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    The World of Emporium: The Hunt of Light and Dark

    The World of Emporium: The Hunt of Light and Dark

    The Kingdom of Rekōdo
    Attachment 686

    On the planet called Emproium is a country called Rekōdo. Rekōdo is a world where the people live and dress similarly to that of late 1800s Western Europe. The clothing ranges from victorian to a mechanical steampunk and their abilities to wield magika re just as varied and creative. Within Rekōdo City, the heart of the united provinces, any style is accepted because in Rekōdo, almost anything is possible. For one who is not from Rekōdo, visiting for the first time can be quite the experience. There are pegasus-drawn carriages to flying automobiles, flying umbrellas to gargoyle pulls, giant tethered balloons and moons in the sky, and singing fountains. If you can imagine it, and if you cannot, it will be in Rekōdo City.

    It is also a world of magik and mystery, boasting what some may find eerie, strange or mystical in origin. It is a place of magik that thoroughly encourages its children to study and delve deeply into its magikal use and history just as they do with all their studies. As the people of Rekōdo dedicate their lives to their academics and magikal practices, it's only natural that they have public libraries. Chronicling is particularly important in the hearts of people from Rekōdo. The name of their United Provinces, after all, means "to record."

    Attachment 668

    The Central Library of Rekōdo boasts over one million books, both written and magikal. Every person is born with the ability to use magik and is encouraged to develop their abilities as much as they are encouraged to further themselves academically. There are tiers and levels of the Library. The most common area within the vast dome is a many-shelves-high area filled with floating scribe parchments and quills, scrying imps, floating book carts and chairs in which to read. There are wings that branch off from the main rotunda and each wing houses a more specified selection of books. Each Province has its own dedicated wing with books of great renown and importance to their study and history.

    The Central Library

    Attachment 669

    The library is opened at all hours, except for two hours in the early morning hours where the highest level of staff take time to re-strengthen the wards and spells surrounding the Library and more restricted sections. It hosts books containing ever subject imagined and all will need protection in the interests of preserving their vastly faceted history. There are Haunted Sections where ghosts of history are bound to their tomes and will speak directly with you if you choose their book from its shelf. There are even books of prophecy that spills their secrets to those who turn their pages. There are books that will shelf themselves when they are done. Whatever can be imagined exists within the Central Library. One has but to go inside to see.

    The Most Sacred Texts

    Attachment 670

    The most sacred text of the people of Rekōdo is the Book of Memories (sometimes referred to with more scorn as the Book of Secrets). Tel' Parma en' Rinarim, as it is called in the ancient tongue of magik, contains the recordings of past rulers dating back to the beginning of Rekōdo's founding and with it the life-account of every king or queen since. No one is allowed to lay their hands upon the Book of Memories except the current ruler. Anyone who touches it will have their life recorded onto its pages from their birth unto their death. Only the rulers are allowed to view the chapters of the rulers before them. Otherwise all the secrets of the country would be laid bare, possibly with catastrophic consequence.

    There are other, more minor books that have restricted access. There are Books of Prophecy that, when opened will have words appear on their pages of the next major prophecy to come true, prophecies that, once set into motion, cannot be stopped. There are other prophecy books inclined to write specific futuristic predictions of those who open their pages. There are tomes on how to Quiet (cut a person off from their magikal power), how to indenture into the servitude of genie lamps, of ancient rituals that are forbidden in the modern world. These cannot be checked out and can only be viewed with the highest levels of permission. They are held in the same tier of secretive chambers in the library as the Book of Memories. They are guarded by two house-sized stone lions. One of fire and one of ice. When awakened by an intrusion into the restricted section, they will defend the priceless tomes with magikal fire (enchanted to not burn the cargo of the shelves), or ice.

    Those Who Rule in Rekōdo

    The Children of Liar'Adon and Deanna of the Stars

    Those who are to rule a world containing magik as this one does must be able to control and manipulate magiks to a great extent. The heirs to the throne are descended from a line that, according to history, flows directly from the God-Creator of their world, Liar'Adon, and the lady mortal who won his heart, Deanna the Favored. When the current ruler has children, those children are tested to see if they inherited their predecessors ability to control and create magik. If they are, it is the second child who is to rule unless that child shows an underwhelming deficit of magikal ability over the older sibling. None have faltered so far.

    Traditionally, it is the younger child who will rule and the older who will be their life-guardian. If there is no second sibling, the first will rule and a cousin (or other relative) will be their Life Guardian or one will be appointed of a person with remarkable magik abilities (usually from a prominent family). If they are seriously committed to their cause, an older sibling to the heir may chose to take the Oath of Protection, which bonds them magikally, spiritually, and mentally to the heir so that they may better serve them. They forsake companionship with any other and dedicate themselves fully and completely to protecting the ruler-to-be. They are released from their bond only by the ruler or by death- either theirs of their charge.

    The Founding Spirits of Rekōdo

    In the beginning, the warring peoples were united under the leadership of the First King. His power and magik marked him as a Child of Liar'Adon and Deanna and it was he who convinced the leaders of the factioned peoples to unite under one banner, yet retain their individualism. For the sake of peace and those they lead, Clow of Taroc, Siochana of Shamaa, Dayena of Astral, J'Adonai of Da'Jinn, Arxus of Maginus and the First King became the Founders of Rekōdo. It was during this time that the Book of Memories was created, so that the wisdom of the First King could be passed on to each succeeding ruler of his line. It was in his example that the Founders of Rekōdo decided to create and bind themselves in the Oath of Masters. Upon their deaths, their Spirits would seek out and bond with a Vessel of their choosing. This new Vessel would become the next Guild Master of their Province. As that Guild Master passed, so the Ancestral Spirit of their land would pass itself on to the next deserving Host. The Five Founding Guild Masters ritually ended their lives before they grew too old or infirm to lead and began the cycle that lasts in Rekōdo to this day.

    The Guild Masters of Rekōdo

    There is a High Council of Rekōdo, whom are direct advisors to the ruler. They are a group of five of the highest magik wielders in the Five Provinces of Rekōdo, chosen by the Ancestral Spirits of their Guilds.

    They serve as both law makers and peace keepers, judges in the highest courts and solvers of all problems related to the inheritance of the leadership of Rekōdo. Their leadership is both given and elected. They contain the Spirit and possess the history and knowledge of their people since the beginning of Rekōdo. The Vessel that is the High Council member to the Ruler and Guild Master of their Province is chosen completely by the Ancestral Spirit. Some provinces have an under council of sorts who attempt to train and watches the growth of the youth in the province for a potential successor. If one is not chosen, they may be elected by the people of that province, though such a case has not happened in Rekōdo's history.

    The Seconds of Rekōdo

    Each Guild Master has the privilege of choosing a Second, their right hand and most trusted advisor. In the event of an emergency or incompetence of a Guild Master, the Second of each province can be instated as the Acting Guild Master of their province, giving them full power, authority and political strength of an actual Guild Master. The Second of the province is one greatly considered to be next to receive the Ancestral Spirit upon the passing of the Guild Master, though that is not always the case. Traditionally, the Second is one born within the boundaries of the province they assist and is fluent in their ways, magiks and traditions. A Second can act as a diplomat, an ambassador, and a figurehead. They are treated with utmost respect and adhered to with only the Guild Master and the ruler of Rekōdo above them to veto their words.
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    The Six Provinces of Rekōdo

    Rekodo City is at the heart of the Country of Rekōdo and is the epicenter of its magik. On all sides it is surrounded by the 6 Provinces. Rekōdo City itself does not cater or favor one specific province, but like any big city with a vast network of cultures, it has sections that are "Little Provinces" and sport the colors, fashion, foods, educational advancement and practices of a particular province.

