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    Kali felt the pride in Nalia’s voice, but the praise and attention was no longer something she wished to receive. All her life, she could only remember being alone, until Branwen. Now she knew she had family out there in the universe, that were in trouble; and it caused her to look at her present situation not from within, but from outside her own selfish feelings.

    Nalia had tried to be and had been there from the beginning, even the women of Enchantry had opened their arms to her and she for so long had kept them away. It wasn’t until she had reunited with Branwen, and had heard the voice of her mother somewhere out there that she took a step back. At the moment, her mother, her blood family were just relatives. Her family was and had become the women of Enchantry.

    It was a focus that her own mother had put in front of her, someone who apparently was better at seeing whole picture than Kali ever could. But now, a door had been open and she could see more than just herself standing in the doorway. As Nalia’s pride in her filled her senses, Kali could only look out upon those waiting to be ushered to safety by the O’aris and the banter between Dyani and Evalynn.

    “I wish we could have saved more.” She whispered into their link.

    She looked toward the opening portal and smiled at the mention of Branwen’s presence at the Heli’dom. It would be good to see her.

    “Evalynn, we must go, we are needed elsewhere.”

    Kali turned to Dyani, bowing out of respect to the O’rais before addressing her fellow sister of Enchantry.

    “You are in charge until we return Shalla, watch over our sister’s as I know you will. I will send your greetings and well wishes to Fateema and Merriam. Be well, sister in arms.”

    Kali didn’t wait for Evalynn, she knew her newly blooded sister would not be far behind her. There was no time to clean up, to change, nor did Kali desire too. She had bled this day to preserve the sanctum of their home and protect her sister’s. Her blood, dirt and sweat were a mark of her efforts to do so. Nor did she change into her more human form, this form was just as much who she was as any other and she would not be ashamed.

    Kali stepped through the portal into the room where Nalia, and the others were conversing. The rush of cool air to the damp and humid air of the cave chilled the perspiration on her brown and sent shivers along her torn flesh. Her eyes immediately locked on those of Nalia’s. Concern mixed with relief evident in her gaze and a noticeable smile gracing her lips as she noticed the unconcealed belly.

    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
    The Force shall set me free

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    Rekōdo City: In the Dungeon of the Grand Palace


    Emit, High Chronicler of Rekōdo, Prince Eri, Acting Ruler of Rekōdo and and his guards Ganard of House Fallandor and Merelin of House Diorna

    He is so focused on the presence of the Prince of Rekōdo that he is late to notice Eliona rushing at him. The High Chronicler, despite himself, hating himself for doing so, winced and his whole body tense and braced for an impact that never came. he remained in a protective position. All injuries he had sustain were healed. The only clues that they had once existed remained in the stains of blood on his clothes and in his hair. Her voice is gentle and is the first thing to rouse him from the shell of himself. He reacted slowly, cautiously. His eyes were the first thing she would see as he lifted his head. Blood-stained blond hair partially blocked the blue-grey orbs from sight. His eyes had always been wise and in picture of constant thought. Now they seemed to question all they saw before them. He blinked and worked through what she'd said of herself.

    "She's dead."

    His voice was a whisper, given to her with a shake of his head. His eyes did not want to leave Eliona's. There was something safe in her gaze, but they did. They moved to the Prince. The prisoner's whole body tensed. He did not take Eliona's hand. The Prince's single eye stared at Ryth. It was unwavering and unyielding to its thoughts. The Prince did not need the Totem eye to feel the intentions and thoughts of the High Guardsman of Taroc. They were plain and bare for him to see.

    "You may have him."

    There was no quarrel in the Prince's voice. He sounded tired, defeated, like a man who had been given his ultimate test of character and failed.

    "With freedom now granted, once you leave this room, your magik and his will will return. It is this way for any prisoner here."

    Emit eyes changed, but his body betrayed his working mind. It remained where it was, clutching the blood-altered tome. The Prince paused and them looked from Ryth to the High Chronicler. He did not want to, but he forced himself to.

    "She lives still" he told Emit. "I found out only moments ago."

    There was regret in his voice, but it was not for his sister's restored life. The High Chronicler's eyes visibly changed this time, then reverted back to something more guarded. His arms shifted and the old tome made noises that belayed its age within his grasp.

    "I was not myself when I acted against my sister's wishes, but that is no excuse."

    The Prince regarded the High Chronicler again. His face was drawn downward by a frown.

    "Stand, Man of Books."

    The High Chronicler's body tensed at the commanding tone of the Prince, but, with Eliona's hand, he rose. He stared at the Prince as he did, but so much of his weight was placed upon her aid. She would feel his muscles tremble with effort. The Prince looked to the letter in his hand.

    "It is why you were sent" he said to Ryth and Eliona "but not entirely."

    The Prince looked up from the letter at Ryth. There was something final in his eye and in the tone of his voice.

    Then the Prince drew his sword. The High Chronicler's eyes winced with memory. He leveled the hilt at the High Chronicler and then tossed the broad blade at him. Emit's initial response was to wince and turn away. His secondary response, one garnished from years of simple swordsmanship- one of the other things his parents insisted he learn if he were to be a man of prowess in the competitive City. He caught the blade and pursed his lips as it bit lightly into his skin. The Prince exhaled a laugh. He'd half expected the Man of Books to fumble and drop both the weapon and the book he clutched like a blanket. The almost-smile that came with it was short-lived.

