy together. Leah thought that Stefan was very brave and handsome. He had defeated the Evil Fairy Queen. Protected their people from her evil wrath. Plus, her father had adored him and Leah thought her father had always been a wise man. She had loved Henry very much and had been quite naive to the cruelty her father and husband shown to their enemies. If she knew of it...She would have been horribly upset. But she was oblivious to what they had done to the Moors. And Stefan found her beautiful. He would never dream of leaving her. After all, the people of Perrault loved her very much. She was a direct descendant of the Good King Richard. One of Perrault's most beloved rulers. If he was dumb enough to try and replace Leah for another, the people would have probably revolted. Besides, he was fond of her. He found her to be the perfect wife and queen. They were living happily ever after.

    Well, almost. There was one little blemish in their happily ever after. They wanted a child and the Royal Couple had some difficulties with that. But, finally, in King Stefan's fifth year as king, their daughter was born.

    It had been a long and hard labor for Queen Leah. Some feared their dear queen would not survive. Her labor had started early the night before and the dawn was starting to crack through the windows. But Leah held on and after one last painful push, her daughter finally entered the world. The baby's cries could be heard through out the castle. One of the Queen's midwives got King Stefan, who had been pacing back and forth in the hallway.

    "Your Majesty! The Queen has delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl!"

    The midwife was beaming, the princess was just minutes old and already she had never seen a baby so lovely. Stefan exclaimed in the joy and hugged the midwife with the news. Finally, he had an heir! A female heir, but an heir none the less. He and Leah had been waiting for a baby for so long. This was one of the best days of his life!

    "And how is the Queen?"

    "Her Majesty is tired but well. I have no doubt she'll recover just fine."

    "Splendid! May I see them?"

    Stefan asked and the woman nodded of her head.

    "Of course, your Majesty."

    She opened the door and Stefan quickly entered the room. The other servants bowed to him and then quietly left the room to give the king and queen privacy. Leah was tired but she was so happy. She was cradling their daughter and smiled at Stefan.

    "I'm sorry that it took me so long, Stefan."

    She said, sorry not only for the long labor but also because how many years it had taken her to finally give him a child. Stefan smiled back at her.

    "No worries, my love. She was more then worth the wait. May I hold our child?"

    "Of course."

    Leah replied and carefully handed him their infant daughter. Stefan felt tears welling up in his eyes. He did not think love at first sight was possible until he had saw this tiny little girl. He knew instantly he would destroy entire kingdoms to guarantee her happiness.

    "The midwife was right, Leah. She is so beautiful. Like you."

    Neither new parent could stop smiling at each other.

    "What shall we name her?"

    Leah asked. Stefan thought a moment and saw the dawn coming through the bedroom window.

    "Aurora. Her name shall be Aurora."

    He said and his queen agreed it was a perfect name for their princess.
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    Sleeping Beauty

    While King Stefan was living up the good life with his queen, things didn't go so well for Mallie. She had lost everything. Her friends, her home. All she had left was Diaval and he was now stuck as a raven. She couldn't turn him back. She had some very vivid memories from the day Stefan had defeated her but she couldn't remember the spell. She and Diaval had went back to the remains of the Moors to try to find the book. She remembered the spell came from it. But it did no good. The book was lost with everything else that she had ever had.

    Eventually, on the third anniversary of her downfall, the newly crowned King Stefan built a new castle for him and Queen Leah. He had built right over her old home in the Moors. Just another slap in the face to the Queen who no longer had a kingdom.

    She and Diaval took refuge in Grimm Hall. It had once belonged to a powerful lord of Perrault. Lord Grimm had been a dear friend to the Good King Richard. However, he had passed on with no heirs and his home and land had went to the Royal Family. The nearest people he had had to family. Over the years, it became abandoned. No one took care of it. No one visited it. It was a perfect place for Mallie and Diaval to live.

    It wasn't a grand life and Mallie used dark magic to disguise herself. She had the appearance of old beggar woman. She would wander into the marketplace in front of the Castle of Perrault and try to sell flowers in exchange for a few coins. It was not an ideal way to live but it helped her survive. Diaval was her only companion. And people thought she was crazy, since she talked to him. That was fine with Mallie. She didn't want to make friends. She wanted King Stefan to pay for what he had done to her and the Moors.