    Below are the Six Provinces and their current Council Members:

    The Province of Taroc
    Guild Master: Alain LeCavalier
    Founding Spirit: Clow
    Colors: Red & Gold
    Tradition of Magik: Divination

    The Taroc are a very serious people for their art and do not take the magik they do as lightly as the other provinces do. They came from the West originally, navigating by the stars and guided by them to what would be Rekōdo. Their destiny brought them to this land. Their primary practice is in predictions, fortune, and prophesy: the Arts of Divination. Many from this province are the "authors" of the predictive texts. They are a people constantly trying to advance their magik and sight through harnessing the magik of foresight with tarot cards, star-reading, reading tea leaves, prophetic writing and vision-seeing. Initially, they were the gypsies and fortune-tellers of the land, but have since grown into a powerful province of sophistication, might and dedication. There are orders and temples dedicated to the specialization of each of the areas of Divination. The land of Taroc ranges from ocean cliffside in the north to rolling hills where wild horses roam, long stretches of grassland for farming and ranching and warm southern beaches. It was a woman called Deanna of the Hills, born of the first people of Taroc, who was said to have captured the heart of Liar'Adon the Creator and as favor her people were gifted with the Stars in the night's sky. It is said that the Taroc are an arrogant people, but who could not be proud of such a rich, strong history?

    The capital city is Clow. It is the largest city and boats a wealth of fruition from hundreds of years of hard work. Taroc boasts the most developed cities of all the Provinces. It also has the most extensive coastline and strongest fleet of ships, both air and naval. The island of Faraking is home to the floating Heli'Dom, the largest telescope in Rekōdo. The people of Taroc are everything from sailors to farmers, to visionaries, to seers, and businessmen, ranchers and traditional gypsies. Their strength of unity and organization rivals all other provinces and is one of their greatest assets. They are varied, but they are extremely loyal. Taroc is located on the Western most border of Rekōdo City.

    The Province of Shamaa
    Guid Master: Mindoka
    Founding Spirit: Siochana
    Colors: Brown & Blue
    Tradition of Magik: Earthen/Spirit Magik

    Natural Magik is one of the oldest magiks known to man. It dictates that everything (people, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, etc.), everything natural, not man-made, has a Spirit that can be called upon to guide, help or give information etc. This is known as Animism. The Shamaa are the only ones who can naturally call upon these Spirits. The Shamaa can see into the 'Spirit World' (sometimes thought to be the Dream World) where these spirits dwell. The Shamaa are very traditional and many remain in their tribal formations and lodgings. Some have adapted to city life, but adhere to traditions during sacred times. Many think them barbaric when more sophisticated living is available to their world. Though the Shamaa are among the native peoples of Rekōdo, it is they who have the most people who have talents for Dream Walking, waking or sleeping freely in the World of Dreams with control and without the use of a Totem. The Shamman also have a master of herbology and potions, making them among the best naturalists and makers of old potions and medicine. Each person born a Shamaa as an Animal Spirit to guide them. In essence, it is like a Familiar or patronus, personifying the person's soul in animal form. A Shamaa man or woman can undergo a Rite of Passage by venturing into the Tiarna Wood, the oldest place in Rekōdo, where old, wild magik still reigns. There, they drink the waters there- water that nullifies all magik ability- and have visions. By this, they can become honored members of their tribes. The Shamaan are among the greatest animorphs, taking on the appearance of their spirit guide or projecting them.

    The people of Shamaa often dress naturally, using natural things such as animals, bones, furs, skins etc. over man-made fabrics. Their land is rich in unspoiled beauty. The edge of the Hundred Year Plains skirts across their northwestern border with Taroc and to the south and east are lush, ancient forests steeped in lore and Old Magik. Shamaa hosts two great lake-riverways. One flows to the north and out along the Taroc-Maginus border, the other South into the Sea of Sul. Tradisi shelters a deep trench called Echo Deep where ancient creatures are rumored to lurk. The forests melt into moist marshlands on its southern-most hook where is borders the Wilderlands. The capital, Siochana is nestled directly in the middle of the lakes at the heart of the Province. Shamaa is located on the Southern most border of Rekōdo City.

    The Province of Astral
    Guild Master: Herotus
    Founding Spirit: Dayena
    Colors: Purple & Yellow
    Tradition of Magik: Illusionary & Creative

    To the Southeast of Rekōdo City is the luxurious and lush Province of Astral. Its western border is lined with border forests that mirror Shamaa's. Its center is rich in the lush southern grasslands of the edge of the Hundred Year Plains. A river and lake near the capital city of Dayena divide the Province into its wealthy upper half and naturally beautiful and peaceful lower half. The eastern portion of the province is tropical and a tourist hot-spot. While it touches no oceans, Siadharri and all of Lake Doras make up for that. the Zhido Canal, which divides Lake Doras from the Da'Jinn-controlled Lake Anaya, is rich in trade. Adaya's Temple upon the lake is a mecca for those craving the wilds of night life. The mysterious Six Stones of Past lie in the southern heart of the Province and the infamous White Towers of Dayena are where all, regardless of their province of birth, who have talent in the White Light of Healing go to pursue their training.

    It is a beautiful province and it is filled with beautiful people. Astral puts a lot of value in the created as much as the real. The Arts are honed and perfected in Astral and it boasts the best artists, dancers, musician, sculptors, painters, singers and healers. They are also the most crafty, employing some of the best illusionists, magician and inventors. They are expert mathematicians and have found ways to bend geometrics and physics to the will of their magik. Astral spends a vast amount of time trying to create a world where anything and everything is accepted and possible. It is a province wealthy with talent and beauty, both in their terrain and people. The Astrals are chiseled pieces of human perfection, more self-centered than their naturally-centered neighbors to the west. The people of Astralian are a semi-self centered people, feeding their ego with the images they project and maintain. Their bodies are flaunted in their tropical climate and exotic, sometimes seen as scandalous, garb. Much stock is put into their physical appearances. Astralians are among the most beautiful and exotic-looking people of Rekōdo.

    The Province of Da'Jinn
    Guild Mistress: Jinai
    Founding Spirit: J'Adonai
    Colors: Orange & Green
    Tradition of Magik: Elemental & Wish/Fate

    To the East of Rekōdo City lies the dry Province of Da'Jinn. Opposite of Taroc, the people of Da'Jinn are ancient nomads that came to Rekōdo from the Far East, across the Shifting Sands and Desert Eternal Sun. They are a skeptical people, a self-isolated people steeped in ancient, undying tradition. Its fully desert-like climate makes for little change in a vastly nomadic people who travel to great cities and out again as quickly as they entered. Some use portals, traveling long, magikal routes from the Ancestral Ruins, mapped out eons ago by their ancestors, to doorways in the desert- though the old ways have long fallen into abandon and disrepair with the inescapable influence of modern magik. Most of its population prefer a more physical movement among the desert with tents and beasts of burden. Their harsh, strict lifestyles are opposite to much of the other provinces in Rekōdo. Because of its unwavering glue to tradition and nomadism, Da'Jinn has the least amount and least-populated cities in all of Rekōdo. The only exceptions are J'Adonai, its capital and the most western of cities where the hub of trade and western politics mingle with eastern goods and fares and Mararat, the city farthest east and richest in merchants and their wares from across the desert. Mararat's population shifts seasonally with the occasional nomadic tribe stopping in for supplies before moving out again. Lake Anaya and the Sea of Serpens provide water of food, but little else in the ways of income and tourism due to their arid and fluctuation in supremely hot and bitter cold climates.