    "Commander" he said to Ryth. "You and Eliona of Astral are witness. I gave the High Chronicler of Rekōdo my sword."

    The weight of why the sword was given to him dawned on the High Chronicler and then he almost did drop the tome and the sword. Before that could happen, the Prince walked a few paces forward and then came to his knees. The High Chronicler would have stepped back, but there was a wall there. Two walls. The Prince had trapped him once again with no hope of escape. The High Chronicler began to shake his head.

    "I-I don't. I can't-"

    "It is your only chance."

    The High Chronicler's eyes were wide before the utterly calm Prince. Bloodied, blonde hair fell wildly before his blue-grey eyes. Emit licked his lips and looked at the sword of the Prince.

    "Does the Princess live?" he asked of Ryth and Eliona. "Truly?"
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    Alain LeCavalier, Verona Aliester & Olivia Kuhrson

    Faraking Island of Taroc in Far Western Rekōdo: The Floating Heli'Dom

    When Aramil comments that the Heli'Dom is more impressive than Jinai's floating palace, Alain is tempted to reply that he agrees especially after he dropped one of those palaces into a lake. He glances at Verona, who can practically see Alain's urge to brag about his act of destruction, as she shakes her head to dissuade him from joking about such things. Alain replies to the head shake with a thankful smile, now is not the time for such joking and bragging.

    Alain nods to Aramil as the priest voices his sympathy for the things Jinai has done to so many. The man of Taroc decides he doesn't hate this priest. It's an odd feeling to be surrounded by so many that have ties to Maginus and not have the urge to punch any of them.

    Olivia enjoys a brief smile as Aramil explains ancient Da'Jinn spells were not meant for western hands. Those that know the true nature of the woman would understand using hands of an eastern origin would be a simple matter for the body hopping necromancer.

    Though, Olivia gives a slight hint of a bow, to silently concede to the Da'Jinn man's greater understanding of his people's magic. The principles and traditions of magic differ in each province, only a fool would think they're a greater master of a province's spells than a native would be. Currently, Olivia does not feel like being a fool.

    The connection between Olivia and Arion is an odd experience. It's easy for Arion to sense curiosity in the necromancer as she observes how he hears the souls of those around him. His gift is fascinating from the point of view of someone that is skilled in spirit magic. It's also of interest to an old spy that could have used the ability to read the souls of others with such subtlety. Olivia can think of dozens of uses for such a power.

    That's when her mind retreats away from Arion's. Their connection fades to nothing. For one that has learned how to harvest powers from slain enemies, envying the abilities of another can be a slippery slope to terrible deeds. It's better to snuff out any such ponderings before they can threaten to become dangerous.

    When Aramil moves towards Pasce, the full focus of Alain's mystical senses are directed upon him. If any hostile intent reverberated through a single cell of this man, Alain would hear it. He would hear it and spring forward to strike Aramil down. However, Alain senses nothing. No intent to harm or attack. Alain widens his senses once again, scanning the whole room for potential threats before relaxing once again.

    He observes as Sacha and Aramil discuss the Da'Jinn man reading Pasce's fate. This discussion distracts Clow from the task of mending Alain's damaged psychic landscape, and the spirit drifts to the forefront of Alain's senses. Neither Alain nor Clow have experiences with the Da'Jinn magic being used to read the past or the futures of others. There's an almost professional curiosity in the Guild Master and guiding spirit.

    While observing Aramil's method of reading Pasce's fate, Clow mutters theories on the technique. Pondering the words spoken to invoke this reading. Contemplating the significance of the coin, and how it is used as a focus for this magic. Wondering if the purity of the gold coin is used to filter elemental magics into energy that can better sense the threads of fate.

    Clow's attempt to study Aramil's work ends abruptly as Nalia draws upon Alain's energy. The magical power is freely granted, and under any other circumstances Alain wouldn't have given a second thought to such a loan to Nalia in her current state and after all she's been through. It's only when Alain detects that Nalia's power has not been restored that all of the man's attention turns to Nalia.

    Alain turns to stare at Nalia. Every mystical sense he has is directed at her. He grabs Clow by the collar and pulls the spirit towards his worry over Nalia's lack of magic. It's as if everything else in the world has ceased to be important to the Guild Master. Only Nalia and their child matters now.

    Alain steps towards Nalia. In his features there are hints of words he wants to tell her, but he says nothing. Instead he glances over his shoulder and at the others in the room. Too many others. Not enough of his trusted friends. He can't let it be known that Nalia is still without magic. Such information would reveal that Nalia is vulnerable. Even if those within this room would not use this as an opportunity to harm her, there's a risk the truth would slip away from this group and find its way to those that do wish doom upon Nalia.

    After a quick assessment of potential threats in the room, Alain reaches inward. He's making lists of experts he can call upon. Scholars, mystics, sorcerers, priests, oracles. He even shakes a few names out of Clow. Alain needs to figure this out, or find someone that can help him solve this. Without her power Nalia is in danger. Their child is in danger.

