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    Faraking Island of Taroc in Far Western Rekōdo: The Floating Heli'Dom


    Arion, Acting Guild Master of Taroc, Pasce, Princess of Rekōdo and Nalia of Enchantry

    The look Nalia gives Ryth as he sits with respectful distance between them is a worried one. Her large, emerald eyes are widened with it as his laugh comes to a grinding, agonizing halt. Arion's crimson eyes narrow at Ryth as a finger is pointed his way, but the look in his eyes changed dramatically as Verona's father is mentioned. Arion restrains the urge to look at Verona and keeps himself poised, still and listening as Ryth spoke. Where he comes from, it is a marked of strength and pride to now bow to the taunts of an enemy, meant to embarrass or demean. It was also not a good idea to point fingers at another man of the tribes, but Ryth was neither an enemy nor a tribesman. Still, Arion's stillness belayed some things that, even after so many years in Taroc, were inbred within him.

    It was Ryth cursing in front of Royalty that finally broke the ingrained spell. Olivia's whispered apology is leaned in for better hearing, but Pasce's pale-colored eyes remain on Ryth in an amused curious stare.

    "There is no need to apologize" the Princess said to Ryth. were she not trained to hide emotions in situations where she should not react, she would have laughed. Instead she offered the poor man this: "Much of the same can be said of the Ancestral Spirits."

    " 'istory 'as much to say of us all" Arion said quietly from his corner of the Heli'Dom and the conversation. Olivia is given a glance from Arion's crimson-colored eyes. A color not seen anywhere in Rekōdo unless eyes were enchanted. Such enhancements, however beautiful just seemed unnatural, but on him they were everything but. His eyes, when they looked at Olivia were conflicted.

    Verona is given a nod of her head, an ascent to her request for absence. She glanced at Olivia as she is occupied with Arion. Ryth is being handed a drink by Eliona and Nalia is upon the couch with him by the hearth. The Princess turned around to face away from them all and opened the Da'Jinn tome in her hands. She unfolded the bloodied parchment with a hand that trembled despite herself. From behind, it would look as if she ewre reading a page form the old text, but the smell of fresh blood, even on the dulling, wintry air, would reach the more sensitive of noses. Pasce read quickly, folded the note back up and shut the tome. She closed her eyes and brought a hand up to shield them for the briefest moment. Then she straightened and offered her voice from where she stood with her back to them all.

    "There will be much more of it to tell before this night is over" the Princess remark cryptically, with her own quiet in her voice. She remained facing away from them. The bloody handprints on the note took more time for her to recover from than she thought was needed.

    "Alain of Taroc has gone to the Unsettled Lands to fulfill his promise to the Uru'loki."

    Nalia looked up at Eliona as she approached. She did not return the healer's smile, but she maintained eye contact until the Princess spoke of the Dragonfolk. Nalia turned on the couch as far as the child within her would allow. The Princess remained looking outward from the Heli'Dom. It would appear, in course with her current words that she was facing to the northeast, toward the Unsettled Lands. She was actually facing the Southeast, toward Rekōdo City.

    "He promised to bring them Darmon of Maginus as recompense for his many crimes against our worlds and everyone in them that he so harmed."

    Eliona would see something in Nalia's demeanor change, a subtle shift to utter stillness. One of her hands clenched the fabric of her gown tightly. She was so still she did not seem to breathe. The Princess kept her back to everyone, but Nalia knew that part of her comment was directed specifically to her. Her words filled the air with a heaviness.

    ~Olivia~ the Princess asked her quietly, telepathically. ~This book was taken from the Central Library by the High Chronicler of Rekōdo. The blood note is of his making and was slipped into the tome as a way to keep communication with me. He is being held below the palace for his crimes against Rekōdo. I have reason to believe the blood on this parchment belongs to him.~

    There is a hint of the fragility over the matter she hides from the others peppered in her telepathic voice.

    ~It- ~ she pauses to compose herself the best she can. ~It is a lot of blood.~

    She has to pause again. The implications of that would be strong and with that little information, there would be enough to Olivia to piece together parts of the cryptic message she offered. If Emit stole a book from the Library, he would simply stay in the dungeon. The term 'crimes against Rekōdo' were reserved for offenses of treason. There was more to the note. Olivia would know by the amount that was written on the parchment before it had been tucked back into the tome, but the Princess was not there just yet.

