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    Ben Vanderbilt

    ​Hard work? That sounded like an eternity in hell for the spoiled Ben Vanderbilt.


    He grumbled to his grandfather when he was told hard work wouldn't kill him. But wherever they were going probably would kill him. It wasn't like this trip was to be trip to the beach. Ben knew that. He knew that not everyone came back alive on these journeys. He sighed.

    "I'll see you at dinner, Grandfather."

    Ben said, already deciding to go on the adventure. Because that was not going to be as awful to him as trying to find an actual job. He headed to his room to go get ready for the dinner. First that fling called him and now this...It was going to be an awful night. Ben just knew it.

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    Jack Olson

    Doctor Johnathan "Jack" Olson, Junior had grown up in New York City. He was a New York native but he had left the city once he had obtained his medical license. A move that had greatly upset his father, Doctor Johnathan Olson, Senior, the personal doctor of Charles Vanderbilt, III. Especially since Jack ended up in a small farming community in Kansas. It was his father who insisted that Jack come here. Go to Mister Vanderbilt's house for dinner. Take him up on some business offer.

    Jack remember Mister Vanderbilt. A decent man, given his vast wealth. A man with far too much money on his hands. It was amazing that people could live in this city and have so much but not seem as happy as the people back in his new home. He liked the simpler life there. Sure, he wasn't rich. He had some patients who couldn't pay him in cash. His father would scoff at the idea of being paid with potatoes or chickens. Jack didn't care, though. His new hometown was full of good people. Honest and hardworking people. People who made him feel like he belonged there. Something he never felt here, in his technical hometown.

    Jack hadn't had a choice about becoming a doctor. As soon as he was born, that career had been picked for him but at least he was able to help people. Helping people was why he agreed to come here when his father told him about Mister Vanderbilt's offer. Jack had tried to refuse it. His patients needed him, he also helped out as a veterinarian. However, his father pointed out that with the money he would get he could buy new equipment and supplies to help his precious little town. Those people were the only reason he had come, he thought, as he exited the taxi that dropped him off the Vanderbilt mansion. The city was too noisy, too busy. Jack already missed the quiet little life he had. He couldn't already wait to go back home. To his real home, in Kansas. He paid the taxi driver and headed up the pathway to the mansion.

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    Paula Ribeiro Hernández

    Paula liked the butler right away. She smiled to him and nodded when the man said she was being expected. "Thank you, sir", she replied to the man's request to come in. She looked to see that another lady was coming, and stepped aside to allow her to speak to the butler.

    Once the new lady had introduced herself, Paula stepping in. The place was really impressive, and she noticed Mr. Vanderbilt seemed to have a good taste for everything, including his choice of spirits. Still, she was there for a business gathering, and keeping her mind clear would be for the best. So, she shook her head on a polite negative when offered a drink.

    "No, thank you, sir", she replied with a smile. "I'm fine for now too".

    Once the butler stepped away, Paula turned her attention to the lady who had given her name as Jordan and smiled to her. "You got here just as I had finished giving my name. I'm Paula", she introduced herself, curious about what the other woman would have been told about coming here.

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    James "Jim" Harrison

    Jim had been drinking for... a long time. He couldn't tell exactly how long. But it had been long enough for him to fall asleep and wake up with a massive hang over. When he looked at the time, the man jumped out of bed. He was gonna get late for the meeting at the Vanderbilt house! "Fuckin' awesome", he grumbled to himself before rushing to the shower.

    He had been asked to come see Mr. Vanderbilt about some sort of work. He was pretty sure it involved taking a flight nobody else would. Oh, well. As long as he got paid and could take his own plane, he'd be up for it. Not that he cared about the money, but his family needed it. So, he would make sure the money would be paid to his mother and be done with this.

    After a rushed shower, the man got into black dress pants and a white shirt, running out to wave down the first cab he saw. Giving the address and telling the driver to hurry, James closed his eyes. "Damn hang over", he murmured, hoping they would be at his destination soon.

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    Jordan Wilder

    Albert smiled politely to Paula and Jordan. When both said they did not need a drink right now, he nodded his head.

    "Very well, ladies. Mister Vanderbilt is still expecting a few more guests, but once the other three arrive, he will greet you all and dinner will be served."

    "Thank you, sir."

    Jordan said and Albert then excused himself to wait for the others that were coming. 'Three more?' Jordan thought. She wondered who else was coming. Or why they were all gathered here. Mister Vanderbilt was a very mysterious man. With some good taste too, she thought as she looked around the room she was waiting it. She gave Paula a smile.

    "Nice to meet you, Paula. So...Do you have any idea what this meeting was about? The letter i got was very vague."

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    Dara Thomas

    Dara had been living in New York for the last five years, but she had never been to this part of the city. The rich people's part. Dara had grown up in a middle class family and she had to work hard to go to the university. Working part time jobs to help pay for her education. The life styles of the rich and famous, she only read about them in magazines. She had never been to a house that could rival the homes of the Royal Family back in her native country. But this one could, of course,s eh had more respect for the Vanderbilts then the Royal Family. The Royal Family had been born into wealth, but she heard the Vanderbilts had created their own wealth. As a hard worker herself, she could respect anyone that earned what they had in life.


    She said to herself as the taxi stopped in front of the Vanderbilt mansion. It was an impressive home and she suddenly felt very undressed for the occasion. She was wearing the nicest dress she owned and it still made her feel out of place. She was sure just the front path to the mansion cost more then the little apartment she and Miguel rented. What was she doing here? She was just a middle class girl from England. Why would some as powerful as Mister Vanderbilt want to meet with her? She paid the driver and walked up to the house. If it was this impressive outside, she wondered what the inside would look like. And why did he want to meet with her? When they were far more impressive people that worked at the museum with her?