    Being robbed of magic is a cruel fate that is reserved only for the worst criminals. It's a hell that Alain only managed to endure out of his sense of duty. There were lives to be saved and a kingdom to hold together, and so Alain did not allow the pain of his lost power torment him too deeply. Now Nalia is suffering this fate all alone. She's suffering it because of reasons Alain doesn't know. She's suffering until they figure out some way to fix this.

    Verona notices Alain's complete shift in attention, and attempts to compensate. She doesn't know why he's now focused on Nalia, but she does know when to cover for the Guild Master's moments of distraction.

    When Kali arrives, Verona is quick to greet her,
    "Welcome to the Heli'Dom, Second Kali.

    "This is Master Sacha, the new leader of Maginus. Aramil, Sacha's advisor. Agent Olivia Kuhrson, of Taroc. And I don't believe you've met Princess Pasce."

    It's as Verona speaks, doing the job of making introductions, that Alain drags some of his attention away from Nalia. He glances to Kali, and then at the others in the room. They had been discussing Capios. Cleansing? Yes, of course the city, land, and sea would need to be cleansed. Taroc's mystics had devised protocols for dealing with possible Nightmare attacks. A cleansing is needed to eradicate any infection left by the fiends.

    Alain struggles to walk his way back to his obligations to their kingdom and every allied province. He wants to focus on Nalia. He wants to do something to help her, but he knows he can't. Not yet.

    "Zarena is leading the cleansing effort?" Alain seeks to catch up to a conversation only part of him had captured. He looks to Nalia, unsure if Nalia has ever met or heard of Zarena. He speaks to her, "Zareb's sister. She's a brilliant Dream-Speaker. I've called on her help a number of times."

    Alain now speaks to the rest of the gathering, "I will put my ships and people at her disposal. Establish supply lines in areas she cleanses. Provide support for her people. No single province should shoulder the burden of this tragedy alone. We're stronger together."

    This entire time, Olivia has been watching Alain. Watching in the way she had long ago trained herself to observe someone without directly staring or giving hints of paying any extra attention to them. Even after all of these years she's still the paranoid spymaster of the Great War.

    Olivia observes how distracted Alain is. How his full focus is pulled away from everything else and focused on Nalia. Olivia concludes that the man has finally figured out that Nalia is without her power. She also sees how this realization completely distracts him. The whole world falls away from him, and only Nalia matters.

    An icy dread creeps its way into Olivia's heart, as she realizes this is a problem. A problem with no easy fix. Alain is a LeCavalier. The protective instincts of this lost clan is legendary. Especially their need to defend their family. Safeguarding those they love is an unbreakable imperative that is written in Alain's blood. He can't ignore it. He can't change it.

    Olivia realizes that this instinct can prove to be a fatal flaw. In this moment when there are still so many crises to deal with, Alain would easily focus all of his attention on Nalia. When Pasce was still missing, Alain spent so much of his time distracted by Nalia's pregnancy, and wasn't able to lead the charge in finding the lost princess. And someday Taroc might be in great danger, and instead of doing what is needed to save his people Alain might choose to save his family instead of his province.

    Olivia looks away from Alain. She's discovered a flaw in his once invincible armor. Yet, she doesn't see a way to repair this flaw. Or at least no ways that won't involve hurting her two greatest friends.

    Realizing Alain may soon need the advice from one of his wisest friends, Olivia returns her attention to the task of freeing Mindoka.

    "Well?" Olivia asks Aramil. The necromancer is suddenly and surprisingly impatient for one with such an old soul. "How does it look? Will we be able to free them?"

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    The Island of Capios: The Caverns

    Dyani of the Border Forests and Evalynn Agravaine of Maginus, Sisters of Enchantry

    Evalynn nodded, first to Dyani and then lower, with a hand on her heart to the O'aris Sentry. Then she looked to Kali and came to stand beside her, before the portal. Dyani clapped a hand across her chest to Kali as she accepted her position of leadership, one which she would take to heart with great honor and pride.

    "May you bring honor to your names in your adventures" Dyani intoned. Before Kali and Evalynn entered the portal, Dyani turned and gave the O'aris her hand. They disappeared into the cold, cavern waters and then their shadows beneath faded entirely until they became one with the sea. Evalynn watched her go and then entered the portal behind Kali.


    Faraking Island of Taroc in Far Western Rekōdo: The Floating Heli'Dom

    Attachment 2347

    Pasce, Princess of Rekōdo, Arion, Second of Taroc, Nalia of Enchantry, Sacha, Shepherd of Souls and Aramil, his Advisor

    The look Nalia afforded Alain confirmed none of his concerns. She looked up at him from where she sat with her own messages playing across her face, ones that radiated she was strong. This was a thing she could handle. She'd been without her power for so long that she was not sure she would remember what to dow ith it should it come to her. The cool presence of her mind shifts within Alain's. No words. Just the sensation of her mind embracing his, as if her hand reached out and took his in her own. It is a reassuring gesture given by the most vulnerable of those present, but to him she made herself seem like a rock. It was a lie, but one she knew he needed. Alain had turned his back on the crisis they were discussing because he'd felt her lack of power. He could not do that. It was what had bred a fear so deep that two provinces were conspired against and eradicated from their world. Nalia knew the truth behind that fear. She knew that the Guild Masters of the true Enchantry and the Province that was forgotten had enough control that they did not shut themselves off from their duties to their people for the sake of each other. Not until the very end of them both. She knew, deep in her heart, that they were not so powerful. They might not control it. And even if they did, with how imbalance their world was, it might not be enough.

