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    All the characters look good. Life's been busy for us too. No worries on any posts you owe, Shades.

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    I'm glad everyone here is so patient.

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    You're welcome but you've been here long enough you should know we are.

    Tomorrow is going to be busy but Monday or Tuesday I should be able to get the IC finally up.

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    Surely have, but showing appreciation is always nice.

    And no rush at all!

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    Sorry for the wait, the IC thread is up.

    Post at your leisure.

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    Nice! Added to my list!

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    Jim will be a little late, so he'll make his appearance on the next round!

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    Sounds good. Nice and fashionably late.

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    I won't be posting Mister Vanderbilt again until everyone arrives. And I figure you want Jim to be rather late, Shades.

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    Just posting Jack this round. Ben will show up for dinner, but he isn't going to socialize before that.

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