    The magikal forte of the Da'Jinn are wishes and fate. Their Provincial name literally means 'masters of Jinn.' A Jinn is an elemental force of nature birthed from the elements. The two main types are the Jinn (spirits of air) and the Efreet (spirits of fire). Earthen and Water-based Jinn exist, but those elements are scarce among the hot, airy desert landscape. Both are incredibly powerful and difficult to deal with if you are not a Da'Jinn. To better master them, the Da'Jinn have Totems hidden on their person to help control their Jinn of Efreet. These Totems can be anything from a necklace to a nose-ring to a gold cap on a tooth, but are traditionally something precious. Some Jinn are confined to lamps and sold into the markets of Rekōdo as genies- spirits who grant wishes. It is an archaic practice, but still used especially among the nomads, to sell people into the bonds of such or other types of servitude. The bands on their wrists and legs mark them as bound servants to pay off a magikal debt by bringing wishes and fortune to those who possess their prison (lamp). The Da'Jinn dress in long garb and wear turban or wrap-styled hats to avoid the desert heat, wind and sand. Women, especially those married into or daughter of great wealth, often wear a shawl over their hair and faces and vast amounts of sculpted jewelry to show off such wealth. it is a highly partiarchal society where women have little sway.

    The Province of Maginus
    Guild Master: Darmon
    Founding Spirit: Arxus
    Color: Black & Dark Blue
    Tradition of Magik: The Dark Arts

    The Northern-most Province is set in a colder, more hilly and mountainous climate and it's reflected in their wardrobe. The Magini wear long, layered robes, high-necked sweaters and everything wrapped in additional shawls and cloaks. Maginus has a strict caste system with little upward movement for those who are not so fortunate to be in their upper crust. Theirs is the power based from witchcraft and warlockery, of ancient runes and dark rituals centuries old. The Dark Arts often involves blood rites and rituals of the oldest kind, from the age when people were primal and sacrificed or worshipped in exchange for power. Many of the modern Magini specialize in the Soul, ancient runes and creatures of lore. Controversially, there is still much in the way of Necromancy, especially among the High Priesthood. Ancient, family power is revived through ritual surrounding the deceased. While considered taboo and against nature, re-animation of the dead or the re-use of Souls is a practice that has not fully been extinguished in Maginus.

    The Province of Maginus is a place that has know warfare for much of its life, and it is reflected in the reflected cities it has populated along its borders with other provinces. The cities of Windf'rte, Elve and Krig all stand across the border from another province's major city in a defensive gesture. The northern-most province of Rekōdo sees the Hills of Deanna swell into steep hillsides of the Northern Hills along the entirety of it's western and northwestern half. It boasts it's own cliffside shorelines along the throat of the Bay of Rekōdo that it shares with Taroc. The southern, eastern and northeastern entirety of the province is the drier, alee portion of the grasslands of the Hundred Year Plains. the mountains, the vast Great Swells eat up the entire northern portion of the province. The city of Arx, its capital, it protected from its greatest rivals in Taroc, by the southern-most tip of the mountains. Well forged trails and roadways lead into the Great Hold, the stronghold and mightiest fortress of Maginus. It is home to the Guild Master, the High Priests and the greatest Maginus has to offer. In the Dragon Range, along the border with the Unsettled Lands, Maginus has station Lesser Holds in defense against their never-ending disagreement with the Dragons that live beyond. The Hydros islands in the Sea of Serpens by its border with Da'Jinn are, scornfully, the only islands Maginus can lay claim to in either of it's watery borders.

    The Islands of Enchantry
    Guild Mistress: Nalia
    Founding Spirit: None
    Color: Green & Black
    Tradition of Magik: Totem Discovery & Creation

    Enchantry is located in a scattered grouping of islands called the Aile Bones between Taroc's Faraking Island and the western coastline of Maginus. The closest island to the mainland boasts the city of Capios, the single city and capital of the newest and smallest province in Rekōdo. The Guild was founded recently by Nalia al'Vatar, whose exiled birthright is Astral. the purpose of Enchantry stems from Nalia's passion: the discovery, unearthing and education of old artifacts on the islands called Totems. Totems are anything magikal in origin from the early eras of Rekōdo that heighten a specific magikal ability. Stone rings on a necklace are Totems often found on people who wish to Dreamwalk, though such artifacts are not handed out lightly. Totems are most prevalent in two places in Rekōdo: The Aile Bones and the Tiarna Woods. The only other place to still have Old Magik is in the territories around Rekōdo: The Unsettled Lands and the Wilderlands. The Ailes are terribly old and riddled with ruins and artifacts. Some have potentially dangerous power. Enchantry has made it its mission to find, catalogue and distribute as necessary to the Guilds where they would best fit any Totems that are uncovered within the boundaries of Rekōdo. They are stored and studied by the people of Enchantry. Some artifacts have unknown abilities and women who tried their power have died using them. They are the keepers of all great artifacts found in the Provinces of Rekōdo.

    Nalia's talents are not something that stem from her birthright and, though she was exiled and trained in both Maginus and Taroc, she created Enchantry so that any who felt out-of-place in their own homeland had a haven where they could potentially employ their talents. Unfortunately, men are shown to have a harder time adjusting to the constant hum of the Old magik that permeates the Ailes. To prevent a civil war within the city-guild, and to prevent any permanent damage from the madness brought on by the Old Magik, the men were expelled from the Ailes. The province of Enchantry is the only Guild that is open exclusively and entirely to women. The term for the women is Enchantresses. The name usually refers to the magik of coercion and control, but such things are illegal.

    The Aile Bones are a small smattering of land within the cold, northern waters of the Ocean of Liar'Adon. The islands range from beautiful hillsides to rough, craggy outcroppings of rock jutting from the water. The climate is moist, receiving much rain that makes the hillsides a rich emerald green. The summers are cool and the winters cold and snowy. Trade with the mainland if prevalent to the function of the Enchantry Guild, though extended stay is not recommended for many who are not accustomed to the constant feel of Old Magik. The City of Capios is the only developed city on the Ailes, though the Enchantresses and their Novices often make excursion out into the other islands through the use of old Totems that were fashioned as teleportal stones linked to the larger of the Ailes. Though small, Enchantry's influence on Rekōdo if great. It is a link to the past and a gateway to the future for many who do not fit the provincial norms of their world.
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    _+CHAPTER 1: In The Beginning+_
    Pages 1 - ?

    [SIZE=2]-= The Runaway Princess =-
    -= They Came From the Stars =-
    -= To Felicity Poahr's Apartment =-
    -= Darmon Summons Kali, Two Escape from Enchantry & Enter the Clone =-
    -=Tamarah Arrives in Rekōdo City=-
    -=Nalia and the White Light=-
    -=Branwen Seeks out Mindoka =-

    _+CHAPTER 2: All the World's Troubles Begin+_

    ((Descriptions of the chapters and information on what happens in them is forthcoming. It will take time, so please be patient as this part of the new thread will be undergoing constant construction.))

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    Currently on Emporium...

    At the Heart of Rekōdo City...