    The sentence for treason was Quieting.

    Nalia's lips firmed. Darmon should have been brought to the City, to Eri for justice to be sought properly according to the laws of their land. As much as a part of her that she would never get back longed for an end to the Man from Maginus, going above the law had a history of causing more damage than intended. That piece of history, unfortunately, was lost.

    Nalia nodded her head just perceptibly to the Princess of Rekōdo and turned back around to face the hearth. She sat for in quiet for a moment and then slid herself just as quietly to the edge of the couch.

    "I need to get up" she said quietly to Eliona and Ryth. "I just... I need some air."

    It was difficult business, rising while so very with child, but she tried anyway. She needed to get up, to walk around and away from the fire and the people by it. She just needed a moment before the weight of this child would make her sit back down again.
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    The Unsettled Lands: Vasa Pinnath in the Dragon Range

    Attachment 2334

    Sacha, Shepherd of Souls and Darmon, The Returned

    He felt naked without his Shepherd's Crook at his side. He had not lied when he had said it was hand-made. Upon the bestowing of the title of Shepherd of Souls, Sacha had heated the metals, hammered and struck them himself while white hot over an iron anvil. He had carved the runes himself into the still-glowing, molten material himself with instruments of his own design. The magik infused into it was his own. It had become a third arm to him, an extension of himself, but he recognized the weight of importance in leaving it on the ground. He hosted the Ancestral Spirit of Maginus and this was his first diplomatic mission, if co-battling the ex-Guild Master of Maginus with the Master of Taroc were not counted.

    He could still feel the unwavering gaze of the scarred Curucuar trained fixedly upon him. When the precision of the one-eyed stare became to great to ignore, Sacha returned the stare and matched the dragon in intensity and strength. He only turned his head away to look at the Guild Master of Taroc when he admitted ignorance to the effects the stolen staff had on the kind here. Judging by Darmon's sudden stillness, the undead man also did not know. He would not speak to it, though. This man did not speak for Maginus, and Sacha would not speak for him. he did not want any hint of an association made between he and Maginus to Darmon directly. The one-eyed dragon might eat him on the spot if he did.

    Sacha's eyes winced as Alain opened his mind and Olivia's memory to them all. He still want to having his mind occupied so freely. The dragons fell silent. Even their young ones above in the clouds made no noise except for the occasional beat of a wing that made it through the thin air. It was only after a moment, when Curucuar made a low rumble deep within his ribs that Karythar spoke.

    ~We do not know this man, Caldur, son of Eirik from Isolert. He is an unknown to us.~

    A pause and another noise from Curucuar, a set of clicks in his throat. He turned his gaze from the white-haired Master of Maginus, to look upward at Karythar on her ledge.

    ~The word from beyond the mountains was that Nalia al'Vatar, a child of darkness and of light killed the one claimed by Curucuar.~

    Sacha's dangerously intent gaze landed on Karythar. How were they to hear of what happened beyond the mountain? Dragon sightings has not been seen in the heart of Maginus in years. How well could these creatures here? Was there talk while on watch in the Lesser Holds? Did they have spies amongst Maginus? He tucked those thoughts away for later. He would need to discuss this with Arxus. Right now, he wanted all of his attention here, in the present, until he got a better handle on balancing communicating with the Ancestral Spirit with listening to what was going on right in front of him.

    ~We are relieved that she did not follow a path completely in the dark and that she found a beacon of light to guide her.~

    Beneath Curucuar, Darmon's eyes glowed hotly and stared down Alain with their heated gaze. He sent a mixture of hatred his way. His voice, calling Alain a liar, could almost be heard even with his forced silence. The hatred was mixed with outrage at the betrayal. How dare one of his own show such disloyalty to Maginus! To him! He writhes under Curucuar's heavy weight. The dragon's one-eyed gaze shifted down to him and, as he bent low, one of his jagged, broken jaw horns pressed into Darmon's throat. Curucuar let out a low, dangerous sound.

    Sacha's eyes leave Karythar as Alain shares more with him alone. He looked down to the ground.

    ~Spirit~ he asked of Arxus quietly. ~What I am shown... Is this truth?~

    Arxus is silent for a long moment.