    She wanted revenge. And she would get it. No matter how long it took.

    Mallie had been too weak from her battle with Stefan to attack him at his and Leah's wedding. It had been so tempting but even dark magic couldn't heal her fast enough. So she had to let the couple have their happiness. No matter how much it angered her to do so. She thought of attacking at King Henry's funeral, but realized on such a somber occasion for Perrault that the guards would be on high alert. And then there was Stefan's coronation, but that took place the same day. They buried the old king at noon and crowned the new one by mid day. Too many people, she needed a better chance. One where they would let down their guard.

    Mallie waited seven long years to get her chance but it finally came. Word of the newborn princess was spreading not only through out Perrault, but the neighboring kingdoms. King Stefan was throwing a grand celebration for the birth of his new daughter. Everyone was invited. Well, anyone who was anybody. The poor would not be there, but powerful people would be there. It would be such a joyous time, celebrating the birth of Princess Aurora. People would be merry and drunk.

    A perfect time to strike.
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    Maleficent, King Stefan, & Queen Leah

    Sleeping Beauty

    King Stefan was so thrilled at the birth of his daughter, he invited people from near and far to the party. It was a grand celebration and people brought many gifts. Gold, jewels, fine silks that talented seamstresses could create beautiful dresses from. There were even some toys for the new princess. Aurora's birth was a huge deal to the people of Perrault. She was a direct descendant of the Good King Richard. The first child born to his bloodline since her mother, Queen Leah, had been born.

    Stefan and Leah spared no expense for the celebration that was held one week after the princess' birth. There was food as far as the eye could see and lots of wines and spirits being passed around. It was such a good time for all the guests. It was a day that no one would ever forget.

    King Stefan was having a grand time mingling with his guests. He was talking to King William and Queen Mary of Ulstead. They had welcomed a son about a year before Aurora's birth. The two kings were talking when an idea struck Stefan. He remembered how his late father-in-law had wanted to expand their territories. Henry had wanted to do it by force, but sometimes it was better to have friends. And family was often the best type of friends. The two Royal Couples were standing near Aurora's bassinet as they chatted. Of course, the King and Queen of Ulstead complimented the baby on already being beautiful. Stefan clapped William on the shoulder.

    "William, how is your boy?"

    "Oh, Phillip is already growing like a weed. Since he had learned to walk, there is no stopping him."

    William replied proudly and Mary, with an equally proud smile, then said to Leah.

    "Oh, yes. Enjoy Aurora while she is little, Leah. It won't last long."

    "That's what I've been told."

    She couldn't even imagine how her tiny baby would someday be a child running down the halls of their castle. It seemed so unreal to her. Stefan then said to William.

    "You know, William, Phillip and Aurora might be a good pairing."

    Leah looked at her husband in shock.

    "Stefan, she's barley a week old and you're already trying to find her a husband!"

    Stefan gave his wife a smile.

    "Not a just a husband, but a larger family. Think about it. If Phillip and Aurora marry, then Perrault and Ulstead would be joined and we'd all be one family."

    Ulstead was Perrault's largest trading partner and it did make sense King William. He nodded his head but before he could say more, the doors of the celebration hall burst open and a cold chill hit all the guests.

    "Burr....It got cold all the sudden."

    Leah said and the others agreed. They would find out why soon enough though An old beggar woman entered. She was holding a single red rose and had a black raven on her shoulder. All eyes turned to her, she looked so out of place.

    "A present for the princess."

    She said. Stefan scoffed at her.

    "Who let you in?"

    "Stefan! Be nice."

    Leah said quietly and the woman sneered.

    "Your Majesty, he knows no better. He is still just a peasant, dressed as a king."

    Stefan glared at the woman.

    "How dare you speak to me like that?!"

    He raised his hand to slap her but she grabbed his wrist and suddenly her appearance changed. Gone was the old woman. In her place was a powerful woman, dressed in all black. Black was the only color she wore since King Stefan had taken the Moors. She was forever in mourning.


    Stefan said, as the woman threw his arm back at him. He used his hand and rubbed his arm, where her black fire had burned him seven years ago. He still had the scar on his arm and scars on his back from their battle.

    "Who is-"

    Leah began to ask and the woman replied.

    "My name is Maleficent."
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