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    Gossamer and Nicolai

    Gossamer was glad that her friends understood her need to remove Phobos' mark, and didn't see her as selfish. Already she felt a little freer, and knew she would even more so every time she looked in the mirror at her reclaimed skin. Piece by piece, the hold of the Family of War was being broken.

    After a moment of discussion, she and Nicolai decided that it would be a good idea to have the doctor examine Karma too. The little girl seemed to be in good health, and did not appear to have been injured by Phobos, but better safe than sorry. This time, it was Gossamer who held her hand.

    When Gossamer presented the doctor with a report of what Myst had revealed about helping Zarra, the doctor was understandably skeptical. He didn't think it would have any negative effect on the girl, but he didn't see much point. Nicolai, being the closest thing Zarra had to next of kin - and since she was unconscious, she couldn't speak for herself - asked him to try anyway.

    "She really does look like my niece," Nicolai said quietly as the doctor worked. "Not sure why they bothered with that."

    As far as Nicolai knew, it must have been the Family of War who did this to her. He just couldn't fathom why. Naturally he cared about his niece, but the Family hadn't known he was returning to Arena, so it wouldn't make sense to use her to bait a trap, and he couldn't think of any other explanation for the ruse. Perhaps Zarra would be able to clear it up for them when she woke up.

    Nicolai and Gossamer watched in amazement as Zarra's face shifted into a completely different one, and her hair darkened slightly and straightened. She looked like a completely different person now, one they had never seen.

    Once the gem was removed, her eyelids started to flutter. "Where am I?" she asked.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Optimus Prime

    Optimus was glad to hear that Karma was in good health. At least they were able to get her away from Phobos before he had done too much damage to the little girl. He wasn't sure why Zarra looked like Nicolai's niece but he hoped that removing that gem would help her. She deserved a fresh start. Which she could have at the Saber Vortex, if she wanted it.

    He and Sojourn watched as well as the doctor put his skepticism to the side and did what Myst said would help. Which Optimus would have just played his ruler card and ordered the doctor to do anyway if he had argued too much about. But the doctor didn't force his hand.

    It was like seeing a totally different person. He told Zarra.

    "You're on my planet, the Saber Vortex. You're safe here."

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    They had lost. Not only did Zeus escape once again but he had taken the wish granting talisman with him. Arena was starting to crumble. With Gossamer's wish, the gods of this world were losing their power. And the world was going to be fallen kingdom, like Olympus. There was nothing left for Hades and Hera here. He told Hera.

    "This place is lost. Let's go home and regroup."

    He wasn't about to give up. He wanted the talisman his brother had taken. Hades could use it he thought. He could wish for Persephone to love him again. Persephone...He hadn't checked on her in a while. He should return to his castle and do that. She was still in coma, had been since he and Hera had acted out their coup.
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    Saber Vortex

    Sojourn was glad that overall, Karma was fine. And she was also glad the doctor didn't argue too much about taking out the gem. She was very surprised to see what happened to Zarra when the doctor did it, though. She looked a totally different person.

    "Zarra? Do you remember how this gem got in the back of your neck?"

    Sojourn asked, showing Zarra the small piece of the talisman that the doctor had placed in a bowl after removing it.
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    The Ancient Goddess' fury knew no bounds. To see what Gossamer's wish had done to her beloved children and grandchildren, it made her so angry. She would make the First pay for it! As would her friends and Zeus. Because her estranged husband had sided with the newer gods instead of his own flesh and blood. For doing that, Hera would make him truly pay. Of all his crimes, that was by far the worst one he had ever committed. She nodded her head to Hades.

    "Yes, you're right."

    There was nothing she could do for her children or grandchildren. It was best to return home and regroup.

    "My darlings, I will make that that lesser goddess and Zeus pay for this. I swear on my love for you."