    ~Nalia is not Darmon's assasin~ Is what is finally said to Sacha. The white-haired man's lips purse. Since he was a little boy, he remembered hearing stories of her, how she murdered her family, was taken to Rekōdo City by Taroc where a special High Council meeting was held. Darmon was given partial mentorship over the girl everyone said harbored dark monsters.

    ~She is innocent of all her crimes, then. The blood of her family is not on her hands?~

    But the Spirit of Maginus gave him no further answer. Sacha felt Arxus retreat into the back of his mind, as if the Spirit himself were lost looking through old memories or rifling through old information.

    ~Your words are correct, Star Reader. Claiming the Staff of our Mother by force is too dangerous. It is why we claimed a collateral for what was stolen from us.~

    Another noise if offered by the one-eyed dragon.

    ~Curucuar is of the opinion that what we took is not of equivalent value. He thinks the copy we place in your palace on the hill should be revoked. Then all of your Rekōdo would feel a fraction of our loss.~

    But whatever the Dragoness's opinion is on such matters if left unvoiced. If it was within their will and want to take back the copy of the Book of Memories, surely they would have done so already. They were afraid of retaliation. They could not let the importance of the Staff be known, lest they be tied down to the whim of the bearer, but neither could they sit idle and let it be wielded by ambition and power without regard for the damage it could cause.

    The young Guild Master of Maginus stepped forward, physically and symbollically moving to stand aside Alain.

    ~Maginus stands beside Taroc in this. What was taken from you shall be returned.~

    He had nothing of personal value to offer as his vow. No family, no wealth. As a Priest of Maginus, he was one of the few to still abide by the vows of poverty and simplistic living. He had only his word and that would have to be enough. Karythar looked at the two humans and considered their offer and words. Then she rose up slightly to be taller, prouder in appearance.

    ~So be it. You have brought us the Hated Man. You, Alain of Taroc, have kept your word to the Uru'Loki of Emporium. You proved yourself a man who honors the Old Ways. We count on you to help the man beside you to be a man of his word as well. If the Staff of the First Dragon is not returned to us and our times become more desperate, we will be forced to make your land burn.~

    How her neck curved back on itself in a horizontal S-formation was eerily serpentine and agile and beautiful at the same time. Her eyes stared down at the two men in challenge. Despite that, her voice became more gentle. Truly, she did not wish to see Liar'Adon's creation suffer.

    ~For the sake of your land and for all Liar'Adon's mortal children, I hope your land knows only the fire that warms, not the fire that burns.~

    Sacha bowed his head lightly to the Dragon on the cliff and then bent to pick up his own staff once more. Curucuar's eye was fixated on Darmon. He was so close to the undead man that he could devour him in one, wide bite. Darmon's violet eyes moved between Sacha and Alain and he broadcast to them all his malice and hatred and spite. The Shepherd of Souls picked up his Shepherd's Crook from the ground and stood tall, undaunted by Darmon's abhorrent eyes.

    ~Master of Taroc~ Karythar called to Alain. ~You represent Nalia al'Vatar of your land. A great grievance has been done to her by this man. The grievances to your people are greater than any other. is there a manner of justice you would see done to this Monster before he is completely undone form the Stars?~

    Sacha turned and looked at Alain. He watched the Guild Master of Taroc carefully, but his eyes belayed nothing of what he felt on this matter or the option laid at the Man of Taroc's feet. He simply observed and waited.

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    “We could all learn from each other.” Branwen replied.

    “Perhaps as a people, if we all could share that spirit, we could accomplish wonderful things.”
    She added as she thought about the last few months.

    Branwen’s eyes gazed upon the distant shores of Capios. She could sense the emotions boiling just below the surface as Merriam spoke of Nalia and their isle. She herself had never been there, but from Kali’s description, it was a paradise. a haven for women, a place of safety and protection. It did not take much, she need not even reach for her powers to feel the Isle of Capios and the surrounding areas affected by the Nightmares. Death and destruction just lay over this body of water that separated them from the Isle and yet even here on the shores and in the water the burden of it washed through her like the waves of the tide. Branwen looked at Merriam.

    “it will thrive again, have faith. The isle will renew itself and with the help of Enchantry it will shine once more.”