    Despite how badly she desired to rest, Nalia rose up from her chair with fluidity and grace that seemed impossible from someone so far along with child. The strain of it tugged at the corner of her eyes, but the only person close enough to see it would be Alain.

    "Zareb?" she started. Something visibly changed in Nalia's face. For a moment, she looked stricken by a sadness she could not voice. Nalia's eyes looked at Alain, searching them for a memory that was a decade old.

    "I remember him speaking of sisters" she said distantly, mournfully "during my trial in Shamaa. He never named them."

    He never had the chance to name them. Nalia's eyes moved with intense mourning to Branwen. Zareb's time had been before hers, but it was doubtless that the Acting Mistress of the Shamaa knew of him. He was Mindoka's treasured Second, present for the formation of Enchantry. He had perished in an inter-provincial race across the skies. A tragic accident. Zareb's passing had been mourned deeply. Mindoka had not picked a new Second until Branwen's arrival a few years ago. It was a cause for much consternation among the tribes of his land. Zareb had told Nalia his sister Zarena could be of some help with her Nightmare infection, that the Dream Energies she knew so well might counterbalance the dark somehow. With Zareb's passing, the idea had died with him.

    "I put my full faith in Zarena and her abilities. Enchantry thanks Shamaa for their assistance."

    Kali's arrival caused Nalia to look past Alain. Gently, Alain was nudged back around toward his duties by Nalia's mental presence as she walked forward. With even more gentleness, Nalia's cool hand touched Alain's arm as she moved past him. Nalia's face lightened with a smile as first Kali came through the portal and then Evalynn. With Kali, Evalynn looked around at those she was introduced to. Her eyes stopped on the new Guild Master of Maginus. Her blond hair had come unraveled from its lady-like constraints in battle. It hung in light blond locks down onto her shoulders. The rune-scars on her face, from her left temple down her neck, were visible as she looked around. Her blouse and sleeves were torn in various places across her person. It revealed her porcelain skin, light injuries and hints of glittering scales beneath. The scales were a violet-blue and lavender in color. Evalynn made eye contact with the new Master of Maginus and turned away. She collected herself, steeled herself and found Nalia coming toward them. It was the first man from Maginus she had seen without the presence of Shalla or so many of her Sister's around her since she'd left a decade ago.

    "Kali" Nalia said with emotion in her usually controlled tone. One of her hands reached for Kali's arm. "Evalynn."

    She did the same and when her fingertips touched Evalynn's bare skin, Nalia's brow furrowed. They stood, for a long moment, as a silent triad. Then Nalia nodded silently to Evalynn and then looked to Kali. In their huddle, she allowed the relief she felt to truly show.

    "Well done" she said to both of them. "I am glad you both are safe."

    Evalynn gripped Nalia's arm tightly and smiled at her.

    ~And you~ she intoned back. ~I have worried for you.~

    Nalia smiled and squeezed Evalynn's arm before releasing her and turning to Kali.

    "Go to your sister if you desire it" she spoke quietly to allow Kali the moment if she wished.

    Evalynn tried to focus elsewhere, as her duties would have her do to assess a room whenever she was in Nalia's presence. She reached out, first to Clow. Alain would feel Evalynn's presence on the edge of his. She offered to Clow something akin to what he'd offered Nalia: a curtsy of the old fashion, deep and low. Her mind swept outward on currents between the mind and the Soul. She observed without ever touching, to get a better feel for the others here. She was like a small breeze rustling prairie grass. Arion's music momentarily filled her head. The tall Second of taroc glanced upward to look around the room, but Evalynn had moved on from him before he could sense her entirely. His playing continued, but with an air of caution. She hesitantly circulated her senses around the man in Maginus robes and the Princess. Their Spirits felt distant as if thrown back away from their bodies. She left them be. Evalynn hesitated before moving her Spirit over to the Guild Master of Maginus. The runes on his blue-carved crosier lit up around where his hand gripped as she drew near. He shifted the instrument with a twist of his wrist and Evalynn found herself stuck. Like a fish caught on a hook, Evalynn writhed internally to free herself. Then, as suddenly as it happened, she was let go and scurrying back to herself she went.

    The Guild Master of Magnus appeared to take a great interest in Evalynn, and stared at her while holding on to his blue Shepherd's Crook. Evalynn glanced over her shoulder at him. She could feel his eyes upon her. His intense, studying gaze was unnerving and after a moment, she had to release him from her sight, but she still felt him. Something about the new Master of Maginus clung to her, like a drape upon her skin. It caused Evalynn to recluse inward and become meek and silent once more.

    But her eyes found someone whose nature she had not felt among the group. Evalynn's blue eyes looked over at Olivia and then reached out tentatively toward her. She found herself needing to weave through a maze of twists and turns, back-loops and dead ends to even catch a glimpse of the Spirit behind the face.

    From the center of the room, where the hooded Priest from Da'Jinn stood with the Princess of Rekōdo. A glow that came right from the sunrise coin in the center of her palm. Suddenly, Aramil of Sahil stepped back from the Princess and with their connection broken, the coin's brilliance flared out of existence.