    Rekōdo is beginning to be consumed by the chaos and turmoil left in the wake of the missing Princess, who was taken at the height of her Coronation by the High Chronicler of Magik after the Guild Masters were attacked and rendered Unconscious. It was unclear what motivations the man, Emit Shornoc, who held the third highest station in all of Rekōdo would have that would lead him to kidnap the heir to the golden throne. It had been weeks and they had not been found. With their Princess gone and the Prince in hiding for his own protection, the people of Rekōdo looked to their Guild Masters, the leaders of their Provinces and seats on the Royal High Council for guidance, for answers, for anything. Since the coronation where they were attacked, all six Guild Masters had been eerily absent. In a time when their people were afraid and needed them most, their presence, their voice, their reason was gone. Rumors have begun to spread and have seized the frightened hearts of the masses like wildfire, rumors that the Guild Masters were powerless, captured, enslaved, dead. There were reports of fighting in Astral, of Taroc and Shamaa troops slaughtered and Da'Jinn's betrayal. There is even a new rumor steamrolling over all others that has instilled panic upon a near-leaderless people: The Ancestral Spirits had been lost.

    Each Guild Master is chosen upon the death of their predecessor by the Founding Spirit of their Province, the admirably-called Ancestral Spirit of their land who passes on the knowledge and history of every Guild Master before them and the province which they lead. Those Spirits, the light and memory of their world had been taken or had left the Guild Masters. It is unclear which, if either, are the truth behind the lack-of-presence of the Six Guild Masters of Rekōdo. The hearts of the Six Provinces, Rekōdo City, is beginning to show the fractures of stress and fear. Rioting has begun to sweep through the streets. Crime and murder are rising and the tentative Treaty of Tradisi that ended the Great War but two decades earlier is now teetering on a dangerous precipice. If the Princess is not found, the royal line restored or the Guild Masters returned to calm their frightened provinces, Rekōdo could fall hopelessly into a war that will not stop until the world on which they live burns.

    In the West...

    Darmon of Maginus has been murdered. The Guild Master of Maginus's corpse was found atop the ruined portion of the Great Hold at Arx after a supposed altercation between the Nalia, the Guild Mistress of Enchantry and her Second, Kali. The explosion that jettisoned heavy stones into the surrounding cityside of Arx was felt as an earthquake from the Aile Bones east into the border of Da'Jinn and into the northern tip of Rekōdo City. The High Priests of Maginus determined that Nalia al'Vatar was the one who murdered their Master. They sensed the presence of the Nightmare energy she housed within herself and launched an immediate counterattack upon the Guild of Enchantry for her treachery. They were joined by the might of the Da'Jinn's army of sand soldiers, fiery Jinn and watery Efreet. The body of Darmon of Maginus was taken down into the depths of the Great Hold at Arx.

    Nalia of Enchantry, heavily pregnant with the forbidden love-child of she and the Guild Master of Taroc, fled into the Aile Bones where she met the Dire Wolves. She fell under their protection, as they existed on the Ailes with the soul, mysterious purpose of protecting Enchantry. Her Second, Kali, fled to Taroc under Nalia's orders to find Alain, its Guild Master. The Master of Taroc had at his hidden fortress the imprisoned Adaya Second of Astral, Branwen Second of Shamaa, and prince Eri of Rekōdo. They received Branwen and, after having met with the lost Princess in the World of Dreams, formulated a plan to free her from Da'Jinn. Having learned the truth of how Nalia began Enchantry and the truth of its name and the Forgotten Province of Rekōdo from the Princess, Alain attempted to contact the fleeing Nalia and, when talks of having her seek asylum with him failed, an Agent of Taroc, Olivia Kuhrson, found her and put Nalia under her protection. Arion bar Sohil, the Second of Taroc returned from Mararat in Da'Jinn after an altercation with Jinai's Second. Arion had tracked the Princess to Da'Jinn and was attacked when he demanded her safe return. He was badly injured, but became the Acting Guild Master of Taroc in Alain's stead as he headed off to Da'Jinn to free the Princess.

    During the Maginus-Da'Jinn assault on Capios, Nalia convinced the O'aris to aid her people. In efforts with a fleet of Taroc's naval ships and three Celestial Airships, Arion lead a defensive measure for Enchantry. The might of Da'Jinn was defeated, and it was with the assistance of a ghostly remnant of a pirate vessel, the Raven's Triumph, that Captain Jacob Petrov, his undead crew, and the might of Taroc defeated those who sought harm to Enchantry. Arion, already badly injured from his fight in Da'Jinn, returned to the Heli'Dom on Faraking Island where he was placed into sleep so that his extensive injuries could be healed.

    But a threat lingered on the Cliffs of Maginus. A man was there among the chanting Priests. Caldur Eirikson of Isolert held aloft the Dragon Staff of Darmon of Maginus, the murdered Guild Master, and has proclaimed himself the new Guild Master of Maginus.

    In the East...

    ... there is treachery. Herotus and Adaya, twin siblings and the respective Guild Master and Second of Astral lead the Guild Master of Shamaa, his Second and hundreds of Taroc and Shamaa soldiers to captivity and death. Adaya had sought the council of Mindoka of Shamaa and plead with him for protection from Da'Jinn. In their weakened state, the Second and her Master feared that the more powerful might of Da'Jinn would come raining down on the much weaker and less organized Astral and crush them. For the sake of peace, Mindoka lead his warriors and a large escort of Taroc troops from their brother-province to the west, into the heart of Astral in order to disperse presence and aid. They were lead right into a trap. Adaya, the temptress, had moved among the troops and every man or woman she touched tuned on her their brothers and sisters at arms upon Herotus's command. Nearly all were lost in the self-slaughter. Mindoka of Shamaa was captured and brought before Jinai of Da'Jinn, the grand architect of the entire plan's design.

    In the East, there is betrayal. As part of the plan, Jinai bound Mindoka into the Servitude of the Lamp and made him a mindless, commanded genie. What Herotus did not know was that there was a Lamp for him as well and Jinai bound him to the same fate as the Guild Master he betrayed. Adaya was sent scampering to Taroc for asylum.

    Jinai of Da'Jinn, the first woman to ever have the title of Guild Master in her land, sought to conquer the lands of Rekōdo in the name of the Empire of Da'Jinn in the Far East across the Desert of Eternal Sun. It was she and her Second, Majed ibn Eyad, who attempted to steal the Ancestral Spirits from the Guild Masters of Rekōdo along with the hereditary power of the Princess at her coronation. What Jinai did not know was that Emporium sought balance and the Spirits did not go to her as she had planned. They went, instead, into the Princess of Rekōdo. Having foresaw this with her ability to Dream Walk, the Princess sought the help of the most powerful, neutral and loyal person she knew: The High Chronicler of Magik, keeper of the Central Library, and recorder of all of Rekōdo's deeds and history. It was he who took the unconscious Princess from the dangers of her coronation and fled. Jinai's Second tracked and set a trap for the High Chronicler and brought he and the unwakeable Princess to the city of Mararat in Da'Jinn.

    Far from the prying, shambled eyes of the West, the Second of Da'jinn tortured the High Chronicler of Magik until a way to wake the Princess was found. She protected herself and the Spirits in the World of Dreams. When Jinai entered the World where the Princess hid, the presence of the two genied Guild Masters tore their Ancestral Spirits from the Princess's mind and forced her to wake up. She was imprisoned with the intention of having the rest of the Spirits ripped from her Soul and shackled to the same fate as Mindoka of Shamaa and Herotus of Astral. All for the sake of honor-restored to the exiled inhabitants of the Province of Da'Jinn and the glory of the Far East that cared not for them any longer.

    And Now in Rekōdo...