    Merriam’s response roused a thought that Branwen silently chastised herself with, she should have thought of this earlier.

    “I can let Kali know that you are both safe with Shamaa, or…” Branwen held out her hand and it glowed a soothing blue.

    “… I can connect you to her and you can let her know yourself.”

    “It will at least alleviate some stress for the moment.” Branwen offered.

    As she held out her hand, messengers from Zareena came bounding all around her to announce the return of the Maloto Tribe to the waking world. Information passed in seconds, pictures and feelings of what had happened on Capios. Branwen would wait for Zareena to report the news, as she would make the feelings and visions from the spirits into a more detailed account. In the meantime, Aala turned to tend to those awakening from their journey. From a pouch at her side, she gave them an herbal drink to help energize and replenish their strength
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    Kali had grown to notice there are moments that a storm raged within us all. Just what kind of storm that was, depended on the situation. Sometimes it was a calm, just before chaos broke loose, sometimes it was the reverse. Things would seem darkest and most tumultuous just before the daylight brought a reprieve. Kali walked in both worlds, neither in one or the other but split between the two. Perhaps this was what Nalia had seen in her in the beginning, someone like herself. It was in moments like these though, the moments that your mind had time to reflect and take in everything that has happened that Kali liked the least. Emotions roiled like a storm at sea just below the surface, looking to make their way out into the open. Everyone reacted to the storm differently, for some it was a time of fear or regret, others a time for peace and understanding, and yet some raged and burned like the sun with pain and anguish.

    Darmon was a rolling sea of bitterness, anger, pride, hatred, the list was endless. But it was a list that Kali had taken stock in while in his charge, and she had concluded she did not want to be like Darmon. And so, she strived to be better, better than the nature of the beast that lay within. It was not the parts of her that were dragon, nor the supposed darkness of her father. It was her. The beast was her and all the selfishness and self-involvement she could easily lose herself in. She fought that urge now as Dyani had gone still above her. She could feel it through every fiber of her being that Dyani was fighting her own storm and it was only a battle she could fight. Just as Kali’s battle was one she must fight and oh did she want to drop Dyani off and rage against the Nightmares, rage until there was no more fire inside of her. Rage for her family she just discovered, rage for those that were lost today, and rage for her own selfish reasons.

    Dyani was from Shamaa, they were more in tune with their instincts, more likely to be empathic. Perhaps their own emotions were bouncing off the other, Kali could not say in this moment in time. She only knew she did not want to think right now, she did not want to process everything that had taken place as the wind flowed across her scales. Flashes of the six of Nalia’s most trusted, those that Kali was growing to love like sisters, respect and enjoy their company filled her mind. She shivered with excitement as her mind thought of Evalynn, her newly bonded sister and the flash of blue-violet colored scales on the insides of her arm. They were Vucan’s images, but Kali saw them as if they were seen through her eyes. Dyani might have felt her shiver, but the excitement had been squelched by the worry over Shalla. And Kali felt an instant flair of protectiveness for both women and the insurgence of rage to want to lay waste to every Nightmare.

    Why was she so disjointed? What was wrong with her, she needed to keep a calm head, they were so close to ending this. Kali felt like a volcano ready to erupt and she was suddenly relieved to hear Dyani’s voice again. Hopefully it would hide her own storm brewing within, as she pushed her emotions back down. She was almost startled to realize that the warrior had laid down against her, tucking herself in close. And just like that, Kali’s focus was back and the world exploded with sound and chaos. She felt the sudden tingle of dream energy as it rippled across her scales, illuminating her black and gold coloring with a bluish tint before disappearing under the skin.

    Kali responded with a deafening roar as the pure energy traveled to the gland within her throat that sprayed the deadly dragon’s fire from her mouth. Dyani would feel her inhale, her lungs inflating as she let out the first gout of modified dream energy and dragon’s fire upon the remaining horde of Nightmares. Those in the direct path of this pure flame disintegrated instantly, leaving no sign that they had ever existed. An unholy screech of anger filed through the creatures in an explosion of sound, but was muted the second Kali’s fire reached them.

