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    The Search for Paititi OOC

    The Search for Paititi OOC

    The Search for Paititi is an adventure story in which a group of people of different professions were gathered by a very rich man to search for an ancient lost city. The setting was the early 1920's. Fame and fortune will come the adventurers' way if they find the city. But it won't be an easy task going into the deep jungles of South America to look for a myth. They might not even survive to tell the tale.

    Here's the group of adventurers:

    ~Archaeologist: Has knowledge of the ancient culture and city and could pinpoint where the group must go. (Claimed by Sojourn)
    ~Reporter: Will write an article/book about their tale. (Claimed by Sojourn)
    ~Doctor: Goal is the keep the adventurers alive. (Claimed by Optimus Prime)
    ~Translator: Can help the adventurers deal with the locals. (Claimed by Shades)
    ~Pilot/Former Soldier: Can fly a small airplane and have survival skills. (Claimed by Shades)
    ~The Spoiled Brat: The rich man's grandson who is forced to come along to keep his place in the will. (Claimed by Optimus Prime)
    ~Local Guide: A local guide from a native tribe, who is to help them on their quest. (Claimed by Monkey Kitty)

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    The setting is Peru, correct?
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Yes. The area where Paititi is believed to have been is somewhere between the rain forests of Southeast Peru, Northern Bolivia, and Southwest Brazil.

    So, I think we'll end up having the adventurers go near the borders of those countries. Probably arriving in Brazil first and making their way to Peru.

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    Nice! Will have my characters up as soon as I can!

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    Sounds good. No rush.

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    I think we'll have fun with this but no rush ladies on getting your characters up.

    Sojourn and I have been trying to do this story so long, we already had pre-made character bios.

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    Didn't you start this one a long time ago?
    Seem familiar too me...
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Yes we did. The past attempts died off, though. So, we decided to try again.

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    I remember, I'd even made two characters for it...
    I should comb through the archives too see if anything is still there....

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