    In the wake of the attack, Enchantry searches for its Mistress. As the chaos of defense is rerouted into order and rebuilding, the head Enchantresses of Nalia's Council send two of their own into the Ailes to find her and bring her home. They encountered the Dire Wolves and were attacked. Nalia healed the gravely injured Sister with her uncontrolled White Light of Healing and fell into deep unconsciousness. As restitution for their actions, Sisters were escorted by the Dire Wolves back to Capios and the City is now under their watchful protection. Olivia, powerful in the ways of Necromatic Arts through her Maginus lineage recalled her friends on the Raven's Triumph to the Ailes to bring she and Nalia away from Rekōdo and into the safety of whatever lay beyond the Ocean of Liar'Adon. The two Sisters of Enchantry returned to Capios as Kali returned and news broke of the possible resurrection of Darmon of Maginus. Nalia's secret affair and impending child were revealed to the Council of Enchantry and the threat of fracturing between the Sisters loomed. In Shamaa, Branwen and Udaya are facing similar tensions with the heads of their tribes. Order must be restored to their world before it descends completely into chaos.

    Alain of Taroc lead a team consisting of Branwen of Shamaa, Kali of Enchantry, the prisoner Adaya of Astral, Prince Eri of Rekōdo and his two personal guards to Shamaa. There, they ventured to where the two rivers converged at the hut of Udaya. The seemingly imbalanced wise woman of Shamaa gave them access to the ancient Paths the Da'Jinn used to travel farther West into Rekōdo undetected. They used these same Paths to travel through the Desert of Eternal Sun long, long ago when they were exiled here and sought to keep trade with their old homeland. The Paths, an eerie, silent darkness with lit passageways of stone, were maddening and drove Adaya of Astral to insanity. The rest of Alain's team made it to Mararat unscathed before the desolate, vast emptiness and nothingness laid claim to their minds. In Jinai's floating palace, they encountered the violent Qadir, a man bonded with Jinn of fire into a burning, onyx monster. The once-man fought but was slain by the Prince of Rekōdo, but not before claiming one of his eyes with his daggers. The severity of the battle caused Jinai's palace to fall onto the shore of Lake Anaya. Before she could be capture, Majed ibn Eyad took his Guild Mistress and fled. The whereabouts of Jinai and her Second are unknown. Alain had completed his mission. The Princess was freed and in his custody. Mararat was in the custody of Taroc's soldiers. The suicide of Adaya of Astral, who had betrayed Taroc and Shamaa was barely mourned among such a victory.

    But there was trouble at home. A group called The Circle sought to undo Alain's hold on his title as Guild Master of Taroc. They knew the truth of the missing Ancestral Spirits and of his affair and forbidden, expected child with Nalia of Enchantry. They sought to undo him. A group of eerie seers, the Five Sisters of Mirian- who never leave the city of their namesake- appeared before the Guild Master within the ruins to Jinai's palace. Unhappy with him, they sent him into a deep sleep and focused their prophetic words on the Princess and the rest of Alain's rescue party.

    In the World of Dreams, Alain and Nalia were reunited. He told his lover of the Princess's vow to renounce the laws that forbade them from being together and convinced her to come to him in Da'Jinn. The High Chronicler of Magik was sent back to Rekōdo City to find information on how to free Mindoka of Shamaa and Herotus of Astral from their genie lamps. He was captured by the High Guard of Rekōdo, but not before he could send an ancient Da'Jinn tome to the Princess. His fate is unknown.

    Nalia arrived in Mararat aboard the Raven's Triumph after a harrowing journey through the Spirit Realm. It was the quickest way to deliver her to Da'Jinn and, with the missing Ancestral Spirits throwing the balance of the Spirit World into chaos, they were attacked by Spirits lead by Olivia's Necromancer father. It was with the intervention of the Spirit of Nalia's mother than Undead Captain and his crew sailed the ghost ship safely into the living world once more. Before the Princess and Prince, Nalia, Alain and Olivia learned of the new living threat in Maginus: Caldur Eirikson. Princess Pasce revealed to them the truth of the origins of the Dragon Staff and Darmon's plans for devastating annihilation of their world with it. It was discovered that Nalia could not have taken Darmon's life if she can wield the White Light of Healing and all signs pointed to the self-proclaimed Guild Master of a Maginus as the murderer.

    Now, the Soul of the Master of Maginus has been returned to his body. The Undead Guild Master has only one thought: revenge on Nalia of Enchantry and the destruction of all she holds dear. He has made his way to Capios with an army of Nightmares beside him. The Prince is being sent back to Rekōdo City to govern and lead in the Princess's stead until she is fit to rule again. If she is ever fit to rule again. Carrying seven Ancestral Spirits has taken its toll on the young Princess. Her body is dying. If she passes before the Spirits can be safely released back to their Guild Masters, then they could fall under the power of Caldur of Maginus. Then, all would be lost.
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    ((Continued from here.))

    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai’s Fallen Palace

    Attachment 1638 Attachment 2240

    Pasce, Princess of Rekōdo, Prince Eri, his guards Ganard of House Fallandor and Merelin of House Diorna, and Nalia of Enchantry

    Nalia put a hand to her heart as if it were going to break. Her nails dug lightly into her skin as she took an unconscious step back from the princess, from them all. Her emerald eyes left the seated royal and fell distantly down and away from them all. Her mouth opened and work on words, but none came out. Alain would feel their mental connection dim as if she were moving far and away from him. She dove and tore through her own mind. She searched and rooted and upended everything down into the farthest reaches of her mind. There was nothing. They were gone from her.

    "How?" she asked in a voice that was soft and wrought with grief. Her eyes looked back up to the Princess, who stared down at her with eyes that tried to abandon the pity she felt.

    "Did you ever use that power on him?" The Princess's tone was particular. She knew Nalia's whole life. Hers was an open book to the royal heiress, just as every ruling relative before hers has been. Nalia sense the loaded question, but that did not make it easier to answer.

    "Yes" she answered honestly in the presence of royalty. Her voice sounded as if it were about to break apart. "Twice."

    The Princess visibly inhaled. She knew of the first time. Both she and Alain would know of it because it was shown to them. A memory form the day the idea of of Enchantry was born at the Heli'Dom on Faraking Island. A beaten and bloodied young girl sat and shivered with a Guild Master on his knees before her. A warm, moist towel. A bowl of hot water. Gentleness. An idea. The Princess tried not to look at Alain, only at Nalia.

    "The last was at Arx?" Pasce avoided the topic of the first time, for her sake. Nalia's link to Alain was still there, though weak. He would see flashes between their linked minds. Bits of memory playing in her head as she recalled her use of the dark power. Once in Arx, the same room, but with him above her, hurting her. There was a scorch mark at his throat, a hand print around his wrist. The second time after he'd pinned her down, touched the protective womb where their child lay, after his hand had delved down purposefully too far. he'd whispered the things he was going to do to her, to their child. Nalia had attacked him. Nightmare ichor was fed to him from her palms. It dripped from his eyes, his nose and mouth. It filled him. She almost had not stopped. If it hadn't been for Alain, for their child, she could not have stopped.

    "Yes, highness."

    Nalia looked down. Her hands were before her. She was picking at the skin of her fingernails. She never did that. Her hands were shaking. It was too keep anyone from seeing just how badly this was ruining her. Alain would know this, from years of training her, raising her, supporting her. He knew this was her worst nightmare come true. She had allowed the Nightmares to be freed. They were at Capios. Capios was doomed.