    "Gods of my Eastern Ancestors" he yelled, breathing hard. "She could have killed you!"

    The Princess too was breathing hard. It was a difficult memory to relive.

    <<Blood of my fathers!>> he exasperated. "She knew it. She knew they must let go or see you die."

    The Princess regained her stature and stood tall. She nodded her head. Aramil turned from the Princess and ran a weathered, tan hand over his bearded face that only half muffled the string of curses that would have curdled his mother's finest milks and cheeses. He was not facing the rest of the room. The anticipation in their eyes was too much. He turned back around, but found the same waiting, plus patience, in the Princess. She spoke Da'Jinn, he remembered, and then cursed again.

    "Can it be done, Master Aramil?" she asked in a strong tone. "Can the Masters and their Spirits be freed?"

    Aramil's dark eyes regarded the Princess. Why was it that his people desired so to separate from such a power?

    "It can be done" he answered.

    "At what cost, Aramil?" Sacha's voice called from his set place slightly back from the reunions taking place. "You've told me before that reversing Da'Jinn spells were designed to come with a cost."

    The Da'Jinn believed in the perfection of their crafts. They were things to not be undone.

    "Your memory is sharp as a Da'Jinn blade, my friend" Aramil said with grimness. "They may be freed, but their true freedom will take time. They have not been bonded in servitude long, which is in their favor. Their time will be much shorter than most."

    Aramil licked his lips and then continued.

    "The Masters and their Spirits were severed from their previous Vessels. We must rip them from the lamps in the same way. The presence of the previous owner can weaken the bond of the lamps, because the bond from which they were taken was in dishonorable terms. The Spirits and Life Lines will need protection from fraying and snapping under the pressure of the magiks involved. And the lamps will need to be melted down and remade, otherwise they will madden from the constant drive the bonds have upon them to return to their imprisonment. They must be kept close to the Masters and then weaned from them."

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    Lieutenant Lydmila Pavlich

    The City of Clow, In the Province of Taroc...

    When the Alpha telepathically speaks to Karine, she lightly grasps his psychic worlds. Playing with them in her mind. Every part of her psyche feels warm, saturated with an intense charge of Taroc magic. It's as if something had poured pure prophetic energy into every part of her mind.

    She enjoys the feel of the Alpha's telepathic words. Rolling them around in curious psychic fingers, like a child discovering some new wonder the unknown world has delivered into their hands.

    "Arxus has found a new host?" Karine asks. She leans a bit closer to the Alpha, excited to hear news of other spirits. "I can't imagine how perplexed Arxus's keeper was. I hear he is a Maginus priest. They are not known to be oracles. Unlike me, he would not be able to see the truths that his Guild Master would want hidden from all. The truth that the council lost their spirits in the first place."

    Lydmila sighs. Getting dragged into a conversation about the despicable spirit of Maginus is not why she's here. The soldier looks around at the massive chamber, seeking the reason why she came to this place. The other Taroc soldiers have left. The priests have long since departed. Only wolves and the rhythmic sounds of gears remains.

    Lydmila begins walking around the room. She's studying the various columns and archways that honeycomb the outskirts of the chamber. Peaking behind and around the ancient architecture, as if seeking something hidden by the stonework.

    "They say Arxus's keeper is a young man with white hair and he carries a giant hook, can you imagine such an odd person?" laughs the star-eyed woman living in a clock tower. For a moment she enjoys what she imagines Arxus's keeper must look like, but soon falls into an intense fascination at what the wolf says about himself, his brethren, and Enchantry. "I have heard stories of Enchantry. I had not heard they had men guarding them. I thought men were outlawed there. Something about that awful wild magic driving them mad.

    "I don't know how even the women can stand that wild magic. If I ever try looking at it, the stuff hurts my eyes and sticks to my thoughts. So terrible. That's why I try not to look very far. Seeing what happens in Taroc is much safer. Sometimes boring, but definitely safer.

    "You are brave men for living in such distant places. Honorable men for guarding a whole province."

    Karine is soon distracted by what Lydmila is doing. She turns to look at the sniper.

    Lydmila peeks behind a column and the scent of dreams washes over the room, as if someone had open a door into the other realm. Lydmila leans away from the column and nods to it. Azure mists clings to her hair, residue of dream matter. She brushes it off.

    "The tower is tied to the movements of the cosmos," Karine begins explaining to the wolves. There's a sadness to her words, as she predicts her exotic visitors will soon leave. "Tied much like a circus tent is roped and staked down to the soil around it. Some say, long ago, in an age not remembered, our world was knocked out of balance. This pulled at the bonds between the tower and the cosmos, creating stress. Tears formed inside of the tower. Tears that open paths to the other realms. They're hidden away behind the structure of place. As our unbalanced world spins around, the realm these tears lead to changes. Fall is the season that directs our tears into the World of Dreams."

    "There's enough of an overlap in these switches between realms, that we can take this tear into the dream world," Lydmila assures everyone. "We should go."