    It burned without setting alight a single tree or blade of grass, as it cleared out a swath of the pitch that the Nightmares represented. She moved her head in a sweeping arch, with the intention of total annihilation of these creatures. In that moment, the thought in her mind did not register as right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. It was just a simple thought, a desire and that desire was for them all to DIE. Another blast of this bluish flame punched a hole in the through to the caverns, causing the Nightmares to scramble out of the way and regroup their efforts. Kali did not care, she would stand her ground and blast every last one of them into oblivion before she let another creature claim the life of anymore of her people.

    “Have them move NOW!” Kali sent out to Dyani and Evalynn.

    “Into the Caverns, Dyani and I will bring up the rear!”

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    Commander Colina Weir

    The Ailes Bones... To the Southwest: Dragon Scale Island

    Colina locks eyes with Aramil. It's only for a moment. She only catches a small glimpse of something in the patterns of the priest's irises. Her mystical senses tell her of a man that is loyal to his family and his friend. He's someone that is here to genuinely lend aid.

    Colina shoves this insight aside. Aramil is a Da'Jinn in Maginus clothes, she's certain that's all she needs to know about him. Colina heard the reports of Da'Jinn and Maginus ships attacking Capios when this chaos first began. They might not be at war right now, but Colina is sure she'll avoid future knives in her back if she treats this man as a potential hostile.

    Colina may trust her abilities, but she can't trust a man wearing Maginus colors.

    As the Nightmares are dwindled down to nothing, Colina focuses on her allies. She's pleased to see the Shamaa are tending to their own wounded comrades. Colina has never been the best at making use of her first aid training. Her efforts to apply bandages have only ever earned her complaints from her patients.

    Colina is reloading her weapons as she makes her way to Branwen's side. She overhears the Second's offer to convey a message to Kali. Colina looks towards Capios.

    "Perhaps it would be best to open up communications with Kali, anyway," Colina suggests. "We could better coordinate our efforts. Figure out what more we need to do, and where we need to do it."

    Colina slides her reloaded pistol into her belt holster, and balances her elephant rifle on one shoulder.

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    Doctor Doraen & Berlix Ruelle

    Zinna's House, in the Vision Domain...

    Doraen lowers his gun and lets out a relieved sigh. He offers Udaya a small half smile. He holsters his weapon and turns back to Berlix, who is leaning over to try to peak past the doctor.

    "It's fine, Udaya is a family friend," Doraen assures the teen. "And she's quite real."

    Berlix gives Doraen a perplexed look, as if silently questioning if he's sure the old woman is real.

    Doraen enters the kitchen. For the first time since he entered the house, he allows the exhaustion to finally show. He slips his healers bag off of his shoulder and sets it down onto a chair.

    When Udaya indicates she wants his opinion about nothing being colder than Maginus snow Doraen nods in silent agreement. He recalls his time travelling through Maginus after the Great War. Doraen sought out their medical magicks, as part of his mission to learn all he could from every part of Rekōdo. Those were cold days. Cold and dangerous. It's in Maginus that Doraen received the injuries that has given him his limp and need to walk with a cane.

    Doraen now realizes he hasn't had to limp or use his cane since he's arrived in this place outside of reality. He wonders if this domain is too far outside of the reach of Maginus magic for his old wound to exist here.

    Doraen approaches Udaya.

    "She's gone," he tells her. "Zareb's spirit guide took her away... I don't- She was involved in some insane conspiracy. The Circle. They killed Zareb- Now she's gone. They're all gone."

    Doraen raises a hand to wipe the tears from his eyes.

    "Zinna lost her way in the War. She became sick with fear- It made her crazy. Fear of the LeCavalier's."

    Growing tired of crying, mourning, and trying to justify the crimes of his grandmother, Doraen turns away. He walks to a cupboard and recovers a few plates, bowls, and sets of silverware. He carries the dishes over to the table and busies himself with setting a table for three.

    Meanwhile, Berlix sits silently in the living room. She watches Doraen and Udaya through the opened doorway. Listening to them. Trying desperately to only hear them, and ignore her hallucination.

    "The old man is going to take you back to that temple you woke up in," the hallucination tells Berlix. He's also staring into the kitchen, but his scarlet eyes are focused on Doraen. "He'll get them to use their magic to take away your memory of me and the book."

    The hallucination glances at Berlix. The girl is doing her best to ignore him.