    The Princess saw the woman's turmoil and allowed the pity she felt to be seen. Pasce turned to her brother and reached out her healed hand. He came to her, knelt and took it in his own. She squeezed his hand. There was a different look in her eyes now. Well masked and slightly unreadable, but there. Pasce placed the parchment scroll in Eri's hand and re-closed it with her own.

    "Rekōdo needs you, Eri. Please take care of her until I return home."

    Her brother bowed his head and looked up at her with his only eye. He'd inherited a new one in the tin box he held at his side. His lips were set in a grim frown, so much like their father.

    "Go now" she commanded him gently, sadly. They were just reunited and now they would be apart again. Eri bowed his head to his sister. Before he rose, he pressed his lips to her hand. He looked down at her as he rose, but spoke to Alain.

    "I am counting on you to keep her safe, Master Alain" the Prince said. The Master of Taroc would know of the conflict warring within his heart. His voice was softer next. "Please keep her safe for me."

    The Prince descended the stairs and turned to look at Alain, Olivia and Nalia.

    "Ganard. Merelin."

    The Prince's guards rose and bowed to the Princess before flanking the Prince. Eri opened the doors to leave the room and looked at Pasce once more. Something silent was exchanged between the siblings. He and his guards exited the room. The doors shut behind them.

    Nalia was still staring downward at her hands. They were palms up so she could look at their ivory beauty. They had force-fed Darmon Nightmares. She had filled him with the sick ichor. Or had they escape because the White Power had come to her? Her face had gone pale. She spoke to Alain and Olivia both in a voice that was haunted by what had been done.

    "It is my fault. Despite how hard I tried..." Nalia looked up from her hands to Alain and Olivia.

    "I have to fix this." Her voice was desperation on the verge of collapse. She had given Darmon hat he wanted and now he was at Capios's doorstep. She was quite literally as far from Capios as she could be within the boundaries of Rekōdo. "I have to go to Capios."
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    Alain LeCavalier & Olivia Kuhrson

    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai's Fallen Palace...

    Nightmares in the hands of Darmon. The very notion sends a chill through Olivia and Alain. They had seen Darmon's wrath during the Great War. Each has seen glimpses of what the Nightmare beasts can do. To imagine a reanimated Darmon without any ties to the laws and nature of mankind commanding such dark forces brings many untold horrors to their minds.

    Olivia looks to Nalia, seeking to assess how much this news is hurting her friend. This is all Nalia has ever feared. Everything she has sacrificed and suffered to prevent. Yet, Darmon's High Priests have made it possible without Nalia being aware of it, or capable of stopping it.

    Alain is lost to himself. He's plotting, strategizing. There's a battle to be fought. He knew he would have to fight Darmon, now he knows he must destroy Darmon. There is no other option. This dark power under Darmon's control will doom their world. The undead fiend will spread that darkness to every part of their planet, then infect all worlds beyond. This isn't about vengeance, it's armageddon.

    Soon, Alain returns his attention to the exchange between Pasce and Nalia, then between Pasce and Eri. Alain bows to the departing prince.

    "I will do everything in my power to protect her," he swears to Eri.

    Alain finally looks to Nalia as she speaks desperately to them.

    "No," he tells her. There's a force to his voice. A tone he's never taken with Nalia before. Not a voice of cruelty or need, but one that is speaking as a leader and as a father wanting to only protect his family. "If you go to him, you will give Darmon what he wants. And that won't stop him. Your death won't satisfy him, or the dark creatures that he now houses. You know better than anyone that nothing will satisfy them. They'll devour our entire world, spread out to the cosmos, and snuff out every light in the heavens... And still they will hunger for more."

    Alain approaches Nalia. His expression and tone softens. He's pleading with her. "Please, protect our child. If I know you are doing that, I will have the strength to do what needs to be done."

    His mind shows Nalia something she had once showed to him. A small island where the statue of a man stands a lonely vigil. There's a twisted rod held out in his hand. A rod that when it is pulled apart from the statue will open a portal to a void. There is no escape from this void. No souls to be harmed there. Only exile and emptiness.

    "I once promised I would do what I needed to do," he whispers to Nalia. "Now it is Darmon that must be cast away, and that will make my vow infinitely easier to fulfill."

    He offers her an attempt at a smile, as if this wasn't a death sentence. As if facing Darmon and trying to lure him to the statue and the rod isn't beyond his ability to do. This is the confident Alain LeCavalier that can save Taroc from annihilation, win an unwinnable war, and forge peace where only chaos should ever reign. This is the Alain LeCavalier of the stories that the too proud people of Taroc love to tell whenever the courage and strength of their province is ever questioned.

    Alain takes hold of Nalia's hands.

    "Tell me our little one will be safe, and I will do what is needed."

    Olivia, reading the man's tone, expression, and posture better than most can read a novel, steps off to the side of the chamber. She is casting her thoughts to Captain Gold-Eye, who has not yet left the lake. The crew of the Raven's Triumph have slipped out through a hole in the belly of the undead pirate ship, and have swam into the submerged portions of the palace. In the water filled halls and chambers they find whatever valuables their greedy undead hands can carry off. They were brought here for a noble purpose, but while they're here they're still pirates.

    Olivia reaches out to the pirate captain and informs him of what is happening. He quickly pledges his ship and crew to the fight. The dead don't dream, and so they will have some immunity to the forces of Nightmares. True, the Nightmares can still tear the zombies and skeletons to pieces or burn them with their acidic darkness, but the undead crew of the Triumph will still have a better chance against the beasts than the living. Besides, the dragon skull capped inferno cannons would love to take aim on the Guild Master of Maginus. Darmon has slain untold numbers of dragonkind. The beasts that haunt those cannons want nothing more than to burn that horrible creature of Maginus.

    Olivia slips away from the mind of Captain Gold-Eye, the ghost will need to assemble his crew and prepare to accompany LeCavalier into battle.

    The Necromancer then plucks her Guild Badge from her pocket. She holds the item and focuses on it. A mystical signal is sent forth. A signal that will only be heard by a few. It will be heard by the living members of Alain's elite squad that fought alongside the Guild Master in the Great War. Olivia knows she can't accompany Alain on this mission. Her place is with Pasce and Nalia. Instead, she sends a summons to those that will need to stand with Alain. Those who have, at many points during the War, sworn themselves to the defense of Taroc and the destruction of Darmon.

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    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai’s Fallen Palace

    Attachment 2249

    Pasce, Princess of Rekōdo and Nalia of Enchantry

    When Eri left, the Princess sat back slowly in her thrown chair. She closed her eyes again and allowed a moment of fatigue to show. She had been bought time, but she felt it ticking within her like a bomb. She can feel the hands winding down, clicking closer to their end when all her time will stop and she will cease.

    Then Arxus will get his wish. The Spirits will be free. The Princess's ale eyes lift to regard the Agent of Taroc that had addressed her earlier. Olivia was her name. The Master of Taroc had called her 'O.K.' Pasce exhaled softly and closed her eyes again. She felt herself being moved, pushed down a path for which she was unsure she was ready. It was the same with her Dream, finding Emit, running down a path as she was being pushed forward against her will. Within her head, the Spirits had gone quiet and she felt their silence like a gaping pit in front of her. her toes were dangling over the edge-

    Nalia's breathing was bordering on lost control. She's not looking at anyone. She's thinking. Plotting. Trying to come up with a way she could possibly set this right. She would go to Capios. Her Sisters were there. Kali was there. The Archive of Totems was there, in the catacombs beneath the white palace. She knew each and every one kept there. She racked her mind for something. Anything-

    Nalia jumped. She had not meant to, but she was lost within her desperately-made plans and his voice- he had startled her. Not an easy feat for anyone. The force of his voice was taken-in, registered, weighed. Nalia's lips parted and then the weight of his voice washed away anything she could ever say to him. She tensed as he came closer to her. She was afraid, if she stepped back, she would fall down. She was afraid, if he came forward, it would be the last time he ever came to her. She was shaking, her hands were horribly. He would see that as he came to her.