    Before she could self doubt herself too long, Jack arrived too. She gave him a friendly smile.

    "Hello, I'm Dara. And you are?"

    She asked him, although she had been living in America for the last five years, her English accent was still heavy.

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    Jack Olson

    Jack was about to knock on the door when Dara joined him. Given that his father was Mister Vanderbilt's personal doctor, Jack knew a little more about the things Charles Vanderbilt like to do in his spare time. He had a large collection of rare items. Things that people didn't even see in museums.

    "I'm Jack."

    He replied to her and Albert, who had heard the talking, opened the door and greeted them.

    "Welcome, Miss Thomas."

    Since the other two women had already arrived, by process of elimination, Albert already knew who Dara was. He then turned to Jack and said.

    "And welcome, Doctor Olson."

    Albert knew Jack's father very well. Doctor Olson did house calls here and Jack had trained under his father before he left New York for Kansas. Mister Vanderbilt was far too important to go to doctor's offices for checkups. All of Senior's patients were rich people. All very important, all who needed house calls. Jack could never be a doctor like his father was. He wasn't doctor for the money. Jack remembered Albert, as well. Albert had worked for Mister Vanderbilt all of Jack's own life. He always thought he was a nice man.

    "Hello, Albert. It's nice to see you again."

    "And it is good to see you as well. I do hope Kansas is finding you well."

    "Very well, actually."

    Jack replied, he missed home already. Albert replied.

    "That is splendid. Please, follow me. Mister Vanderbilt will be with you all shortly."

    There was only one more guest to arrive. A Mister Harrison, some kind of pilot, if Albert's memory served him right. Mister Vanderbilt had told him who all the guests were and what all their occupations were. His employer was quite excited about the adventure and filled Albert in with all the details. Albert was probably one of Charles' only true friends in the world. Even if he did pay the man to work for him.

    "Ladies, this is Doctor Olson and Miss Thomas.."

    Albert might be getting up there in age, but his memory was still sharp and had always remembered names very well.

    "This is Miss Hernández and Miss Wilder. Mister Vanderbilt will have dinner begin when Mister Harrison arrives."

    After offering both Jack, who declined a drink, and Dara one, Albert excused himself to wait for the final guest. Jack smiled at the two women who had already been in the parlor room.

    "Hi, it's nice to meet you all."

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    Paula Ribeiro Hernández

    Paula thanked the butler smiled back to Jordan. "It's a pleasure meeting you too", she replied, watching the other lady carefully. Paula had to admit she was dying to know what they had gotten themselves into. It sounded important and very mysterious.

    "I have to admit I have absolutely no clue", Paula replied sincerely to Jordan's questions. "I'm pretty sure there's a translator or interpreter job in it for me, as that's usually what English speakers hire me for". She shook her head and smiled. "Silly me. I'm Brazilian, and speak Portuguese and Spanish", she explained. "So, people usually hire me when they want something from down there - so I guess you'd know it has something to do with South America".

    Paula was about to make another remark when two more people came around. She turned to them curiously. A doctor, and... Miss Thomas was still someone she couldn't quite place. That was really odd.

    "It's a pleasure meeting you both too", she replied to Jack's words, adding the question that was burning in her mind. "Does any of you have any clue what this is all about?".

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    James "Jim" Harrison

    James was growing more and more impatient as they moved at a snail's pace towards Mr. Vanderbilt's home. It seemed like the entire city was moving from the point where he was to the point where he wanted to be. Just this made him want to get into his plane and out of this godawful city. Why was this place so damn crowded? Why so many people, cars, so much noise?

    Letting out a sigh, Jim closed his eyes for a nap. Well, since he would take forever to get there, he should at least be well-rested.

    His nap lasted longer than Jim thought, and he felt someone tapping his shoulder. "Are we there?", he grumbled.

    The taxi driver shook his head on a negative. "Not yet. But we're stuck here, and well... the place is not too far".

    Muttering a few choice words - most directed at the driver's mother -, Jim paid the man and walked to the sidewalk. Just awesome, he would have to walk the rest of the way to the house. How much worse could today even get?

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    Jordan Wilder & Dara Thomas

    The whole thing was quite mysterious and almost felt like it was out of a movie. A rich benefactor sending a group of strangers on a mysterious mission. She nodded her head to Paula.

    "I would imagine that is safe to say. I write for my brother's newspaper, so I suppose Mister Vanderbilt wants me to write an article of some type for him."

    Jordan offered up, she didn't add it was mostly advice column writing. She doubted she was invited here for that. Although she wasn't sure why she was here. Mister Vanderbilt had a little air of mystery about him. Probably how he entertained himself. She had no doubt he could use his money and influence to get any reporter in America to come to his house. So why invite an advice columnist from Ohio here? It didn't make any sense. Her questions about the trip grew when Albert brought in two more people. The man, who she couldn't help but notice was good looking, was a doctor. And Miss Thomas...Well, she wasn't sure what the other woman did for a living.

    "It is nice to meet you both. You arrived just in time for us to muse about why Mister Vanderbilt invited us to his home."

    Dara said.

    "Well, you've got me. I haven't the foggiest idea why he invited me here."

    She said and couldn't help but be drawn to the beautiful artwork she saw hanging on the wall. It was a Renaissance piece, looked to be an original. She was at awe at how lovely it was.

    "Amazing...The curator at the museum would so jealous to see this piece. It looks to be a Titian...Oh, wait it is!"

    She said in excitement.

    "He's not as well known as da Vinci to the average person, but still very popular."

    "You work for a museum?"

    Jordan asked the British woman, who nodded her head.

    "Yes, I work for the Met."

    Referring to the nickname given to the Metropolitan Muesum of Art.

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