    Lydmila reaches an arm behind the column. Her hand doesn't emerge on the other side of the column, as it has entered the World of Dreams. Her arm opens the tear into the other realm, allowing the wolves to sense where the tear is. She gives the pack a psychic nudge, letting them know she is eager to move on. Their hunt for lost truths must continue.

    Seeing that Lydmila has no interest in staying and indulging in unnecessary interactions, Karine looks to the wolves. It's not often the keeper of Clow gets visited by people from so far away. It's why she was so genuinely happy when Alain had brought Arion to visit.

    "Travel safe, brave Guardians of Enchantry," Karine tells the wolves. "And do not let Alain's Guardian Angel spoil any fun you might have along the way. She is quite good at that."

    Lydmila raises an eyebrow to the hooded woman. She's tempted to point out there are many occasions when she doesn't spoil anyone's fun, and even creates some fun of her own. Unfortunately she can't recall any examples of this, so she doesn't respond to these accusations.

    "Farewell, Karine, and thank you for allowing us to pass through your tower," Lydmila politely tells their host. Karine smiles and bows to the sniper.

    Lydmila gives another psychic nudge to the wolves. She will allow them to go through the tear first, and will enter the World of Dreams only when the last of the pack has gone. Her arm piercing through the tear is keeping it linked to the World of Dreams, and will prevent it from drifting to another realm. This far into the early days of winter the tears can sometimes drift to the next realm in the towers seasonal link to other realms.

    On the other side of the tear, the wolves will find themselves in Clow city of the dream world. The clock tower will be missing from this dream echo of the city, as the essence of the tower drifts through other realms too often for dreams to fully hold onto its image.

    The dream city is quite silent. So silent that the sensitive ears of the wolves will have no trouble hearing a song haphazardly being sung. It's an old sea shanty, sung in poorly remembered ancient Taroc and filtered through great intoxication. It drifts down from the depths of the city's business district.

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    The City of Clow, In the Province of Taroc: The Clocktower

    The Dire Wolves of the Ailes

    The Alpha Wolf is fascinated by this strange woman. He cane feel her toying with the words he spoke to her. The intense feel of her psyche is like electricity. The Alpha's fur raised slightly. He felt, if he stared long enough at the hooded woman, that he might be able to divine something himself just from being so close to her mental and physical presence. She rolled his words over and over within her psychic palms. He allowed her as much time as she needed to do so.

    ~The remaining Ancient Spirits were Lost?~

    The Wolf lifted his head from the clocktower woman and made a low sound, one that caused his pack to freeze with wide eyes and alert bodies.

    ~Fools.~ The large wolf snuffed the insult out his nose.

    Lydmila's movements cause the pack's ears to shift, skewing in all directions as her sound ricochets off the ceilings of the massive room. Behind her movements is a backdrop of clockwork symphony. The Alpha at proudly before the Keeper of Clow now, as if her words had confirmed some very-long thoughts about the people of their world.

    ~Your hearing is fine as a wolf~ he commended her. ~The Keeper of Arxus's Soul has ways with the Spirit Kind.~

    The Wolf sent pictures with his words. He sent her Sacha's picture from his memory, just as the Alpha had seen him during their encounter on Capios. The handsome Shepherd indeed had white hair, hair that had moved on the Spiritual plane as he ran and delivered his Summoning Spell to the living of Capios. His eyes were intelligent and traditional Maginus blue. The spell would later call forth the Ancestors of those who fought, to add to the army of the living with the willing spirits of the dead.

    ~He is called the Shepherd of Souls.~

    His visions would confirm that the Shepherd carried a traditional crosier of blue metals. There were Maginus runes carved entirely and purposefully over its entire surface. The white-haired man ferried floating runes behind him. They followed him like a flock of birds. He had given one of the glowing symbols to the Wolf. What Karine had seen of the Dire Wolves- their human nature- would be what came to fight at their side when the Summoning Spell had activated.

    The Shepherd of Souls had also taken a knee before them. He was humble. Like the Keeper of Taroc before them, he had recognized them as something ancient and old, something lost. He had seen them for what they were not. She had seen them for who they had once been. The Alpha decided he approved of the white hair sheep herder. He also approved of the starry-eyed woman before him. Even though she insulted him with what she thought of Enchantry.

    ~The Men have always been the guardians of the Women of Liar'Adon's creation. Since he first laid his starry eyes upon Deanna of the Hills. We were made to guard them. They guard the hearts of men.~

    North and West of Clow City were the Hills of Deanna, a turn-around-name of the most favored woman's namesake.

    ~The Guardians of Enchantry are born of the Wild Magik! The madness we feel only comes twice a year, but is sated on the nights of the Great Hunt. Men born of the tamed lands are not of our kind.~

    He sounded irritated, and snuffed the ire out through his nose.

    ~We know to do nothing else now.~ The Alpha's mannerism changed, became more subdued, sullen. ~It is our Honor that keeps us to guard what is left of Enchantry. It was our last task. Our greatest failure and our greatest triumph. We cannot go home. It was lost to us long ago.~

    A high-pitched whine comes from the back of the pack. Long and aching.

    But the tails of the Wolves begin to wag as a very familiar scent met their noses. Several stand and take a few eager steps toward Lydmila. Some sniffed at the Dream energy discarded from her body. Their tails wagged excitedly. Only Alpha remained behind as the pack crowded around the pillar.