    "If they take me away, you'll never figure out what the Circle wanted with my book."

    "I don't care," Berlix whispers.

    "Really?" the raven haired hallucination reclines back into the couch. His red eyes sparkle as he mischieviously grins at Berlix. "You enjoy being at the mercy of others? You have all of this power, and yet as far as I can tell you've done nothing but allow others to decide your fate."

    "Shut up."

    "Doraen said his grandmother belonged to the Circle. You're in her home. While you're in here, it wouldn't be difficult to use your abilities to observe events from her past. You could uncover the entirety of their plan."

    "No," she whispers. "I couldn't hear anything they say, anyway. I can only see things."

    The hallucination sits forward. His crimson eyes gleaming like embers refusing to completed die away.

    "That's a mortal limitation."

    "I'm mortal, stupid."

    "I'm not. Or at least I wasn't. I might only be an echo, but I am an echo with knowledge of how immortals do things. I can teach you how to use your powers in ways that none of the tiny people of this planet can comprehend."

    Berlix glances at her hallucination. Her attention is no longer reluctant. He now has her interest.

    "You can teach me how to hear my visions?" she whispers.

    He nods his head and holds out a gloved hand.
    "I can teach you that and so much more."

    Berlix stares at the offered hand. She wrestles with the temptation to do as her hallucination says and see if this figment really can grant her the power he offers.

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    Lieutenant Lydmila Pavlich

    The Island of Capios...

    The wolves will feel Lydmila's mind tossing out snippets of visions to them. Brief moments from potential futures. They're warnings. She lets them know where their enemies will be and what they will do. She also warns them about the destructive effects of her own attacks, and directs them out of harms way.

    A Nightmare charging from the north. An elemental bullet transforming into a small cyclone and smashes into a horde swarming the west. A slithering beast emerging from between the gaps in the stone road. A wall of fire erupting up between the Nightmares and the cave they seek to attack. And the lightning. Always lightning dancing about them and claiming Nightmare after shrieking Nightmare.

    The wolves might also feel Lydmila's mind stretching even further. She reaches out to the souls that have emerged from the belly of the Raven's Triumph. The lost souls of Taroc men and women. Lydmila offers them the same visions. She arms them all with future moments, and lets the wolves and ghosts use these moments however they wish.

    An ocean of fiendish Nightmares is now caught between a wall of hundreds of ghosts and the savage assault of Lydmila and the pack of Dire Wolves. Lydmila uses her storm rifle to hit the swarm of fiends from all angles, keeping them off balance and disorganized. Not letting the beasts make a unified assault. Meanwhile the spirits present a stubborn barrier that refuses to grant the Nightmares an inch of progress. They're buying the last of Encantry's people time to escape this horror.

    ~If you and your pack wish to stay with the women of Enchantry, you should escape with them now,~ Lydmila tells the Alpha. ~I will hold back the Nightmares as long as I can, and seal the mouth of the cave once all are safely away.~

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    Eliona, Filip Ryth & Olivia Kuhrson

    Above Faraking Island: The Heli'Dom...

    Eliona is swift to take hold of Nalia's arm, and to gently help the expecting mother to rise.

    "Getting some air sounds like a good idea," Eliona tells Nalia. Her hold on Nalia's arm remains, silently offering any further assistance Nalia might need. Even if it's company on her walk. Unless Nalia objects or pulls away, Eliona has decided to remain beside her current patient.

    Meanwhile, Olivia gazes around the room as Pasce's thoughts reach to her own. Pasce tells the necromancer of the note and Emit's possible plight. Olivia takes a quick inventory of everyone in the chamber, and begins calculating how to best use them in this new situation.

    ~Send Ryth and Eliona to the palace,~ Olivia suggests to Pasce. ~Give Ryth a glyph carrying your royal seal. It will make him your emissary in this matter. He and Eliona can remind your brother of your wishes for Emit to be treated with mercy, which will hopefully restrain whatever anger he still feels for Emit.

    ~Even wounded, Ryth is one of the finest guardians I know of. Eliona is an exceptional healer. Together they will ensure your chronicler is well.~

    Ryth, lounging back on the couch and enjoying the drink Eliona gave to him, ponders Alain handing Darmon over to the dragons.