    Her eyes close and she lowered her head when his visions came to her. She knew that statue. She had unearthed it herself and nearly died trying to decipher its power. She could not recall if she'd ever told him that. It was not important now. She knew what he was going to do. She knew it had to be done. Nalia felt as if her heart were collapsing in her chest. When he spoke to her again, took her shaking hands in his, she finally looked up at him. he was trying to smile and reassure them both against what they both knew.

    "But you'll die."

    Her voice was weakness before him. Her words came out in a broken, tear-filled whisper.

    ~THEIR WHAT!?~

    Arxus's voice was a shrill yell within the Princess's mind. Clow did not look at Arxus. He still stared out at the runes, fading now, within the Princess's mind. Only a single section of the vast tome remained bright and glowing in the colors of Da'Jinn. Capria and her lover wheeled on Clow.

    ~Your Vessel and Enchantry's are with child, Clow? A child!?~

    ~Have you forgotten, brother? Everything that's happened... All we went through because of our love- ~

    ~Because of a child, Clow.~

    He turned to face them. The desperation in their voices called to him. Capria's eyes were incredulous.

    ~And she knew, didn't she? Because the Book has her memories in it. She saw everything... Clow... Why? How could you let them do this?~

    ~They are destined to be together. It is not something I could have fought.~ he said sternly in defense of himself and Alain. ~It is written in the stars for them. This is their fate.~

    ~A repeat of what happened to Capria? To me? To our people? Are you mad, brother?~

    ~It will not happen to them as it did to you both.~

    Pasce's tired voice echoed within her mindscape to each of them.

    ~Emporium seeks to balance itself from the mistakes of the past. If fate brought them together and they are destined to bring forth this child into the world, then I will not allow the same mistake to be made. I have given them my word that upon my return to the throne, I will abolish the law that forbids such unions.~

    ~But... but- ~

    ~But what, Arxus of Maginus? The people of Old Magik are bonded in unity in the same manner as the Master of Enchantry and Taroc. A magik older and more attuned to Emporium than any of our modern magik could possibly hope to be. I cannot deny them what Emporium gives them. To deny them that would be to deny Emporium itself and I cannot do such a thing, for Rekōdo's sake.~

    Arxus fell silent. They all fell silent.

    ~Thank you, Princess~ Capria whispered so gently, her lover reached for her and took her into his arms. He bent and placed a kiss upon her brow. He embraced her and, for the first time since they'd all come together, offered his lover a small smile.

    ~It is a beginning, Capria.~

    Capria looked to her lover and smiled.

    Outwardly, the Princess made a small smile, but it soon faded when she looked upon the star-crossed lovers below. Nalia was looking up at Alain. There were tears stinging her eyes.

    "You'll die" she whispered again. Her hands held his so tightly it would hurt him if he wasn't who he was. "You promised we would be together if I came to Da'Jinn."

    That was unfair. She knew it was. Her hands, squeezing his, were growing numb. She let them go. She was still shaking, but placed one hand where their child was hidden. She inhaled and when she exhaled, the veil of her illusion vanished. The Princess stood slowly from her throne at the sight of the pregnant Guild Mistress. Nalia looked up at Alain and took one of his hands in hers. She placed his atop the incredible roundness of her womb and rested her cold hand atop his. Their child moved within her and he would feel it roll and kick beneath his hand. The other hand gently went behind Alain's head and drew his forehead to hers. He would know this old, old greeting. It was also a good-bye. Something meant for a very long good-bye. Nalia's eyes closed. her hand slid from behind Alain's head to his cheek.

    "You will always be with me and I with you."

    She breathed deeply and sought to restore calm within herself. The only thing she could not reign in was her voice. It sounded like broken pottery. Something strong now shattered, broken.

    "With everything that I am, I will protect little Harbin" she said quietly to him. "I will keep little Olivia safe."

    Nalia broke their touch so she could look up at Alain.

    "I thought that you should know what I'd picked since-" She could not speak of it, of him dying. She had to remain hopeful that somehow he would pull out one of those LeCavalier miracles she'd heard about from the tales of the Great War told to her by so many. Nalia lifted herself up on tiptoe and kissed Alain softly upon the lips.

    "I love you, Alain" she whispered again, with words meant only for him. She reached up from their child to touch the lock of hair in his pocket. "Remember the way home. Find a way to come back to me."
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    Alain LeCavalier & Olivia Kuhrson

    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai's Fallen Palace...

    It stings to be called out on his failure to secure a permanent reunion for them. Alain knew he didn't have the power to keep them together in a world that seems designed to pull them apart. His promise was made entirely of hope.

    "Our stars make fools of us all," Alain recites an old Taroc saying. He's often said it to her, it's a middle ground between the apologies she always insists he doesn't owe her and not saying anything at all. The saying is in reference to the idea that no matter how perfectly a life is lived fate will find a way to mess it all up.

    When she takes him by the hand, his hand and arm move easily. He has the strength to snap swords and peel open a knights armor, but her touch is enough to move him with almost no effort. He rests his hand onto her womb. He grins as he feels their child moving. Alain places his forehead to Nalia's, and his eyes close.

    This is all he's ever wanted from his life. This moment. He never sought out power, glory, fortune, or a legend. All of those things were forced upon him. Every one of them cut him off from the possibility of ever reaching this moment. Somehow he is here. Despite the machinations of others or the cruel whims of fate, he gets to enjoy this one perfect moment.

    Alain's eyes open when he hears the names. He exhales a single laugh. His expression radiates nothing but joy.

    "Thank you for being all I ever wanted, and all I will ever need," he softly tells her. He meets her lips and returns her kiss.

    When their lips part, he can only nod to her final words to him. He doesn't want to leave this moment. It isn't enough. It can never be enough. But people are dying. Alain needs to end Darmon and the Nightmares once and for all. Again glory and legend is being forced upon him, and this moment is being pulled away.

    He slips away from Nalia, before the temptation to stay with her becomes too much for even him to resist.

    Alain approaches Olivia. The Necromancer had been looking away from Alain and Nalia. She could not bear to see what might be their last moment together. Instead, Olivia was focused entirely on trying to find some escape for Alain. Some secret weapon or brilliant strategy that would save him.

    Olivia turns to look at Alain, and her azure eyes convey the tragedy of having no solution for him. He gives his old friend a warm, thankful smile before wrapping his arms around her and hugging her. When they first met, Olivia saw Alain as an instrument to help her gain revenge, and Alain thought he would have to someday kill this possible Maginus agent. Now they embrace as the greatest of friends.

    Alain whispers something to Olivia. She nods to him.

    "Farewell, LeCavalier," Olivia tells him as their hug ends. "I'll talk to you later."

    Alain pauses a moment, unsure of what exactly Olivia means. He wasn't there when Olivia and Nalia discussed how the necromancer deals with losing others. He only knows there's not enough time to ask, and so Alain moves on to Pasce.

    Alain approaches the throne, and kneels before Pasce.