    She said, hoping the Family of War would hear her promise as she and Hades used their own talisman to return to Olympus.
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    Olympus: The Fallen Kingdom

    Olympus: The Fallen Kingdom


    Olympus was once a beautiful world. It was mostly ocean, with thousands of islands of various sizes filling it with life. The world was created by Zeus and his two older brothers. The middle brother was Poseidon, while the eldest brother was named Hades. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades agreed that since they all had a hand in creating the new world, they should each get a piece of it. They agreed that the islands themselves would belong to the lesser gods, they would just oversee those lands from time to time. That left the sky, the sea, and the Underworld to divide up. No one wanted the Underworld, it was the land of the dead. The three brothers drew lots. Zeus, the youngest of the three, won. He picked the Sky and was crowned the king over the world. Zeus declared himself the God of the Sky. Poseidon ended up placing second and having the two choices left, he picked the sea. Thus giving himself the title God of the Sea. That left Hades with the kingdom no one wanted. He became the God of the Underworld.

    Zeus had proved to a just and wise king. The mortals prayed to him and the gods came to him for guidance and often trusted his judgment. While Zeus proved to be a good king, he was not always a good man. He picked a beautiful goddess, named Hera, to be his queen. Thus giving her the title of the Goddess of Marriage. Hera loved her role, being the queen over all Olympus. However, her own marriage was not that of a fairy tale. Zeus has a weakness and it was beautiful women. It did not matter if they were mortal or immortal. Zeus could never control his lust and he was also very fertile. He fathered many children and it angered the queen greatly. Hera hated her stepchildren, seeing them as threats to the throne that rightfully belonged to her and the children she had given Zeus.

    Over time Hera's jealously grew into hate. All she could imagine was having Zeus gone as he flaunted his affairs in her face and those bastard children came into her palace. Hera was a proud woman and her husband made her look like a fool. He was a god but even gods could be killed. It would just be difficult to do and she could not do it alone. Hera knew what she needed to do.

    Hera enlisted the help of Hades.
    Hades' jealously and hate for Zeus was almost as strong as her own. Hades had learned to accept his place in Olympus. It was not until he had decided to take himself a bride that he realized Hera was right, that Olympus needed change.

    Hades, who rarely left his kingdom, had kidnapped a young goddess named Persephone. Her mother, Demeter, was very angry. She was the Goddess of the Harvest. After losing Persephone, her grief was so great, she would allow nothing to grow. The world was in shambles and people were starving. They demanded that the gods do something. Demeter demanded her daughter back and Zeus had given Demeter what she wanted.

    This had angered Hades, he asked for very little in life. He was already given the worst of the kingdoms, the very least Zeus could have done was allow him to have some happiness. Persephone, the young Goddess of the Spring, was his one ray of sunshine and Zeus had taken her from him. That would not go unpunished.

    Hera and Hades staged a coup. They tricked Zeus and tried to kill him. But the God of the Sky was too strong. Using a talisman of the First, called the Sojourn talisman, that would allow user to go to any place or time, they instead banished him from his own world. Zeus was never seen or heard from on Olympus again.

    Zeus, hearing the whispers that his wife and brother sought to betray him, created a will that his daughter, Athena would become Olympus' next Queen. Although the Goddess of Wisdom's reign was cut very short. Hera and Hades used their talisman once more to banish the newly crowned Queen and her sister, Hebe.

    They then proclaimed themselves the co-rulers of Olympus and poisoned all the gods that would oppose their rule with a sleeping curse. Their actions caused the downfall of Olympus.

    What Hera and Hades did not realize was that every god in Olympus was important and served a role. Without them, the planet became lifeless and abandoned. Only the immortals gods could survive on it.
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    Saber Vortex

    "You are still technically King my Lord, Lady Athena was not officially
    revealed too your people as your successor...."

    Max paused for a moment.

    "Hera and Hades took the throne after you, But I have no wish to worship
    Hades. Nore do I wish too worship Hera again. When Lady Athena is Officially
    appointed I shall do as you wish, But I only call you my King in private n like
    now. The rest of the time I will respect you choice an refer too you as Lord Cid."

    Dumar had been thinking about what too wish for when it came too him.

    "Lord Cid, as I'm sure your aware. I am distantly related too Prince
    Optimus, On my former home I was a Prince too.... I officially attended the funeral of
    the late Queen, Though in traditional funeral wear with a heavy hood... I'm sure your
    aware how I came too be here after my planet all civilization was razed too the ground.
    If it is possible, I would wish that my planet be restored, all the people & buildings...
    All life and everything destroyed that fateful day be restored...."

    The thought of home and his family made Dumar sad, as a tear slid
    down his cheek.
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    "Home sweet home."