    "That's not his call to make," Ryth grimly comments. "There are laws. Darmon has plenty of crimes to answer for right here in Rekōdo. Using dragons to beat Darmon, sure, I got no problem with that. But handing him over? He's taking justice out of our hands."

    Ryth angrily gulps down most of his drink. He glares down at the floor.

    Olivia looks at Ryth. She worries about her old friend. It's mostly why she volunteered him for the task of going to the palace. It gives him a mission to concentrate on, instead of him sitting here and stewing over his newfound hatred for Alain. Ryth needs purpose. It's how he's built. Without purpose he gets tangled in his own anger and it trips him up.

    This will also get him out of the Heli'Dom before Alain returns. Olivia is hoping to delay any confrontations between Ryth and Alain. It's possible she can guide Ryth away from his current anger, and back towards the light. She has a feeling that Eliona might be a good pawn to utilize in her schemes to help heal the emotional damage that Ryth has suffered.

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    Alain LeCavalier

    The Unsettled Lands: Vasa Pinnath in the Dragon Range

    "Make it hurt," Alain replies to the dragons question about his preference in their method of execution. There is no hesitation. No show of emotion. He simply stares into Darmon's eyes and tells the dragons what this monster deserves. "Send his soul screaming into the gates of hell."

    Alain looks to the dragons and gives them a bow. He holds a fist over his heart. It's a show of respect to those that have hosted him and listened to his offered council.

    "Until we meet again," Alain tells them. He then flares up with crimson fire. Once again his energy reaches for Sacha, offering the new Guild Master a chance to teleport away with Alain. The man of Taroc naturally assumes the priest will want to take any method of escape from this place that is granted to him.

    Verona Aliester

    Above Faraking Island: The Heli'Dom...

    Within a spacious guest chamber, Verona is waiting for Alain as he teleports into the room. She has her pad and pencil resting in her clasped hands in front of herself as she watches the burst of crimson fire that returns Alain to the Heli'Dom. Sitting beside Verona is a chair with several darkly colored outfits draped over the back of it.

    Her automatic writing had told her to come to this room to meet Alain, and to have Maginus styled clothes prepared. It took some doing, but she was able to have a few outfits portalled in from agents in Rekōdo city.

    Alain is immediately startled to see Verona waiting for him to arrive. He quickly forces himself to overcome that shock, as he reminds himself that he should have expected her to be one step ahead of him. It's what she does. It's what makes her the perfect aide.

    "How's- ?" Alain begins to ask.

    "Alive," Verona replies. "O.K.'s ritual worked. There were some problems but Nalia saved the day."

    "Is- ?"

    "Nalia's fine, but I would guess she'll be a lot better when she sees you're alive."

    Alain offers Verona a warm, thankful smile. The smile is only short lived as Alain looks up and around at the room.

    The guest chamber is a large, dimly lit space populated by luxurious furniture. It's a room where important visitors to the Heli'Dom can stay. There are several opened doors in the room. One door leads out into the dark hall, another to a closet, and another to a bathroom.

    Alain approaches one of the stone walls and rests his left hand on it. He seems to be feeling for what he can already begin to detect, as his features worry about something only he seems to be able to sense.

    "We're listing to one side, and slightly adrift," Alain mutters as he seems to feel something is odd about the dimly lit Heli'Dom. The floating building has been damaged, and so it's slightly off balance. The structure groans around him, sounding like an ancient home settling on an aged foundation. Alain listens to the sound before replying to the room around him, "It's okay. I'm sure you did good. Don't worry, rest."

    The Heli'Dom stops its groaning and returns to its previous rest, assured that its master is pleased with its ongoing service.

    Alain returns his attention to Verona, and notices she is staring at Sacha. It's the first time in recent memory that she can recall a master of Maginus being brought into the Heli'Dom as a welcomed guest. It doesn't feel right.

    Alain immediately steps forward and addresses the newly chosen Guild Master.

    "Welcome to the Heli'Dom, over Faraking island," Alain tells Sacha. "I brought you here to meet Princess Pasce."

    Alain gestures to Verona and the Maginus clothes that are draped over the chair.

    "This is Verona Aliester, my aide. She has prepared a choice of outfits for you. I know they aren't the priestly robes you are used to, but they should help you make a better first impression than your current outfit."