    "It has been an honor serving you," he solemnly tells her. "You have faced many impossible situations with courage, wisdom, strength, and compassion. Heron would have been proud."

    As Alain rises from his kneeling, he pauses in thought, and then continues speaking. This time he talks at Pasce, but not to her.

    "Clow, I wish things had been different," he tells his former guide. Clow had been tricked into dooming Alain's family. Alain can never forgive the spirit for that. This has always been a source of animosity between the man and spirit. Had things been different, they could have been the greatest of friends. "For an old ghost, you were sometimes useful."

    Alain briefly flashes a sly smile. That's possibly the closest thing to a compliment that Alain has ever conveyed to Clow. If things had been different, Alain would have said something more heartfelt and thankful. Alain is aware that Clow will understand that this is the best Alain can do for his spirit-mentor.

    ((I'll have Alain leave in my next post, so this way Pasce will get a chance to respond to him.))

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    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai’s Fallen Palace

    Attachment 2249

    Pasce, Princess of Rekōdo and Nalia of Enchantry

    She knew the saying. Her lips parted in want to protest, but who could object to what fate had patterned? The Weaver at the Loom wove as she would and no amount of angst at her pattern or distress at her design would change the weaving or the loom no more than one could change the sun's rising and falling every single day. There were tales of men and women dying after trying to change a powerful prophetic destiny, but she refused to believe that this was their end, that their time together stopped here. They had done so much, come so far... She finally let a tear fall when he spoke to her and thanked her.

    Only the Princess would see it. As Alain parted from Nalia her hands reached for him, just so much before she stopped herself. They hung in the air, suspended and torn between wanting to salve the grief in her heart and knowing she would only make it more difficult for him if she caught hold of him once more. The Princess watched Nalia with silence. Her face was as close to unreadable as she could make it, but inwardly, she was thinking of grief that came close to this: of losing her father several months ago, of watching a man who'd selflessly risked everything to protect her being tortured over and over by their captor, to watching him stabbed and left to die by Jinai of Da'Jinn in her plot of treachery. The Princess felt her heart about to break from her chest. It was too much.

    And yet, she knew, because she had seen it play out for her like a horror movie, that such was a fate similar to which two Spirits within her and their Vessel had succumbed. She had made a vow, that this would not happen again, and she had failed. Here she was watching the same scene, but with modern actors playing the part. It was the greatest tragedy of Rekōdo and its audience was blind to its majestic misfortune. It was when Alain approached her throne that her eyes misted. She was but a girl in so many ways, so young and so burdened with rule, but before him now, she looked like a queen despite her eyes and the baited way in which she held herself. Baited as if waiting for the fullness of their tragic play to come about.

    "You are not done serving me yet, Good Master" she whispered to him. It was all she could manage to say. For a brief moment, her pale irises shone with a glint of crimson. She could see Clow standing alone at the forefront of her mindscape. The Spirit's face was twisted in a range of emotions.

    ~I bet you do~ The Spirit of Taroc tells his Host. ~But then we would not be here, would we, if the Stars had told a different tale? You would not be rushing off to do something stupid that will get you killed. You'd already be dead because I wouldn't be there to get you out of trouble.~

    Alain would feel the words, bitter and nostalgic both. The Spirit knew he could not apologize for what had happened to Alain's family. He had tried, in his own way, after the affair with Alain and Nalia had begun and already gone too far. There was nothing great enough he could do to heal that old wound. And yet here the Spirit was bitterly telling Alain he'd most likely die without him. But it would be something they both knew. Alain would not be tempted back away from the ledge he'd fought along his whole life, to pull away from fate dragging back from the precarious ledge to lead a scripted life of leadership and power.

    ~For a Chosen Host, you weren't always a reckless idiot. Taroc's not been lost yet under your watch.~

    He would see and hear everything in Pasce's eyes. Everything of the Old Ghost that he knew was given to him this one last time. He would see a glimpse, behind Clow, of the Spirit of Enchantry as she embraced someone he could not see.
    He would see J'Adonai staring up at a passage of ancient Da'Jinn text that glowed like many orange suns within the Princess's mind, and Arxus beside him, pointing to him in quiet discussion of what he'd found. So many different things going on within the mind of a single person. When Clow finished speaking to his Vessel, it would be the Princess's pale eyes that stared forlornly at him. Pasce stood and clasped her hands before her.

    ~Go with Liar'Adon's favor~ she said to him. ~May the stars of his beloved and most favored lead you home at the end.~

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    Alain LeCavalier & Olivia Kuhrson

    The City of Mararat in Da'Jinn To the Far East of Rekōdo: Jinai's Fallen Palace...

    Alain gives half of a laugh to Clow's words. The Guild Master can't even begin to count the many times that Clow pointed out that Alain's foolishness would eventually lead to the man's destruction, and Clow promised he would be there to witness it. Now it seems as though Alain has found a way of depriving the ancient spirit of that one final victory.

    Alain bows to Pasce. He then turns and gives one last glance at Nalia. He smiles to her. There is nothing but contentment in his eyes. Peace.

    The air around Alain shimmers and he teleports out of the palace. Off to end a long overdue battle. Whether it's with Darmon's destruction or his own, Alain will end this.

    Olivia turns away from the others for a moment. When she and Alain embraced, she felt him slip something into her pocket. Olivia reaches down into the pocket of her robes. She pulls out an ancient deck of Taroc divining cards. The backs of the cards are marked with the symbols of the LeCavalier family. She immediately pockets the deck once again.

    Those divining cards were the only scrap of the LeCavalier family that Harbin took with him when he went on the run with an infant Alain. It's the deck Harbin used to teach Alain how to read the cards. Alain has had this deck his whole life.

    Olivia knows why she now has them. Nalia is already carrying a great burden. Olivia will have to carry these cards, and when the time is right she will pass them on to Alain and Nalia's child.

    Olivia turns around once again. She approaches the princess.

    "We're going to have to leave here if I am to do my work," Olivia tells Pasce. "As nice as this palace is, it isn't properly cleansed. The recent battle has left too much dark residue in this place."

    Olivia pulls out her badly scratched and shipped guild badge. The badge is so badly damaged that, unless it glows through usage, it might be hard to tell which guild it represents.

    "I can summon a portal that can take us to the Heli'Dom," Olivia offers to the princess and Nalia. "The Heli'Dom is spiritually the cleanest place in all of Taroc. Clow didn't want any ghosts or dark magic influencing the star gazing."

    Technically the temple of unspoken prophecies is a spiritually cleaner location, but Olivia isn't allowed to step foot into that place. She tried once, back during the War. A veiled priest in black and red robes waited for her at the main door of the temple. He held a book. When the tome was opened its pages screamed with the souls of undead fiends that, throughout the centuries, had tried to force their way into the temple. This dark priest was letting Olivia know that any attempt to enter the temple would result in her being imprisoned in that damned book.

    She's never set eyes on that place since. Clow would know why Olivia doesn't suggest the temple.

    Olivia has also decided to use the Heli'Dom because she wants to keep en eye on what's happening in Capios. She's deeply concerned for the fate of her friends, but also Olivia will need to know if the mission is successful. Alain whispered to Olivia that is was her job to make sure that Nalia and their child survive. If Darmon isn't stopped, Olivia will need to know, so she can do what's needed to save the mother and child. She'll need to send them to some realm where Darmon and his Nightmares can't reach. The Heli'Dom would have the materials needed to open such a gateway.

    In the worst case scenario, Nalia and her child will be the last of Emporium, surviving on some distant world.

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