    Hades said dryly when he and Hera arrived back on Olympus. There was more action happening in the Underworld then anywhere else on this shell of a planet. Everything that had happened was Zeus' fault. All of it! The downfall of their home, it could all be traced back to him. All because he let that bitch Demeter have her way. If he had just let Hades keep Persephone, none of this would have happened.

    Persephone, he missed her. He needed to see her.

    "I'll be in my castle if you need me."

    Hades said, not giving his sister-in-law a chance to argue. He had enough for one day. He needed the peace and quiet of his Underworld. The one place in Olympus where there were still people. Well, because they were all dead and they all still feared him. Even if he had way too many and he had long lost control of them. He hadn't been able to keep the dead contained anymore and they roamed all over the planet. No matter, it wasn't like there was much else going on here.

    Cerebus, his faithful dog, was waiting for him. He was licked by all three heads.

    "I missed you too."

    Hades had a great love for his dog. Cerebus and Persephone were the only two things int he universe the God of the Underworld truly loved. Cerebus followed him like a puppy as he went to the room where his love slept. She was in an eternal coma. Hades sat on the bed next to the sleeping Persephone and touched her cheek.

    "My love, I found a way to bring you back to me. Ares didn't even know what was under his nose the whole time."

    The Mystic talisman, it could grant wishes. Ares and his family had it for a long time, never knowing what to do with it. Hades wanted it. He should have used it before Zeus arrived. He thought he had had time but Zeus and those newer gods had had other plans. He gently touched Persephone's hair.

    "I will use the wish granting talisman and have you love me again. And then we will be happy. Leave this world and create a new one. Just you and me."

    Once he had Persephone back he would leave this world and leave Hera to her revenge and hate. It was a lonely world....revenge. One, as the years were passing, Hades realized he didn't care for as much as he once did. Cerebus barked at him. Seeming to realize he was not included in Hades' plan.

    "And you as well, Cerebus. I would never forget you."

    Hades said, scratching his ears and his dog barked in happiness. Hades turned his attention back to the sleeping goddess.

    "Soon, everything will be the way it should be."
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    Hera nodded her head to Hades.

    "Very well."

    She was fine with them retreating to their own castles for now. She was so angry and things needed to be destroyed. And she had no desire to see Hades get all lovey dovey with his sleeping beauty. Hera still lived in her and Zeus' palace. It was so beautiful and grand. It was fitting for a the queen. Even if she was a queen of a fallen kingdom.

    It was all Zeus' fault! If he hadn't created a world that was dependent on other gods, she'd be ruling over a beautiful world, not a lifeless one.

    While Hades kept Persephone in a nice bed, he and Hera had dumped all the other sleeping gods into cells in the dungeon. They were traitors to the new regime, after all. She walked the empty halls of her palace and started to destroy anything that caught her fancy. Vases were thrown, statues toppled over, the Goddess of Marriage made it look like a tornado had went through her home.

    Although it did little to make her feel better. She needed to get revenge and that one goddess, Gossamer, she thought she was called, would pay for what happened to the Family of War. If she thought Phobos was bad, wait until that girl saw what Hera could do! Although, she needed to find a loophole around that wish Sojourn casted...She couldn't hurt them directly but...There had to be a way. Hera would find one.

    When she was determined, she could do anything.
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    Saber Vortex

    Cid nodded his head in understanding to Max about why he referred to him as his king. He hadn't been a king in so long, it felt odd to him. When Hera and Hades exiled him, Rory had just been a kid. Now, she was gone and her son was grown. So much time had passed.

    "Well, I'm sure Hera and Hades didn't allow her to have a chance."

    He didn't know exactly how it went down, but he was sure Athena hadn't been Queen very long. He needed to use the talisman and find out what truly happened.

    "I plan to use the wish granting talisman to find Athena and have her take her rightful place."

    And help restore his old home. Although the Saber Vortex was his home now. Even Olympus could be saved, he doubted he would go back. He liked his new home too much to leave it. He turned to Dumar and nodded his head.

    "Yes, I remember. Your relation is the only reason you are able to be here. After the attack on this planet, Rory placed a protection spell on the Saber Vortex. Only family and those with them can enter and leave it."

    When he said his wish, Cid replied.

    "I am sorry for the loss of your home. Optimus and his friends have the talisman right now. Let's find them and see if it can grant your wish."
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