    ~I think- ~ the Alpha hesitated, seeming unsure of himself for the first time. ~I think I have seen such tears before.~

    It only took Lydmila's nudge for them to bound forward and run through the large tear that lead from reality into the World of Dreams. Their noises of elation and excitement echoed in the air around the large room as they faded out of this world and into the other. The Alpha Wolf does not finish his thought on the tears. His attention seemed divided momentarily. Before departing, he returned his crimson eyes to the Keeper of Clow.

    ~May the weaving of our paths meet again.~

    The Alpha bowed his head, stood and then entered the World of Dreams.

    On the other side, Lydmila will find the pack sitting obediently together. They stare longingly at the tear and a she emerged their tails thumped eagerly. The sniper would be given a curious impression, a confusing one given the proceeding of events in the Clocktower: It felt as if they'd been waiting there for her to enter, seemingly for quite some time. How they barely contained their excitement at seeing her would make that appear all the moreso. It was the sound of the sea shanties that broke them. Immediately, they cease their mannered exteriors and focused all ears on the music. Tongues lap out of their panting mouths. One wolf let out an excited yip and the entire pack scrambled to their feet and took off in the direction of the music.

    Again, only the Alpha remained behind. A stone on the streets of the city was out of place. It stuck up enough that it would cause any wagon wheel or aloof walker to stumble, trip or bump over its presence. the Alpha Wolf regarded it for a long moment as his pack tears off into the city. He put a massive paw atop it. There is a sound, like a great stone shifting, and when he lifted his paw to walk slowly after his pack, the stone was pressed back to its rightful place. Wolves can manipulate things in the World of Dreams just as a skilled Dream Walker could. As Wolfbrothers, they were attuned to nature and the nature of this place, but held human-like intelligences that true wild animals lacked. The Alpha male looked back at Lydmila with its crimson eyes, having shared with her a long-ago forgotten knowledge of his kind, and then turned to follow after his pack.
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    Those of Shamaa did not speak of it, draw attention or acknowledge to most the presence of the spirit animals that followed them. Even if it were common knowledge about the animal spirits for each Shamaa man, woman or child. Most cloaked their presence from the spirits of those still living in bodies, whether they could see them, sense them or not.

    But for Shamaa, they were always there, present in sight or a sense at the edges of their minds. And with but a thought, messages were instantly sent and received. This moment was no exception, with Alain’s words of aide, it was sent to the first messenger and they were instantly gone to appear before Zarena to deliver the message. If there was any specific need, Zarena would send word back and Alain would know immediately.

    “Thank you, Alain of Taroc. Shamaa is ever grateful for your friendship. Word has been sent to Zarena to expect Taroc’s aide.”

    But Branwen’s immediate attention was suddenly focused on the questions being asked about freeing the two Guild Masters from their current prison. Branwen found her eyes locked on Aramil. All teasing and joking aside, if the man had an answer, she wanted to know.

    “How long?” Branwen nearly whispered.

    “Shamaa is at your disposal, I am at your disposal.” Branwen replied.

    She felt Kali at the back of her mind. Her sister had entered through a portal not long ago, but Branwen had yet to set her eyes upon her sister. She had proven she could lead the people of Shamaa, or Mindoka would have never taken her as his Second. But Shamaa needed their Master, because Branwen was not sure she could take on the ancestral spirit, even if she were chosen. She was an alien after all.

    As Kali stepped up to her, Branwen’s hand found her sisters, squeezing it with the first physical confirmation that she knew she was here. But her eyes never left Armil, as her hand slipped from her sister’s.

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    A shift in energy took place as Evalynn came up beside her, Kali’s body hummed with the recognition of her new blood sister. But now was not the time, nor the place to speak with her about such things; and Kali suspected, that it may take some time before Evalynn was even ready to have a conversation with Kali at all. There were too many roads to mend and life did not wait for any being as the world changed around them.

    For now, Kali quelled the excitement in her blood as she glanced briefly out of the corner of her eye at Evalynn. Her attention turned back to Dyani and she gave her Enchantry sister from Shamaa a toothy grin. With great respect, she returned the gesture with a slight bow of her head, the emerald tipped horns catching the shimmering light upon the water.

    “Unless you beat me to it.” Kali replied with a grin before turning to leave.

    The first think Kali did when she stepped through the portal was look for Nalia, it was Verona’s voice that turned her gaze toward the other woman. Kali dipped her head in acknowledgement, but her focus went straight to Sacha. Kali was never one for subtlety when it came to a sense of protecting Enchantry or her sisters. Her eyes bore right through him, as is she were examining his very soul, her eyes glowing orange, adding to her draconic war-torn appearance.

    They held Sacha’s gaze with an intense scrutiny before gradually looking over to Aramil. She did not realize that at the same moment, Evalynn was regarding the new Guild Master as well. Her thoughts went to darker places and for the sake of peace in
    , she prayed that Sacha would be a different leader for Maginus. Filing this away in her mind, she did not really care about meeting either man at that very moment as her gaze went back to Nalia.

    She and Evalynn met their Guild Mistress half way, and in the touch of Nalia’s hand to skin and scale and the momentary silence spoke of so much without a word uttered. Kali noticed Nalia’s uncovered secret and smiled, she was never one to like holding back important matters. She could feel the weariness and relief in Nalia’s touch and for the first time since battle, Kali’s eyes softened.