    Alain nods his head to indicate the torn and battered robes that hangs off of Sacha.

    "Please feel free to use one of the adjoining rooms to change, and I can bring you up to speed on events that have brought us to this point. There is much that has not been publicly revealed, such as why you had difficulty finding Arxus after Darmon's death."

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    The Ailes Bones... To the Southwest: Dragon Scale Island

    Aramil of Sahil, his Advisor, Zarena, a Dream Speaker and the Maloto Tribe, Fateema of Ordh'u and Merriam of Clow, Sisters of Enchantry

    “We could all learn from each other."

    Merriam openly frowns.

    “Perhaps as a people, if we all could share that spirit, we could accomplish wonderful things.”

    How could Maginus, Da'Jinn and even Astral share the same Spirit as Taroc and Enchantry? At least Enchantry had a leg to stand on: It was made up of all the Provinces of Rekōdo and was, by that nature more blended and shared-in-Spirit than any of the other provinces, possibly more than Rekōdo City itself. True, Astralians were said to be a blending of the richness of Da'Jinn with the attuned nature of Shamaa, but Maginus itself? Merriam looked skeptically to the Da'Jinn man in Maginus robes. His soldiers of sand had fallen back to the earth. The Efreet or water was abandoned back to the waves that lapped the shore with increasing regularity once more. The man, hood up, stood for a moment as if unsure of what to do with himself. He turned and looked down the beach for something or someone. Seeing he was without what he sought, he began to stride toward their group. Merriam frowned and looked away from the robed man. Others were rising from where they'd knelt in the sand. Others painted with blue paint that glowed as gently and invitingly as Branwen's offered hand. Then Merriam looked at Capios and down to Fateema once more. Her plump hand squeezed the slender, tanned hand it encapsulated.

    "We need to let Kali know we are alive. She will not have known what happened to us."

    The memory of the darkness enclosing, its haunting whispers and future of death in the worst way caused Merriam shiver visibly. The Enchantress started at the sight of the Animal Spirits as they gracefully traveled around the gathering. They ensnared her attention for a moment with their grace and ethereal bounding, leaping and swimming. She remembered catching a glimpse of such a sight around Dyani or Shalla or the other various sister of Shamaa, but she had never been so close. She'd never dared. Gently so as not to provoke insult, she shifted Fateema's robes closer to her body to give the Spirits a wide berth for their travels around them. When she looked up, she saw the familiar sight of a single Taroc military uniform standing in the mix.

    "You are of Taroc" she said to Colina in a tone of disbelief. Relief seemed to come flooding in after. She did not know Colina, but the familiarity of her dress was comforting nonetheless.

    "What news from the stars?"

    It was an old-war slang saying asking for news, tidbits of any kind. Subtle clues left in phrases otherwise undetectable to those outside their province. Once used in the war, it was now defunct and used commonly among the youth of Taroc that were too young to ever know war.

    "I see you survived, man of two lands" Zarena, sister of Zareb said to the hooded priest as they both approach and came to stand around the periphery of the gathering. Instinctively, the Maloto Tribe, a tribe of Dreamwalkers and Dreamspeakers made an outer circle around what they could of Branwen and her group: Aala, the fallen Enchantresses and the Taroc soldier appointed to Shamaa. Aala's herbal drinks were taken in shifts. Two took while the others around them guarded. The smell of the herbs took to the air and mixed with the wet, sea salt smell already there. Zarena's words held a slightly disappointed note to them, but her dark brown eyes fixed on the Da'Jinn priest in a way that was almost a challenge. The smile he returned to Zarena was one with charm.

    "My lady, if it meant seeing your beauty again with my own eyes, I would fight every nighttime horror that plagued this world and the next."

    A single eyebrow arched on Zarena's face.

    "Can we not eat him and rid the beach of his pathetic flattery, Branwen?"

    "At least you know my words to be true now that I am not under the threat of your weaponry-"

    -Aramil glanced sidelong from beneath his hood.

    "- or hers."

    Zarena's dark eyes moved from hooded man to Branwen. She bowed with a fist over her heart to the Acting Guild Mistress with formality.

    "May I speak freely in his presence?"

    She would not relay information with an untrusted or unknown person in their midst.
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