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    Jack Olson

    Jack knew a little more about Charles Vanderbilt then the ladies he was gathered with. After all, his father had worked for him for many years. While Jack was interning to get his medical license, he had went on the house calls with his father. So, thus, Jack knew a little about the little treasure hunting adventures he sent people on. How he got all these things that decorated the mansion and were the envy of museums around the world.

    "He probably wants us to help add to his collection."

    Jack said, and he had feeling it would be dangerous when Paula mentioned where she was from. It wasn't like you could just go down to the local antique store to find the things this man collected.

    Meanwhile, Albert was starting to get impatient for Jim to get here. The final guest was running late and the butler knew how much his employer hated when people were late.

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    Paula Ribeiro Hernández

    Paula was dying to know what everyone around her did. In her mind, knowing their professions and where they had come from would help her piece things together and maybe make some sense of this puzzle. Of course, the final piece of the puzzle was probably safely stored in Mr. Vanderbilt’s mind. Still, having it nearly completed would help a little.

    Jordan was a journalist, so it made sense that she would be going with them to write an article. “I’m sure he will want you to. I usually write about any expedition I’m a part of as well, so maybe we can compare notes?”, she offered, in a friendly intonation.

    Turning to the new lady, Paula paid attention to her words. So, she worked at a museum. Storing this new information in her mind, Paula decided that they were probably being sent to retrieve or find some sort of item or relic. Why else would someone who worked for a museum be sent with them, after all?

    When Jack mentioned that they were probably supposed to add to Mr. Vanderbilt’s collection, Paula nodded. “That’s what I have gathered from all of us being here as well”, she replied. After her words, the young woman looked away.

    “There’s someone missing, isn’t there?”, she asked, directing the question to nobody in special. “I mean, someone would have to provide a way there, or mainly a way to get around there. Probably a small plane, seeing that the area is not conductive to walking easily, at least not everywhere”, she pondered, half to the others and half to herself.

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