    “Shouldn’t you be resting?” She spoke softly.

    But Nalia was not to be deterred from business and with the touch of her hand and the look in her eyes, Kali knew that there would be time to catch up later. Too much was taking place for idle chat, there were more important topics taking place.

    At the mention of Branwen’s name and the urgency she felt from Evalynn to speak with Nalia, Kali instinctively turned to look at where Branwen was standing. Whatever was being discussed had her full attention, but she knew that her entrance to the Heli’dom had not gone unnoticed. Turning back to Nalia, Kali gently squeezed her arm.

    “I won’t be far.” She replied, as her eyes went briefly to the Sacha once more.

    Kali turned and joined Branwen, catching the discussion about freeing Mindoka and Herotus, no wonder her sister’s attention was so focused on what was taking place. As she stood beside her sister, Kali felt Branwen slide her hand into hers and lovingly squeeze in acknowledgement before letting go.
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    Alain LeCavalier, Verona Aliester & Olivia Kuhrson

    Faraking Island of Taroc in Far Western Rekōdo: The Floating Heli'Dom

    Alain watches Evalynn's arrival. Clow assures his host that Evalynn must be here to help figure out Nalia's lack of power. Nalia is an extremely capable Guild Mistress, and is likely already working on the problem. The ancestral spirit then nudges Alain's head back towards the conversation on freeing Mindoka and Herotus.

    He watches Aramil's reaction to what the Da'Jinn man observes in his vision of spirits being torn from Pasce. Alain suspected it would have to have been a traumatic experience, but seeing how it has shaken a priest of Maginus leads Alain to believe it may have been much worse than that. Clow is oddly quiet about the matter. The ancient spirit had been there. It's something he can't share with his host. Not yet. It will take time to fully process the entire ordeal.

    Olivia decides not to further embarrass Aramil, and does not inform him that she also understands the Da'Jinn language. She's even well versed in some of the more colorfully vulgar words. Instead of revealing her linguistic knowledge, Olivia clasps her hands behind herself and ponders the instructions for freeing the enslaved masters. She's been a part of plotting so many military operations or criminal enterprises over the years that Olivia has become accustomed to fitting the pieces together.

    "Master Sacha, Evalynn, and myself can work together to protect the lives and spirits of Mindoka and Herotus," Olivia offers. "LeCavalier can bring some fire to melt down the lamps. Aramil and Pasce can perform the ritual itself. And Branwen, Kali, and Nalia can combine their efforts to crafting some glyphs and spells to mask the whole thing from outside scrying.

    "I'm certain it was Cladur that tried to take the spirits when we freed them from Pasce. If he somehow detects that Mindoka and Herotus are in the vulnerable states that this ritual will place them in he might try to take their ancestral spirits. The combined magic of Branwen and Kali, with Nalia to guide them, should be enough to hide what we're doing from anyone trying to detect it."

    Alain drifts into quiet contemplation. He looks around to the others. Seeking reactions from Arion, Branwen, Nalia, and Sacha. He also looks to Pasce, trying to gauge her thoughts, as she will ultimately be the one making the final decisions here.

    "It sounds like a solid plan,"Alain comments. "Thoughts?"

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    Eliona & Filip Ryth

    Rekōdo City: In the Dungeon of the Grand Palace

    Eliona backs away from Emit. He's clearly scared, traumatized. He'll need space.

    Ryth looks to Genard and Merelin. Seeking answers from them. Any explanation for how they could allow things to get this far out of control. True, they are only the guardians for the prince, but that's no excuse for this. If Alain had committed such sins Ryth certainly would have-

    Ryth looks away from the guardians. He recalls Alain and Nalia's affair. A crime that could have endangered two provinces. It happened right under Ryth's nose. Taroc could have been doomed, and Ryth was completely clueless.

    The old soldier can't blame Genard and Merelin for this. He returns an angry glare to Eri. The blame rests on Eri's shoulders.

    When the prince draws his sword, Ryth takes hold of the handle of the LeCavalier sword. He's so very tempted to draw the sword and end whatever further madness Eri wishes to inflict, but something in the way Eri is holding the weapon tells the old soldier that the prince isn't going to attack with it. Ryth slowly releases the handle and watches as Eri tosses his weapon to Emit.

    Eliona looks to Ryth, hoping the older man knows what the meaning of this is. She's not a warrior, so she doesn't know what can be read in this weapon exchange. Ryth doesn't return Eliona's glance, as he's focused entirely on Eri. The Taroc soldier doesn't know the significance of handing someone else a sword in this manner, he's guessing this is a Rekōdo tradition. Ryth's not even up to date on modern Taroc traditions, so he certainly isn't familiar enough with Rekōdo traditions to guess at what is going on.

    "The ritual that freed the spirits also broke Pasce's bond to the prince," Ryth replies to Emit's question. He then taps the glowing symbol on his shoulder. "She's alive. She sent me and Eliona here. We step outside of this room, and I can open a portal that can take you to her."

    "We'll protect you," Eliona offers. "Pasce is in Taroc, far from this place. She's among Taroc's bravest. You'll be safe there."

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