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    He'll be there soon. Just late enough to be the last one in. Gotta keep people on their toes (of course it's not because he's hungover).

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    Well, Ben already knows how horrible the adventure will be. He'll join Jim in drinking all of Gramps' booze.

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    I hope they're at least merry drunks.

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    Whatever those two drink comes out of their pay.

    And do make Jim late. Charles will hate that. He hates when people are late to things.

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    Damn, at this rate, Jim will have to pay to go on this trip.

    And he will be very late, because why not?

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    Ben would almost drink his inheritance away to avoid going. Granted, I said almost. Boy isn't made for manual labor. Lol.

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    I bet grandpa is so proud of him.

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    Oh, I'm so sure.

    Gotta make that name look good.

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    And, to absolutely nobody's surprise, Jim's bad luck is making him even later than he would originally have been. XD

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    Post's up! Jim will show up only when everyone is already on the table - much to everyone's delight.

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