Charles Vanderbilt, III, Jordan Wilder, & Dara Thomas

Listening to Paula, made both Jordan and Dara feel unprepared. Ben was drinking away and Jack didn't seem very confident either. Both women wondered what the hell they had gotten themselves into.

"I took French in school, but I honestly don't remember a lot of it."

Jordan replied when Paula asked if any of them knew another language. Her school made her take a foreign language to graduate but she didn't retain much of it after school had ended. Dara said.

"I know some Spanish. My boyfriend has been teaching me."

Although she couldn't carry a full conversation in it. Miguel often switched between English and Spanish, so she was slowly picking up some of it. Both women rolled their eyes at Ben. Yeah, he wasn't going to very useful on whatever mission they were sent on. Before his guests could talk much more, Charles Vanderbilt entered the room.

"Welcome to my home and thank you for coming over to dinner. I am sure you all have many questions about why I invited you here."

"We do."

Jordan replied and Charles smiled.

"And we'll get to them once we...Wait, where is Mister Harrison?"

"Umm, no idea."

Dara admitted to him. Mister Harrison must have been the name of their missing guest. Charles frowned not liking that. He didn't like when people were late. Especially when there was business to discuss.

"No matter, we can begin to eat."

He said as he sat down at the head of the table. His servants brought plates of food out for everyone. Charles never discussed business on an empty stomach.