Faraking Island of Taroc in Far Western Rekōdo: The Floating Heli'Dom


Arion, Acting Guild Master of Taroc and Nalia of Enchantry

Everything shakes and rumbles. The very pregnant woman held on tightly to the chair that had so often been occupied by the Guild Master of Taroc and hope she had not just destroyed Clow's telescope. She had asked without thinking of the consequences her request would have for the Heli'Dom. She tried not to think, because what she was about to do was against everything she had just promised Eliona she would not do. If she thought about it, she would change her mind.

No. No she wouldn't.

She already knows that this is what she must do. She feels it as surely as she felt the need to go with Alain of Taroc nearly twenty years ago in Astral, as surely as she knew Enchantry must be reborn, that she had to break completely with Maginus. Now, she is unflinching even as Ryth begins to fire his gun to stabilize the interior of the Heli'Dom's structure. The sounds of the gun's release are dulled, distant. The stones are falling in slow motion as Nalia lays a calm, cold hand upon the massive lens of the telescope. Within it and around it, the pieces are re-aligning to fit the current need.

Arion had stopped playing the moment the telescope began to move. He wheeled around and upon seeing Nalia aloft his face twisted in confusion. What in Liar'Adon's starry skies was she doing? Confusion melted into horror as the Heli'Dom twisted itself apart in order to re-arrange its telescope. Arion started playing again, a fast, rhythmic pace like the fast-paced salsa dances of Eastern Astral. The Heli'Dom loved music, and Arion played in hopes that the massive, floating turret could help pull itself together. He shivered and stumbled in his playing only as Olivia pulled the blackened scythe from her bag. Arion shuddered and shoved the wretched sound of the damned Soul incarcerated within the blade to the back of his mind and instead focused on the sounds of the Heli'Dom itself. With his music, he sought to stabilize and stitch together the outside structure of the turret to keep it from falling apart and out of the sky.

The telescope was in alignment. Nalia's emerald eyes looked to the convulsing Princess.

There was only one thing left that could be done.

She remembered the need of the Princess. She remembered the cracks, the stress fractures from the sheer power she contained. Nalia remembered how the ragged edges of her Soul were failing under the weight of the seven Ancestral Spirits. The heir of Rekōdo was more fragile than she let the world see. Pasce was dying and she had to help her. Light began to pool in the palm of Nalia's hands. With gentleness befitting deep concern for the Heli'Dom, she pressed her hands to the telescope's massive lens. The Princess was dead, but there might be enough of her Spirit left to revive her. She had given her life to free the Spirits so that her people, her world might have a chance to defeat the darkness. She surrendered to the Beyond in order to give the Forgotten a chance to be remembered. She died so that Nalia and Alain might have a chance at life with their child.

It was such a selfless act.

The light continued to grow in Nalia's hands and pool within the massive telescopic lens. With every passing breath, it grew so bright that she became eclipsed by its presence. She was the light. The light was her. She was losing herself within it and letting the great needs of the Princess consume her. Nalia looked over her shoulder at the Princess just one time more.

The air became charged with power. It hummed and sung as she suffered to call forth ever ounce of power she could muster. The air grew darker as the brightness of her light within the telescope eclipsed everything. The thrum of the air grew sharper, more high-pitched. The White Light encompassed her and filled her to the point of bursting. Nalia cried out a long sound of anguish and managed to get words out in a rush before she let go.

"Olivia, move!"

He was the first to piece together her plan and react. In one swift motion, Arion lunged forward and grabbed Olivia away from Pasce's body. He pulled her and spun her so that she faced away and pushed her down behind one of the desks cluttered with books and star charts. If she did not gouge his life out with the spear, the Acting Guild Master of Taroc hunched over her and shielded her with his body. He would restrain her if it were needed, gently as he could.

Then Nalia closed her glowing, emerald eyes. The air went suddenly and deafeningly silent as the universe has turned on all its lights, bright white hot and paused to observe this world with its new clarity. The whine in the air grew piercingly sharp and just as it reached a breaking point, the glowing light within the telescope exploded. Nalia's cry was lost among the brilliance of the white light that blossomed into life like a newborn sun. The white light of Nalia al'Vatar burst out of the Heli'Dom's telescope and bore down upon the body of the Princess of Rekōdo through its great optic lens. The brightness of Nalia's release glowed so brightly that the stars disappeared and night seemed to melt toward day.

The Princess's body was swallowed by the brightness of Nalia's light. The deep rooted need to restore the life within Pasce's body pulled and took thirstily from the light that was offered. The light blanketed her, covered her until she appeared to be made of it. It lifted her up from the floor of the Heli'Dom and encompassed her in all its beautiful, pure brilliance. It was with courtesy that the Princess's body was laid back down upon the ground of the Heli'Dom as its presence drew to a close. The light departed with a release of the sounds and the hums and the resplendence. The air remained still but a moment longer and then dimmed back to its normal, nighttime hue. The snow began to fall again, softly, calmly and quietly. Everything, for a beautiful, compact moment, was still and at peace.

Arion looked up and cried out, just in time to see Nalia fall.