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    Unless I missed something, I just have to do some summaries about the 1x1 stories.

    I think we could also post what stories are recruiting as well.

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    It doesn't help that, seeing all those families, I started creating families, too.

    Thanks. I think I just shared them all. I can get Tsunami done soon, if you want me to?

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    P.S. You didn't do Tsunami, but I can do that.

    The 1x1's you can do if you want. I'll share them. My original idea was to give folks a connection to what's going on, and to let them know what they might be interested in joining, so telling what stories are recruiting sounds great.

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    I knew I was missing one group story.

    And I figured since 1x1s aren't meant to become group posts, I'd just do a quick post about it. Letting people know the option was there. I'll write up a post to remind people there are lots of recruiting stories too.

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    I added a cover photo for the Outpost page.

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    Great. I'll put up that post about the 1x1's. I agree that describing each story isn't as important with them. People could go read them, but they won't be joining in, so there's not the same attraction as there is for the group stories.

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